Martial Peak

Chapter 319 – He is in a high position

“A Mysterious Grade pill isn’t enough for you?” Le Yu’s brow wrinkled slightly. It was, after all, not an ordinary pill, but one used to replenish Spiritual Energy. The value of such a pill, compared to other Mysterious Grade pills, was significantly higher, and it was worth at least tens of thousands of silvers.

On top of that, a Mysterious Grade pill wasn’t something that could be casually refined. In the entire Great Han Dynasty the number of Mysterious Grade Alchemist numbered no more than thirty people, yet he actually didn’t care about such a rare treasure? Wasn’t this little brat’s vision a bit too high?

“Not interested!” Yang Kai casually repeated himself.

“Bastard!” Le Yu’s eyes suddenly became cold, and his True Qi ferociously burst out, “I, your Uncle, don’t care if you’re interested or not! Since Uncle here is determined to fight with you, you have no choice but to fight!”

Done talking, Le Yu roared as the ground beneath his feet began to crack and rocks and dust flew about randomly.

An ominous dark purple light began to radiate from Le Yu’s body, pulsating out shockwaves that crashed upon Yang Kai’s body.

“Le Yu, if you dare hurt him you’re dead!” Bi Luo’s beautiful face paled as she cried out fiercely.

Although Yang Kai had instantaneously just defeated a few True Element Boundary cultivators, fully demonstrating just how great his strength was, Le Yu was an entirely different story. Throughout the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land he was quite a famous existence. Though he wasn’t a peak rank master, he was still well known for his remarkable combat strength. Within the younger generation there were few who could fight evenly with him.

Moreover, Le Yu was a bloodthirsty person. All those whom he had ‘played’ with in the past had died miserable deaths. Not a single one had survived.

Because Bi Luo didn’t know if Yang Kai was his opponent, how could she not worry? If something were to go wrong, how could she possibly explain to Shan Qing Luo?

As these thoughts raced through her head, Yang Kai’s True Qi burst forth.

*Pu pu pu….*

Sending out his True Qi, the two auras wildly collided with each other and Le Yu’s invisible attack was dissolved.

Without enough time to even breathe though, Yang Kai suddenly saw Le Yu’s face fill with a wild grin.

His expression rapidly changed, and Yang Kai swiftly leapt high into the air.


Suddenly, from the place he was just standing, sharp rays of the same ominous light burst out from the ground.

“Oh…” Le Yu’s eyes flashed a cold light, apparently he didn’t expect Yang Kai to have been so alert that he would manage to dodge this sneak attack.

A raging ball of flame suddenly broke out around Yang Kai as he stood in mid-air. Pushing his True Yang Yuan Qi to its limit, his image suddenly flickered as he rapidly descended, like a swooping eagle striking from the sky. This blow contained a devastating force.

Feeling this immense heat and pressure rapidly approaching him from above, Le Yu didn’t dare to be neglectful. Steadying his stance, he raised both his palms to the sky.

*Hong hong hong…*

As the pair’s True Qis furiously collided, shockwaves burst forth in all directions, and each one visibly distorted the surroundings. As a result of this Earth shaking collision, Le Yu’s towering body was actually slowly driven into the ground.

This was not however because his strength being weaker than Yang Kai’s, but rather a result of the ground not being able to withstand such a heavy bombardment. Where Le Yu stood, all around him, deep cracks radiated out.

Seeing this, the chill in Yang Kai eyes only became heavier. Without hesitation, he poured his True Qi into this attack and forced Le Yu further into the ground.

Aware of his opponent’s intention, Le Yu roared like a raging beast as his muscles bulged, and he exhausted the full potential of his body, as he struck back.

Half of Fragrance City trembled under the force of this confrontation. The surrounding shops all fragmented and blew apart as those unfortunate enough to be inside them cried out in terror, as they quickly tried to escape.

Even Heavenly Le Medicine Square couldn’t avoid being affected.

Yang Kai’s expression remained steadfast, as he stood without the slightest intention to avoid this blow.

[Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast!]

Three explosive waves of True Yang Yuan Qi shot out and instantly superimposed themselves in front of Yang Kai.


The remaining half of Le Yu’s giant frame was instantly smashed into the ground by the force of this explosion while Yang Kai leapt backwards from the rebounding force and stood firmly on the ground. His expression was slightly pale.

In this exchange, Le Yu had actually not suffered; it was instead Yang Kai who had taken some damage.

But to abruptly be pounded into the ground, Le Yu had lost all face!

Silence fell. The crowd watching this spectacle stared silently at Yang Kai with their eyes full of shock and horror. None of them had dreamed that Le Yu would be shamed in such a way.

“What happened?” Someone asked as many figures rapidly flew over, including all of the city’s Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Fragrance City, under the management of Shan Qing Luo, experienced very little street fighting. However, the battle today was so loud and violent that even these normally aloof Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators couldn’t help running over to investigate the situation.

Upon discovering that this fight actually involved Le Yu, all of them felt stunned.

However, the key was, Le Yu seemed to have suffered a loss. His body was buried into the ground, and his opponent was unexpectedly… just a teenage youth!

“What is going on? Who is Le Yu fighting with?” A number of these new arrivals quickly asked the several Immortal Ascension Boundary old men who were occupying Heavenly Le Medicine Square.

“Who is that youth? How is he fighting Le Yu head on?”

One of the Le Family masters smiled wryly, “We don’t know where this little brat suddenly appeared from but according to what that little girl Bi Luo said, he is some distinguished guest of Mistress Demon Queen!”

“Mistress Demon Queen’s honoured guest? How come we haven’t heard of him then?”

“Forget about that for now, what should we do about the current situation?”

“There’s nothing we can do. Young Master has never eaten such a big loss before, no doubt he has become completely enraged.”

“Hah… hahaha…” From inside the recently appeared pit, Le Yu suddenly laughed a few times. He raised his head and gloomily stared towards Yang Kai. The chill in his eyes all but solidified as he growled in a low voice, “No one has ever dared do this to me! Little brat, you have some courage!”

As he spoke, the ominous purple glow once again appeared around his body, and this time, this demonic light seemed to form a tattooed pattern upon Le Yu’s skin.

“Demonic Purple Qi Body!” Someone amongst the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who were watching suddenly exclaimed, “Le Yu actually wants to use this move?”

“Oh no, Young Master can’t suppress the Demonic Qi within him, quickly stop him!”

“It’s too late! Shit! What the hell is that little brat? How could he have forced Young Master into using this technique?”

The surrounding group of people’s foreheads all began to fill with sweat, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do. They could only hope that Le Yu would quickly defeat Yang Kai as soon as possible so he could then disperse the Demonic Purple Qi Body.

Demonic Purple Qi Body, it was a Martial Skill which had originated from an Evil Spirit that resided within the Evil Cavern.

If a cultivator continuously absorbed the unique Evil Spirit Qi from these Evil Spirits for many years, and if their luck was good enough and their aptitude high enough, they had a chance to comprehend this Martial Skill.

Every year, many cultivators would enter the Evil Cavern wanting to explore the mysteries hidden within, of course, many who entered never returned.

Occasionally, some people who luckily escaped alive, and upon returning managed to comprehend this Demonic Purple Qi Body.

Le Yu was amongst those who had successful cultivated this skill! Therefore, Every year he would make the journey to the Evil Cavern to absorb Evil Spirit Qi in order to enhance the power of this Martial Skill.

After many years of cultivation, this Martial Skill was able to play a significant role.

Upon activating the Demonic Purple Qi Body Martial Skill, Le Yu gained a significant boost in strength, and his eyes revealed a look of madness and malice. Leaping up onto the ground, while releasing a deranged laughter, he charged towards Yang Kai. Swiftly arriving before his opponent, a great mace appeared in Le Yu’s hand. Its surface was covered in crimson red blood stains

This mace had obviously killed a lot of people.

Le Yu was going all out!

Everyone present who witnessed this scene was fully aware that he was incomparably angry, so he didn’t hesitate to use his Demonic Purple Qi Body and summon his artifact. Obviously he had no intent on holding back at all.

“Yang Kai, be careful! Right now he’s not thinking rationally!” Bi Luo’s beautiful face went pale as she screamed towards Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai simply glanced at her coldly before snorting disdainfully.

Seeing this head-on attack filled with Evil Qi, Yang Kai did not hesitate to recall his True Yang Yuan Qi back into his dantian.

Immediately, the Demonic Qi contained within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton burst out.


As if a dark cloud had suddenly blotted out the sky, darkness descended all around and instantly engulfed all the surrounding light, which caused everyone to feel like the world had suddenly gone dark. All of them unable to even see their surroundings.

Immediately, two scarlet eyes gleamed in the darkness, and just like Le Yu’s, they were filled with madness blood thirst and cruelty.

“Such strong Evil Qi!” Everyone was shocked at the sight of Yang Kai’s transformation, leaving all of them temporarily dumbfounded.

Which of these Immortal Ascension Boundary masters’ Divine Senses weren’t extremely sharp or possessed incredible vision? How could they not detect that Yang Kai’s Evil Qi was of an even higher dimension than Le Yu’s.

“This couldn’t be another Martial Skill obtained from the Evil Cavern, right? But then why does it look similar to Le Yu’s?”

In addition to difference in colour of the two’s auras, not much else appeared different.

“No, they’re not the same!” One of the stronger Immortal Ascension Boundary masters quickly said in amazement, “Look, can you see? Although the look in their eyes is similar, Le Yu’s clearly don’t show much sentience, like his entire being has been consumed with madness and he’s simply moving on instinct whereas that youth… he still looks perfectly calm.”

“Could it be that he’s able to suppress the Evil Qi within his body?”

“It’s quite likely!”

“Wha… what a monster!” The group of people gathered around suddenly shouted out involuntarily. Only the few Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Heavenly Le Medicine Square began to frown.

“You’re dead, heh heh!” Le Yu kept muttering, his eyes clouded over with madness as he glared towards his prey. The great mace was tightly gripped in his hands as he slowly approached. The raging pressure bursting from his body constantly swept towards Yang Kai.

Suddenly, Yang Kai flicked his wrist and the blood-red Asura Sword appeared in his hand.

Once this sword appeared, the entire area was filled with an overwhelming amount of murderous Qi.

“A Heaven Grade artifact!” Exclaimed one of the nearby Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Heaven Grade artifacts were extremely rare, and even amongst the many masters gathered here, only a few of them had a Heaven Grade artifact.

On top of that, it was a sword type Heaven Grade artifact, something worth significantly more than a normal artifact.

As soon as the sword appeared, the Evil Qi radiating from this unknown youth seemed to suddenly grow stronger and continued to increase in intensity.

So young, with such tyrannical strength, possessing a Heaven Grade artifact, an honoured guest of the Beguiling Demon Queen…

Just who the hell was this little brat…

Aware of how unusual this situation was, the Le Family’s several Immortal Ascension Boundary masters immediately had cold sweat drip down their foreheads.

Could he be the direct descendant of one of the other Demon Kings? If that was the case, then Le Yu had no doubt brought great trouble to the Le Family.

“Young Lady Bi Luo Girl, Young Lady Bi Luo!” One of the old men from the Le Family quietly came up to Bi Luo and cautiously whispered, “What is the identity of this Young Lord?”

Bi Luo continued staring towards Yang Kai, and her seductive face had lost all blood becoming ashen grey, “I do not know, he was simply brought back by Mistress, all I was told was that he was an honored guest.”

“You don’t know anything about him?” This master did not give up, continuing to probe her for information.

However, Bi Luo simply shook her head slowly.


As the two of them talked, Le Yu and Yang Kai had begun. Le Yu’s large mace, covered in purple Qi, smashed down, and each strike contained a lot of raw power, which constantly smashed Yang Kai’s blood red Sword Qi shadows.

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