Martial Peak

Chapter 235 – Tian Lang Dynasty’s Zi Mo

After a whole month, Yang Kai’s harvest was meager at best. If he could not kill any Monster Beasts, then he naturally could not get any Blood Beads, but this was only a secondary problem.

The key was that the Monster Beasts he encountered were too weak, fourth-order Monster Beasts could not stand a single blow from the current Yang Kai. Even the strength of most fifth-order Monster Beasts was not a significant threat to him, so without experiencing a difficult fight, he was unable to stimulate his own potential in order to break through to the next minor realm.

Thus, all this time, Yang Kai had been eager to baptize himself in the blood of strong enemies!

Since he could not gain any opportunities this past month, Yang Kai inadvertently spent more time exploring other uses of his Beast Soul Skills.

The Beast Soul Skills he had received from the two Monster Beasts were not just a simple means of attack! However, Yang Kai was still just in the testing phases of this second application and had yet to perfect its use.

On this day, when Yang Kai killed three fourth-order Monster Beasts, in a certain place thirty kilometers away, hidden amongst the jungle, a young woman suddenly opened her eyes, and her expression showed a hint of viciousness and surprise.

The clothing and facial features of this woman were slightly different from those of the Great Han Dynasty. She was clearly one of the Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators.

She was by no means ugly, and could easily be described as a great beauty, but somehow she gave off a very strange feeling. It was as though her beauty was a simply a guise for a viper that could strike at any moment, piercing down with her venomous fangs and condemning one to death.

Anyone who laid eyes upon her would know instinctively that she was not to be underestimated.

She dressed quite seductively. Her pair of jade arms were fully exposed, and her upper body was wrapped in a tight fitting bandeau, which could barely contain her proud chest. When she raised her hands, her flat belly and delicate navel left little to the imagination, while her lower body’s covering was even more simple, a short skirt, which seemed to highlight her enchanting bottom, from which her two slender alluring legs extended.

Looking towards Yang Kai’s direction, a faint sneer appeared on her face as she slowly stood up. Her exquisite, petite body seemingly filled with an incomparably explosive force.

When she got up, the two people standing behind her quietly retreated a few steps and stared at this young Tian Lang Dynasty woman’s back. Their eyes were filled with fear and resentment.

These two were a young man and woman!

If Yang Kai were here, he would certainly be surprised because these two were actually the Ghost King Valley disciples Jin Hao and Leng Shan.

As the Ghost King Valley’s two elite disciples were staring at this young woman’s back, their True Qi involuntarily surged slightly, and their eyes flashed some murderous intent.

“Roar…” At that moment, the surrounding several tens of Monster Beasts suddenly bared their fangs towards Jin Hao and Leng Shan and snarled, clearly warning them not to act.

The young Tian Lang Dynasty woman slowly turned around, gazing at Jin Hao and Leng Shan with great meaning, causing both of them to tremble and quickly suppress their killing intent and True Qi.

“You’re not able to kill me!” This woman’s name was Zi Mo. Even after having stayed by her side for one or two months, this was the full extent of the personal information Jin Hao and Leng Shan knew about her.

Zi Mo ruthlessly sneered, “Such an offence will only happen once. If you dare to have such thoughts again, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Jin Hao and Leng Shan’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, but they did not dare to act presumptuously. Jin Hao quickly bowed, “This servant and Junior Sister dare not. Please rest assured young lady Zi!”

Zi Mo glared at him before smirking, “You should be thankful you fell into my hands. If you had met with my two Senior Brothers or Senior Sister, you would probably be dead by now.”

Finished speaking, Zi Mo casually strolled forward, and her enchanting waist lightly swayed with grace, as if she were floating on air, and on her pink lips a seductive smile blossomed.

As Jin Hao quietly watched her, he unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Zi Mo’s body was superb, and her style was extremely bold, completely different from the Great Han Dynasty’s women. Although he had been following her for quite some time now, every time he looked at her it gave him a never before felt stimulus, especially her flat belly and exquisite navel. The combination for some reason held an unspeakable attraction to him.

She had become a focus of his fantasies. If he could strip this gorgeous woman and mercilessly ravage and taste her exquisite body causing her to scream and beg for mercy, how wondrous would that be?

But Jin Hao could only dream about such things. In front of Zi Mo, he did not have the courage to show any of these thoughts.

This young woman from the Tian Lang Dynasty was simply a murderous snake! She was crueler and more bloodthirsty than any Ghost King Valley disciple he had ever known.

(Silavin: WTF, then you guys are simply weak.)

As Zi Mo walked up to Leng Shan, while still wearing the same mischievous smile, Leng Shan’s expression became cold, and a disgusted look spread across her face. Her body also began to tremble, but she somehow managed to hold her voice in.

Zi Mo giggled as she stretched out her hand, gently lifted Leng Shan’s delicate chin, and focused all her attention at her bright red lips.

In the next instant, she suddenly leaned in towards her and pressed her own lips softly onto Leng Shan’s mouth.

Jin Hao quickly sucked in a deep breath, and he awkwardly bent his butt out, trying to hide his lower body as his heart rapidly beating and his blood seemed to boil.

The sounds of passionate kissing became more and more intense while Leng Shan desperately tried to resist. However, this only intensified Zi Mo’s sadistic interest. Accompanied by a seductive laugh, Zi Mo pushed her other hand into Leng Shan’s clothes and wantonly groped her body.

At this point, Jin Hao’s eyes had turned red with envy.

Inside the Sect, Leng Shan’s position was lofty, enough so that he did not dare to act presumptuously in front of her, but these days he had watched her be fully tasted and defiled in front of him, and the one to do so had actually been another beautiful and exotic woman.

Jin Hao watch as a snake-like tongue explored the inside of his Junior Sister’s mouth as her proud chest was brazenly kneaded. Her well rounded hips and bottom were groped and squeezed by those jade-like hands. The whole scene exuded a raw and beguiling sensuality.

This scene had not happened just once or twice. Jin Hao had been forced to watch this act play out seven or eight times already, and every time caused his nether region to engorge and burn with desire.

Leng Shan’s futile resistance gradually gave way to obedience, and the two women eventually lost themselves in erotic pleasure. The sounds of gasping breaths and rapid heartbeats spread around them and provoked an atmosphere of excitement and revelry.

Jin Hao forced himself to turn his head, afraid that if he continued to watch he would not be able to hold himself back.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zi Mo finally released Leng Shan. A fine crystal line was drawn between the pair’s lips as they slowly parted.

Leng Shan’s breath was ragged as she trembled lightly. The tears slowly fell from her dyed red eyes and were gently wiped by Zi Mo as she lightly laughed, akin to a gentleman comforting his lover.

“Don’t you also want to have her like this?” Zi Mo suddenly turned around and looked at Jin Hao.

“Ah?” Jin Hao was stunned by her question, a look of confusion plastered on his face.

Zi Mo smiled playfully, “You like your Junior Sister, right?”

Jin Hao shifted his gaze to Leng Shan and eventually nodded his head.

“Then I can provide you such a chance!” Zi Mo looked at Jin Hao with great meaning. “But it is up to you if you can seize it!”

Jin Hao looked like he was struggling as his face contorted, but Zi Mo was not anxious as she quietly watched him and waited for his reply. She knew Jin Hao would not refuse her proposal because he was definitely not a gentleman.

Sure enough, after a moment of hesitation, Jin Hao suddenly kneeled on the ground and earnestly replied, “This servant is willing to sincerely submit himself, henceforth only obeying the orders of Young Miss, come hell or high water, until the end of his days!”

“Ha ha ha…” Zi Mo laughed proudly while lightly tossing her hair and nodded her approval, “Very good! A wise man will submit to his circumstances. I like wise men!”

“Senior Brother …” Leng Shan face sank as she looked nervously at Jin Hao.

Jin Hao simply scratched his face somewhat embarrassed, “Junior Sister, you and I only live now so long as Young Lady wishes us to, why bother struggling in vain? Young Lady has already showed us great benevolence, and is now willing to give us such an opportunity to be together, so submitting to her now is naturally our life’s opportunity!”

Leng Shan could only look at Jin Hao with disgust, and no longer cared about him as she slowly closed her eyes.

Watching this scene, Zi Mo simply chuckled, leaned her back against a great tree, and relaxed her lithe body. Her demeanour still exuding an amorous style, as she softly said, “I want you to help me capture an individual and bring them here! After you complete this task, you may have your way with your Junior Sister, whatever you wish to do with or to her, you may do!”

Hearing this, Leng Shan’s face went pale while Jin Hao’s filled with a look of excitement.

“If you are fast enough, and you complete this task efficiently, completely satisfying me…” Zi Mo paused as her red tongue seductively licked her lips, “Letting me accompany you once along with your Junior Sister is possible… after all, be they young women or young men, I thoroughly enjoy them all.”

Jin Hao could not help but swallow hard.

Not only being able to wantonly violate his Junior Sister… but also obtaining this Tian Lang Dynasty’s exotic woman as well …

One dragon ravaging two phoenixes, such an occurrence could only occur in a wondrous dream!

Jin Hao could not contain his excitement and loudly exclaimed, “Young Lady please direct this servant!”

Zi Mo’s look became cold, and she reached out and pointed towards the distance, “Thirty kilometers in that direction you will find your goal. Move quickly, if you are too slow you might not catch up.”

Jin Hao’s brow wrinkled, “If this servant may ask, how many people are there?”

“There should only be one!” Zi Mo replied confidently.

“Only one?” Jin Hao’s complexion became slightly worse, and he quickly commented, “Someone who could survive this long on their own, their strength is obviously not weak. Young Miss, I would like to bring my Junior Sister along just in case, please allow this!”

“Hmm…” Zi Mo smiled deviously, “I want your Junior Sister to stay with me, so she cannot accompany you, but… I can send a few Monster Beasts to help you, three fifth-order Monster Beasts should be enough, right?”

Jin Hao’s face suddenly went bitter, as he completely understood that this young woman did not trust him. Three fifth-order Monster Beast were enough to suppress him. Rather than them being sent to help him, they were obviously there to monitor his actions.

“Certainly enough!” Jin Hao did not dare to show any dissatisfaction and quickly agreed.

“Go on then, remember that your Junior Sister will be waiting back here for you, and if you’re swift enough about it… so will I.” Zi Mo winked at him.

“Yes!” Jin Hao’s bitterness was instantly blown away, and he jumped up and dashed along the direction Zi Mo had pointed.

Three fifth-order Monster Beasts were also quick to keep up.

Different fifth-order Monster Beasts had different levels of strength. As Jin Hao flew out, he glanced back to see which three beasts had been sent to accompany him. Upon checking their appearances his heart could not help but curse this little slut.

If it had only been three ordinary fifth-order Monster Beasts, Jin Hao could have handled them, but the three that were sent were all mid-level fifth-order Monster Beasts, and each one was comparable to a True Element Fifth or Sixth Stage cultivator. With such monitoring, how could he have any unscrupulous thoughts?

For the moment he could only focus on his task and completely devote himself to pleasing Zi Mo.

Jin Hao moved rapidly. The thought of indulging himself with Leng Shan and Zi Mo’s tender bodies pushed him forward, and he arrived at his destination in less than a stick of incense worth of time.

Concealing his breath, he looked around but did not find any traces of people. The only thing left here was some dust. However, this dust was clearly the remains of recently killed Monster Beasts.

The three Monster Beasts quickly came up and sniffed the remains before darting off in a new direction.

Jin Hao following closely behind.

After tracking this person for a half hour or so, the three fifth-order Monster Beasts suddenly stopped and growled towards a spot in the jungle while baring their fangs.

Jin Hao swiftly landed, stared at the jungle, and lightly called out, “Fellow brother, please come out and show yourself.”

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