Martial Peak

Chapter 1884 - Blood Flood Dragon, Thousand Eyes

Chapter 1884, Blood Flood Dragon, Thousand Eyes

“Bullshit! Monster Emperor Star is five million kilometres away, yet you claim we violated your borders?” Shen Tu sneered, “Haven’t you woken up yet?”

Yu Xiong tilted his head and looked at him faintly before asking Yang Kai, “Brother-in-law, this brat is quite unpleasant to the eye, does it matter if I kill him?”

As soon as this statement was made, the atmosphere between the two sides suddenly became tense again, with Aunt Chun particularly upset as she pushed her Saint Qi harder, staring at Yu Xiong with murderous intent. Ba He was naturally not willing to be outdone and quickly locked his Divine Sense onto Aunt Chun. Sparks flew and another fight seemed to be inevitable.

“Don’t make trouble!” Yang Kai just coldly snorted and slightly released his Origin King Realm aura.

Perceiving this power, Ba He immediately called out in alarm, “Yang Kai, you… you’re already a Second-Order Origin King?”

As he spoke, he almost bit his tongue as he stared at Yang Kai in utter shock, unable to believe what he was sensing.

When he saw Yang Kai just now, although he faintly felt that he was much stronger than the last time, Ba He had not thought too much about it, but when Yang Kai revealed his true strength, Ba He immediately realized that he had reached an even higher realm than himself!

How was that possible though?

When he met Yang Kai that year, Yang Kai was only a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator. Even after leaving the Blood Prison Trial together, Yang Kai was still only at the Second-Order Origin Realm.

How many years had it been since then? Ten? Twenty? How could Yang Kai already be a Second-Order Origin King? Was there anyone in the world who could break through at such a rate?

Ba He stood dumbfounded on the spot.

“What? Second-Order Origin King? Senior Ba He, are you sure?” Yu Xiong also stared with bulged eyes.

“With something like this, how could I possibly make a mistake with my senses?” Ba He gulped as he felt his mouth go dry.

Anyone who knew about Yang Kai’s cultivation speed would not be able to remain calm. Compared with Yang Kai’s aptitude and promotion speed, Ba He felt he had spent all his life in vain.

Yu Xiong froze for a while before letting out a hearty laugh, “As expected of my amazing brother-in-law, only you can be matched with my little sister!”

He was a simple man and truly felt happy for Shan Qing Luo.

Hearing him mention Shan Qing Luo, Yang Kai’s expression also eased, and he opened his mouth to say, “Everyone, give me some face. Regardless of the cause of today’s matter, fortunately, there haven’t been any casualties so let’s end it here!”

Saying so, he turned to look at Ba He, then at Shen Tu.

Ba He nodded, “There is no hatred between us in the first place, and since they were brought here with you, Yang Kai, this old master will naturally not make things difficult.”

Shen Tu snorted, “I’ll give Brother Yang face as well. I didn’t know you knew these Monsters.”

“Okay,” Yang Kai nodded lightly before turning to Yu Xiong and asking, “How is Qing Luo now?”

“Little Sister?” Yu Xiong scratched his head before grinning widely, “Well, since she returned from the Blood Prison, she’s been in retreat. When she exits, she’ll be an Origin King. Adoptive Mother is extremely optimistic about her, so you don’t need to worry.”

“How is Senior Chi Yue?” Yang Kai asked again.

“Adoptive mother is also in retreat,” Yu Xiong grinned.

“Senior Chi Yue is in retreat… Does that mean…?” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something.

“Exactly,” Yu Xiong laughed, “When Adoptive Mother exits her retreat, all of Monster Emperor Star will become my Red Moon Territory’s.”

Chi Yue was originally a Second-Order Origin King, but now she had obtained the Origin Essence Crystal of Mad Crocodile Monster King and entered a state of retreat. If she could successfully break through, she would become the only Monster King level existence on Monster Emperor Star.

Among the Monster Race, only those who were Third-Order Origin Kings were qualified to be called Monster Kings! Right now, Chi Yue was still just a Tribal Lord.

Monster Kings ruled supreme over the Monster Race, so when she broke through, Chi Yue would become the sole leader of Monster Emperor Star.

“Then I’ll have to offer my congratulations to Senior Chi Yue,” Yang Kai’s expression changed as he proposed. “If it is convenient, I want to go to the Red Moon Territory to meet Senior Chi Yue. I wonder if Brother Yu can lead the way?”

“Call me Elder Brother-In-Law and I’ll bring you there!” Brother Yu chuckled heartily.

Yang Kai directly ignored him and turned to Ba He.

Ba He wore a somewhat embarrassed look as he replied slowly, “Yang Kai, you are not an outsider, so Monster Emperor Star and Red Moon Territory welcome you, but if you want to see Lady Tribal Lord… Now might not be an appropriate time. Just as Yu Xiong said, Lady Tribal Lord is currently in retreat and must not be disturbed.”

“I understand this; however, Senior Chi Yue is not in seclusion, only in retreat and I only need to say a few words to her so it won’t delay her too much.”

Ba He frowned while Yu Xiong did not interrupt anymore, knowing that this was a matter he couldn’t take responsibility for.

“Rest assured, if Senior Chi Yue is displeased, I will shoulder the responsibility, but… I believe Senior Chi Yue will be incredibly happy with the news I’ve brought and won’t blame you in the slightest.”

“Ha…” Ba He sighed. “Since you’ve said this much, what more can I say?”

“Many thanks then, Senior Ba He,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

“Brother Yang, you’re going to Monster Emperor Star?” Shen Tu’s face changed slightly, and he asked in a low voice.

“Yeah, I need to meet with Senior Chi Yue,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “What about you? Do you want to wait here for me or accompany me to Monster Emperor Star?”

Shen Tu’s brow furrowed for a moment before he eventually said, “The Monster Race is known for its brutality, so I cannot let Brother Yang go on his own. If we go together, we can take care of one another. En, I’ve also wanted to see what Monster Emperor Star is like for some time now.”

“En, then we’ll go together!” Yang Kai smiled lightly, not minding.

Shen Tu gave the order and everyone else began making preparations. At the same time, a Starship sailed out from a nearby Asteroid Sea, one that clearly belonged to the Monster Race.

The Monster Race was not skilled at Alchemy or Artifact Refining, but not everyone who lived on Monster Emperor Star belonged to the Monster Race, there were also many Humans, but their status wasn’t very high.

Monster Emperor Star was divided into ten territories, each ruled by one of the ten Tribal Lords. The attitude towards Humans varied greatly from one territory to another; some territories killed humans on sight while others gave them space to live and develop as long as they did not exceed certain limits…

Red Moon Territory was without a doubt the most welcoming territory to humans, especially Alchemists and Artifact Refiners who could obtain even higher status than average Monster Race cultivators. It was also for this reason that the development of Red Moon Territory over the years was far faster than that of the other Tribal Lords’.

There were always many talented Humans who wanted to move to Red Moon Territory to offer their services to Chi Yue.

The Starship that Ba He, Yu Xiong, and the other Monsters rode was refined by these Human Artifact Refiners, and although it was only Origin Grade Mid-Rank, it was enough to support short-to-medium-distance sailings.

The two Starships sailed side by side towards the Monster Emperor Star at a rapid pace.

The five million kilometre distance was closed after just one day and night.

Half-Moon Mountain, where Chi Yue’s palace was built, was the central and most important location in all of Red Moon Territory.

When the two Starships broke through the clouds and arrived in the sky above Half-Moon Mountain, they saw that the mountains below were enveloped by the huge energy curtain that was emitting a dazzling light.

Outside this light curtain, there seemed to be many Monster Race masters gathered, with two who had particularly strong auras, their Monster Qi seemingly powerful enough to pierce the sky.

One of these two had spiked hair and was even taller and burlier than Yu Xiong, his chest bare and his muscles rippling with strength, giving him a particularly wild look.

The other person, on the other hand, appeared quite delicate, completely unlike a typical Monster Race. Instead, there was a kind of refined aura about this man that resembled that of a refined human scholar. This person’s eyes flashed a pale silver colour and seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power.

At this moment, many Monster Race masters were attacking the light barrier while the wild-looking Monster Race leader roared, “Chi Yue, we have arrived here from afar, yet you sealed off Half-Moon Mountain right before us. Is this your definition of hospitality? You look down on this Xue Jiao too much!”

As soon as this statement was made, the identity of this person was instantly clear. It was none other than Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord, one of the Ten Great Tribal Lords and the one who most despised Humans on Monster Emperor Star. It was said that there were no humans at all in his territory other than slaves as he had ordered the rest to be killed.

His roar garnered no response from Half-Moon Mountain.

Seeing this, the scholarly looking Monster Race leader standing next to him quickly said, “Brother Xue Jiao, why bother asking a question you already know the answers to? Chi Yue acting this way clearly shows she does not give us any face. You and I are both Tribal Lords, but when we come to visit her, she actually slams the door and refuses to even speak to us.”

“Since she doesn’t give this Xue Jiao any face, I need not give her any either!” Xue Jiao was already disgruntled and was only further infuriated when he heard these words, quickly calling out, “Chi Yue, only a few years ago, my son Xue Lian left from here to travel to the Blood Prison Trial, eventually dying inside. I have yet to settle this matter with you! Yet today, you go even further to humiliate me! Good, good, good, since that’s the case, I demand you face me in combat with our titles as Tribal Lords on the line! Do you have the guts?”

Still no response came from Half-Moon Mountain.

Xue Jiao ground his teeth in anger as he roared to the feminine-looking leader next to him, “Brother Qian Yan, this woman refused to even respond to my challenge. How should we proceed?”

Qian Yan, Thousand Eyes Tribal Lord narrowed his eyes and said, “Since she refuses to respond to the challenge, we have no other choice but to storm her palace. In any case, we cannot allow her to refine the Origin Essence Crystal of Mad Crocodile Monster King. If she succeeds and becomes a Monster King, this Monster Emperor Star will definitely not have a place for you and me!”

Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord heard this, and some fear flashed across the depths of his eyes before he clenched his fists and nodded, “You’re right. Since that’s the case, I ask Brother Qian Yan to join hands with this Xue to break through this Half-Moon Mountain barrier!”

“Brother Xue must not act rashly, this Half-Moon Mountain barrier is able to absorb the essence of the moon to continuously strengthen itself, so it will definitely not be easily broken.”

Xue Jiao curled his lips and spat, “This barrier is just a dead object, it can’t retaliate. If you and I cooperate, why would we fear it? Brother Qian Yan is simply too cautious. Do not forget, it was not only my son who died in the Blood Prison, but also your son! The one who killed them was that human boy, the one Chi Yue sent out with them, I don’t believe she didn’t have any hand in this.”

Hearing what he said, Qian Yan’s silver eyes also filled with murderous intent and he nodded, “Alright, we will act together.”

The two Monster Race Tribal Lords exchanged a glance before they began pushing their Monster Qi. In an instant, the world began to tremble as a soaring Monster Qi poured out from the two Tribal Lords and condensed into a physical manifestation of their might. All the Monster Race masters who felt this pressure instantly had their faces change and hurriedly backed away, lest they be affected by this rampaging power.

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