Martial Peak

Chapter 282 – Beneath The Myriad Drug Pond

A group of dark clouds slowly floated over, obscuring the already dim moonlight.

At this moment, Yang Kai began moving forward again!

Still undiscovered, Yang Kai breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Dong Qing Yan had this magical ancient jade, otherwise this time he really wouldn’t have known how to get this close.

“Old Demon, you’re up.” Yang Kai said.

“Old Servant understands!” Old Demon responded quickly.

Entering the Soul Breaker Awl, Old Demon flew out and began to cautiously take action.

Within ten breaths of time an angry voice from the top of Pill Saint’s Peak thundered, “Who goes there?!”

Following this cry, from all around a group of silhouettes approached, a dozen people rapidly closing in.

A burst of strange ‘Jie Jie’ laughter suddenly rang out, an eerie howl that caused all who heard it to feel cold chills run up their spines.

Before now, the two Immortal Ascension masters guarding the Myriad Drug Pond had not joined the chase, but after hearing this voice both of their expressions immediately changed, and one of them shouted, “Evil Demon!”

Both of them stood up and dashed towards the direction from which Old Demon had escaped. Mid-air, the two men’s eyes met for a moment before one of them hurriedly returned to the Myriad Drug Pond’s side, leaving the other to continue the pursuit.

During this brief sequence of events, Yang Kai took the opportunity to move another two hundred meters closer.

Before even breathing a sigh of relief, Yang Kai quickly took out something he had hidden in his sleeve.

It was a small gray rabbit. Although Medicine King’s Valley did not have any Monstrous Beasts, it still had a large number of small animals such as this rabbit, so Yang Kai had easily been able to capture one.

(PewPewLaserGun: Yang Kai’s a magician! Pulling a rabbit out of a hat!)

After applying his Beast Slave Seal, this little rabbit obediently followed his orders.

Skillfully, Yang Kai tossed this rabbit to a spot three hundred meters away where it softly landed. Unhurriedly standing up, the rabbit lightly hopped a couple dozen meters just as Yang Kai commanded before it began dashing forward as fast as it could.

This sudden burst of movement kicked up quite a bit of unnatural noise.

The remaining Immortal Ascension master’s eyes flashed a cold light, and throwing a palm strike towards the direction where this disturbance had originated, he immediately soared out like a bird of prey to investigate.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and activated his Movement Skill. Like a flash of lightning, he came directly to Myriad Drug Pond’s side and before even checking to see what this forbidden area looked like, he dove in, careful not to make the slightest splash.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary master who had stayed behind quickly caught up and captured the little grey rabbit. Looking down at this struggling little thing, he secretly shook his head, thinking to himself that he was a bit too nervous.

He casually released the rabbit a moment later.

* Shua Shua Shua*, the sound of swishing clothes drifted over as the dozen people who had gone out to chase Old Demon returned.

“How was it?”

“We lost him, that demon ran too fast and… it gave me a weird feeling, it was like it had no vitality!” The Immortal Ascension master who had chased Old Demon replied before frowning, “Why are you out here?”

“I heard some movement and came out to check; I didn’t expect to simply find a rabbit.”

The two masters suddenly exchanged a glance, and their expressions rapidly changed, “A diversion!”

Rushing back, the two began to carefully inspect the area around the Myriad Drug Pond.

The Myriad Drug Pond was okay. The Pill Saint’s portait was also all right. Everything was calm.

The group of people looked at each other, and none of them had a clue what that demon had been trying to do, but fortunately nothing had happened. This place was the very foundation upon which Medicine King’s Valley was built. If something had really happened, it wouldn’t only be a loss to Medicine King’s Valley. It would also be a loss to all of this world’s Alchemists. Such a sin was not something these two Immortal Ascension masters could atone for even with their lives.

The Myriad Drug Pond was not deep, probably only a couple dozen meters or so.

Yang Kai dove rapidly. The wordless Black Book was gripped in his hand as it had been since before he began sneaking in. Directly flipping to the fifth page as he reached the pond’s bottom, a bright light burst forth from the page and completely enveloped his body.

From the Myriad Drug Pond’s bottom, the hidden Spirit Array’s lines also began to glow and allowed Yang Kai to pass directly through them and reach an area even further below.

A moment later, Yang Kai slowly began to recover his vision, and he immediately noticed that there was no water around. Instead he found himself in a small closed space. Although this space was isolated, it was not barren, and an extremely rich energy circulated about while the air was full of fragrant aroma.

Suddenly, the light wrapping him flowed into his body, and with it, something was deposited into Yang Kai’s mind.

Ignoring this sensation for the time being, Yang Kai first examined his surrounding environment.

This should be below the bottom of the Myriad Drug Pond, and thanks to the mysterious Spirit Array, no one should have come here before; even if their strength was great, it would be impossible for them to discover this place.

No wonder Medicine King’s Valley, after thousands of years, still couldn’t unravel the mysteries of the Myriad Drug Pond. It turns out the root of the mystery had been hidden here.

Curious, Yang Kai swept his eyes around every corner of this isolated room.

Not far from him, he found a deep well-like thing. The top of the well was probably only about the size of a washbasin. Walking up to it, he saw that the well seemed to store some kind of milky-white liquid.

(Silavin: Hah… haha… ahem)

The well itself was surrounded by some mysterious patterns and text, probably another esoteric Spirit Array.

This Spirit Array formed a visible cylinder of energy overtop the well that seemed to constantly be transferring power from above to below.

The source of this energy was the bottom of the Myriad Drug Pond, while its destination was the well.

Sniffing the air around the well, a rich aroma wafted to his nose, the fragrance clearly coming from the liquids contained within.

Carefully dipping a finger into the well, Yang Kai brought a drop of the clear liquid to his mouth. A sweet taste immediately spread across his tongue, and the liquid instantly transformed into a warm energy, which proceeded to soak into his body from his flesh to his bones.

Yang Kai’s body twitched, and he felt the True Element Boundary Second Stage’s bottleneck instantly shatter. In one fell swoop, he broke through to the True Element Boundary Third Stage.

As an intangible aura ripple spread out, Yang Kai’s expression tightened, as he worried that this sudden disturbance would alert the Myriad Drug Pond’s guardians above.

However, to his surprise, this closed space completely isolated the outburst from his breakthrough and did not allow it to spread to the outside.

Secretly breathing a sigh of relief, his heartbeat slowly calmed.

“Amazing!” Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised. What was this mysterious liquid inside the well? Its effects were remarkable!

Although it had been around half a month ago that Yang Kai faintly felt he had reached the peak of the True Element Boundary Second Stage, he had been cultivating for so long without progress, but in just a moment he had experienced a breakthrough thanks to this strange liquid.

Yang Kai suddenly remembered the burst of information he had just received and figured that it would hold the answers to his questions.

Searching his mind, he carefully began to review this new knowledge.

A moment later, Yang Kai’s eyes shot open in astonishment.

He really did find the answers he was looking for.

The milky white liquid inside the well was a kind of medicinal elixir called Myriad Drug Liquid!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pills were sacrificed to the Myriad Drug Pond, but the energy contained within these pills did not simply vanish but were instead collected by the Spirit Array hidden at its bottom and then drawn into this well.

Once inside the well, the second Spirit Array would transform this energy Myriad Drug Liquid.

This was not something that could be done overnight, but instead required years of time and a constant supply of pills in order to complete.

Medicine King’s Valley’s heritage stretched back five or six thousand years. Every year hundreds, thousands, or even more pills were thrown into the Myriad Drug Pond, so after so many years of accumulation, the total number of pills the Myriad Drug Pond had consumed had reached at least a few million.

A few million! This was a figure that could cause the entire world to tremble.

Even if the grade of the pills were low, the sheer quantity of them would result in a massive amount of energy being gathered here, enough to shake the Heavens and crack the Earth. Not to mention, often, in order to study the mysteries of the Pill Saint’s Portait for longer, Medicine King’s Valley would not hesitate to offer many Earth Grade and even Heaven Grade pills.

On top of that, every year when it was time to worship their ancestors, even Mysterious Grade pills would be sacrificed.

And now, all of these energies had been brought together in this well and converted into Myriad Drug Liquid.

It was easy to imagine just how rare and precious this Myriad Drug Liquid was.

This elixir was formed from the energy of millions of pills being slowly refined over thousands of years!

As for its effects, there were many. Not only could it immediately boost one’s cultivation, if a cultivator were to regularly refine it over a long period of time they could essentially be reborn, completely cleansing and quenching their body. Even if their aptitude was originally mediocre, as long as they continuously took this medicine, they would inevitable one day become a genius.

It could also play a role in Alchemy. When refining any pill, if an Alchemist added a single drop of Myriad Drug Liquid, it would improve the quality of pill by half a grade.

For a Mysterious Grade Top-Rank pill, a half-grade enhancement meant that the end result would be approaching the threshold of the Spirit Grade. This was an unattainable goal that Xiao Fu Sheng had pursued his entire life.

In addition, be it healing, increasing longevity, etc… all kinds of benefits were associated with the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Although this elixir was formed from a variety of pill, its effects far exceeded the effects of those pills. Through a long constant refinement it had undergone a quantitative and qualitative change.

Moreover, the Spirit Array engraved around the well was constantly absorbing World Energy from the surroundings continuously channeled it into the well over the course of thousands of years. The kind of changes this had caused to the Myriad Drug Liquid contained within, no one could said clearly.

This well was simply the most valuable treasure under the Heavens! Anyone who got their hands on it would no doubt accomplish many heroic deeds and could even build an unrivalled force that could disdain the entire world.

Medicine King’s Valley had been sitting on this Heavenly treasure, but had only used it as a medium to activate the Pill Saint’s Portait, not even taking advantage of one-tenth if its full potential.

However, it was precisely because of the existence of the Pill Saint’s Portait that Medicine King’s Valley and the world’s Alchemists continued to offer pills to the Myriad Drug Pond for thousands of year, which ultimately allowed this Myriad Drug Liquid to form.

Without the Pill Saint’s portrait, there would never have been any liquid in this well.

Yang Kai took a deep breath, trying to calm the excitement in his heart.

He didn’t know what kind of face those of Medicine King’s Valley would make if they learned that their Sect’s thousands of years of effort had suddenly become someone else’s stepping stone.

Yang Kai and Medicine King’s Valley had no grievances between them. This time he had really only been following the wordless Black Book’s guidance. He hadn’t intended on robbing them of this treasure.

Pushing down the shame he felt, Yang Kai, still holding the wordless Black Book, quickly sat down cross-legged.

This well was quite large and had a great amount of Myriad Drug Liquid, but without a suitable container, there was no way for him to take it away. Even the Universe Bag Yang Kai had received from Ling Tai Xu was unable to carry it.

But Yang Kai was not rushed.

(PewPewLaserGun: Because he has PLOT armour!)

Calming himself, he turned to the wordless Black Book’s sixth page.

As soon as he had broken through to the True Element Boundary, Yang Kai had felt that the sixth page of the Black Book could be activated, but although he knew that the mysteries of the sixth page had been unlocked, he did not take action immediately.

He hesitated because he had not fully explored the mysteries of the fifth page’s Spirit Array.

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