Martial Peak

Chapter 314 – Treasure House

“Treasure House?” Yang Kai’s brow twitched, and he cursed that devilish woman. Was this her way of trying to seduce him?

Although he was silently cursing in his heart, his mouth still said, “Is there anything good inside that Treasure House?”

“Little brat!” Bi Luo glared at him angrily, “Mistress’ Treasure House is filled with many rare and valuable items. Mistress said that you’re currently too weak, so she said that you can look around inside the Treasure House for things you can use to enhance your cultivation!”

“What are we waiting for then?” Yang Kai quickly urged her.

Seeing him suddenly wear an eager and impatient look, Bi Luo more and more despised him in her heart, and she cursed this ignorant countryside bumpkin.

Although she was extremely reluctant, as long as it was something Shan Qing Luo commanded, Bi Luo would never object, and instead do her best to complete.

“Come with me.” She said gruffly and quickly lead the way.

After walking through the palace for a long time, the pair suddenly arrived at a very secluded wing. Roughly ten meters into this wing they came upon a thick, heavy door.

This door was cast from some unknown material and seemed quite old. It was obviously quite thick and sturdy, clearly not something easy to break.

However, the strange thing about this door was that there was no handle, nor were there any visible gaps. It was more like an extension of the wall than a door.

Bi Luo quickly pulled out a black rectangular object from her waist pocket, tightly held it within her jade like hand, and poured her True Qi into it.

A moment later, she pressed this rectangular object onto the gate.

Accompanied by a burst of rumblings, the heavy door slowly opened.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but stare curiously and unconsciously praised, “Things stored in this place are quite safe.”

Bi Luo snorted loudly and proudly quipped, “Naturally! The entire Treasure House was forged from Desolate Red Black Gold, even if a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters came here, he would never be able to open this vault. This is the safest place to store things in the world.”

Listening to her boast, Yang Kai did not openly refute and instead simply disdained silently.

If they wanted to talk about security, his Black Book Space was no doubt this world’s safest storage.

“Come in!” Bi Luo stepped forward and begrudgingly ushered Yang Kai in as well.

The Treasure House’s door closed again once both of them were inside.

Although this Treasure House was fully enclosed, it was by no means dim. All four walls were dotted with pebble sized pearls. Each of which released a soft sparkling light, which illuminated the entire vault.

Once inside, Bi Luo half-bitterly began introducing various things to Yang Kai, “Over there is where the gold and silver items are kept, here is the storage place for all the rare medicinal herbs. These are refined pills. Here are all the high grade artifact, and over there are various Secret Arts and Martial Skills… Well, just look around yourself, don’t bother me with any unnecessary questions!”

She seemed quite impatient to separate from Yang Kai.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but scratch his nose and wrinkle his brow slightly, “Ms. Bi Luo, did your mistress say how much I could take from here?”

Bi Luo sneered disdainfully, “How much do you want to take?”

“I’m just asking!”

Bi Luo’s expression suddenly became cold, and she irritably replied, “Mistress said that however much you want to take you can take!”

“Ah…” Yang Kai nodded, then without any further scruples went straight to the place where the spirit herbs were kept.

Seeing him not show the slightest bit of restraint, Bi Luo couldn’t help muttering under her breath, “Hmph, really nothing but a country bumpkin. I really can’t understand why Mistress is so good to him!”

As she was whispering to herself, she also quickly arrived in front of the stored artifacts. Staring inside, she fixed her gaze on a pair of exquisite teardrop shaped earrings. This pair of earrings had a nearly transparent blue hue, appearing almost like a piece of the crystal clear sky.

Holding this pair of earrings in the palm of her hand, Bi Luo suddenly smiled and was no longer willing to let them go.

On the other hand, across the room, Yang Kai smiled deviously.

That seductress Shan Qing Luo had put him under house arrest, and although she didn’t have any malicious intent towards him, he still couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. However, her allowing Yang Kai into her Treasure House was really a big mistake.

If Yang Kai was willing to, then taking away the entire content of this Treasure House would not be a problem. The Black Book’s storage space was much larger than this Treasure House after all.

However, Yang Kai didn’t want to expose the Black Book space yet, so he only picked out some things that were of immediate use to him.

Firstly, he needed to supplement the Yang Liquid in his dantian. About the energy contained within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton he was not worried about running out any time soon, the only problem he had was maintaining the amount of Yang Liquid he had available.

So, Yang Kai swept away any Yang attribute spirit herbs and pills he found and loaded everything into the Black Book space.

Soul-nourishing herbs and pills, no matter the place, were scarce, so he took everything he could find without hesitation.

His Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus needed these things in order to evolve, and they also had great use in cultivating his Divine Sense.

As for the Secret Arts and Martial Skills stored here, Yang Kai wasn’t very interested; no Secret Art here was a match for his own, and the Martial Skills weren’t particularly appealing to him either.

Yang Kai was more interested in finding high grade Soul Skills to cultivate.

Although he had managed to cultivate out his Divine Sense already, because he had no offensive type Soul Skills until now the role it played was limited and only allowed him to scout his surroundings.

But to his disappointment, he did not find any decent Soul Skills inside this Treasure House. He occasionally came across some Earth Grade or lower rubbish, but such weak Soul Skills had virtually no appeal to Yang Kai. Even if he were to cultivate them they wouldn’t have any great use. It would simply be a waste of time.

After searching up and down the entire Treasure House, in the end, he only managed to find some Yang attribute herbs and pills as well as a small amount of Soul nourishing Precious Treasures.

Symbolically holding two bottles of Heaven-Grade pills in his hands, Yang Kai finally walked over to where Bi Luo was standing.

This enchanting young girl was now wearing the pair of earrings on her delicate earlobes and was holding up a crystal mirror while smiling happily as she stared at her reflection.

Yang Kai’s sudden appearance in front of her startled her, and patting her well-shaped chest with her delicate hand, she quickly wore a frown and angrily snapped, “Why did you not say anything, is sneaking up on people fun for you?”

Yang Kai could only grin wryly, “Wasn’t it just that you were too immersed in her own world to notice me?”

Having things pointed out so bluntly, Bi Luo couldn’t help but blush, and she earnestly took off the earrings and carefully placed them back into storage before reluctantly removing her sight from them, “Find what you were looking for?”


“What did you take?”

Yang Kai casually lifted the two bottles of pills in his hand so she could see. Seeing this, Bi Luo was slightly surprised, laughing lightly, “You’re surprisingly frugal aren’t you, I thought you would surely…”

Stopping herself mid-sentence, Bi Luo instead stuck out her little pink tongue in lieu of finishing her thought.

“Surely what?”

“Nothing, if you’ve got what you want we should leave, but are you sure that you only want these two bottles of pills? Mistress specifically said that you should find some things to raise your cultivation.” Bi Luo asked quietly, “Are these pills really enough for you to enhance your strength?”

“It’s enough!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Fine, it’s not my concern anyway, if you’re alright with it then why should I care, just don’t try to blame me if Mistress asks about you taking only these two bottles of pills.”

Yang Kai simply nodded indifferently, “En.”

Leaving the Treasure House, Bi Luo closed the vault door again but as she turned around a small box came flying towards her.

Reflexively, Bi Luo reached out and caught this box and was at first shocked but then warily turned her gaze towards Yang Kai.

However, after seeing which box this was, she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Her gaze changed from wariness to shock.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Don’t you like it?”

“Of course I like it!” Bi Luo nodded, half stunned as she hesitantly opened the box. Inside it was the same pair of earrings she had tried on inside the Treasure House.

“But… how did you know?” Bi Luo asked Yang Kai in confusion.

“Anyone who saw you like that would know,” Yang Kai chuckled. “I’m not blind.”

“Hehe…” Bi Luo let out a heartfelt laugh filled with joy, and she quickly took the earrings out and stared at them. Spellbound for a moment, she proceeded to explain, “Although these are only a set of low grade artifacts, from the first time I saw them, I fell in love with them.”

“If so, why didn’t you just ask your mistress if you could have them? As far as I can tell she is quite good to you.” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

“Well… these belonged to Mistress’s mother. I was worried that she would be sad if she were to see them…” Bi Luo faintly sighed and suddenly tightly gripped the earrings to her chest, “Are you giving these to me?”

“En, why else would I have brought them out? If your mistress asks, just tell her I took them.”

“Thank you!” Bi Luo happily thanked him, but her expression became a bit complicated before quickly becoming alarmed, “You… why are you being so good to me… you’re not trying to make a move after taking a fancy to me are you?”

Dumbfounded, Yang Kai couldn’t only shake his head wryly, “You’re thinking too much about it.”

“I’ll tell you up front, I don’t like men.” Bi Luo started at Yang Kai with her guard fully up, seemingly trying to discover if he was speaking the truth or not, “So no matter how gallant you behave or how attentive to me you are I will never be swayed. In my heart, only Mistress is my perfect companion!”

Yang Kai was once again flabbergasted, as if he had been struck by lightning, and he stared towards Bi Luo in shock, “What you mean is… you’re in love with Shan Qing Luo?”

“That’s right!” Bi Luo’s face was a bright shade of red, but she still firmly nodded and replied in a shy voice filled with infinite longing, “One day, sooner or later, I will definitely become Mistress’s wife…”

At that moment, she completely showed the look of a young girl in love. It was just… the object of her affections was a bit unexpected.

After a long stunned silence, he took a deep breath then nodded strongly and said, “In that case, I sincerely hope you achieve your happiness, Ms. Bi Luo!”

Giggling happily, Bi Luo smiled as she looked Yang Kai over again and re-evaluated him, “En, I don’t find you as annoying as before!”

[Sending her a gift seems to have been quite beneficial.] Yang Kai thought to himself. At least she wasn’t treating him as coldly anymore.

“Hahaha …” Yang Kai smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say now.

Thankfully, Bi Luo quickly followed up, “Good, with that, our trip to the Treasure House is now finished. Mistress said that if you were bored staying in the palace I should escort you around the city, would you like to go out now?”

“No thanks, I’d rather go back and cultivate,” Yang Kai replied casually.

“Oh…” Bi Luo smirked and laughed meaningfully, “With Elder Sister Yun, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing back at the Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion, I suppose you really wouldn’t have any interest in going out.”

“And, ah, ahem… if you really want to… you know… then… you should start with Elder Sister Yun, she was only married for one month before her husband died, and that was almost 10 years ago. Since then she hasn’t once had a man, right now, she is almost like a starving tiger ready to pounce. All you need to do is give her a nod and I’m sure she’ll happily accompany you… Well, just make sure you treat her well. Oh right, Elder Sister Yun also particularly likes it when you caress her ears…” Bi Luo suddenly started explaining to Yang Kai. Her beautiful face was filled with a kind of indulgent excitement.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, looked like he had been struck over the head.

Such an enchanting little girl, how could she so easily talk about such matters, as if it were the same as having a light mid-day snack? On top of that, she seemed oddly experienced. It was a bit worrisome. Where had she acquired this knowledge?

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