Martial Peak

Chapter 185 – Trapped

Yang Kai had also thought that these insects would be difficult to deal with, but once he had fought them he realized otherwise.

Perhaps for Yu Ao Qing and the Red Cloud Sect disciples it was a challenge, but for him it was extremely easy.

The wings of these insects were fragile, their order was also low, a single attack, or simply brushing past them, was enough for his Pure Yang Yuan Qi to burn their wings.

Without their ability to fly, they simply weren’t a threat to Yang Kai.

Their only advantages were their numbers, and their burrowing ability, which made their movements difficult to predict, often launching surprise attacks on Yang Kai from below.

Executing his movement skill, Yang Kai soon dashed out of the insects’ encirclement, sprinting forward a few miles, only to suddenly stop again.

In front of him appeared a wall of mist. It was the same poison fog that had melted the first ordinary person!

[What happened? Did I run back?] Yang Kai was uncertain, quickly running along the edge of the fog, hoping to find a path out.

But half an hour later, when a pile of bones appeared in front of Yang Kai, his face couldn’t help but sink.

These bleached bones were from that first ordinary person.

Not slowing his pace, after a while, Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy.

Not far in front of him, there was a corpse, but this one looked like it had been gnawed beyond recognition, but the clothing scraps left behind were all too familiar to Yang Kai, it was a Red Cloud Sect disciple’s robe.

And from the weapon lying nearby the corpse’s identity was obvious; it was the disciple he had earlier thrown to his death, Qi Yuan!

[I had been running in a giant circle this whole time!] It was over ten miles in circumference, and it was all completely surrounded in poisonous fog.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai finally understood how difficult these insects were to deal with. They were indeed vulnerable to his Yang Qi, but they had a special ability to release this highly toxic gas, allowing them to seal off such a large area.

Unless you could break through this fog, you simply could not leave.

[Can I withstand the erosion of this fog?] Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. After considering for a long time, he decided it was worth a test.

Standing at the edge of the fog, with a solemn expression, he slowly held out his hand, his True Yang Secret Art pushed to the limit, even using Golden Skeleton.

His had just barely touched the fog when he jumped back, fast as lightning.

A stabbing pain came from the fingertips, looking down, his face sank.

His fingertips were bloody and showed signs of melting, the pain radiated to the roots of all his nerves, Yang Kai decisively cut off those pieces of flesh.

Tearing his clothes, he wrapped the wound, took a deep breath, and looked around.

[I had just separated from Yu Ao Qing around here, but where were they now? The fog had surrounded them, no one could escape, but since there were no other bodies here, where did they go?]

*Buzzzz …*

Countless insects seemed to have smelled blood, and approached again.

Yang Kai’s face sank, True Yang Yuan Qi burst out smashing into the surrounding insects.

Just like before, these insect’s wings were burnt off, grounding them, but their numbers didn’t decrease at all, instead growing with every passing moment, God knows how many of them there were, it was overwhelming, seemingly endless.

While Yang Kai could deal with these insects flying around him like swatting flies, he couldn’t help feeling anxious. After all, he still didn’t have any idea how to escape this dozen or so mile trap.

Although he had stored a lot of Yang Liquid in his Dantian, enough to support this wanton slaughter, his physical strength had its limit, if that gave out, even if there was more Yang Liquid he would still be helpless.

“Young Master, this group of insect Monstrous Beasts should have a leader, similar to regular bees,” said Old Demon at the crucial moment.

“What are you trying to say,” Yang Kai quickly asked.

“This old servant is saying that, if you can kill the insect king, you should be able to escape from here.”

“Do you know where the king is then?”

“Ke…ke… old servant doesn’t know…”

Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to blame Old Demon for talking nonsense, but he did think of a possibility.

Perhaps, the reason for these insects’ siege wasn’t to kill him, but to hunt!

The fact that he had lost track of Yu Ao Qing around here, but there were no other corpses was the best proof that these Red Cloud Sect disciples were most likely captured by these insects and taken somewhere.

And that place, should be the insects’ nest!

Similar to with bees, there were workers who collected honey, bringing it back for the queen to enjoy. Wasn’t it possible to interpret the behavior of these insects as collecting “honey”?

(Pew: I object to the scientific inaccuracy of this statement! ‘there were workers who collected honey’)

(Faux: I agree)

The more he thought about it, the more certain he became, leading him to slowly come up with a daring plan.

Carefully considering that the success rate of this plan was high, Yang Kai received back his True Yang Yuan Qi. He took a deep breath and bravely confronted these insects.

Once Yang Kai no longer resisted, the insects stopped attacking, instead hovering around him, layer upon layer.

“What are you doing?” Old Demon asked in shock.

“Testing my theory!” Yang Kai said calmly. With nowhere to escape these insects, the outside still surrounded by the fog barrier, sooner or later his strength would give out and he would end up dead, might as well take a chance now while preserving his strength.

If his guess was right, there was a chance of survival.

After a tense moment of confrontation, dozens of insects suddenly left the swarm and flew over to Yang Kai.

Old Demon shouted, “Young Master, you can’t just sit still!”

“Shut up!” Yang Kai did not have time to listen to his shouting, instead focusing on the dozens of insects rushing over, his whole body tensed, like a fully drawn bowstring, ready to strike as soon as anything went wrong.

But to his great relief, the insects which flew to him, did not attack, instead they began dragging him, pushing and shoving him towards a specific direction.

[Sure enough!] Yang Kai burst into a big grin.

With this, he could explain why Yu Ao Qing and the other Red Cloud Sect disciples’ bodies weren’t here. Obviously these people also fought until they were exhausted, and were then caught by these insects.

The surrounding scene of tens of thousands of insects was a bit terrifying, but Yang Kai remained indifferent; staring towards the direction these bugs were pushing him.

Not long after, a pit appeared in front of him.

Inside this big pit was a dark cave, like the mouth of a great beast, grim and foreboding.

At the entrance to the cave, Yang Kai saw a tattered skirt. Recognizing the colour and material, he was certain it was Yu Ao Qing’s.

They really were caught.

The speculation he held had been confirmed, Yang Kai knew now he had nothing to worry about, not waiting for those insects, he jumped directly into the cave.

A foul and unpleasant stench blew from inside the cave’s nine paths and eighteen bends, all of which had been dug up by these insects, nothing like the Heaven’s Cave.

As Yang Kai walked, he carefully remembered his path, secretly leaving some road marks behind.

In the corridor, from time to time he could see many insects scurrying about, and these insects weren’t just bowl sized. There seemed to be many types of insects, some were nearly as big as a person, while some were the size of a large wash basin, others the size of a bucket, it all looked quite frightening.

[Fuck, taken prisoner by a bunch of bugs! Just wait till I find your king, I’ll definitely make you regret this!] Yang Kai seethed with anger.

Captured by these insects, Yang Kai was forced down the corridors for a long time, eventually arriving at a fairly large room.

Calling this place a hole wasn’t an exaggeration; however, it seemed like it was actually a food storage for this swarm, because when Yang Kai looked around, there were already a few Red Cloud Sect disciples inside, all of them distressed.

A number of eyes stared towards Yang Kai, and he could hear a burst of malicious laughter, filled with mockery coming from Miao Lin.

All the Red Cloud Sect disciples had suffered some minor injuries, and were sitting sluggishly on the ground, directing a hateful look towards Yang Kai.

The insects left Yang Kai here, but at the entrance to the hole, there were several bigger-than-people sized insects on guard, apparently to prevent these people from escaping.

Once inside, Yang Kai did not bother talking to the Red Cloud Sect disciples, instead finding a remote corner and sitting down cross-legged.

Yu Ao Qing stared at Yang Kai coldly. Seeing him sit down, close his eyes, and not speak a word, she couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you!?”

Yang Kai briefly opened his eyes, then again ignored her.

“Why would you sneak onto my Red Cloud Sect’s ship, while hiding your strength? Going so far as to hide only till this point?” Yu Ao Qing asked again.

Yang Kai disdained to look at her, and slowly spoke, “First, it’s not like I wanted to mix into your ship, you Red Cloud Sect people brought me over. Second, if I did not hide my strength, would I have been able to live up till now? Third, I acted this way to survive. Damn woman, what face do you have to question me? If it weren’t for your Red Cloud Sect kidnapping people all over the place, how could I possibly be here?

“You dare talk to me like this!” Yu Ao Qing frowned.

“Why won’t I? Who the hell do you think you are?” Yang Kai sneered.

“Senior Sister Qing, don’t bullshit with him, he just killed Senior Brother Qi Yuan!” Miao Lin stared bitterly at Yang Kai, “We want revenge for Senior Brother Qi!”

“Hah!” Yang Kai laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Miao Lin grit his teeth as he scowled at Yang Kai. “Do you not know how to write the word ‘dead’?”

“Idiot!” Yang Kai looked at him full of contempt. “When I was on the ship doing chores, I heard this slut and your Elder Yu say, after they had found this island, they were going to drown you into the Endless Sea. It’s too ridiculous you had no idea!”

Yu Ao Qing revealed a look of panic and shouted, “I never said that!”

She then glanced towards Miao Lin, quickly explaining, “Don’t listen to his nonsense!”

Miao Lin looked at Yang Kai and said, “Do you think your petty words, slandering Senior Sister Qing, will convince me? You don’t have to explain, I know Senior Sister would never do that.”

Yu Ao Qing nodded her head.

“Whether she said it or not, she knows the truth.”

Yang Kai expression became cold, watching Yu Ao Qing he said, “You better not attack me, or you’ll disturb those insects! “

Yu Ao Qing took a deep breath and pressed down the murderous intent in her heart. She knew what Yang Kai said was true; while they had just been talking, the giant insects guarding outside had already become alert, and were looking towards them curiously.

Although she wanted to kill Yang Kai, she didn’t dare strike now.

This verbal spat ended without any results but Yang Kai wasn’t discouraged. After all, his main aim was to plant a seed of doubt within Miao Lin’s heart Since he was currently outnumbered, he would not have any hope if they fought. However, if he bred suspicion amongst the members here, there was at least a slight chance of evening the odds.

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