Martial Peak

Chapter 213 – Meng Wu Ya’s Power

Gently asking a few more questions before sending Yang Kai away, Ling Tai Xu’s look gradually became dignified.

Although Yang Kai’s murderous aura was harmless to himself, Ling Tai Xu had to consider the more profound implications it might bring.

Pondering for a long time, Ling Tai Xu could only sigh, “Does this brat want to follow the martial path of slaughter?”

The kind of palpable violent atmosphere Yang Kai had radiated from his body before was already something deeply ingrained in his bones, in the future, if he wanted to explore the true profoundness of the martial path, he would have only two choices, one was to destroy his foundations and eliminate this practice completely, then change his Secret Art to a more harmonious one.

But Yang Kai had been born with a congenital defect, and had strove extremely hard to finally have his current achievements, if he was forced to start over by changing his Secret Art and he then became ordinary or worse yet returned to being a waste, how could he possibly bear it?

One who had always stood at the bottom of the mountain and could not see its height would at worst look up in frustration, but once one had stood at the top, the thought of being thrust back to the bottom was enough to make one prefer death.

If he could not change his Secret Art, then the only other path forward was to explore this bloody violent atmosphere to the extreme, allowing it to swell and grow alongside him as his cultivation rose, so allowing him to grasp the essence of martial arts along this path.

One method broke him then forced him to stand up again, following the orthodox path of righteousness; one was the road of slaughter, an ill-fated and treacherous path that the slightest carelessness would lead to a miserable end. An uncountable number of cultivators had lead tragic lives along the latter path with few, if any, having decent ends.

Because they traveled the path of slaughter, they would always have more enemies than friends and were more likely to lose their way and fall onto the Devil’s Path.

He was only a kid; could he truly walk this path and emerge unharmed?

After leaving the Sect Master’s retreat, Yang Kai returned to his secluded cave, taking out the pills refined by Xia Ning Chang and swallowing them to enhance his strength.

The old dusty incense burner had also been taken out again, emitting a fragrance which suppressed his True Yang Secret Art’s circulation speed.

For more than ten days Yang Kai had been in secluded practice within his secluded cave, every day he would swallow pills to enhance his strength and then temper his two refined artifacts. The Asura Sword had played a big role in his battle with Bai Yun Feng, and while he had not used the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, since it was a similarly ranked hallowed treasure from a great Sect in the Endless Sea Island its power and prestige were certainly not bad.

Every day as the sun was rising in the east, the purple gas filling the air, Yang Kai would continue to practice the Tempered Body Record, and with the growth in his cultivation and physical strength, his ability to endure the Tempered Body Record’s training had also greatly increased, almost to the point where he could complete a third of the entire set of motions. However, the more he progressed the more difficult the motions became, every movement he made feeling more and more like his bones were snapping under an immense pressure.

In his quiet secluded cave, his Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang would visit from time to time, often brining a delicious meal along to share with Yang Kai, chatting with each other when they became bored to pass the time.

Occasionally, Xia Ning Chang would also take a nap on the stone bed, whenever this happened, no matter how Yang Kai called out to her she would never awaken.

One day, as Yang Kai was cultivating, he suddenly heard the Sect Master’s voice pass directly to his ear asking, “Are you willing to kill?”

Suddenly hearing this, Yang Kai was shocked, instinctively becoming alert and circulating his Yuan Qi until he confirmed that it was Ling Tai Xu’s voice, understanding that he could relax his guard.

“Grand Master!” Yang Kai looked around, unable to see Ling Tai Xu’s figure, he gradually became aware that it was only a thread of Divine Sense contacting him.

Ling Tai Xu repeated his question.

This time Yang Kai replied, “I am!”

“What kind of people should you kill?”

Yang Kai frowned and pondered for a moment, “I will end those people who plot against me, end those that dared to plot against my friends and family. Eliminate those who stand in the way of my martial path and those that dare steal from me! Those who do not provoke me, the innocent, I will not lay a finger on them!”

Unsure if Ling Tai Xu had heard him, it remained silent after Yang Kai had finished answering.

Until after half a day had passed, Ling Tai Xu once again spoke, “Prepare yourself, half a month later I will take you to a place!”

“Yes!” Yang Kai did not ask, but he had faintly guessed that Ling Tai Xu seemed to have thought up a plan, but had been hesitating to act on it, otherwise after he had answered his question, he would not have remained silent for so long.

For the moment, Yang Kai would just have to wait.

Ling Tai Xu was his Grand Master, and his cultivation was deep, if he really wanted to harm him there was nothing he could do. Half a month was neither long nor short; Yang Kai could only earnestly cultivate so he went back to swallowing his pills.

Time passed by and half a month had passed, during this half a month, Su Yan had visited him once at night and the two had passionately made love, indulging in one another again and again, followed by entering a state of dual cultivation.

(Silavin: only once in 15 days…)

Yang Kai had long ago realized the benefits of this dual cultivation as he was aware of just how astonishingly pure his body’s Yuan Qi had become. While he had not become a True Element cultivator, his Qi was not significantly inferior in quality to a general True Element Boundary master’s True Qi. If not for this, when he had fought that day with Bai Yun Feng, his palm knife would simply have been unable to break his Heaven Gathering Network.

Whether it was Yang Kai or Su Yan, they both instinctively understood this, and so they dual cultivated diligently, and although they had only done so a few times, the results were enough to frighten people to death.

In addition, over this half a month, Yang Kai had also completely consumed all the pills Xia Ning Chang had refined. Not only that, by cultivating next to the Coiling Dragon Stream he had accumulated a large amount of Yang Liquid in his dantian. Even his cultivation had risen to Separation And Reunion Boundary Third Stage.

That evening, Yang Kai sat at the entrance to his secluded cave, feeling the gentle night’s breeze. Suddenly the sound of the ruffled clothes immediately flew inside.

“Grand Master!” Yang Kai stood up and saluted, then noticed another man, inquiring, “Treasurer Meng?”

“Heh heh heh!” Meng Wu Ya laughed merrily, his old face squeezing into a ball shape.

Yang Kai frowned, unsure of why Meng Wu Ya was so happy.

Suddenly, Meng Wu Ya’s smile stiffened as he stared at Yang Kai, his eyes emitting a sharp light, placing one hand on Yang Kai’s shoulder and the other on his dantian, loudly shouting, “For this old master, roll out!”

Ling Tai Xu looked at Meng Wu Ya in surprise, apparently not understanding why he had suddenly rushed up and restrained Yang Kai, but he soon noticed that Meng Wu Ya carried no murderous intent, so he did not interfere.

Yang Kai was startled, his whole body unable to move, he was only a Separation and Reunion Boundary Third Stage, in front of Meng Wu Ya he was no different from a baby, totally unable to resist.

Suddenly, he felt a huge suction, and Yang Kai could hear Old Demon’s cries as he trashed about violently.

Earlier that Day, Yang Kai had already recalled Old Demon, but even if he had hid inside his body, he could not escape Meng Wu Ya’s perception.

While Sect Master Ling Tai Xu had not caught a hint of anything wrong, Meng Wu Ya had only taken a moment to see through everything, the difference in strength between the two could be clearly seen.

Meng Wu Ya’s hand formed a claw, like a powerful ancient dragon, ruthlessly ripping out a struggling black mass; it was Old Demon’s gas covered Soul Breaker Awl.

Aware of Meng Wu Ya’s murderous intent, Old Demon screamed in terror, the black gas becoming violent, taking on the appearance of a grim face while desperately trying to free himself from Meng Wu Ya’s bondage.

Ling Tai Xu suddenly went pale.

“Treasurer Meng wait, he is my henchmen!” Yang Kai said hurriedly, fearing that Old Man Meng would destroy Old Demon on the spot.

Meng Wu Ya looked at Yang Kai, coldly asking, “You know what this is?”

“A devil lord’s spirit!” Yang Kai nodded.

“You know what he is and you still let him reside in your body! Are you not afraid of him swallowing your soul?” Meng Wu Ya was stunned. He felt that that Yang Kai was being a naive junior who had been taken advantage of by this devil and was unaware of the impending danger.

“He cannot swallow me.” Yang Kai wryly smiled. “Old Demon has recognized me as his lord, a single thought from me can decide his life or death.”

“Recognized you as his lord?” Meng Wu Ya was now completely shocked, although he had easily pulled Old Demon’s spirit out, he could tell that when he was alive he had been very strong, it was just that right now he was too weak to use all of his strength; if he could restore himself to his peak, the entire strength of High Hall Pavilion would not be able to stop him. “How has he recognized you as his lord?” This matter was significant; Meng Wu Ya had to fully understand the circumstances.

Yang Kai quickly explained everything that had happened which resulted in Old Demon surrendering to him.

Meng Wu Ya expression loosened and nodded slightly, “Indeed, if this is all so, he really is under your control and will be unable to harm you.”

“Quickly release me, this old master has sworn his loyalty to young master before all the heavens and earth, with the sun and the moon as my witness, so why are you viciously suppressing this old master!? You little brat, if this old master was still at his peak, how could you dare be so presumptuous!” Old Demon, whatever he had been reduced to now, was still a ‘ten thousand year old devil’, just before he had been scared half dead, but now that he knew he was no longer in danger he suddenly began acting up.

(Rosy: So he’s “old master” in front of them and “ old servant” in front of Yang Kai…..this guy really can’t get rid of his arrogance)

Meng Wu Ya looked away from him, smiling deviously, “If this old master was still at his peak, I would like to see you dare be so presumptuous.”

Repeating exactly what Old Demon had just said, his words were not different, but if one paid careful attention, his profound meaning was very different.

Old Demon was stunned, immediately stuttering, “You… you must be…”

Meng Wu Ya coldy snorted once and then released the shackles, Old Demon trembled like a mouse that had just met a cat, quickly converged his black gas and fled back into Yang Kai’s body, no longer daring to speak.

Upon further thought he was very frightened, he was an old master and had hidden so deep but was completely unable to shield himself from this old man’s perception, this old man was definitely not as simple as he seemed.

Throughout this whole process, Ling Tai Xu had remained silent, only now adding a few words, “A Devil Lord cannot be trusted, you must be careful.”

“Disciple fully understands.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Are you ready now?”


Some days ago he had explained the situation to Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, now there was nothing left to prepare.

“Then let’s go.” Ling Tai Xu said as he grabbed Yang Kai and flew out of the secluded cave, heading down towards the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream, followed behind by Meng Wu Ya.

The wind whistling past, the vast Coiling Dragon Stream seemed to be bottomless, even as Yang Kai focused and squinted down, he could not see the ground below.

The place Grand Master wanted to take him, it wasn’t the depths of the Coiling Dragon Stream right? No, when they had first spoke he had said that even he would not dare to rush into this gorge hastily, it was simply impossible that he wanted to drop Yang Kai here.

After falling a few thousand feet, Ling Tai Xu suddenly changed direction, flying towards the Coiling Dragon Stream’s embankment.

A moment later, the trio finally came to a stop.

In the middle of the night, Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya floated mid-air, staring at a flat stone wall in front of them.

“Is it here?” Meng Wu Ya asked.

“En.” Ling Tai Xu nodded, “You and I must act together, channeling our True Qi into it.”


“Then I must trouble you with this.”

“There’s no need to be so polite between us.” Meng Wu Ya smile reached from ear to ear, one could even see his exposed back teeth.

As long as he could send this little brat Yang Kai away, forget simply consuming his True Qi, this old man would happily even call his father to come help. So when Meng Wu Ya had listened to Ling Tai Xu ask him to help him send Yang Kai to a faraway place, Old Man Meng did not hesitate to agree.

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