Martial Peak

Chapter 233 – Do You Think You Can Escape

Having lost his sword, Qi Jian Xing could still display sword skills with his finger sword. Any cultivator at the True Element Boundary could naturally do this, but the power they could bring out would still fall and perhaps not even reach ninety percent of their maximum potential.

[Even with ten percent less power, I can still easily crush waste like you!] Qi Jian Xing sneered to himself.

However just as he was preparing to attack, he saw Yang Kai laugh proudly as he thrust out both his palms.

[Beast Soul Skill!] After holding back for so long, Yang Kai was ecstatic that he could finally show his full strength.

[White Tiger Seal, Divine Ox Seal] Both Seals burst forth simultaneously.

Suddenly, the roar of a tiger shook the Heavens, and the bellow of an ox split the Earth. Qi Jian Xing’s expression became dark as he saw two vicious Monster Beast phantoms appear out of thin air and rush towards him.

These two Monster Beast phantoms were extremely lifelike, like flesh and blood living beings. Their red bodies radiated incomparable power and majesty while their scarlet eyes emitted an awe-inspiring murderous aura.

These two beast phantoms gave Qi Jian Xing a life threatening feeling. How could he possibly be negligent?

Holding two fingers together, he formed a temporary sword, pushed his True Qi to create a sword aura at his fingertips, and slashed out, “Flashing Thunder Sword!”

A dazzling sword wave flew from his fingertips and directly struck the middle of the Monster Beast’s body, which caused its radiance to fade slightly, but completely failed to stop its charge.

“Rising Wind Sword!”Qi Jian Xing quickly retreated as he used his finger sword to display numerous Nine Star Sword School sword skills, but nothing he tried could defeat the two Monster Beast phantoms.

Seeing the two beasts pounce towards him, Qi Jian Xing bent his legs and leapt up to dodge.

But just ten feet off the ground, a sharp murderous intent fell onto his head.

Shifting his gaze above him, he saw Yang Kai maliciously grinning while in the process of launching a punch towards him.

His only escape route was blocked.

In a panic, Qi Jian Xing grit his teeth and quickly sent out three sword waves.

Yang Kai quickly countered with three fists and shattered the three sword waves, but during this moment of delay, Qi Jian Xing managed to twist his body to avoid the blow to his vitals. Nevertheless, he still suffered a heavy palm strike to his shoulder.

Letting out a cry of pain. Qi Jian Xing fell back towards the ground. Facing this life and death crisis, the Nine Star Sword School disciple pushed his combat capabilities to their max. His finger sword rapidly slashed and hacked towards the two Monster Beast phantoms and almost managed to make them collapse completely.

The White Tiger and Divine Ox simultaneously attacked, but neither could hurt Qi Jian Xing, nor collapse his sword. Surrounding his body were countless tiny sword waves, which staunchly served as protection. Every time the White Tiger and Divine Ox struck, these sword waves would automatically deflect them away.

After a brief but violent exchange, the White Tiger and Divine Ox completely disappeared.

After all, these two phantoms were condensed from Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi. They only looked like Monster Beasts, and once the Yuan Qi they were composed of was exhausted, naturally they ceased to exist.

“Hey hey…” Qi Jian Xing laughed arrogantly as he looked towards Yang Kai. He must have consumed a massive amount of Yuan Qi to summon these two Monstrous Beasts phantoms, and ultimately they had failed to even hurt him. For Yang Kai, who was only Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage, he was certain it was impossible for him to execute this skill a second time. This ‘risk all’ strategy was obviously not good at preserving his Yuan Qi in order to keep fighting.

But as soon as he started laughing, a shocking scene took place. Yang Kai, looked at him with eyes filled with contempt, effortlessly summoned another White Tiger and Divine Ox phantom, and sent them rushing towards him, exactly the same as before.

“Impossible!” Qi Jian Xing exclaimed.

“I don’t even need to act anymore; just this move is enough to grind you down!” Yang Kai glared coldly at Qi Jian Xing.

Qi Jian Xing was forced into a defensive impasse, and his face rapidly became gloomy. He knew that what Yang Kai had just declared was not an exaggeration. These two Yuan Qi Monster Beast phantoms were extremely difficult to deal with. The Qi composing his finger sword was already cracking, and would certainly collapse soon, while his True Qi consumption itself was massive. His former disdain and arrogance had long since disappeared.

“However, I am different from you. I will never underestimate any of the opponents, so… I will be attacking too!” Finished speaking, Yang Kai launched a coordinated attack at Qi Jian Xing along with the Divine Ox and White Tiger. Seeing this, Qi Jian Xing did not sit still. He roared as his finger sword flashed through the air again.

The two youths no longer held anything back. Both of them pushed their strength to the limit. Any negligence or reservation would only lead to mortal danger, if not death.

The battle was extremely fierce and dangerous.

As the two Monster Beast phantoms collapsed again, Qi Jian Xing attacked Yang Kai with his finger sword, nearly skewering the latter through completely as blood spurted from the wound and quickly dyed his cloths crimson.

On the other hand, Qi Jian Xing was significantly more miserable. Facing three enemies by himself, his Sword Body skill had been completely exhausted, his True Qi almost completely consumed. His appearance and breath were both ragged, and one of his arms drooped by his side, the forearm section covered in blood as massive teeth marks showed where the White Tiger had ripped into his flesh.

His chest injuries were even more unsightly. Several of his ribs had been broken and collapsed. This injury was caused when the Divine Ox had rammed him, and its horns almost pierced out his back.

Standing more than a hundred feet (ten zhang) apart, Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness while Qi Jian Xing’s expression switched back and forth between rage and depression. Never had he dreamed that one day he would lose to a little Separation and Reunion brat, but now this reality was staring him in the face.

The shame and frustration nearly drove him mad!

Yang Kai did not immediately go for the kill because he knew that a True Element Boundary cultivator’s last desperate struggle before death would be incredibly fierce, so he decided to wait for Qi Jian Xing’s momentum to fade.

“Ha… hahaha…” Qi Jian Xing also seemed to be in no rush and suddenly sneering while taking a few deep breaths to calm his mood and gradually regained his calm, “I admit that you are really strong, stronger than an average True Element cultivator. But so what if you can beat me? I am an actual True Element cultivator, so it is impossible for you to kill me, if I want to leave, you cannot stop me!”

Letting out a scornful laugh, Qi Jian Xing feet kicked the ground, and directly leaped three hundred feet into the air, and his whole body trembled slightly. One arm hung loosely by his side while the other clutched his chest wound, but he still gloated condescendingly, “This is the biggest difference between True Element Boundary and Separation and Reunion Boundary! I can fly, and you cannot, so I can leave at any time I want!”

As he spoke, Qi Jian Xing vomited some blood and struggled to maintain his posture, staring toward Yang Kai filled with hatred, and loudly declared, “I will remember this shame you have delivered me today! The next time I see your face, I swear I will end your dog life!” You’d better pray that you can live that day!

Finished speaking, Qi Jian Xing paused and stared for awhile, as if trying to burn Yang Kai’s face deep into his eyes.

Standing below him, Yang Kai remained indifferent. His face showed total lack of concern for the situation.

After a short time, Qi Jian Xing turned and his figure began to stagger away through the sky, while his whole being was filled with rage and humiliation.

[This hatred, I will definitely repay!] Qi Jian Xing swore to himself.

However, after flying less than three hundred feet, a burst of heat came from behind him along with an ice cold voice, “Where are you trying to run?”

Qi Jian Xing’s face went white as sudden terror gripped his soul. He rapidly turned his face and saw that same High Heaven Pavilion disciple actually flying right up behind him.

And extending from his back…

There was a giant pair of radiant burning wings!

These wings flapped through the wind, like a Great Peng, proud and mighty.

(Silavin: A Peng is just a big ass bird. Yeah… that’s basically it… Not a big ass cock but more like an eagle.)

“You…” Qi Jian Xing’s face filled with indescribable horror. He had never heard of a cultivator who could sprout such flaming wings from his body.

Before he could spit out a second word, Yang Kai was already upon him, and a palm strike landed on his abdomen. In the next instant a big hand gripped his neck as the pair fell from the sky like lightning.

Now just inches away from each other, all Qi Jian Xing could see was the murderous intent in Yang Kai’s eyes, frigid and devoid of any emotion.


Like a meteor blazing across the sky, in the blink of an eye they had approached the ground.

Just as they reached ten feet above the earth, Yang Kai roared, mercilessly throwing Qi Jian Xing down as he abruptly pulled up.


Dust flew up as Qi Jian Xing’s body slammed into the ground. The impact created a small pit and shattered many of his bones.

Like a broken sack, Qi Jian Xing bounced and rolled for a distance before he gradually come to a stop.

Struggling to open his eyes, he could somewhat make out Yang Kai’s pair of flaming wings as they slowly descended towards him.

Arriving in front of him and dismissing his Flaming Yang Wings, Yang Kai dropped to the ground lightly, walked up to Qi Jian Xing, and stared at him with indifference, just as Qi Jian Xing had done before.

The disgrace! Qi Jian Xing’s shameful last resort in front of Yang Kai had actually not played any role at all.

“Such a death, it is worthy of a True Element master!” Yang Kai ridiculed, lifted his foot, and stepped on Qi Jian Xing’s neck.

“Don’t kill me…” Qi Jian Xing barely managed to say as he coughed and struggled. Blood constantly spilled from the edge of his mouth, “Don’t you want to learn Nine Star Sword School’s sword skills? I can teach you what you want to learn … I can teach you everything … Inside the Nine Star Sword School, I am also a rising star. I have learned all of the school’s advanced sword skills … Keke…”

“No need, I don’t believe you.” Yang Kai remained indifferent.

The Nine Star Sword School’s sword skills were very tempting for Yang Kai, but he simply could not believe Qi Jian Xing would really teach him these. Considering this person’s personality and means, once he had restored his True Qi he would definitely seek revenge, so the only choice was to end his life.

Hearing this, Qi Jian Xing’s already sad face became even more depressed.

“Why are you trying to make my Nine Star Sword School your enemy? If you kill me… Keke… my First Senior Brother will know, and he will not forgive you. With his strength you will be unable to resist!”

Yang Kai stared down at him as his eyes became cold, “Wu Cheng Yi? Don’t worry about your great First Senior Brother. Even if he does not come looking for me, I will definitely go to find him.”

“You really want to be so ruthless…”

“It was you who wanted to be ruthless!” Yang Kai sneered, refusing to say any more nonsense. He pressed down hard with his foot and he pushed his Yuan Qi.

With a crisp snapping sound, Qi Jian Xing’s neck was broken. His head softly slumped to the side, his body now lifeless.

At the moment when Qi Jian Xing died, Wu Cheng Yi, who stood at least a few tens of miles away, suddenly stopped and gazed off towards the distance.

Like how the Ghost King Valley’s three disciples had a special method to determine each other’s position and whether they were alive or dead, the Nine Star Sword School disciples also had a similar technique.

What Wu Cheng Yi found difficult to understand was, how did Qi Jian Xing die?

Could he have met the Tian Lang Dynasty’s cultivators? If not, with his True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivation, there was simply no other explanation.

Wu Cheng Yi’s face showed a touch of sadness. He did not care about whether Qi Jian Xing lived or died, but Qi Jian Xing still had a priceless treasure on him. It was something he and his junior brothers had found in this isolated world and split amongst themselves.

According to Wu Cheng Yi’s memory, Qi Jian Xing had not refined his portion.

“Brother Wu, what’s wrong?” A Raging Fire Temple disciple asked when he saw Wu Cheng Yi’s unsettled expression. He looked around, unable to hide the nervousness in his voice, “Are the Tian Lang cultivators nearby?”

“Possibly!” Wu Cheng Yi nodded before whispering, “We should increase our pace and try to find a safe place to hide.”

Hearing him say so, everyone’s expression became a bit more solemn as they suddenly moved more swiftly and cautiously. These months, they had all suffered a great deal at the hands of these few Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators.

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