Martial Peak

Chapter 304 – So You Were Powerless To Defend Yourself In The First Place

It was not that Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo had been particularly careless, but the two of them had just been engaged in a less than decent conversation and had not expected there to actually be people ahead of them.

When the two appeared, they instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

The people surrounding Qiu Yi Meng and her group were all Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land’s cultivators, their strength and number far exceeding that of Qiu Yi Meng’s side, so now they were just leisurely looking at the two women, ready to enjoy the desperate struggles these two beautiful women would put up.

The resistance of a beauty was always something to look forward to, especially Luo Xiao Man’s, with her full-bodied chest, trembling tremendously, shaking up and down as she panicked, it was nothing short of intoxicating, causing all of these men’s eyes to glow with desire as they stared towards her.

So even though they occupied the absolute advantage, these people were not actually in a rush to attack Qiu Yi Meng’s group. On the contrary, they were simply shamelessly ridiculing them, while lewdly gazing at the two women.

“Hahaha… there’s another one!” When Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo appeared, one of the surrounding men with a cultivation at the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage suddenly laughed, staring indiscriminately at Shan Qing Luo.

Shan Qing Luo was known as the world’s most seductive woman, possessing a near infinite charm, this style and aura was no doubt more eye catching than even Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man.

In particular, this devilish woman was now thoroughly dishevelled, covered in a fragrant sweat, her cheeks flushed red, causing her to appear even more enchanting and inviting.

As this burly man started at Shan Qing Luo with a fiery gaze, he shouted, “Big Brother, look here, another great beauty has come. This one is even more enticing than the other two!”

“Good! Since I was born, I have never had such an amazing woman, once Eldest Brother tastes the meat, we can drink some soup, then Eldest Brother can play with her again, then our little brothers can too! Such a woman, even a thousand times toying with her won’t be boring!” Another person excitedly shouted.

“There are also these two little girls here, although they aren’t quite as good as this woman, they’re still big beauties, the Heavens have truly blessed us today!”

“Ha ha ha …”

The group’s foul language made Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man pale, even Shan Qing Luo’s expression sank.

However, amongst this group, there was one Immortal Ascension Boundary master who, after staring at Shan Qing Luo’s face for a moment, suddenly went white as he roared, “Everyone shut up!”

With this shout, all the laughter and jeers abruptly halted.

“What’s wrong Eldest Brother?” Everyone asked confusedly, none of them understanding why their leader’s face had suddenly drained of all colour.

That Immortal Ascension Boundary master, his forehead covered in sweat, suddenly cupped his fists and bowed solemnly to Shan Qing Luo, “Beast King’s servant Gu Tian Luo, greets Lady Demon Queen!”

While the others did not know Shan Qing Luo, this Immortal Ascension master had obviously recognized her. An extremely seductive woman, with a mole under the corner of her eye, wearing a fiery red dress …

If this was not the ruthless and murderous Beguiling Demon Queen, then who was?

If any man dared act the slightest bit presumptuous towards her, she would rip his corpse into ten thousand pieces.

And now, these brainless bastards kept bragging about how they would play with her till she was broken, constantly talking about how they would taste her flesh and drink her soup.

[It’s all over!] With her personality, none of them would be able to leave here alive today.

While trying to show the utmost respect and courtesy, Gu Tian Luo felt his heart freeze over; the high-spirited feeling of victory and the anticipation of the rewards to come all replaced by an overwhelming fear.

[These damn bastards! Courting death without even seeking it, even if you all want to die, don’t pull me down with you!]

He could have been enjoying the taste of these two little beauties, but instead he had fallen into hell, the change in circumstances was simply too great.

It was easy to imagine just how depressed Gu Tian Luo was feeling.

Moreover, this devilish woman also appeared to be in a bad mood. This time there really was no hope of escape.

Seeing Gu Tian Luo act so respectfully, the others were startled, quickly going over his words, he had called this woman ‘Lady Demon Queen’, in addition to that demonic woman who else would dare call themselves Lady Demon Queen?

In an instant, everyone’s jubilant mood had been completely destroyed, replaced with sheer terror and despair. [How could I have possibly just molested this woman!?]

As the situation continued rapidly changing, Qiu Yi Meng looked over and upon catching a glimpse of who it was who had just arrived, hurriedly shouted, “Yang Kai!”

However, Yang Kai simply grinned towards her and quietly squeezed Shan Qing Luo’s hand, urging her to quickly leave here. There was no doubt the several Immortal Ascension cultivators they were escaping were still chasing.

Shan Qing Luo secretly nodded, purposefully ignoring the crowd before her, not say a word and simply walking away with Yang Kai.

Seeing his attitude and understanding that he was planning on simply ignoring them, Qiu Yi Meng awkwardly wore an ugly smile and pleaded, “Yang Kai, you’re not planning to leave us to die right? Whatever the circumstances, we all came here together.”

Qiu Yi Meng was well aware of just how powerful Shan Qing Luo was; earlier, she had killed three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters as easily as three chickens! Although she felt some resentment towards her, but in the end she was also a fellow woman, falling into her hands was obviously a better choice than taking her chances with these scums.

That day, she had suddenly abducted Yang Kai, and now they had appeared here again, together, and obviously sharing an unspoken intimacy, so Qiu Yi Meng was certain they had developed some kind of relationship and decided to pin her hopes on convincing Yang Kai to help them.

As long as Shan Qing Luo decided to act, they could certainly escape this crisis.

“Yang Kai, please save us!” Luo Xiao Man also pleaded, her eyes filled with a mix of hope and entreatment.

“Ha ha … do we know each other?” Yang Kai smiled and stared at them indifferently.

Yang Kai was also a clay buddha crossing a river, he couldn’t even guarantee his own life right now so how could he concern himself with the wellbeing of others?

Not to mention that because Qiu Yi Meng had brought these people to High Heaven Pavilion, he had been separated from Su Yan. Instead of spending his days happily with her, he was spending every moment fearing for his life!

It could even be said that these two women and their companions were the root of all his current problems, Yang Kai not intentionally acting against them could already be considered benevolent.

“It’s me, Yang Kai, I’m Luo Xiao Man, and we’ve definitely exchanged greetings before!” Luo Xiao Man in her panicked state really thought Yang Kai didn’t remember them, quickly explaining herself in a desolate and desperate voice, “I beg of you, please help us!”

“What benefits do I gain by saving you?” Yang Kai chuckled, still moving away gradually together with Shan Qing Luoy.

“Whatever benefits you want, I and Elder Sister Qiu can give you!”

“Then if I want you, will you agree?”

Luo Xiao Man was suddenly rendered speechless, Qiu Yi Meng also couldn’t help taking a sharp breath, her face clearly showing a trace of disgust.

“It’s time to go!” Yang Kai whispered to Shan Qing Luo. “Before we leave, scare them a bit so they don’t bully those two!”

“Do you like them?” Shan Qing Luo looked suspiciously at Yang Kai.

“No, it just feels awkward if I abandoned them,” Yang Kai frowned. “In fact, I’m actually quite a tender soul.”

Shan Qing Luo giggled lightly, but before she had time to shout, Guo Yuan Ming’s angry voice roared, “Stop right there you cheap whore!”

Hearing this, the pair’s expressions sank, no longer concerning themselves with the situation before them, instead quickly moving to escape.

On the other hand, Gu Tian Luo looked up as his brow wrinkled, loudly shouting, “Brother Guo, is that you?”

Guo Yuan Ming was obviously surprised for a moment but was soon overjoyed, “Brother Gu, quickly block that slut Shan Qing Luo!”

“Ah …” Gu Tian Luo was instantly terrified, thinking that today his eight generations of ancestors must be cursing him from the grave, not only his useless underlings, even Guo Yuan Ming had gone completely insane.

[Even if you’ve all gone crazy, what do you want me to do?]

“This is a once in a lifetime Heaven sent chance, that devilish woman has been seriously injured and has lost most of her strength!” Guo Yuan Ming quickly shouted.

Gu Tian Luo suddenly stood up straight, now understanding why this vicious slut was in such a rush to leave, even directly ignoring all the slanderous offences his men had hurled at her.

[So she’s seriously injured!]

Immediately, the fear and panic on Gu Tian Luo’s face disappeared as he quickly formed a series of hand seals, releasing a golden light from his palms.

Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo had only flown a few dozen meters before this golden light overtook them, suddenly transforming into a shimmering light curtain, blocking their path.

Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo were caught off guard and crashed into this curtain head on, violently being thrown back by it.

As they fell to the ground, Guo Yuan Ming and the others who had been pursuing them immediately surrounded the two.

“Fuck!” Yang Kai cursed loudly, he truly had dog-shit luck today, running into more enemies even as he made his escape.

“Ha ha ha!” Guo Yuan Ming laughed wildly, glaring towards Shan Qing Luo coldly as he viciously cried, “Little slut, you can’t escape, stop wasting your energy!”

Shan Qing Luo coldly snorted as she glared menacingly towards Gu Tian Luo, her voice filled with ice, “Gu Tian Luo, you want to die?”

Gu Tian Luo’s neck involuntarily shrank but he soon let out a dismissive laugh, “Lady Demon Queen must be joking, of course I do not seeking death. Today, several of my underlings acted terribly disrespectfully to you, I just wanted to properly apologize to Lady Demon Queen, so I could only ask you to remain!”

“If you don’t want to die, kill all of them for me and I will forget that today’s offences ever happened!” Shan Qing Luo coldly ordered.

However, Guo Yuan Ming simply sneered, “Cheap whore! Still trying to intimidate all of us, do you really think you’re still at your peak? No matter what means you have left you should never expect to leave here today! Since I’ve dared offend you, I will do things absolutely! “

“That’s right!” Yuan Shi stepped forward and glared towards Shan Qing Luo, “If you want to keep your life, stop trying to resist, it would be a shame to have to kill you without gaining any benefits first!”

Seeing the situation develop to this point, Shan Qing Luo’s eyes filled with disdain as she let out an arrogant laugh, “If I go all out, I can at least force all three of you to accompany me on the road to hell, are you willing to come?”

The several gathered Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators all frowned at these words, their expressions suddenly becoming awkward.

It was because they feared Shan Qing Luo’s desperate final resistance that even though they had surrounded her, none of them dared to act.

A thin dead camel was still taller than a horse; a rotten boat could still have three nails inside of it. In the end, no matter what condition she was in, the Beguiling Demon Queen was no ordinary master!

“Turns out… you were powerless to defend yourself in the first place!” Qiu Yi Meng stared curiously at Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo, a touch of schadenfreude flashing across her eyes.

But… the strength of this red-clothed woman a few days ago was so overwhelming, how could she have been reduced to such a state today?

Although she derived a moment of pleasure from their suffering, she immediately remembered her own situation and couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

Luo Xiao Man’s eyes once again became hollow and gloomy, like a dark cloud covering the sky, blotting out all traces of light.

She had pinned all her hopes on Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo, but now even the two of them had been encircled, a result far beyond her expectations, turning all of her prayers into one big joke.

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