Martial Peak

Chapter 252 – Don’t Flirt With Me

Yang Kai frowned as well before inquiring, “Do you have any way to remove them?”

“They aren’t Soul Controlling Insects I planted!” Zi Mo slowly shook her head and said, “However, there’s nothing for you to worry about, they will only absorb a tiny bit of your Yuan Qi in order to survive, and with no one issuing them commands they won’t actively try to harm you. Once you can begin cultivating your Divine Sense it will be easy for you to extract them, or if you can’t wait that long, once you go back to your respective Sects you can let one of your Elders do it for you.”

These were only the lowest order Soul Controlling Insects, so in addition to their fear of heat, one could use their Divine Sense to deal with them.

However, after she had said this, everyone was still frowning.

They were not sure if they could believe Zi Mo.

Moreover, even if Zi Mo was telling the truth, having a live insect latched onto your dantian which could possibly harm you would make anyone uncomfortable. If they were to engage in a life or death battle and the insect suddenly decided to move, they couldn’t begin to estimate how serious the consequences might be.

Seeing all of these people’s expressions, Zi Mo suddenly smiled mischievously, “If you want to remove the insects now, I may have a way, that is, if you are willing to let me try!”

Everyone’s face became even more bitter as they looked towards Yang Kai.

They really did not trust Zi Mo. In case this little Tian Lang bitch acted maliciously and gained control over them, then …

But if they did not agree, then all of them would have to live in constant fear of the insects causing damage to their dantians.

Zi Mo sneered, fully aware of what these people were thinking, before saying, “I can’t do anything, but my master can help you.”

“Your master…” Chen Xue Shu couldn’t help coughing awkwardly.

Yang Kai’s face also twitched as he bitterly glared over at Zi Mo.

“Brother Yang, so it’s true that she’s your maidservant?” Chen Xue Shu directed an envious look at him, which caused Su Xiao Yu to viciously pinch and twist him. Feeling a sharp pain in his side, Chen Xue Shu face grimaced, but he did not dare to say anything.

“She’s bullshitting! She can’t wait for me to die!” Yang Kai denied strongly as he snorted and frowned, “But I really may have a way. It’s just that I’ve not tried it on a person before.”

Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi was the Soul Controlling Insects’ nemesis, and now that they could no longer receive commands from Yao He or Yao Xi, as long as he carefully applied his True Yang Yuan Qi, then he should theoretically be able to force the Soul Controlling Insect out of their bodies.

Earlier Yang Kai had used this approach to extract a Soul Controlling Insect from the head of a Fifth-Order Malevolent Golden Shadow Leopard, which lead to him learning the secrets of these insects.

However, the subject this time would be a human, so Yang Kai did not dare to act recklessly. All of the cultivators here were the young elites from their respective Sects, and the Soul Controlling Insects had been implanted in close proximity to their fragile dantians. Even a small mistake on his part could lead to serious consequences.

Seeing Yang Kai hesitate, everyone also felt uneasy.

“He can try it on me!” Pure Heart Palace’s Li Xin Yuan suddenly called out weakly, accompanied by a faint laughter, “In any case, my cultivation has been wasted, so allowing Brother Yang to practice his approach on me can be considered a boon for everyone.”

Zuo Fang immediately objected, “Senior Brother! Don’t talk like that, in the future there will definitely be a chance for you to repair your dantian, all you need to do is find the right medicine. Instead, I’ll volunteer to go first!”

“Junior Brother Zuo.” Li Xin Yuan shook his head and smiled wryly, “Your Senior Brother really has nothing to worry about. Even if Brother Yang fails then the worst that happens is that I’d die. Rather than living like this, death might be better…”

“Stop arguing! I’m not so sure it will work so let me ask her a few things first.” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow before reaching out and signaling Zi Mo to come closer.

“What now?” Zi Mo’s expression went sour but she still obediently came over.

Seeing her act so subservient only caused the Great Han Dynasty group to look more surprised. Did they really have a relationship of master and maidservant?

How was that even possible?

“Describe for me how I should accomplish this.” Yang Kai said seriously.

Zi Mo explained again and provided two options. Both of them were similar to how Yang Kai extracted the Soul Controlling Insect from the Malevolent Golden Shadow Leopard but with far greater attention to detail. First he could use a strong pinpoint burst of True Yang Yuan Qi to instantly incinerate it, not giving it any time to react, or he could gently stimulate it so it would escape on its own. However, he absolutely couldn’t let it feel uneasy, because if it became desperate, it might really break someone’s dantian.

After listening to her full explanations, Yang Kai pondered for a moment before looking at the crowd and confirming, “Are you sure you want me to try?”

After glancing around briefly, everyone nodded.

“Good, I can only guarantee that I will make every effort to help you to resolve this issue but… the consequences will be your own to bare!”

Yang Kai did not wish to get caught in the mess if he failed.

Han Xiao Qi laughed softly, “Since that’s the case, we can only believe in you.”

Nobody here had any objections. Naturally they understood his intentions.

Yang Kai nodded and weighed his options for a long time before deciding to go with the second method. The first was quick and simple, but the drawbacks were harsh. If his control was not precise enough, then all he would end up doing was harm others.

Shifting his gaze to Li Xin Yuan, Yang Kai spoke solemnly, “I’ll try it out on you first!”

Li Xin Yuan smiled and nodded. Zuo Fang wanted to say something, but his Senior Brother signaled him to stand down.

Taking off his shirt and exposing his chest, the Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s four girls all blushed involuntarily, but none of them turned their eyes away for fear they might miss something and instead stared intensely at everything that was happening.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and placed it on Li Xin Yuan’s dantian. Taking a deep breath, he then completely immersed himself in controlling his True Yang Yuan Qi and gently poured a little bit of it into Li Xin Yuan’s body.

After what seemed like a long time, Yang Kai finally felt where the Soul Controlling Insect was idling, and then very carefully directed his threads of True Yang Yuan Qi towards it and cautiously surrounded it while observing to make sure it did not have any violent reactions.

Li Xin Yuan’s face suddenly flushed. He was now a waste, so the influx of Yuan Qi was somewhat difficult for him to bare, but he was a man with strong perseverance. So even though his abdomen felt like it was on fire, he still strongly grit his teeth and remained silent, but the veins on his forehead were clearly showing as sweat poured down his face.

Yang Kai looked at him and said seriously, “Brace yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai pushed his True Yang Yuan Qi and wrapped the Soul Controlling Insect harder. The Soul Controlling Insect also began to struggle more intensely, which caused Li Xin Yuan to experience more and more pain, while his Junior Brother, Zuo Fang, stayed by his side and felt his heart leap into his throat.

However, soon after, the Soul Controlling Insect was forced out from its position near Li Xin Yuan’s dantian. Reaching this step successfully, Yang Kai finally relaxed his nerves a bit, and because he no longer had to act so delicately, Yang Kai increased the intensity of his True Yang Yuan Qi markedly.

After a few breaths of time, everyone clearly saw as a small insect protruding from Li Xin Yuan’s ribs. Yang Kai eyes flashed as he reached out his hand and drew out the Soul Controlling Insect. He extracted it quickly and then burned it into ash.

At the same time, Li Xin Yuan also involuntarily let out a deep breath and softly collapsed onto the ground.

“Senior Brother!” Zuo Fang was shocked and quickly reached out to support him.

Resting for a few moments, Li Xin Yuan finally weakly said while laughing happily, “It was definitely painful, but it feels good to be free again.”

Seeing him safe and sound, everyone felt like a boulder had been lifted from their hearts.

Yang Kai stood up and looked around, “Who wants to go next?”

“I’ll do it!” Chen Xue Shu shouted and then quickly sat cross legged in front of Yang Kai.

Having succeeded once already, Yang Kai naturally gained some experience and confidence, but Chen Xue Shu and Li Xin Yuan were not the same. This time the patient also had his own True Qi, so even if he tried to relax completely, his True Qi would involuntarily protect himself. This meant that Yang Kai could only increase the output of his Yuan Qi, but once again, after a long time, he successfully extracted the Soul Controlling Insect.

One by one the Great Han Dynasty disciples lined up, which made Yang Kai feel exhausted enough to collapse.

But after handling most of the group, only the few women were left.

Asura Sect’s Ye Qing Si, Water Moon Hall’s Feng Qian Hen, Reflecting Moon Sect’s Su Xiao Yu of, and the Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s four female disciples.

With the exception of the most enchanting Ye Qing Si, the other girls were all blushed red, and each of them looked around at the others while trying to hide their embarrassment.

The reason was simple. When Yang Kai extracted the Soul Controlling Insects, his hand had to be placed on the patient’s dantian.

The dantian was located in one’s lower abdomen, just below the navel…

Thinking of this, all of the girls suddenly felt ashamed.

Ye Qing Si smiled seductively, “I’ll go first! You little girls, why are you acting so shy? It’s not like he’s going to eat you.”

“Keke …” Yang Kai tried to act solemnly, “Please don’t flirt with me.”

The surrounding group of men also stared at him enviously.

Sitting cross-legged in front of Yang Kai, Ye Qing Si eyes shimmered as she elegantly smiled and boldly stared at him before slowly undoing the buttons on her clothes.

*Pluck… pluck…*

*Gulp…* The sounds of heavy breathing and nervous swallowing echoed about.

Ye Qing Si enchanting bulges were being revealed bit by bit. Seemingly like a fully ripe peach, her alluring face and graceful temperament gave off the unique temptation of a mature woman that was irresistible to any male.

Seeing her fiddle with the last button holding her top together, soon to expose the enchanting revelry which lay beneath, the excited pack of men naturally had their eyes fixed on her. Who would be willing to miss something so wondrous?

“Hahaha…” Ye Qing Si smiled flirtatiously. Not only did she not seem embarrassed, she was even throwing out teasing seductive laughter.

[This little temptress!] All the men standing around had hot steam blowing from their noses by now.

“Hmm?” Han Xiao Qi grunted as she glared at these drooling dogs, her face as cold as ice.

“You damn dogs, turn around and close your dog eyes this instant!” Su Xiao Yu cursed as she reached out her hands and covered her ‘respected’ Senior Brother’s eyes. Chen Xue Shu flushed a bright shade of crimson and obediently turned away, but his heart was filled with embarrassment and regret.

Ye Qing Si suddenly stopped all her actions as she smiled towards these onlookers, “You… are you sure you want to stay?”

“Hey…” Zuo Fang, Chu Jing Shan and the others suddenly wore a stupid grin, licking their lips, “We thought you wouldn’t mind.”

“Bullshit!” Ye Qing Si viciously shouted, “Letting you leave now is giving you some face, anyone who doesn’t have some self-knowledge, I’ll make sure to ‘educate’ seriously once this is over.”

“We’ll leave!” Zuo Fang helped Li Xin Yuan up and the men quickly scattered like beat dogs.

All of them let out a long sigh, deeply forlorn.

“Ah… don’t pull so hard…” Chen Xue Shu anxious complained as Zhou Ba firmly gripped his arm and dragged him along, “My precious Junior Sister is still there, I have to look after her…”

“You roll away!” Su Xiao Yu scolded him unceasingly.

Waiting for the male group to retreat a thousand meters away, and determining they couldn’t peek on them, the women here finally relaxed.

Yang Kai’s face remained calm and natural, staring towards Ye Qing Si and urging her, “Continue.”

A touch of red suddenly appeared on Ye Qing Si’s face as she took a deep breath, lightly grit her teeth, and then finished undoing her clothes.

Ye Han’s eyes went completely round. Her cute face felt like it was on fire, and she nervously asked, “Do we… do we all have to do this?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Ye Han immediately covered her cheeks, “Is it possible to not undress?”

Yang Kai frowned before saying, “If you’re not afraid that something will go wrong, you can. However, if I’m in direct contact with your bodies, I can better control my Yuan Qi.”

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