Martial Peak

Chapter 200 – Night Raid On The Miao Family

In particular, in recent months, Miao Hua Cheng felt that his fortune had increased substantially, all because of the huge harvest he had obtained.

For starters, Madam Jiang had brought a large number of her family’s valuables along with her, so the Miao Family’s property had essentially doubled overnight. Soon after that, when he contributed the mysterious tortoise shell to the Red Cloud Sect, the Red Cloud Sect Elders personally promised to cultivate his son Miao Lin in the future, and also give Miao Hua Cheng some cultivation pills.

With his son’s future being secured, Miao Hua Cheng felt sincerely grateful and happy, even for a matter as important as the Hidden Island expedition, the Red Cloud Sect had promised to bring Miao Lin along, it was clear how pleased they were with him.

In addition to all this, Miao Lin once told him that in the future he would take a girl named Yu Ao Qing as his wife, and once he succeeded, Miao Hua Cheng felt that their time to rise would be at hand. From his investigations, he knew that this Yu Ao Qing was the only daughter of a Red Cloud Sect Elder. If his son really managed to conquer her, the Miao Family’s future would be much brighter.

The only thing that made him regret was that Madam Jiang’s resistance that day had been too strong and he had actually failed to ensnare her. Thinking back on her plump white body, her dignified and beautiful appearance, Miao Hua Cheng couldn’t help feeling frustrated. If he could have just held down his anger at the time, not selling her to the Thousand Gold Revelry Floor in a fit of rage and instead allowed her to remain by his side, he was certain that she would have eventually submitted to him, becoming one of his playthings.

After all, she was just a woman. All he needed to do was bed her, make her comfortable, and then she would never want to leave.

(PewPew: man, what a douche…)

Later, when Miao Hua Cheng went to the Thousand Gold Revelry Floor, he heard from the proprietress that Madam Jiang had actually disfigured her face, and refused to work the floor, so she was forced to sell her to the Red Cloud Sect.

[Hmph, falling into the Red Cloud Sect’s hands, how could her end be good?] Miao Hua Cheng sneered; she didn’t appreciate his kindness, so this was her fate.

Sipping his wine, Miao Hua Cheng laughed happily, his other hand holding one of his maidservants, wantonly enjoying all her body’s various curves.

To his left was another beautiful maid pouring wine for him. With his recent surge in wealth, he had acquired these two from the Thousand Gold Revelry Floor. Both of them were beautiful, glamorous, and seductive, Miao Hua Cheng had spent all his recent days tossing around in bed with them.

Even now, the three people were sitting on his bed, a small table set with a few exquisite dishes placed nearby. Miao Hua Cheng was dressed in his nightwear while the two maids were practically naked; only wearing some thin sheer cloth covering their important parts, over eighty percent of their soft tender skin was exposed, fully displaying their elegant waists, slender legs, full breasts and round bottoms, painting an amorous picture.

Celebrating as he drank, Miao Hua Cheng from time to time groped and pinched these two maid’s bodies, his eyes gradually blurring with lust as his mood became aroused.

“Remove the table, your master has some new tricks to teach you!” Miao Hua Cheng waved his hand, clearly drunk and bothered.

The two maids stood up and quickly removed the table and wine.

“Hahaha, come come!” Miao Hua Cheng beckoned them over, not even waiting for them to walk to the bed before he reached out and pulled them over.

The two young girls fell onto the bed as their clothes were stripped.

Miao Hua Cheng quickly arranged them next to each other, throwing off his own clothes before pouncing towards them like a starved dog, but just as he was preparing to ravage their tender bodies, a burst of mournful screams came from outside.

This noise caught Miao Hua Cheng completely off guard, almost causing him to jump up in surprise.

Soon hearing an angry shout coming from beyond his door, “Bold little brat! How dare you run wild on our Miao Family’s property!?”

As soon as this voice faded, Miao Hua Cheng heard a loud scuffle; his guards all roaring as they rushed the intruder, apparently engaging in a vicious battle. Miao Hua Cheng however did not rush out, instead carefully listening to and analysing the situation, frowning a moment later when he found that the intruder was extremely strong, seemingly slaughtering his guards one by one with ease.

Yang Kai had wrapped himself in black clothes and broke into the Miao Family’s home, carrying only a steel knife in his hands, and every time his knife flashed, another person would die!

This was only a small family force and not a Sect with many disciples; many of the guards here were people who had reached the end of their Martial Path and had given up trying to advance, instead deciding to work for these small forces in order to earn a living.

The Miao Family was a new, weak force, so how could it possibly attract any truly strong cultivators?

Over the past few days Yang Kai had carefully inquired about everything related to the Miao Family so he knew that their greatest expert was only at Peak Separation and Reunion while amongst the guards there were a few other Separation and Reunion cultivators, but most of their ranks were filled with men at the Qi Transformation Stage.

All of these people were mediocre at best, needing to cultivate for more than twenty or thirty years to reach their current realm and were no longer able to break through. They were merely hired by Miao Hua Cheng to act as guards and thugs to improve his prestige.

When he broke in, Yang Kai was easily discovered by the guards as he made no attempt to hide himself, but after exchanging only a few blows he was untouched while several dead bodies now lay on the floor.

His cultivation had now reached the Qi Transformation Stage Ninth Stage, and his realm alone was much higher than most of the Miao Family’s guards. Not to mention, Yang Kai was enraged with his Yuan Qi rioting about, filled with a dense murderous aura; he was like a demon that had descended upon them with his crimson eyes flashing a malevolent light.

The thick Demonic Qi he was emitting caused many of the Miao Family guards to tremble in fear.

Against the Red Cloud Sect, Yang Kai had to borrow the help of Ancient Cloud Island, but for this Miao Family, Yang Kai was determined to finish them himself, after all, only when one settled their own grudges could the knot in their heart be truly solved.

“Brat, who are you, to have such strength at such a young age, you must be a disciple of some great Sect right?” One of the Miao Family’s Separation and Reunion Boundary guard leaders asked.

To reach Peak Qi Transformation Stage at such an age, this kid had to be an elite disciple of one of the Endless Sea Island Sects; the small family forces of Sea City were definitely unable to cultivate such a monster, so all the guards were really afraid, any one of these Endless Sea Island forces was not something the Miao Family could afford to provoke.

If they killed this young man and provoked someone they should not mess with, then his end would definitely not be good; although he had taken Miao Hua Cheng’s silver and decided to work for the Miao Family, but his life was definitely worth more to him.

However, this kid was very strange, since he entered till now he had not spoken a single word, just cutting down anyone who he came across, it made people feel like he was just a raging fire. No matter if he had suffered some injustice or debt, if he was trying to slaughter the Miao Family, there had to be a reason, right?

“Young man, to which Sect do you belong? Why can’t you tell us?” This person was cautious, deciding to ask again before he acted.

Yang Kai remained indifferent; gripping his blood-stained knife, he simply continued walking forward step by step.

[Bastard!] Yang Kai’s attitude completely provoked this Miao Family’s guard leader’s anger, prompting him to yell, “Kill him!”

“What if he really is an elite disciple of an Endless Sea Island Great Sect?” Some of the guards still hesitated.

“Look at his thick Demonic Qi, even if he was some elite disciple before, he’s definitely fallen into madness already, how could those Sects care about such a man?”

What this man said made sense; Yang Kai had broken in, not said anything, did not answer their questions, and instead just started killing people, if this was not madness then what was?

Cutting down evil demons, that was everyone’s duty and responsibility!

Having concluded this, the Miao Family’s guards no longer hesitated, the few Separation and Reunion Boundary experts they had leading the charge as they attacked this invader.

Yang Kai waved his hand as a black gas flew out, the steel knife in his hands flashing brightly, slashing at a Qi Transformation Stage guard in front of him.

The other side tried to use his own sword to parry, but as soon as their weapons made contact, his sword’s blade flew out. With his hot True Yang Yuan Qi flowing through it, Yang Kai’s knife was superheated, not only slicing through his opponent’s blade, but also easily splitting its wielder cleanly in half.

Blood rained as guts splashed onto the floor.

Two Separation and Reunion Boundary experts tried to approach him, but before they could get close, their ears were filled with a strange evil laughter. This eerie sound seemed to seize their souls, like some hidden master was beside them, observing their every action.

This caused both of them to freeze, no longer able to summon the courage to attack Yang Kai, allowing Old Demon inside his Soul Breaker Awl to attack them from the front.

In the darkness of the night, Old Demon was quite well concealed, but sensing the approaching crisis, the two Separation and Reunion Boundary experts quickly tried to resist, a series of sharp clashes ringing out before Old Demon was blown away.

Flying out, the Soul Breaker Awl flew towards the front of the courtyard where it pierced a Qi Transformation Stage Fifth Stage guard’s chest, quickly passing right through him, taking away his soul in the process.

On the Red Cloud Island’s right peninsula, Old Demon had devoured a lot of Demonic Qi and had also consumed a great master’s remnant soul power, all of which greatly increased his combat capabilities. So now, using a single blow to kill a Qi Transformation Stage was really quite easy, not to mention, he was currently sunk into the Soul Breaker Awl, using his soul to drive this high grade artifact, for most people it was nearly impossible to prevent.

While Old Demon was flying about, Yang Kai killed two more Qi Transformation guards. Seeing how ruthless he was, how could the other Qi Transformation cultivators dare come forward? The only ones still capable of fighting back were the three Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivators, but even they were gradually suppressed by a combination of Yang Kai and Old Demon’s attacks, their bodies now drenched in sweat.

The three people exchanged a look, their resolve becoming firm, angrily shouting, “Little brat, die!”

The three experts attacked together and Yang Kai parried their blow with his steel knife. While he held them off, Old Demon fearlessly flew in from the side and launched a counterattack.

With a sharp clang, Yang Kai’s steel knife broke under the combined attacks as the Separation and Reunion experts were forced back several steps, but before they could regain their footing, Yang Kai had dashed up to one of them and ferociously punched towards his chest.

*Peng Peng Peng…* Three muffled sounds rang out as this man coughed up blood.

A single blow had caused him serious injuries; the power of the Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast could clearly be seen.

Before the two could recover and rush to his aid, Yang Kai had already withdrawn as Old Demon immediately attacked this guard. With his whole body’s Yuan Qi in chaos, the Soul Breaker Awl easily pierced his throat, stuck in his body for a moment, and then flew out again.

“Ha ha ha! Finally this old master has a decent soul to eat!” Old Demon’s laughter rang out, accompanied by a burst of chewing sounds.

The two remaining Separation and Reunion Boundary guards despaired, and before they could collect themselves, in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai who had been several tens of meters away had somehow appeared directly in front of them.

His glowing red fists, like two burning hunks of iron, flew towards their chests.

The two let out a roar, ferociously urging their Yuan Qi, pushing out their own palms to counter this attack.

*Pa Pa* Two dull thuds were heard.

Yang Kai felt a shock run through his arms and was forced to retreat, but his two opponents did not fare any better as a sharp pain invaded their palms and a highly aggressive Yuan Qi flooded into their bodies.

Not daring to underestimate this attack, they hurried to resist, trying to resolve this invading Yuan Qi, but ultimately failing to do so.

Three pulses of Yang Yuan Qi, like overlapping waves, rushed into their meridians and burst, turning their arms into a bloody fog.

The guards screamed in pain but Yang Kai had already launched his next attack. Using his movement skill, he appeared directly behind them and launch a ferocious barrage of punches.

*Peng Peng Peng…*

The two Separation and Reunion experts flew out like rags. Caught off guard, they ate several hard fists before they managed to escape, but their bodies were once again flooded with True Yang Yuan Qi.

Their faces flashing in panic, the two of them desperately circulated their Yuan Qi again trying to resolve this hot Yuan Qi.

However, not a moment later, Old Demon once again rushed in and launched a surprise attack, swiftly depriving the two guard leaders of their lives.

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