Martial Peak

Chapter 254 – Chi Xue

Walking through the jungle, Zi Mo stared at Yang Kai’s back with a complicated expression on her face.

Hesitating several times, she was ultimately unable to find the right words to speak.

A long, lingering silence floated between the two while Yang Kai, who was out front, would occasionally pause, frown, examine his surroundings, and then immediately dash off again in a new direction.

Zi Mo was like a shadow, tightly following behind Yang Kai, only a few steps away.

After a day or so of repeating these actions, Zi Mo finally could not stand the silence and suddenly came to a stop, her body not moving an inch forward.

Yang Kai kept traveling a few thousand meters before realizing something wasn’t right, quickly turning back to find Zi Mo still standing in place, staring at him with cold yet confused eyes.

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai frowned, a tinge of displeasure appearing on his face.

“I also want to know what you’re doing.” Zi Mo tilting her head to the side as she threw out this question, softly following up, “In the end, there wasn’t any need for you to go that far.”

“Huh?” Yang Kai stared at her with puzzled eyes.

“Separating from those people! If you had stuck with them you wouldn’t have to worry about your own safety; the only people inside this isolated world besides us and that group are my Senior Brother and Wu Cheng Yi, but with that group’s strength and the numbers there would be no need to fear either of those two masters, so you separating from them wasn’t a smart choice!”

Yang Kai stared at her blankly for a while before an inexplicable smile bloomed on his face.

“You’re not thinking that I separated from that group solely because I was being considerate of your situation, right?” Yang Kai smirked.

Zi Mo’s face blushed slightly as she looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Didn’t you?”

“Hahaha, you think too highly of yourself.” Yang Kai sneered dismissively, “You’re a Tian Lang Dynasty cultivator, and before yesterday, we were still mortal enemies. Even if you managed to put up a good front, you never stopped wanting to take my life. You’re cruel and heartless, and I am certainly not righteous, so why would I suddenly care about your feelings?”

Zi Mo’s anger swelled up as her breathing became uneven, grinding her teeth before cursing, “Since you planted this damn seal on my Soul, when have I ever acted out against you1? I know you want to keep face, and that you’re unbelievably stubborn, but do you really need to act so ruthless!?”

It was the same that time with Bi Xiu Ming, although she knew he was annoyed by Bi Xiu Ming’s contempt and attitude, but part of the reason he acted like that was definitely for her sake as well. However, this pig headed man would rather die than recognize that, so Zi Mo decided to give him some face and kept silent about it, allowing him to keep up appearances.

But after all that had happened, he actually went so far to dismiss her and hide his motives. Was his face that important to him?

“Oh… you think the feelings between us have developed that far?” Yang Kai laughed wantonly, walked over, put his arm around Zi Mo’s waist, and gently pulled her towards him, his hand not behaving politely as it brushed across her skin.

Zi Mo quickly stretched out her hands and pushed on Yang Kai’s chest, bending her upper body as far backwards as she could. Feeling his big hands moving all over her lower back, her expression became dark as she frowned deeply, “What are you doing?”

“You just said I was ruthless, I’m only proving you right.” Yang Kai’s hands suddenly became more presumptuous.

“Let go of me!” Zi Mo’s face was no cold as ice as she shouted in protest.

Yang Kai grinned, no longer acting presumptuous and quickly released her.

Zi Mo instantly took a few steps back to open up some distance between them, staring towards him with extreme vigilance.

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong.” Yang Kai nodded suddenly, “Separating from them really was partly due to my concern about your situation …”

Hearing this, Zi Mo’s anger filled eyes couldn’t help flashing a touch of warmth and gratitude.

“How should I put this… right now you’re my maidservant, if you don’t have any face, then I would also lose face, right?”

The small bit of warmth in Zi Mo’s expression instantly froze over.

[One day, I’ll definitely kill this smelly man!] Zi Mo swore in her heart, feeling more anger and frustration than she had ever thought possible.

“However, that was not the main reason!” Yang Kai shook his finger mockingly.

“Then what is your main reason?” Zi Mo asked in an annoyed manner.

“I’m going to find Wu Cheng Yi!” Yang Kai face suddenly flashed with a trace of ruthlessness, “I want to kill him!”

Wu Cheng Yi had sent his Junior Brother to rob and kill Yang Kai; this was not something he was just going to let pass. One must settle their grievances; Wu Cheng Yi would need to pay an appropriate price for his arrogance.

However, in the end, he was an elite disciple from the Nine Star Sword School, and his position in the Sect was definitely not be low, so once they had left this isolated world, finding an opportunity to kill him quietly would be difficult. Therefore, Yang Kai wanted to solve everything here before that happened.

This was not an opportunity he could afford to miss.

Not to mention, Wu Cheng Yi also had to have more Brilliant Flame Liquid on him, just that alone was reason enough for Yang Kai to want him dead.

While the Brilliant Flame Liquid was no longer useful for him personally, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t useful for others. Unfortunately, if he acted together with the Great Han Dynasty group, even if they killed Wu Cheng Yi, it was unlikely that there would be enough Brilliant Flame Liquid to spread around.

This way though, Yang Kai could monopolize it all!

“You’re courage is not small, this Wu Cheng Yi being able to escape my Senior Brother proves that his strength is extraordinary. I don’t deny that you are also very strong, but do you honestly believe you can win against that guy?” Zi Mo stared at Yang Kai in shock, thinking to herself that this youth was really quite daring.

“Win or lose, we’ll have to fight to know.” Yang Kai spoke flippantly before sending a meaningful look towards Zi Mo, “Besides, don’t I have you to help me? What do you think I’m dragging you around for?”

Zi Mo beautiful face twitched in anger as she stomped her foot repeatedly, “You should just go die!”

[He’s definitely been scheming this all along!] Zi Mo was humiliated that she had felt even a little bit touched before.

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai laughed wantonly, reaching out and touching Zi Mo’s face, gently caressing her cheek, “Now, now. Don’t be so upset. After you spend some more time with me you’ll find I can give you many benefits. You may never want to leave after that.”

“Shameless! Absolutely Shameless!” Zi Mo cursed loudly.

Although she really felt that his words were shameless beyond compare, but it was undeniable that he also had many qualities that made him stand out amongst all the men she had ever encountered, and these points he would occasionally inadvertently display were very attractive, especially to women!

Knowing his true intentions, Zi Mo’s anger soon subsided as she let out a small grin, quickly asking, “So the pauses and observations you’ve been making were all attempts to find Wu Cheng Yi’s trail, right? So have you found any clues so far?”

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head. “It’s very simple for a master like him to mask his own trail.”

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai continued confidently, “But as long as he is still here, I’ll definitely find him.”

“I think I can help with that!” Zi Mo laughed mischievously.

Yang Kai nodded, “That was my intention!”

Over the next few days, Yang Kai and Zi Mo both searched for the traces of Wu Cheng Yi while also searching for Monster Beasts.

Yao He and Yao Xi had together controlled more than a hundred Monster Beasts, but during the previous battle they had only beheaded thirty or forty, which meant nearly seventy had escaped; these were probably the only Monster Beasts remaining in this isolated world.

A few days later, the pair had only made a small harvest; using her Soul Controlling Insects Zi Mo had taken control of seven Monster Beasts. These beasts were then sent out to scout, greatly increasing the scope and efficiency of their search.

After a dozen or so more days, Zi Mo’s pack had increased to fifteen, and they at last discovered traces of Wu Cheng Yi.

One of the scattered Monster Beasts had suddenly been killed, so Yang Kai and Zi Mo quickly rushed over to its last known location only to discover remnants of Sword Qi from the battle.

“It was definitely Wu Cheng Yi!” Yang Kai understood that such vibrant Sword Qi was not something an ordinary person could display, only someone on the level of a Nine Star Sword School disciple would be capable of such a feat.

Not to mention that the one that had died was a Fifth-Order Monster Beast, being able to quickly kill it meant the strength of the other party’s Sword Qi was quite high.

Considering all the evidence, Yang Kai was almost instantly able to determine that the culprit was Wu Cheng Yi.

However, despite following the traces left behind, it was only half a day later before they once again lost Wu Cheng Yi’s trail.

Yang Kai frowned; it was the first time he felt so frustrated that he couldn’t yet cultivate his Divine Sense, causing this hunt to go so slowly. If he could use his Divine Sense it would not be the same, as long as his Divine Sense was strong enough he would have no trouble searching a radius of more than a dozen kilometers around him.

While Yang Kai was grumbling to himself, Zi Mo expression suddenly changed, quickly glancing towards Yang Kai, “My Senior Brother is nearby!”

Yang Kai also turned to look at her, “Chi Xue?”

“En. He’s together with a Sixth-Order Monster Beast, combined with his own strength, no one is his equal, if we meet him here, you will definitely die, we should avoid him at all costs!”

“Him being here… He must also be chasing Wu Cheng Yi.” Yang Kai recalled, when the Tian Lang Dynasty Sen Luo Temple disciples and their Monster Beast army confronted the Great Han Dynasty disciples, the only one with enough ability to escape was Wu Cheng Yi, the others were all captured, so afterwards, Chi Xue left alone with his Sixth-Order Monster Beast in order to pursue Wu Cheng Yi.

Since he and Yang Kai had the same ultimate objective, the two of them encountering each other was not surprising.

“It’s too late!” Zi Mo’s beautiful face went pale as she turned and looked toward the jungle, softly whispering, “Just wait there and don’t speak, I’ll deal with him, if he learns about the relationship between you and me, he’ll definitely try to kill you.”

Yang Kai looked at her with astonishment.

Zi Mo coldly snorted, “I’m just doing this for self-protection, don’t think so hard about it. If you want me to die, all it would take is a single thought, so I definitely can’t let you face mortal danger, lest in desperation you decide to take me with you!”

“Heh heh.” Yang Kai chuckled as glanced at her nervous face before turning towards the direction she was staring.

Shortly after, a giant Monster Beast sprang out from the jungle, the beast looked like a cross between a wolf and a tiger with a domineering stature, powerful limbs, and ferocious claws and fangs; it’s total length was more than ten meters, even several dozen meters away, this mighty Monster Beast was able to give Yang Kai a choking sense of oppression!

Sixth-Order Monster Beast! A true Sixth-Order Monster Beast!

When it appeared, the Monster Beasts standing beside Zi Mo one by one lowered their heads, like a pack of mice encountering a cat, all of them humbling themselves before it.

Sitting on the back of this Monster Beast was a young man wearing a purple robe, roughly twenty-five or twenty-six years old with sword like brows, a firm bearing and a cold penetrating gaze.

This was Chi Xue! His temperament was very different from Wu Cheng Yi. In comparison, Wu Cheng Yi was calm like a mountain, while this Chi Xue was more overbearing, but no matter who it was, they gave off a proud and arrogant aura.

Both of them were favoured Sons of Heaven, they had enough strength to act arrogant!

From his seat atop the Sixth-Order Monster Beast Chi Xue looked towards Zi Mo, not even bothering to glance towards Yang Kai.

The Sixth-Order Monster Beast eventually came to a halt about ten meters away from the pair.

“Senior Brother!” Zi Mo came up and respectfully greeted him but instead of a reply she heard the Sixth-Order Monster Beast growl towards her menacingly.

Seeing this Monster Beast’s reaction caused Zi Mo’s heart to jump, glancing towards her Senior Brother soon after only to find he was staring at her coldly as well.

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