Martial Peak

Chapter 293 – We’ll All Leave Together

This group of old men glanced around at each other before bursting into laughter.

Su Xuan Wu quickly declared, “Then we shall all remain together! Yang Kai, come here!”

“Yes Elder Su!”

“Sect Master said you know the path out of here, so you and Su Yan lead everyone away, be sure to protect our High Heaven Pavilion’s inheritance!”


“Good, now go!” Wei Xi Tong waved and then unhesitantly flew back towards High Heaven Pavilion, and the other three Elders quickly caught up.

“We must also go!” Yang Kai was not long-winded. Ling Tai Xu had broken through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, and the four Elders also had good strength. Together they would be enough to resist any force which may come.

Not to mention, there was no guarantee that a fight would break out.

However, the people here must leave! These people were High Heaven Pavilion’s hope for the future. If they remained, it would only give Ling Tai Xu another thing to worry about.

More than a hundred people quickly followed behind Yang Kai towards a specific place above the Coiling Dragon Stream.

They soon arrived and passed through the Demonic Qi rising up from the abyss below, it was only a few thousand meters down to where the Spirit Array was.

Everyone’s face was pale and frightened, especially the younger generation disciples, they looked particularly miserable.

For these juniors who had not yet reached the True Element Boundary, standing beside the Coiling Dragon Stream was naturally unnerving.

“A few of you Martial Uncles with higher cultivation come down with me, Su Yan, you also come!” Yang Kai quickly shouted and jumped down into the canyon followed closely by seven or eight masters from the previous generations.

Searching for the location of the Spirit Array, Yang Kai carefully examined the cliff face.

“Martial Nephew, what are we doing here?” A thin bony Martial Uncle, a High Heaven Pavilion deacon with cultivation at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage, asked curiously.

“Looking for a Spirit Array…” Yang Kai replied quietly, and his eyes continued to search a moment before he later nodded, “It’s here!”

Everyone else turned their eyes towards where he was looking, but all they could see was bare rock, no different from everywhere else in the canyon.

“Please channel your True Qi into it!” Yang Kai said and placed a hand onto the cliff, while his True Qi surged ferociously forth.

His other hand grasped Su Yan’s.

Since the two of them had obtained the Joyous Unification Art inheritance, this was the first time they had acted together, and although this situation was not a battle, it was similar enough.

As their hands clasped, the pairs’ True Qi fluctuations suddenly intensified a grade and flowed significantly faster. This change also shocked the few Martial Uncles who had accompanied them.

However, none of them stopped to ask and instead followed Yang Kai’s example and poured their True Qi into the Spirit Array.

With nearly ten people working together, after a moment of effort, the huge rock face began to have a reaction.

This sudden change made everyone surprised.

Yang Kai, while continuing to channel his True Qi, quickly explained, “This place has a hidden Spirit Array which activates a Void corridor that allows one to instantaneously from here to a far away location, it is something that the Ancestral Founder had left behind for High Heaven Pavilion.

One of the seniors couldn’t resist asking, “How far away exactly?”

“Sect Master said this Void corridor leads to a place some ten thousand kilometers away, so once we enter it, we will be perfectly safe.”

Everyone present wore expressions of shock upon hearing this.

The existence of this Void corridor had far exceeded all of their knowledge and understanding by far.

“Our Sect has such a wondrous heritage?” That same Martial Uncle stuttered, and his eyes nearly popped out, “I never knew.”

“We… we also didn’t know!” The others in the crowd chimed in.

“Good, apart from Su Yan and me, everyone else has other tasks they must attend to. Two of your Martial Uncles must go ahead and check the situation on the other side, everyone else must go back up and bring down any disciples who have not yet reached the True Element Boundary!” Yang Kai swiftly ordered.

Although he was a member of the younger generation of disciples, but by virtue of him knowing all these secrets about the Sect, it was clear to everyone how much Ling Tai Xu valued him. Moreover, Yang Kai’s plans were meticulous and well thought out, so the seniors present did not have any issues with carrying them out.

Two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, one at the First Stage and one at the Second, quickly entered the Void corridor.

Everyone else flew upwards.

Only Yang Kai and Su Yan remained behind to maintain the operation of the Spirit Array.

After a moment, Yang Kai smiled and suddenly said, “In fact, I’m a son of the Yang Family!

Su Yan’s beautiful eyes slightly flashed with surprise before asking, “You mean that cuckoo bird, Yang Family?”

(Silavin: cuckoo bird – this is a reference of what they do)

Yang Kai simply nodded, “En.”

“Why are you telling me this now?” Su Yan looked at him curiously.

Yang Kai grinned, “Because I want to steal your heart, so to do that I must be honest with you!”

Listening to him say so in such a straightforward manner, Su Yan’s heart felt a burst of sweetness, and her cheeks blushed bright red as a shy expression filled her face.

The atmosphere suddenly turned tender; even if the two of them had already been together many times, but now the feelings between man and woman were truly begging to bud as they slowly became more familiar with each other, breaking down the barriers between one another one by one.

Yang Kai’s frankness and sincerity had given Su Yan a kind of happiness that could only be felt by one being pursued.

Which girl didn’t want to be sought for by the man she loved? Even Su Yan also had such desires.

Because they had obtained the Joyous Unification Art in the Heaven’s Inheritance Cave, Su Yan and Yang Kai, who were not familiar with each other at the time, were all of a sudden made inseparable, so even if she had obtained a kind of happiness from that, she had lost the opportunity to experience the joys of falling in love.

But now, Yang Kai was undoubtedly trying make that up to her while simultaneously trying to truly win Su Yan’s heart.

At this moment, Su Yan felt like even if they could not escape today’s tragedy, she would still be satisfied.

*Ehem…* Suddenly from above them an awkward cough sounded; Yang Kai looked up and saw one of his Martial Uncles carrying a High Heaven Pavilion disciple, dropping down next to the two, regardless of the disciple’s screams, he quickly threw him into the Void corridor.

“Don’t mind me… please do carry on…” This Martial Uncle was not blind; he could clearly see the delicate atmosphere between the two so he wasted no time flying back up.

(Silavin: Yeah yeah yeah. Of course that is what you thought.)

But how could they simply continue? As soon he had left another arrived so all Yang Kai and Su Yan could do was smile wryly.

“I want to know everything about your past!” Su Yan declared as she blushed, not caring about if others were observing as she whispered into Yang Kai’s ear.

“Wait until we’ve safely left and settled down then I promise I’ll tell you.”

“Good!” Su Yan nodded gently before biting her lip, “I would also like to travel together with you…”

“Then, after everything is over, we’ll travel hand in hand, proudly touring the world!” Yang Kai grinned happily.

“En!” Su Yan smiled, her heart full of happiness, gently resting her head upon Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Inside the Coiling Dragon Stream, while Demonic Qi swirled about and the Sect above awaited an impending catastrophe, a young man and woman nestled close to each other, the wind gently rustling their clothes as they held one another.

This moment felt like should have lasted an eternity.

The High Heaven Pavilion disciples who occasional passed by awkwardly stared at the pair.


Ten Kilometers away from High Heaven Pavilion, a large group of people were fast approaching.

This group had no shortage of Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage masters, four of them in total, accompanied by no less than a dozen other Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

In addition, the True Element Boundary and Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivators numbered another forty or fifty at least.

This group of people, under the leadership of a twenty some years old young woman, flew towards High Heaven Pavilion, and before long had arrived in front of the Sect’s borders.

“Is this the where the Demon Lord was born?” The incredibly beautiful young woman asked. She was tall and bright eyed, with pure white teeth and jade-like skin; she wore a luxurious purple dress but more than anything else, her noble temperament shined through.

With a light smile adorning her stunning face, a trace of disdain and doubt flashed across her eyes, lightly asking, “Isn’t this just a random Second-class Sect? How could it give rise to such a heaven defying figure like the new Demon Lord?”

Immediately, a young man dressed in white, his hand waving a folding fan, stepped forward, smiled and said, “Young Lady Qiu, although this place is indeed just a Second-class Sect, but inside there are many Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers along with powerful masters, it is not to be underestimated. The last time I and Brother Fan were here, we suffered a major loss!”

This white robed man was none other than the one Yang Kai had defeated last time, Bai Yun Feng.

After suffering a humiliating loss to Yang Kai, Bai Yun Feng had wanted to immediately seek revenge, but had been wary of Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya’s tyrannical strength, so he had not taken any action.

So when he heard that the Qiu Family would be sending a force to High Heaven Pavilion, he immediately volunteered to follow along, clearly looking for a chance to wipe clean the shame he had been dealt.

Although he was smiling warmly with Young Lady Qiu as he spoke, he still unconsciously remained three steps behind her, showing the utmost respectful demeanor with no trace of his usual big family eldest son’s arrogance, even the look in his eyes was extremely frank as they gazed upon this young woman’s slender shoulders without the slightest obscene light.

Despite his usual attitude, Bai Yun Feng was still a sensible person, he was the son of a first-class family, normally a shining star amongst his peers, but before the young lady in front of him, his status meant nothing.

In front of him was the Qiu Family’s eldest daughter, Young Lady Qiu Yi Meng.

How could his Bai Family possibly be compared with the Qiu Family?

Without even mentioned the Qiu Family’s strength and heritage, it was said that Qiu Yi Meng, only twenty-one years old this year, had already reached the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage; only a handful of people in this entire world’s younger generation had such phenomenal aptitude.

On top of that, she not only had extraordinary martial talent, she was also a stunning beauty.

With the Qiu Family having such an astounding young lady, amongst the other seven Great Families, with the exception of the Yang Family, which one of their young masters did not want to marry her?

But the Qiu Family’s Patriach, Qiu Shou Cheng, had already declared, “If you wish to marry Qiu Yi Meng, you can! But you must enter the Qiu Family! Also, any baby both from your union must be surnamed Qiu! Anyone who thinks this is wrong, walk away. I do not need you to be part of my lineage.”

This demand had immediately cut off a lot of people’s ambitions; but still, many young sons would linger all day around Qiu Yi Meng, enjoying being around such a beautiful young woman while fantasizing about being with her.

Qiu Yi Meng also maintained a sense of proportion, allowing these young masters to gather around her but never allowing any of them to get too close. In fact, the reason she had decided to lead this expedition to High Heaven Pavilion was because recently there had been too many of these annoying people around her, so she had deliberately taken on this task, with the excuse of it being a good life experience, and forced these young men to scatter.

Listening to what Bai Yun Feng said, Qiu Yi Meng laughed lightly, not even turning to look at him, stroking the hair next to her ear and replied, “I heard that the last time Young Master Bai came to High Heaven Pavilion he fought with one of its young disciples and even had his precious artifact destroyed, yes?”

Bai Yun Feng instantly became bitter, silently cursing this little slut in his heart while desperately maintaining a humble smile on his face, “This young master had embarrassed himself, Young Lady Qiu must be amused.”

As these two spoke, another beautiful young woman stepped forward to join them. This woman was quite petite, half a head shorter than Qiu Yi Meng, but her chest was another matter. It was fully rounded, immense by any standard, and unintentionally attracted the gazes of all those around her.

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