Martial Peak

Chapter 1862 - Good Idea

Chapter 1862, Good Idea

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Li Nuo had a good impression of Yang Kai, not only because Yang Kai gave her an approachable feeling when she first met, but also because of the message that night.

Li Nuo heard at the time that it was none other than Yang Kai who secretly sent her that message!

As such, she naturally considered Yang Kai an ally, and now seeing him bid, she of course did not hesitate to support him, planning on quickly ending the auction so he could acquire this item.

At the same time, she felt a bit annoyed in her heart. If she knew that Yang Kai was interested in this thing, she would not have put it out for auction and simply given it to him. However, this did not matter much. At worst, she could simply return his Saint Crystals later to not let him suffer a loss.

Various thoughts floated across Li Nuo’s mind as she kept talking, “60 million once…”

“70 million!” Before Li Nuo could make it to the second count though, another bid came in.

Li Nuo raised her head in amazement and looked to the side to discover that the new bidder was none other than Great Elder Gong Sun Liang, causing her to frown slightly.

Inside from A5, Yang Kai also raised his brow, feeling quite surprised, but soon, he quoted a new price, “100 million!”


The cultivators in the hall gasped.

In the past, few items exceeded 100 million Saint Crystals during Clear Sky Auction House’s auctions, but today, the last three items met this standard. The Origin King Pill even managed to reach a billion Saint Crystals in price.

This unknown Artifact Refining material had also broken the 100 million mark, and this was just the beginning…

For a time, everyone became excited. The confrontation between two Origin Kings, whether in terms of strength or wealth, was always quite thrilling. How could they miss this good show?

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, Gong Sun Liang called out, “200 million!”

Everyone was stunned as their hearts shook!

Gong Sun Liang had only participated in the bidding for two auction items today, but the way he increased the price for each item he bid on was so arrogant and unrestrained that it was like he did not put his opponent in his eyes.

This wasn’t just bidding anymore; it was simply overwhelming others with money.

Thinking so, many people showed a thoughtful look, wondering whether the Sir in room A5 had somehow offended the Great Elder, causing Great Elder to deal with him in the same manner he dealt with the Second Young Master.

“Haha, Great Elder’s financial strength is truly great, this one is impressed!” Inside his private room. Yang Kai smiled lightly and called out directly, allowing everyone in the hall to hear his words.

“This friend is too polite; it is just a trivial 200 million Saint Crystals. When one reaches the realm that friend and I have, Saint Crystals are meaningless,” Gong Sun Liang replied indifferently.

“What Great Elder said is correct,” Yang Kai agreed, “In view of that, then…”

Yang Kai’s voice paused slightly, causing all the cultivators in the hall to turn sideways and perk up their ears, as if trying to hear more clearly.

“500 million!”

As soon as these words came out, the hall boiled again, with everyone’s eyes bulging as they stared around blankly, wondering if they had heard wrong.

Great Elder’s price increase was ruthless, but this person was even more ruthless than Great Elder! What were the origins of this man, daring to so blatantly compete with the Great Elder? Doesn’t he know how to write the word ‘death’?

Atop the high platform, Li Nuo’s beautiful eyes filled with restlessness as she secretly scolded herself for putting this thing up for auction at all. Now, this had caused a hostile relationship to form between this Sir and the Great Elder. If things were not handled well now, it would be a disaster. While worrying in her heart, she quietly sent a message to Aunt Chun who was hiding nearby, asking her to look for an opportunity to settle this matter peacefully.

Inside room A1, Gong Sun Liang’s voice called out once more, “Friend, are you sure you want to pay 500 million for this thing?”

Yang Kai chuckled, “What’s wrong? Great Elder was willing to spend a billion Saint Crystals on a worthless Origin King Pill, so why can this King not spend 500 million on this unknown Artifact Refining material?”

Gong Sun Liang coldly snorted.

Yang Kai addressing himself as ‘this King’ in front of him upset him greatly. In addition, the last time he asked Jiang Chang Feng to invite Yang Kai, the other party did not give him any face, so his tone became cold, “There is nothing wrong with it, I’m just afraid Your Excellency might be too caught up in the bidding and not be able to pay up later.”

“There’s no need for Great Elder to worry about that,” Yang Kai chuckled, “Great Elder can afford to pay a billion Saint Crystals, so naturally this King can too.”

Being rebuffed again, Gong Sun Liang became even more unhappy and said without hesitation, “600 million!”

“One billion!” Yang Kai did not back down.

These few words caused the price of this unknown Artifact Refining materials to rise to the same level as the previous Origin King Pill, which was not only shocking but also quite ironic.

Is there anything in this world worth a billion Saint Crystals? An Origin King Pill was certainly not worth that much, and this unknown Artifact Refining material was not either, only face was worth so much.

A cold light flashed across Gong Sun Liang’s eyes but just as he was about to increase the price again, Zi Wu Ji’s chuckle suddenly came from room A2, “You two have such immense wealth, Wu Ji is deeply impressed. However, Great Elder, you just spent a billion Saint Crystals, so do you still have the ability to increase the price?”

Zi Wu Ji was still quite disgruntled at the moment. He had been defeated earlier by Gong Sun Liang, losing out on the Origin King Pill, so he was in a foul mood. At this moment, he saw Yang Kai fighting against Gong Sun Liang, so how could he just sit on the sidelines? Immediately he stood up to help Yang Kai.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend! Zi Wu Ji thought clearly in his mind. On top of that, he wanted to win over Yang Kai in the first place, so how could he not support him now? This was the perfect time to sell a favour so Zi Wu Ji spoke without hesitation.

“Is this old master’s ability to pay any concern of Second Young Master’s?” Gong Sun Liang’s expression was gloomy as he spat coldly.

“Wu Ji naturally has no right to interfere with Great Elder’s private affairs, but… now that my honoured father and eldest brother are not on Purple Star, Great Elder leads Purple Star. Great Elder’s reputation is not just his own now, but also that of all of Purple Star, so due care must be taken when matters of integrity and credibility are concerned. Before, Great Elder managed to acquire that Origin King Pill, but no one saw whether Great Elder paid the full billion Saint Crystals he bid. Of course… Wu Ji has confidence in Great Elder’s character and does not doubt his righteousness, but there are thousands of cultivators in this hall now, so it is difficult to say whether everyone has the same trust Wu Ji has. I’m afraid that even now some are suspecting Great Elder acted deceptively and forcibly acquired that Origin King Pill.”

“Impudence!” Jiang Chang Feng roared, “Whether the billion Saint Crystals were paid just now or not, Lady Li Nuo knows best. Lady Li Nuo has personally verified this matter already. What are Second Young Master’s intentions still trying to dispute the truth of this matter?”

“Hehe, it is as Eighth Elder said. Those billion Saint Crystals were surely paid just now!” Zi Wu Ji chuckled.

“Exactly!” Jiang Chang Feng’s face went dark.

“However, doubt only grows when proof is repeatedly denied,” Zi Wu Ji ignored Jiang Chang Feng’s clamour and continued. “Since Great Elder now represents all of Purple Star, even the slightest suspicion against him cannot be tolerated, otherwise my Purple Star will have no credibility at all. Great Elder stands below one but above ten thousand, everything he says and does is an example to my Purple Star, so certainly he does not want such uncertainty to persist.”

Inside room A1, Gong Sun Liang’s eyes were half-squinted, but after Zi Wu Ji finished speaking, he said indifferently, “Then in Second Young Master’s opinion, how should this old master win the trust and others? Please enlighten us, Second Young Master!”

“Wu Ji would not dare act so presumptuous, Great Elder is too serious!” Zi Wu Ji quickly acted humbled, “This matter can be solved simply: If Great Elder wishes to bid again, he only needs to provide proof his offer is real, so… why not send the appropriate number of Saint Crystals to the stage for all to see so none may doubt my Purple Star’s reputation again!”

Zi Wu Ji clever use of words, trying to entrap him, annoyed Gong Sun Liang greatly, so he silently motioned to Jiang Chang Feng. The latter understood his intentions and immediately shouted, “Nonsense, how could there be such an auction in this world…”

“Good idea,” Yang Kai smiled and interrupted Jiang Chang Feng’s words, using his Divine Sense to render the other party unable to speak as he said, “I have no objections. Since I want to bid, I don’t want to be accused of fraud, that would only make me look foolish. En, Young Master Wu Ji’s thoughts are quite keen!”

“This Sir is too polite,” Zi Wu Ji was ecstatic and while answering he quietly whispered to Yang Kai, “Sir, this Wu Ji has 600 million Saint Crystals here, if Sir needs them, this Wu Ji will definitely help!”

“No need. Second Young Master’s kindness, this Yang has noted,” Yang Kai echoed, “I wonder what Great Elder thinks?”

Gong Sun Liang was now even more annoyed, but he was also riding a tiger and could only nod, “Fine, this old master will accompany you!”

He was Purple Star’s Great Elder and had the strongest financial resources in Purple Star City, competing with him this way was the height of folly!

“Since the two Sirs have reached an agreement, this Mistress will do everything she can to facilitate,” Li Nuo sighed secretly. Although the atmosphere in the auction room was still quite tense, there were at least no signs a fight would immediately break out. Turning in Yang Kai’s direction, she called out, “This Sir just bid one billion…”

“En, I don’t have that many Saint Crystals,” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“You don’t have enough Saint Crystals yet you still dare to bid, haha, isn’t this exactly the fraud you spoke of just now?” Jiang Chang Feng laughed.

“Eighth Elder, this Sir only said he does not have so many Saint Crystals, not that he couldn’t pay. Does this Sir perhaps have other items he wishes to barter?” Zi Wu Ji immediately cut in.

“Second Young Master is correct,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I don’t have so many Saint Crystals, but I do have other treasures that can be offered. Lady Li Nuo, does this violate your auction house’s regulations?”

“No, my Clear Sky Auction House can accept other items of corresponding value,” Li Nuo said seriously.

“Good, then please take a look at this,” Yang Kai said while throwing a jade bottle casually, which under his exquisite Saint Qi control flew precisely to the stage.

Countless eyes fixed onto the jade bottle as everyone wondered what pill was inside that could possibly be worth a billion Saint Crystals.

Li Nuo caught this jade bottle suspiciously, opened its lid, and peeked inside, only to call out in alarm in the next moment, “This is… an Origin King Pill!”

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