Martial Peak

Chapter 211 – The Artifact’s Might

The result of this clash was actually a tie! But if one looked closely, they could see that Yang Kai received heavier injuries.

Even so, such an outcome was still shocking.

A Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary and a True Element Boundary First Stage had just fought almost evenly in a showdown of martial skills. Wouldn’t that mean that either the grade of his martial skill was greater than one of the Bai Family’s ultimate martial skills, the “Heaven Gathering Meteor”?

It really was a Mysterious Grade martial skill!

The two juniors were both bloodied, each glaring at the other, hatred and disbelief surging through Bai Yun Feng. He could not believe that Yang Kai could once again stand up and equal him. His thirst for battle was growing stronger.

“As I said before, today you must die! Even the King of Heaven cannot save you now!” Bai Yun Feng’s face contorted with rage as he roared.

He and Yang Kai had no previous grievances, but the results of today’s battle had gone far beyond his ability to admit defeat. As the Bai Family’s young master, Bai Yun Feng simply could not accept it. So many people have witnessed him repeatedly demean and confront Yang Kai. If he could not follow through on a single one of his threats, wouldn’t he have just been slapping his own face?

Bai Yun Feng’s hand spread a scroll-like object that he took up in his grasp. This scroll was covered in vivid pictures of numerous Monster Beasts.

“The Bai Family’s Earth Grade Mid-Rank artifact, Hundred Beast Scroll!” Dong Qing Han filled with shock as he cried out.

To others, it looked like he had inadvertently yelled this name but in reality, he was warning Yang Kai.

Bai Yun Feng chuckled, pouring his True Qi into this artifact. The various Monster Beast images lit up, leapt out from the scroll to become translucent visions floating around the young master of the Bai family. As the visions of the Monster Beasts converged, they suddenly flashed towards Yang Kai.

In order to condemn Yang Kai to death, Bai Yun Feng’s actions now could be described as desperate; this artifact was his greatest trump card, and also his last resort.

He firmly believed that the little High Heaven Pavilion disciple will be unable to keep his life once he unleashed this Hundred Beast Scroll!

As more and more images began to appear, the strange Monster Beast images also became more solid and lifelike, crashing forward trampling everything in their path.

Yang Kai screamed as a murderous light overflowed from his eyes. A blood red sword appeared in his hands.

Asura Sword, the hallowed artifact of the Asura Sect of the Endless Sea Islands!

With the Asura Sword, Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi grew more violent and aggressive to reach an appalling level. Everyone watching trembled as they stared at the glaring red sword.

They were all able to feel the thick murderous aura emanating from the weapon, and staring at its hilt produced an illusion of being sunk into a world painted over in death, where rivers of blood and mountains of corpses stretched as far as the eye could see. It was terrifying to behold.

Purple Fern Valley’s two Immortal Ascension Boundary experts and the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards all stepped forward to guard their respective young masters, fearing they may be affected by the raging murderous aura.

Even Meng Wu Ya and High Heaven Pavilion’s Sect Master were slightly discoloured. They did not expect Yang Kai to pull out such a terrible slaughtering weapon; it was completely beyond their expectations.

As the Monster Beast images approached, Yang Kai swept forward.

Like a raging wind smashing into a rotten tree, devastating sword waves burst forth, followed quickly by the sorrowful cries of the virtual Monster Beasts as they dissipated into thin air.

Yang Kai was filled with madness and bloodlust and yet was still and calm like death itself as he progressed towards every other Monster Beast image. Bai Yun Feng quickly felt fear take over his body.

He never imagined that not even his most powerful artifact could defeat Yang Kai; in fact, his Hundred Beast Scroll’s Monster Beasts were actually incapable of contribution into the battle.

One after another, his Monster Beasts were cut down, the distance between them rapidly shrinking.

Surrounded by an air of imminent death, Bai Yun Feng was rendered almost entirely immobile, only able to mechanically push his True Qi into his Hundred Beast Scroll, still desperately trying to block Yang Kai.

However, this action was simply meaningless, only serving to speed up the consumption of his True Qi.

In a flash, Yang Kai was already right before Bai Yun Feng. As he stared at him with his ice cold eyes he raised the Asura Sword up high, viciously slashing down at him.

Everyone’s heart jumped because they saw that Yang Kai’s target was not Bai Yun Feng, but his Hundred Beast Scroll!

He was trying to destroy the Earth Grade Mid-Rank artifact.

A scarlet sword wave that seemed to pierce the heavens mercilessly cut into the Hundred Beast Scroll.

All the remaining Monster Beast images flying about at that moment disappeared, and the Hundred Beast Scroll’s lingering radiance was sliced apart as the sword strike sunk into it.

Everyone’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

This Hundred Beast Scroll, after all, was a Mid-Earth Grade artifact, and although its focus was not defence, how could it be this vulnerable? A single slash from a sword had reduced it to trash. Just how sharp was this crimson sword, and just how high was its grade as an artifact?


The Asura Sword slashed upwards, expanding the already deep cut.

With one more fierce chop accompanied by a loud snap, the Mid-Earth Grade Hundred Beast Scroll broke in half. It floated powerlessly to the ground.

Three sword strikes! It only took three strikes to destroy a Mid-Earth Grade artifact! This result was simply impossible.

Yang Kai’s sword blade tilted as he slashed forward towards the dumbstruck Bai Yun Feng, seemingly wanting to end this contest once and for all.

“Young Lord please have mercy!” The two Immortal Ascension Experts from the Bai Family begged desperately in an effort to try and save their Young Master. Having been previously suppressed by Meng Wu Ya, they did not dare to move, but at such an intense risk of losing the family’s young master, they did not hesitate crying out.

While they shouted, they ran towards the two.

Meng Wu Ya did not stop them.

The two Immortal Ascension masters moved like lightning, one instantly appearing in front of Yang Kai and the Asura Sword while the other grabbed Bai Yun Feng, quickly pulling him back.

The Asura Sword’s slash was deflected away, allowing Bai Yun Feng to keep his life.

Yang Kai scanned the two Bai Family experts, slowly lowering his stance. With these two on guard, it would impossible for him to finish off Bai Yun Feng.

“Young Lord, this humble servant asks you to show mercy, you have proven that your skills are superior to our Young Master. He is defeated!” These Immortal Ascension masters cringed as they pleaded. Though their tone was mixed with dissatisfaction, they dared not show any disrespect.

Yang Kai stared at them and hesitated.

The battle from start to finish was never an even fight. But the end result was that the one with lower strength had won, thoroughly surprising everyone present.

“You came to High Heaven Pavilion as guests, and this old man has accepted your presence, but High Heaven Pavilion is not a place where you can act without consequences!” The Sect Master, although still appearing cordial and reserved, spoke firmly at this time; anyone listening could hear the wrath hidden beneath his casual voice.

The many gathered experts hearing this could not help but panic.

The name of the Bai Family was tarnished. The experts of the family no longer had any face to salvage. One of them grabbed Bai Yun Feng while the other picked up the fallen debris of the Hundred Beast Scroll. They cupped their fists and said, “For the past days we have imposed on your hospitality. We hope High Heaven Pavilion will forgive our rudeness, but one day our Bai Family will provide a satisfactory compensation!”

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters quickly left, dragging Bai Yun Feng along.

Watching the events unfold, the Purple Fern Valley’s people dared not stay. They had heavily underestimated this small and remote sect, coming here and acting like powerful and noble masters, wantonly snatching up prospective talents. Today, two terrifying old monsters had consecutively appeared while a High Heaven Pavilion Separation and Reunion Boundary First Stage disciple almost killed the Bai Family’s young master. All of this sent chills down the Purple Fern Valley cultivator’s backs.

The High Heaven Pavilion cannot be underestimated! There were powerful masters present, and a mere disciple turned out to be a monster to defy all odds. To the others, this was simply a group people playing pigs to eat tigers!

Fan Hong and his two Immortal Ascension guards quickly said their farewells and fled.

Dong Qing Han and the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards followed suit. As they departed, Dong Qing Han glanced at Yang Kai, still unable to recover from the shocking result.

Gathered nearby were many High Heaven Pavilion disciples. This battle, after all, was earth-shattering. It drew not only the attention of the five elders, such great movement had naturally drawn in all the nearby disciples as well.

Su Xuan Wu looked over the disciples, firmly saying, “All the disciples who have agreed to join these three forces over the past few months are to leave immediately. The High Heaven Pavilion is just a small Sect. We have no room to shelter those of you who are only seeking greater benefits for yourself.”

The announcement put shame on many prospective disciples in the crowd.

Many of them had already agreed to join one of the three forces thinking that by seeking refuge with them they could find a better place, but they had not thought their own Sect could be so prestigious.

They all saw that when their Sect Master and Treasurer Meng appeared, the Immortal Ascension experts became nothing more than frightened rabbits, their senses for good behaviour and courtesy instantly showing.

At the moment, those disciples’ hearts were filled with regret, but the Second Elder has already released them. How could they shamelessly stay?

On the battlefield, Yang Kai caught his breath and looked towards the Sect Master of High Heaven Pavilion. He was filled with doubt, but also somewhat relieved.

Meng Wu Ya also grinned and chuckled, disappearing quickly.

“Everyone disperse,” The Sect Master ordered. He looked at Yang Kai, his face showing a kind and understanding smile. He then told him, “Come with me!”

The five elders all looked surprised. They did not expect that the battle would rise the Sect Master’s opinion of Yang Kai so much.

Yang Kai nodded. He too had a lot of questions and doubts that needed answers.

Following closely behind, Yang Kai left with the Sect Master, all eyes on them. Before, they only looked at him with contempt and disdain, but now all their faces showed horror and panic.

The two soon came to a deep secluded land.

This land was where the Sect Master cultivated in seclusion. Typically, even the five elders could not set foot here.

A single house, a few additional cottages, the epitome of simplicity, only a small garden planted with many flowers decorated this plain scene. The Sect Master’s retreat seemed to be devoid of the slightest luxuries, exuding a clean and elegant life.

Leading Yang Kai into one of the cottages, the Sect Master took out a fresh set of clothes and a bottle of pills.

“First heal yourself, change your clothes, and then come and see me.” The Sect Master briefly stepped away.

Although he had many concerns, Yang Kai listened, settling into the cottage and then taking the healing pills.

The battle he had fought earlier today could be described as extremely difficult. A True Element master was not an easy foe to handle, and during their confrontation, he suffered a lot. If not for his trump card, the Star Mark, Yang Kai may have been defeated. The Bai Family’s Heaven Gathering Meteor had extraordinary power, no worse than his own Mysterious Grade martial skill.

Today’s battle was arguably sparked entirely by Yang Kai himself. Although his jealousy played a role, it was not the primary reason.

Yang Kai wanted to use the critical situation to confirm many of his own speculations.

Why did his father, The Yang Family’s Fourth Master (Yang’s Fourth Master), send him to High Heaven Pavilion? What was his relationship with this place? Was it simply about the time he spent on his own life experience here? Many possibilities crossed Yang Kai’s mind. In order to confirm for relieve his suspicions, he had caused a massive stir, so much that he was unable to clean it up himself, thereby forcing out someone from the higher ups.

The only thing he could not expect was the man he drew out being the true key figure! Yang Kai hadn’t thought that the person paying the most attention to him would wind up being the Sect Master of High Heaven Pavilion.

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