Martial Peak

Chapter 242 – He Has ‘Problems’

In the next moment, Yang Kai, while wrapped in the black gas, grinned at them, and the sound of his laughter come from within his Demonic Qi. The image of his white fangs against the black background was extremely hideous and terrifying.

Seeing his demonic eyes and evil smile, Zi Mo and Leng Shan both froze in fear and quickly calmed their True Qi, not daring to reveal the slightest hostility.

“You…” Zi Mo frowned, unable to understand how Yang Kai had managed to pull himself out of the Demonic Path.

“It seems I need to give you some punishment!” Yang Kai coldly glared and pushed out both his palms. His White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal appeared with a ferocious roar.

Unlike when he used his True Yang Yuan Qi to form these beast phantoms, this time they were both pitch black, and similar to Yang Kai himself, full of Demonic Qi and malevolence.

Roaring, the two beast phantoms dashed out, directly pinning both women to the ground.

“We were wrong. We thought you had fallen into Demonic Path!” Zi Mo screamed in horror. Although her strength was much higher than this beast phantom, she did not dare to resist because she knew that if she did she would have to face that terrifying Soul torture.

“So seeing me fall into Demonic Path, you wanted to take advantage of the situation?” Yang Kai sneered. If he wasn’t already aware of their thoughts, Yang Kai would not have still been holding back against them.

He knew that their actions just now were really just out of self-protection.

Dismissing his Beast Soul Skill, the two beast phantoms quickly vanished, and the two women quickly stood up, although they still shook with fear.

Glancing at them both, Yang Kai grinned, “I’ll spare your lives this time, but you cannot escape your crimes. Tell me, what do you think your punishment should be?”

Zi Mo trembled slightly and bit her lip, “As long as you do not torment my Soul, I am willing to suffer anything else!”

“Are you serious?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“En.” Zi Mo nodded firmly. Having her Soul tormented felt worse than dying, it was simply the world’s most vicious torture.

“And you?” Yang Kai shifted his gaze to Leng Shan.

“I… I am also the same…” Leng Shan agreed hesitantly.

Yang Kai glanced back and forth at the two of them before he suddenly laughed maliciously, “Alright, then… strip off your clothes.”

Hearing this, the two women both went stiff.

Zi Mo quickly recovered and immediately flashed a flirtatious smile as she untied her top. While slowly stripping, her wet eyes emitted an infinite charm.

On the other hand, Leng Shan remained stiff and totally overwhelmed!

“If you don’t want to strip, you can suffer three rounds of Soul torture until you faint each time. You choose.” Yang Kai said ruthlessly.

As she remembered that pain again, Leng Shan burst into a cold sweat as she remained frozen in place. Her eyes closed after a long time, and her tears slowly fell, as she viciously cursed, “If one day, I can restore my freedom, I swear I will rip your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

Yang Kai simply laughed, “I’ll be waiting!”

Piece by piece, their clothes were removed. The graceful figures of both women soon appeared before Yang Kai’s eyes. Whether it was Zi Mo or Leng Shan, both were natural beauties with elegant faces, full voluptuous chests, slim tenders waists, rounded shapely hips, and long slender legs.

Yang Kai unscrupulously swept his eyes over the pair and secretly compared and contrasted their features. A raging heat burst from his eyes and rose from his belly.

A moment later, the two of them only had a single layer left on top. One adorned her chest with a glamorous red fabric, while the other wrapped herself in a chic lavender cloth, but neither of these thin pieces could hide their mountains and valleys, and at their peaks, delicate and enchanting red cherries could clearly be seen.

As for their lower halves, the scenery was even more gorgeous. Their forbidden gardens were hazily obscured by their thin silk underwear, and they gave off a hazy air of mystery because the blocked view aroused a different kind of reverie.

Now, except for the most critical parts, two somewhat naked beautiful women stood mere steps away from Yang Kai.

“Shall I show you the rest?” Zi Mo seductively licked her lips and softly whispering with a slightly flushed face.

Yang Kai had just wanted to teach them a lesson and hadn’t really thought to push them all the way.

He had seen before that this woman Zi Mo had no reservations and was instead quite bold. However, Leng Shan was significantly more conservative, and if he kept forcing them, she would definitely be unable to bear it.

Feasting his eyes upon them for a while longer, Yang Kai eventually just waved, “Go away!”

Zi Mo was stunned. Leng Shan also widened her eyes. Both of them stared at Yang Kai in surprise. The two of them had thought that this time they were doomed to suffer, but they had never dreamed that this young man covered in Demonic Qi would just look at them before shooing them away.

Thinking for a moment, Zi Mo suddenly opened her mouth and glanced towards Yang Kai’s pants. Her eyes quickly examined his reaction before her face broke out into a meaningful smile.

Facing two half naked beauties right as his fingertips, there was only one type of man who could remain indifferent other than an ideal perfect gentleman.

[He must be… Ha… hahaha…]

In that moment, Zi Mo’s heart burst with happiness, and she was actually almost unable to contain her laughter. As her shoulders trembled violently, she finally managed to hold back by tightly biting her lip as she desperately continued to resist.

“Why are you still standing around? I’ll count to three, if you do not go, then I’ll make you stay here forever!” Yang Kai had not perceived Zi Mo’s strange look and instead wrinkled his brow as he threatened the pair.

Leng Shan suddenly felt like she had received a dream like amnesty and quickly bent over.

“Your clothes stay, only you can leave!” Yang Kai said lightly.

Leng Shan glared with hatred and anger towards Yang Kai as she tried to cover herself the best she could, and she quickly flew away like she was fleeing some hideous monster.

On the other hand, Zi Mo did not panic or rush, and instead she lazily stretched her waist, completely showing off her gracefully body, and threw a flirtatious smile towards Yang Kai before turning around while gently swaying her hips as she casually walked away, as her perfectly rounded bottom swung back and forth like a pendulum.

As he watched the two women disappear behind a big tree, Yang Kai quickly closed his eyes and desperately suppressed his raging desires!

He actually did not mind Zi Mo’s obvious advances. In any case, this woman seemed quite uninhibited, so if he really had his way with her, she probably would not be too concerned about it.

But in the end, she was still his enemy, and once he pushed her too far, she may push back regardless of whether she lived or died.

Thus, similar to when he was trapped on Hidden Island, he wanted to use this situation to improve his mental fortitude, so he purposely stimulated himself and then forcibly suppressed his impulses.

Between improving his strength and having a woman, Yang Kai was more interested in the former.

(PewPewLaserGun: He COULD have both…maybe he really does have problems…)

While Yang Kai was concentrating, trying to enhance his willpower, Leng Shan and Zi Mo both sat behind the big tree as they tried to cover themselves, while staring at each other, still speechless.

This time not only had their sneak attack failed, they had even let that little brat take advantage of them. It really was a great loss!

Leng Shan was flustered, and her eyes were filled with humiliation. She placed her clenched fists on the ground and viciously cursed, “Bastard, beast, bullying us weak women, how dare he! Today’s shame, sooner or later, I swear I’ll return to him ten times over!”

Zi Mo remained quiet and only floated an evil grin after a long silence, “In front of him, we can’t really call ourselves weak women. His realm is actually still lower than ours. Also, we were the ones plotting against him first this time, yet all he did was take a look at our bodies. I don’t see why you’re so upset.”

Leng Shan glared at Zi Mo and angrily shouted, “How can you not care at all?”

“Pft.. hahaha…” Zi Mo suddenly laughed and her eyes narrowed, “If it was some other man, I really would be upset, but as for him… well… it really doesn’t matter if he sees me or not.”

“Good, it looks like you’ve already given up on yourself.” Leng Shan looked at her with disdain.

Zi Mo didn’t seem to care and instead lowered her voice, “I’ll tell you a secret, and once you know I guarantee you won’t really care about this either.”

“What secret?” Leng Shan asked suspiciously.

Zi Mo moved closer, whispering a few words into her ear.

After Leng Shan finished listening her face went from red to green, and her eyes actually showed a contemptuous and derisive look.

“What you mean is… he’s unable to…?” Leng Shan asked softly, and a grin emerged on her face.

“Shh! Do you know what you’re doing? Keep your voice down.” Zi Mo stretched out her finger to Leng Shan’s mouth.

“But how do you know?” Leng Shan asked curiously. For the first time Leng Shan felt Zi Mo was somewhat kind, or at least she could rely on her right now.

“The two of us were almost stripped naked in front of him, but he wasn’t moved at all. In addition to ‘that,’ is there another explanation?” Zi M covered her mouth and tried to stifle her laugh, “For any normal man, I am afraid they would never be able to withstand such temptation, therefore, he must ‘problems’!”

Leng Shan listened and could not help but nod with a look of approval on her face.

(Silavin: You girls are too full of yourself…)

“Such a problem is a taboo for any man!” Zi Mo seemed to understand a lot about such matters, so Leng Shan only kept nodding her head while listening carefully, “We absolutely cannot mention this in front of him; otherwise it would definitely lead to a life and death crisis.”

“Good, I promise not to mention it.” Leng Shan nodded her head vigorously before asking, “But if he really has such ‘problems’, what you said before about seducing him, can you still do it?”

Zi Mo suddenly smiled impishly, “Because of his problems, we have to work even harder at seducing him! Now that we know he can’t have his way with us, while we seduce him, we can watch him writhe in frustration, which will let us vent our anger. Isn’t it a great way to get some revenge?”

Leng Shan expression lit up as she suddenly understood all this. Her face now showed a look of respect and admiration towards Zi Mo, “You really are experienced in such matters.”

Zi Mo glanced at her angrily, “Little hussy, we Tian Lang Dynasty women are not as conservative as you Great Han Dynasty types.”

“So that means you already… with men …” Leng Shan asked, her face flushing bright red.

Zi Mo unexpectedly blushed as well, “No! I haven’t met any man who can conquer me.”

Leng Shan nearly fell over, “I don’t believe you!”

(Silavin: IDK why but I kinda like this types of conversations in novels. Makes the characters seems more human rather than purely conquering objectives.)


After two consecutive days of cultivation, Yang Kai finally managed to stamp down the turmoil and desires in his heart, thus enhancing his mental state while he continued to practice his Beast Slave Seal. Although he still couldn’t successfully fuse his White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal one hundred percent of the time, he had at least found the appropriate path to take, so his ability steadily improved.

These two days, Yang Kai had consumed a lot of Yuan Qi, but the Golden Skeleton’s stored energy was nearly infinite, so this consumption was actually not a burden.

Meanwhile, Zi Mo and Leng Shan were sitting in the middle of a group of Monster Beasts and were still wearing nothing but their undergarments.

Yang Kai’s punishment for them had apparently not ended.

In any case, their cultivations were not low, so naturally they wouldn’t fear the cold, but that didn’t mean they weren’t embarrassed. Zi Mo made her Monster Beasts form a three layered ring around her and Leng Shan to block their figures from view.

Over the past two days, these two women spent most of their time discussing how they were going to retaliate against Yang Kai. They plotted ways to make him miserable, and by chattering away, they actually resolved a lot of their previous resentments and even bonded a bit over their common circumstances.

Finally hearing Yang Kai’s voice again, Zi Mo was surprised for a moment before she whispered, “Seems he still has a little bit of conscience.”

While she spoke, she quickly ordered two Monster Beasts to run out and retrieve her and Leng Shan’s clothes.

When the two of them finished dressing themselves, they walked over to Yang Kai and saw him casually open his eyes.

Both of them were secretly shocked. Over the past few days, this youth in front of them had consumed an unimaginable amount of Yuan Qi and had even fallen into a state similar to Demonic Path, but now he had restored his original appearance and didn’t seem the least bit tired.

[He really is mysterious], the two women thought.

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