Martial Peak

Chapter 2041 - Wood Spirit Seed

Chapter 2041, Wood Spirit Seed

Yang Kai had been waiting for this very moment, so how could he let the Wood Spirit escape now?

With the help of his Space Secret Technique, he appeared right in front of the Wood Spirit and stared at it with a cold look in his eyes. Then, he spread his hands and brought them together, creating an enormous Moon Blade.

Just when Yang Kai was about to release the Moon Blade to give the Wood Spirit the final blow, the Wood Spirit let out a scream, and right then, Yang Kai felt a sudden burst of sharp pain from his arm, causing his wrist to momentarily shake and disrupt the Moon Blade’s launch.

Immediately after, loud slicing noise rang. Even though the huge Moon Blade was formed using Space Force and wasn’t exactly a counter to the Wood Spirit, its might could not be taken lightly. Yang Kai’s aim might have been disrupted at the last moment, causing him to miss the Wood Spirit’s vitals, but the Moon Blade still left a huge gaping cut on its body.

The cut was clean and some green blood gushed out from the wound like a fountain.

It was then that Liu Yan swooped in, transformed into a giant ball of flame, and engulfed the entire Wood Spirit.

The nearby Moon Inspect Queen brought its dual swords together and made a slashing motion that created a giant Sword Wave that cut straight into Liu Yan and the Wood Spirit.

The Wood Spirit immediately let out a sharp and piercing scream.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, backed off several dozen metres as he hurriedly tore off his clothes and stared at his right arm, calling out in shock in the next moment, “Wood Spirit Seed!”

At this moment, there was a light green rice grain-sized thing embedded in the skin of his right arm and Yang Kai could feel his vitality uncontrollably flowing towards it.

As more and more of Yang Kai’s vitality flowed into it, this little seed actually showing signs of breaking out of its shell.

Yang Kai immediately understood what it was. Obviously, this Wood Spirit Seed had penetrated his flesh along with that faint green beam of light from before.

No wonder even the six Emperors were unable to completely eradicate the Wood Spirit, it was actually able to conceal one of its seeds this well. Yang Kai couldn’t even find it after carefully inspecting his body twice. If it wasn’t for the Wood Spirit trying to interfere with his attack just now to save itself and escape, perhaps this Wood Spirit Seed would not have activated.

And it was exactly because of the activation of this Wood Spirit Speed that Yang Kai’s Moon Blade lost its accuracy.

As for what happened to the cultivators parasitized by the Wood Spirit Seeds in Maplewood City, Yang Kai couldn’t be any clearer. All this thing needed was a short time to devour a cultivator’s vitality and essence before it took over that cultivator’s body and turned them into a Wood Spirit Clone without any will of its own.

Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t want to follow in those people’s footsteps.

Seeing the Wood Spirit Seed devouring more and more of his vitality, Yang Kai grit his teeth and formed a minute Space Blade on his fingers before slicing into the flesh around where the Wood Spirit Seed was embedded and tearing it out, trying to stifle his pained groan in the process.

Blood streamed down his arm.

Having been separated from his body, the small piece of flesh that Yang Kai had just torn out was devoured by the Wood Spirit Seed in a very short time. The next moment, the Wood Spirit Seed also turned into a small seedling that shot out some thin vines that tried to invade Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai let out a cold snort and immediately summoned his Sealed World Bead before slipping inside it.

Inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai held the Wood Spirit’s Seedling as he released flames from his palm, completely wrapping it up.

Accompanied by a sharp and piercing screech, the incomplete Wood Spirit Clone was burnt to ashes.

After doing all this, Yang Kai took out a healing pill from his Space Ring and swallowed it before sitting down cross-legged and beginning another careful examination of his body, using the Small Sealed World’s Principles to dramatically boost his senses.

He was truly wary of these Wood Spirit Seeds.

He was unable to find any hidden Wood Spirit Seeds with his Divine Sense earlier, but things were completely different inside the Sealed World Bead. Here, he could use the World Principles to perform a much more intensive examination than his Diving Sense could perform alone.

After checking a few times, Yang Kai was finally sure that there weren’t any more and he finally relaxed.

After this brief period, the wound on Yang Kai’s arm had almost recovered. His Golden Blood had extraordinary restorative properties and coupled with his powerful physique, this kind of minor injury was nothing to him.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Yang Kai stood up and left the Sealed World Bead.

After returning back to the plains again, Yang Kai looked around and found the surroundings at peace, lacking any sounds of fighting.

Not too far away, Liu Yan, who had already taken her human form, gently jumped to Yang Kai’s side as a smile finally appeared beautiful face that was usually as cold as ice. Standing next to him, she happily shouted, “Master!”

Yang Kai nodded and asked, glancing at the ashes on the ground, “Is it dead?”

Liu Yan nodded, “Yes!”

While speaking, she turned her eyes towards the Monster Insect Queen and calmly said, “Master, your new helper is pretty good, she’s even fiercer than me.”

Yang Kai glanced at her and seemed to notice something in her gaze, causing a smile to appear on his lips as he said, “Although it’s quite good, its room for growth is very limited. In the future, it will reach the Third-Order Dao Source Realm at best, but you are different. You have gained sentience and you can actively strengthen yourself, so you will definitely be stronger in the future.”

“Yes, Master,” Liu Yan responded, lowering her head, but she couldn’t hide the corners of her lips rising into a small arc.

Yang Kai beckoned to the Monster Insect Queen, which swiftly flew over to him. Yang Kai then had it return to his Sealed World Bead.

Glancing around, Yang Kai saw that this stretch of wilderness had become a wasteland. In just half a day, two Second-Order Dao Source Realm masters and dozens of Origin Kings had lost their lives here, causing Yang Kai to sigh slightly.

“Check if there are any Space Rings remaining,” after giving the order, Yang Kai started searching with Liu Yan.

Not long after, eight Space Rings lay in Yang Kai’s hands. These Space Rings belonged to Flying Saint Palace’s disciples, and Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to them as he knew there wouldn’t be much of value in them.

Yang Kai had already collected Ning Yuan Cheng and Han Leng’s Space Rings, but as for Liu Yi Zhi’s, it was likely destroyed in the previous fight so there was no point searching for it, causing Yang Kai some slight disappointment.

After all, the Space Ring of a Second-Order Dao Source Realm master should have a lot of treasures in it.

“Master, what do you think we should do with this?” Liu Yan asked, looking at the ship on the ground with a curious look in her beautiful eyes.

After being separated from Yang Kai in the Starlight Channel, she didn’t have the time to appreciate various wonders of the Star Boundary. She knew very little about this ship, only that it was a kind of flight-type artifact.

“Of course, we’re going to keep it,” Yang Kai grinned, walking up to the ship and circling it a few times as a satisfied look appeared on his face.

Yang Kai had personally learned how fast this thing could fly as he had been unable to catch up to it despite his best efforts just a day ago. In the subsequent battle, the defensive shield of the ship had even withstood the attacks of the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array for a time, obviously indicating that its defensive strength was also quite good.

This was absolutely a Dao Source Grade flight-type artifact!

Yang Kai currently lacked a flight-type artifact for travelling, so how could he let go of such a treasure after encountering it? It might belong to Flying Saint Palace, and if anyone saw Yang Kai using it, they might link him to Ning Yuan Cheng’s death, but as long as Yang Kai was careful and didn’t use it in front of outsiders, everything would be alright.

The ship was too big, however, and Yang Kai couldn’t refine it immediately to make it shrink, so he could only expend a large amount of his Spiritual Energy to put it into the Sealed World Bead, for now, and deal with in the future.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai summoned Liu Yan and began returning to Maplewood City. Now that the matter of Liu Yan had been settled, he could accompany Kang Si Ran to explore the hidden cave mansion without any worries.

But right then, a gust of wind blew over and Yang Kai, who was about to turn around and leave, couldn’t help but pause, looking suspiciously in a certain direction.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Yan asked, surprised.

Yang Kai didn’t answer and instead just stared intently for a time before suddenly soaring over to where the Wood Spirit Clone was killed.

Originally, only the ashes of the Wood Spirit Clone were left here; however, under the last gust of wind, something glimmering in the ashes had caught Yang Kai’s attention.

Kneeling down, he swept away the rest of the ashes and discovered something.

Yang Kai instantly retreated as a vigilant look appeared on his face. In that moment, he almost instinctually released a Moon Blade.

Liu Yan slowly came over and stood beside him, sweeping her gaze towards the ashes before a gasp leaked from her lips, “A seed?”

She glanced at Yang Kai and, getting his nod, she stepped forward and reached out her fingers to pick this seed up.

Upon closer examination, the pair confirmed it was indeed a seed, one the size of a grain of rice, obviously something left behind after the Wood Spirit was burnt to ashes.

Since it could survive Liu Yan’s intense flames though, this seed was clearly not ordinary.

Obviously, it was a Wood Spirit Seed!

And the reason why Yang Kai showed such vigilance was all because of this. He had suffered a small loss just now and had even been forced to cut out a piece of his flesh to resolve a similar Wood Spirit Seed crisis.

Once bitten by a snake, one would be afraid of ropes for ten years.

But the strange thing was that this Wood Spirit Seed seemed completely different from the Wood Spirit Seed which had implanted itself in Yang Kai’s arm. It wasn’t green, but instead, the left side glimmered gold while the right released a dazzling silver, looking extremely unusual.

“Is there anything amiss with it?” Yang Kai asked vigilantly.

Liu Yan nodded and said, “There is indeed a problem, it still has a faint Soul fluctuation. It seems to still be alive.”

“I see,” Yang Kai ground his teeth.

If he hadn’t instantly backed away just now and had picked up the Wood Spirit Seed instead, he might have been parasitized again. Just from the looks of it, this Wood Spirit Seed was extraordinary, and if it had taken root in his body, he probably wouldn’t have been able to deal with it by just cutting out a piece of flesh.

Fortunately, he had Liu Yan, who was the nemesis of this Wood Spirit and didn’t fear its peculiar abilities.

“Good good! This little thing actually dares try to trick me!” Yang Kai coldly smiled and beckoned Liu Yan, “Come with me!”

Saying so, he quickly brought Liu Yan into the Sealed World Bead.

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