Martial Peak

Chapter 284 – Heaven Shaking Change

Repeating this process a dozen times, Yang Kai finally began to glimpse a little bit of useful information.

It was a Spirit Array! Specifically it was an array used to assist Alchemists which could be engraved inside one’s Alchemy Furnace in order to enhance the quality and possibility of success in refining a pill, but the effect was neither very good, nor very stable.

Expending a huge amount of Spiritual Energy and consuming more than a dozen drops of Myriad Drug Liquid to get such a thing made Yang Kai wrinkle his brow involuntarily.

The reward not being proportional to the expense gave him a feeling of receiving more harm than good.

This True Alchemic Way was filled with profound and esoteric knowledge, but with his currently weak Spiritual Energy, it was obviously impossible for him to comprehend the whole picture.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little pity as he slowly put aside this True Alchemic Way, planning to further cultivate his Soul before trying again.

Feeling like his Spiritual Energy had grown slightly through these efforts brought him a bit of happiness though.

The only question now was… why did this True Alchemic Way appear here? And why would it suddenly decide to flood his mind?

If the Black Book’s creator wanted him to master the True Alchemic Way, he or she could have simply sealed it into one of the wordless Black Book’s pages and allowed it to be unlocked once his cultivation had reached a sufficient height.

According to his current cultivation, normally it would have been impossible to accept such a massive amount of information. If it weren’t for the Soul Warming Lotus’s help in repairing the damage, his Soul would certainly have been destroyed.

Although he was still uncertain about how all this had happened, Yang Kai did finally understand the mystery of the Pill Saint’s Statue.

Rumor was that the Pill Saint had left behind his Alchemy inheritance here. It was such a famous story that even Meng Wu Ya knew about the Pill Saint’s Statue, and apparently such rumors were not groundless.

The profound mysteries hidden within the Pill Saint’s Statue were actually this True Alchemic Way.

It was just that when Alchemists studied the Statue to gain enlightenment, they would only receive a very small portion of this knowledge, whereas Yang Kai had the complete archive directly implanted into his brain this time.

Uncertain about whether or not the Pill Saint’s Statue would continue allowing Alchemists to gain enlightenment after this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

However, everything had already happened, and all the mysteries here had been solved, leaving behind only a dry well.

All he could do now was leave.

After taking some time to adjust his condition to its peak, Yang Kai began looking for the way out.

At first, he thought that this isolated space would have some kind of exit gate, but after searching for a long time, Yang Kai found nothing of the sort.

This discovery suddenly put him into an awkward position. Without an established exit, how was he supposed to leave? Did he have to force his way out? But just outside of this space were at least two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and a large number of True Element Boundary guards.

The moment he jumped out of Myriad Drug Pond, he would immediately be captured.

Yang Kai had to believe there was some hidden exit somewhere.

But after carefully and meticulously searching around the hidden chamber again he still came up empty.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, and he felt like something about this whole situation seemed a bit off. The Black Book’s instructions had led him to this place in order to obtain the Myriad Drug Liquid, so there was no reason it would do so just to let him be trapped here.

But why couldn’t he find the way out? Was there something he had missed?

Yang Kai continued his blind search and had soon gone over every square millimeter of the room a dozen times.

Half a day flew by.

His patience was reaching its limit.

Yang Kai was now certain there was no gateway out of this place, so if he wanted to leave, the only way to do so was through the Myriad Drug Pond.

But, wasn’t this the same as throwing himself into a net? The Myriad Drug Pond was Medicine King’s Valley’s most forbidden area. Even if he was now considered half a Hidden Cloud Peak disciple, if he appeared from the bottom of the Myriad Drug Pond he would likely not have a good end.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai decided to break through the top. Although there were many guards outside, if he moved fast enough, it wasn’t a certainty he would be caught.

Making up his mind, Yang Kai faced the isolate space’s ceiling, exhaled a breath, and let out a strong punch.

This punch was just a test.

The Myriad Drug Pond had been the centre of Medicine King’s Valley for many years; there must have been many experts who had similarly performed such an attack, wanting to see if below the surface there was some hidden mystery.

However, none of them had broken through the bottom because of the Spirit Array engraved there.

Yang Kai didn’t know if his punch could break through!

But fortune seemed to be on his side, with this single punch, a muffled bang rang out, and the stone ceiling above his head suddenly cracked and eventually burst open with a loud crashing sound, and the water from the Myriad Drug Pond immediately poured in.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled further as doubt flashed across his eyes, but with no time to hesitate, he quickly began swimming upwards and rapidly circulated his True Qi, anticipating the worst.

He was resigned to being besieged and was preparing his best to quickly counterattack.

But unexpectedly, after bursting out of the pond and floating mid-air, he didn’t suffer any attacks. Quickly glancing around, Yang Kai’s pupils involuntarily shrank.

Corpses surrounded the Myriad Drug Pond and blood flowed like rivers.

The originally hundred meters tall Pill Saint’s Statue had now been shattered, broken into pieces that were strewn across the mountain top.

The surrounding air was filled with a thick bloody smell and the sounds of fighting and killing echoed all around.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn as he surveyed his surroundings and quickly landed nearby.

The area around him was filled with traces of battle, and as he looked further afield, Yang Kai found that smoke was rising from all of Medicine King’s Valley’s twelve peaks and the city in the valley below was in complete chaos.

Floating in the sky, there were many Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators locked in desperate struggles with all kinds of ferocious Martial Skills and strange artifacts flying back and forth.

Someone was attacking Medicine King’s Valley!

What force was so bold?

Not to mention that the Alchemist Summit was currently being held, so it was a particularly sensitive time.

For thousands of years, Medicine King’s Valley had never fought with any force, whether you were good or evil, whether you were strong or weak, Medicine King’s Valley had always upheld a strict principle of neutrality from beginning to end.

Even many devil path cultivators would visit Medicine King’s Valley to make Alchemy requests.

It was because of this policy of neutrality that this place had endured for all these years.

But now, someone had launched an attack on Medicine King’s Valley and not only slaughtered many lives but also destroyed the Pill Saint’s Statue!

This was a Heaven shaking change!

Medicine King’s Valley was inextricably linked with all of this world’s forces. In the Valley town every great force had opened a branch where one of their masters would sit all year round. If someone dared to attack Medicine King’s Valley, they would be making an enemy of the entire world, so no matter how strong their own forces were their destruction would not be far behind.

Buy at the moment, the battle raging across Medicine King’s Valley was obviously quite even. Medicine King’s Valley even seemed to be at a disadvantage.

On top of that… the Pill Saint’s Statue had actually been destroyed. This was a huge loss for the entire world.

Yang Kai faintly felt that the destruction of the Pill Saint’s Statue and the True Alchemic Way’s sudden influx into his mind were linked. After all, the True Alchemic Way’s original vessel was likely the Pill Saint’s Statue itself.

Standing there stunned for a moment, Yang Kai eventually managed to compose himself and activate his movement skill, dashing towards Hidden Cloud Peak.

Dong Qing Yan and Xia Ning Chang were still there. Old Xiao and his two defenceless Aunties were also there, and although Meng Wu Ya sat upon Hidden Cloud Peak as well, who knew what the situation was right now?

Moving as fast as he could, Yang Kai soon approached Hidden Cloud Peak. The scenery around him was only a blur as he rushed forward. Spreading out his Divine Sense in order to gather information, the situation around him immediately became clear.

Evil Qi and Demonic Qi were spread around Medicine King’s Valley, and those who were fighting with Medicine King’s Valley’s disciple were also releasing Demonic Qi.

The attackers were devil’s path cultivators! It was just unknown which Evil Sect they belonged to.

In addition to these devil’s path cultivators and Medicine King’s Valley disciples, there were also many cultivators from the world’s various forces also engaged in battle. All of them assisted Medicine King’s Valley’s forces, but there were not many experts present, so coupled with their lack of coordination, they were losing ground in many places, some of them even becoming corpses.

A few kilometers away, there was even a green poison fog that enveloped a several thousand meter radius. Inside that poisonous shroud, all the trees and plants had withered and died, and the ground was littered with the rotting corpses of many once powerful cultivators. Their remains were now little more than bleached bones.

In the sky above, numerous Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were slaughtered and soon fell back to the ground. Most of these high level cultivators were masters that the great forces had stationed here, but it was clear that the Demonic Qi covered Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators had the upper hand.

Yang Kai frowned deeply. Though he didn’t know why Medicine King’s Valley had experienced such a tragedy, his footsteps never once stopped.

Halfway to his destination, a brawny blood stained man sudden jumped out in front of him, his hands holding a short sword carved out of bone, a chunk of bloody flesh still stuck on the blade.

Revealing a malicious grin, the man’s pair of wolf-like eyes stared straight towards Yang Kai as he brought the hunk of flesh on his sword to his mouth and sunk his teeth into it, chewing on this bloody meat like he was savouring the world’s more delicious delicacy, with a look of ecstasy emerging on his face.

Yang Kai quickly swept his eyes over this man and soon discovered a body underneath his foot. It wasn’t a Medicine King’s Valley’s disciple, instead it probably was someone from one of the great forces. From the looks of it, he had died recently, but the most disturbing sight was that a big piece of flesh was missing from his face.

“Another delicious meal!” The bloodstained man shouted as he flashed a ferocious smile, and his True Qi violently burst forth, exuding a rich demonic breath.

[True Element Boundary Fifth Stage!]

Yang Kai didn’t even pause, and a cold light flashed across his eyes, as he concentrated his Divine Sense and shot it towards the man’s forehead.

The brawny man was suddenly dazed, and his eyes became unfocused.

Although Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was no less powerful than an average Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth of Fifth Stage master, he could only use it in such a rough manner, unable to display its full potential.

However, that was more than enough.

In the blink of an eye, the brawny man had recovered, but before he had time to launch an attack, Yang Kai released a punch straight towards the centre of his chest.

With a loud bang, the brawny hundred kilogram man’s body shot out like a arrow, his chest visibly caved in.

In mid-air, the brawny body burst into a mass of blood fog!

He did not even had time to mobilize his True Qi in order to defend himself.

Not sparing a second glance, Yang Kai continued forward like a meteor.

A moment later, Yang Kai reached the base of Hidden Cloud Peak.

Compared to the other surrounding peaks, Hidden Cloud Peak had very few casualties. After all, this place had always been quiet, and basically, no one ever visited.

But now, the fighting here was incredibly intense.

Before even reaching the summit, Yang Kai looked up into the sky and saw Meng Wu Ya single-handedly fighting against a large group of devil path Immortal Ascension cultivators.

Treasurer Meng was incredibly mysterious, and all of his methods were Heaven defying. His realm was currently only at the Peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, yet he was still fighting evenly against six other masters. Two of them had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage, while the remaining four were also by no means weak, each of them had cultivation levels at least above the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage. These masters were more than just one step above the Blood Battle Gang’s masters he had once fought against.

Seven Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were having an all out contest above Hidden Cloud Peak.

Mid-battle, one of the devil path masters couldn’t help but complain, “Where did this old bastard suddenly appear from, he’s so damn strong!”

If it was an ordinary Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, they would have long fallen under the combined attacks of all six of them, but Meng Wu Ya wasn’t even at a disadvantage. Each of the Martial Skills he launched contained power that shocked all of them to their cores.

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