Martial Peak

Chapter 188 – Resistance and Breakthrough

What little remained of her white skirt was ripped away, leaving Yu Ao Qing completely naked.

While she cried for mercy, Yang Kai stripped his own clothes, exposing his upper body. Soon a deep roar sounded out, like an irrepressible howl.

Yu Ao Qing, unable to resist, slowly closed her eyes, no longer screaming, no longer begging for mercy; just silently letting her tears fall.

Maybe what Miao Lin said before was right.

In the face of certain death, why bother guarding her innocence? Although this young man now looked violent and evil, but compared to that bastard Miao Lin he was at least much better.

A sharp burst of pain rose from her chest as it was pinched; Yu Ao Qing could not help letting out a miserable cry.

Just when she thought she was destined to lose her purity, forever being tarnished, that ruthless young man pressing down on her stopped.

Yu Ao Qing slightly opened her and saw that he was still staring at her with those same red eyes, eyes full of lust, greed and obsession, but from time to time, there also seemed to be signs of struggle within them.

The heat from his breath was enough to melt the iron, and his eyebrows were firmly locked in place, it was like he was enduring some unimaginable pain.

Suddenly, from his body came a burst of violent, heart stopping energy, instantly making him appear even more demonic.

With this burst of energy, his strength actually increased at a breathtaking pace.

Qi Transformation Fourth Stage, Fifth Stage … Eighth Stage, Ninth Stage …

Separation and Reunion Boundary’s Yuan Qi fluctuations!

Only after reaching Separation and Reunion Boundary Second Stage did his energy begin to stabilize.

With the surge in cultivation, his eyes were filled with more and more madness, but his stubborn resistance also became more and more violent.

Suddenly, he picked himself off of her body, sitting cross-legged directly on the ground clenching his teeth so hard they felt like they would shatter, and roaring, “Stay away from me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequences!”

Yu Ao Qing was momentarily stunned, her dream of amnesty had appeared, struggling to pick up her torn clothes with her broken arm, she covered her pure white naked body. Using her one good leg, she slowly stumbled to the opposite corner of the cave, cautiously watching Yang Kai, her whole body trembling with fear.

Yang Kai was perfectly sober!

From beginning to end, his consciousness was awake, including when he leapt towards Yu Ao Qing, including ripping off her clothes and ravaging her body.

But his primal impulses were completely stimulated by Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian, he simply could not control them.

While reveling in the desires and longing buried in his bones, Yang Kai was also desperately resisting their influence on himself.

Eventually, he used the Golden Skeleton, which immediately suppressed them.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai fully understood the kind of desire that Su Yan had spoken about being unable to resist. If the woman here was not Yu Ao Qing but Su Yan instead, even if he had to cross a mountain of knives or a sea of flame, Yang Kai would do anything to reach her. To embrace her.

His blood was ferociously boiling in his chest, spreading to every inch of his body, every cell desiring, longing for the soft fragrance of a woman.

Yuan Qi rioting, the whole cave filled with violent roars, drawing the attention of the giant insect guards.

His upper body was bare, skin a blood-red shade, truly a frightening sight.

Like a deliberate torture for him, not far away, there was a naked, unable to resist beauty. As long as he was willing, at anytime, he could ravage her, taste that sweet, sensual taste which, for the current Yang Kai, was no doubt a brutal test of his willpower.

He forced himself to not think about her, even going so far as to erase thoughts of Su Yan’s figure from his mind. Yang Kai sunk his consciousness into his own body, constantly running his True Yang Secret Art, trying his best to deepen his understand of the Golden Skeleton and divert his attention.

The last time he meditated over the Golden Skeleton it was clear how haughty it was. However, Yang Kai knew that this Golden Skeleton held more secrets. It was due to his insufficient strength and insight that caused him to be unable to comprehend it.

Through today’s events, Yang Kai once again deeply experienced this.

Now though, he was not seeking to comprehend the mysteries of the proud Golden Skeleton, he just wanted to stabilize his own instinct and desires.

The effect was pretty good, although the circumstances had not changed; he had finally managed to regain his control.

Yu Ao Qing also knew that Yang Kai as definitely struggling to resist his own desires, naturally she remained silent, trying not to attract Yang Kai’s attention, just curling up in the corner, not moving.

After some time had passed, Yang Kai’s situation gradually improved, the feeling of irritability slowly calmed, the raging Yuan Qi also showing signs of convergence.

After an unknown amount of time, when the violent storm around Yang Kai disappeared, the cave once again became calm.

Taking a deep breath and opening his eyes, Unyielding Will’s temporarily enhancement to his cultivation also slowly disappeared, his state falling back to normal.

Separation and Reunion First Stage … Qi Transformation Ninth Stage, Eighth Stage … Fifth Stage!

Once again stabilizing.

This time, after successfully resisting his carnal desires, his cultivation was also enhanced a stage. Although this was an unexpected harvest, Yang Kai’s remained unmoved. Instead, he slightly frowned as he sat there, motionless, immersed in meditation.

This insight into the Golden Skeleton, although there was no great harvest like before, was not without progress, in that somewhere, Yang Kai could feel a layer of bondage holding him back, and as long as he could break this layer of bondage, another profundity of the Golden Skeleton would reveal itself.

Unfortunately, his strength and understanding of the Martial Path was still too shallow, not enough to break through this barrier.

He could only be patient and seek more opportunities in the future.

With a long breath, Yang Kai looked up and glanced towards Yu Ao Qing in the corner.

A look of panic flashed across her pair of beautiful eyes, there was also a trace of resentment and hatred. For any woman who had encountered such a situation, being able to remain calm and indifferent would be strange.

Yang Kai got up and walked towards her step by step.

“Don’t come any closer!” Yu Ao Qing yelled, putting up a strong front while trying to back away, but behind her was a wall, where could she retreat?

Yang Kai showed an inexplicable smile, slowly squatting in front of her.

“Stay away from me!” Yu Ao Qing, unable to move her hands, in desperation thrust her head towards Yang Kai’s. Yang Kai didn’t move, letting her head smash into his.

With a loud smacking sound, Yu Ao Qing crumbled back, a fresh red bump appearing on her smooth forehead.

Yang Kai reach out one of his hands and lifted her dislocated arm, then yanking down hard. Accompanied by crisp snapping sound, Yu Ao Qing let out a miserable cry. The pain was so intense that she instantly broke out into a fragrant sweat, instinctively throwing a palm toward Yang Kai.

Yang Kai swatted her palm away, easily resolving her attack, and then coldly shouting, “If you want to die, I can kill you right now!”

Being spoken to and stared at so coldly, Yu Ao Qing suddenly came to the realization that she could only have this reaction if her dislocated arm had been reconnected.

Not caring about the confusion in her eyes, Yang Kai placed his hand on her leg, running his Yuan Qi to resolve the hidden injuries there.

A warm feeling flooded in, making Yu Ao Qing somewhat uncomfortable.

Once he had dealt with her injured arms and leg, Yang Kai shifted away and sat down again.

Yu Ao Qing looked at him stunned, not understanding why this young man would be so kind to her. Not long ago, he had ruthlessly attacked her in order to disable her body, desperately trying to force himself on her.

They had not friendship between them, and even had grievances, so why did he help her?

Unable to understand, Yu Ao Qing couldn’t do anything but clench her teeth, secretly observing Yang Kai, while slowly putting on her clothes.

The sounds reaching his ear, Yang Kai naturally knew what she was doing, not having to open his eyes to know that there was infinitely exotic scene taking place, one that aroused fantasy and reverie, but unexpectedly, he did not have much reaction. Contemplating, perhaps when he forced down his built up urges that had accumulated these months just now, they had been completely resolved, so he could remain indifferent.

This was a good way to cultivate, allowing his desires to build up for some time, and then trying to resist them forcibly. Once he was successful, regardless of his strength or state of mind, both could be improved.

Inadvertently, Yang Kai had discovered a suitable practice method for his cultivation path.

The cave was once again quiet; Yang Kai and Yu Ao Qing sat on opposite sides, one patiently waiting while the other, panicky. However, both remained silent.

After about a day or so, there was suddenly movement outside, obviously it was those giant insects coming to take someone away.

Yang Kai looked up, opening his eyes, while Yu Ao Qing was frightened; fearing that she would soon follow in her Junior Brother and Junior Sister’s footsteps.

While worrying, she saw Yang Kai stand up, face the outside and slowly, calmly walked out.

He was not trying to save Yu Ao Qing, this woman was malicious, and traitorous. Since Yang Kai had assaulted her before, even if they had not gone all the way, he still did not believe she would spare him if she had any advantage.

Before when he re-set her arm, he was simply returning a favor, after all, his breakthrough this time was also somewhat because of her. Letting her go, the two’s accounts were cleared, nobody owing anyone.

Yang Kai’s purpose for taking the initiative now was to find the insect king. If he wanted to leave this damned place, finding it was his only hope.

Organizing these day’s sights and his own experiences, Yang Kai was sure that the reason these insects had captured himself and others, was on behalf of the insect king.

Perhaps because they saw Yang Kai cooperate on his own, those giant insects did not deal with him like Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian, instead just opening a path, leading him away, while a few followed behind him, hitting and urging him ahead.

As Yu Ao Qing watched all this, a frown appeared on her face, immediately pouting a little. Naturally she wanted Yang Kai to die, but if he really was dead, then she would be the only one left. If she had a choice, she would rather Yang Kai survive.

Walking along the numerous corridors for an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai was eventually brought to a huge cavern.

Those giant insects shoved Yang Kai in and then left.

“Old Demon!” Yang Kai cautiously observed his surroundings, while calling out in his mind.

But unlike in the past when he called Old Demon, this time there was no response.

Surprised for a moment, Yang Kai thought some accident might have occurred, and quickly checked, but when he discovered what was wrong, he wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry.

The old devil had actually sealed up his Divine Sense at some point.

“What are you doing?” Demanded Yang Kai after breaking past the seal.

“Young Master, are you finished?” Old Demon asked, letting out a vulgar laugh.

“What are you talking about?” Yang Kai scowled.

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