Martial Peak

Chapter 176 – Old Demon Blushes

His fist contained a fierce Yuan Qi, and after attacking, Yang Kai moved with a flicker avoiding the long, coiled tail of the big snake.

The big snake turned around wanting to attack, but the spot that was attacked by Yang Kai a moment ago transmitted a dull thumping sound, and the flesh tore open slowly and blood gushed out. The burning hot True Yang Yuan Qi erupted in its body, opening a wound on its skin, and from that spot, blood poured out in a torrent.

The big snake suppressed its pain and moved its several foot long body like a whip, stirring up dust clouds on the mountaintop. Yang Kai wrinkled his brow, he understood that he had overestimated the strength of this big snake.

When he suddenly saw such a big fellow a moment ago, he thought that it must at least be a fifth realm Monster Beast, and didn’t think that his attack would be able to injure it.

It was not a fifth or sixth realm, it could at most be regarded as a fourth realm Monster Beast which was equal to a Separation and Reunion Boundary martial artist.

It was so big and had such an intimidating appearance.

Yang Kai gained more confidence, stood where he was and gave an opening to the snake who was tumbling towards him. The big snake started rolling even more fiercely. It obviously didn’t want to sit waiting for its death. The snake uncoiled its long tail with a fierce lunge towards Yang Kai while howling.

If not for his movement technique to assist him, then perhaps this strike would have created a small problem for Yang Kai. But with it, avoiding such an attack was very simple.

Seeing that its attack failed, the big snake started hissing then it opened its mouth and spewed out a thick blood-coloured mist. If Yang Kai didn’t dodge it quickly he would had been covered in it from head to toe.

Yang Kai became serious, he didn’t fear this big snake but the poison mist that it spewed was a little troublesome. But it was only a small trouble, and if he was able to dodge this poison mist then this snake was simply unable to injure him.

While Yang Kai was battling the snake outside, the Soul Breaking Awl which was inside with Old Demon wasn’t in an ideal situation. Although Old Demon couldn’t currently display his full strength, but any living being was vulnerable inside. And even though the Soul Breaking Awl wasn’t a sharp weapon, it still was a weapon.

The big snake’s body became damaged and the pain made it unable to fight against Yang Kai. The long body of the big snake started to display a series of movements, sometimes twitching and jerking accompanied by rolling back and forth and even jumping.

Yang Kai watched it with rapt attention and didn’t try to attack it again.

The big snake was not strong but had an exuberant vitality. After half an hour, in which Old Demon was moving inside its body unrestrainedly, it finally stopped struggling and died quietly on the ground.

A creeping motion could be seen on the abdomen of the big snake, and Old Demon, who was bound to the Soul Breaking Awl, drilled his way through and floated in front of Yang Kai. They both looked at each other speechlessly.

“Young master if there will be a next time, please inform this old servant beforehand, this old servant needs to prepare his heart.” Old Demon said slightly accusingly. He was suddenly thrown into the Monster Beast’s mouth by Yang Kai, even if he was courageous it still made him frightened out of his wits.

“Em.” Yang Kai gave an earnest nod.

Old Demon didn’t dare to say anymore.

Yang Kai asked, “Don’t you think that this Monster Beast was quite unusual?”

“Where was it unusual?” Old Demon asked curiously.

“Its strength was very……. low! At least, lower than what I assumed.”

Old Demon gave a smile and said, “Young master, this big snake had swallowed the Congealing Blood Bead allowing it to transform so naturally it didn’t have any real skill. Moreover when you were walking here, did you discover any Monster Beasts?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“Then it can only mean that this thing was perhaps only a small snake that had swallowed the Congealing Blood Bead and with some luck didn’t die but became a Monster Beast, and it can be said that it was the only Monster Beast in this place.”

“Can an ordinary snake turn into such a big fellow?” Yang Kai said with amazement, “Fierce.”

Then he suddenly thought of a possibility and said with a little excitement, “If a small snake can swallow it then I should not have any issues.”

“Well it can’t be said absolutely; after all, you are a human. If young master wants to confirm then as an experiment swallow the Monster Core first.”

“This proposal is good.” Yang Kai nodded.

He then went up to the snake’s body, cut it and before digging around inside and retrieving the Monster Core

The core was unexpectedly blood red in color as well. It was only the size of a pigeon’s egg and its inside contained some of the Congealing Blood Bead’s Energy.

Asking Old Demon to protect him, Yang Kai rubbed the Core on his clothes then directly placed it inside his pocket.

After revolving the True Yang Secret Art, Yang Kai then felt that there was some kind of energy entering his abdomen, which directly entered his body with a lot of evil Qi contaminating it. This must be the Qi of the young devil who died in this place.

In an instant Yang Kai’s body also became incomparably red and bright like blood and he seemed to be full of evil Qi.

Although he looked fearsome on the outside but on the inside there wasn’t much danger. Yang Kai felt his mind being affected briefly, but it became steady after some time. The True Yang Yuan Qi in his meridians was naturally opposed to the Yin nature of the evil Qi, so he naturally didn’t fear it.

The evil Qi was gradually burned under the revolution of True Yang Secret Art leaving behind only the essence.

The essence obtained was not of the Yang attribute, so it was unable to form Yang liquid and strangely enough it was not absorbed by the Unyielding Golden Body, but was absorbed by his flesh and blood making each cell to dance with joy from top to bottom, every muscle in his body kept moving with energy.

To consume the energy in the core, Yang Kai needed a day, and when he opened his eyes again his pupils flashed like lightning. Yang Kai felt that his whole body wasn’t the same as before.

It was not a promotion of his boundary nor was it an increase in his mental state but it was a change of his mortal body. His body was stronger than before absorbing the core. His vitality increased and his body had strengthened enough that he could do close combat without using much of his Yuan Qi.

“Young master, how do you feel?” Old Demon asked softly.

“I feel good, is the major function of the Congealing Blood Bead to improve a person’s body?”

“Naturally it is, the Young Devil’s essence is also able to help in the promotion of boundary but its major function is to strengthen the quality of the physique.”

“You said that it can also help in increasing boundary?”

Old Demon spoke with a haste, “Young master your understanding is quite shallow. The increase in boundary doesn’t only mean the promotion of boundary but it also mean strengthening of mortal body, deeper Yuan Qi, deeper understanding of martial arts and martial skills, various types of growth can be also called promotion of boundary. For example young master, if you compare yourself of now to the you of a few days ago, your physique is better, which has resulted in an increase of your boundary.

Yang Kai stared at him, then after pondering for a little while, he said, “Yes, what you said is correct, my understanding is quite shallow.”

“Young master after all is young and had not pondered over these things.” Old Demon said, not daring to claim credit.

When Yang Kai looked at that giant stone, it still contained three Congealing Blood Beads. Yang Kai didn’t hesitate at all, and directly put his hand on the first drop.

This Congealing Blood Bead seemed as if it could think on its own, it moved instantly, and directly snuck inside Yang Kai’s body

A much more violent energy compared to before exploded inside Yang Kai. Yang Kai couldn’t bear giving a disgruntled snort then hurriedly closed his eyes to sit in meditation.

In the following half a month, Yang Kai not only absorbed the energy in the three drops of Congealing Blood Bead, but he also drained the energy stored in the giant stone.

The vitality of his body had doubled compared to half a month before. His speed and strength also had a remarkable promotion.

Moreover he also broke through to the Qi Transforming Stage third layer.

Half a month later under Old Demon’s suggestion, Yang Kai used his hand to move the giant stone out of the way. He did it without using Yuan Qi and with only brute strength, but he was able to easily lift a 1500 kg stone.

Under the stone there was a cold tunnel which was flooded with dense black Qi. This was obviously the root cause of the demon Qi on the right peninsula of Red Cloud Island.

After being released, this dense fog of Demon Qi unexpectedly directly moved towards Yang Kai.

Old Demon gave a strange smile, “Little thing, the trick that this Old Man tried to play, unexpectedly you also want to try. You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

What Old Demon was referring to was obviously his and Yang Kai’s first awkward meeting in which Old Demon also tried to capture Yang Kai’s mortal body. At that time he used up all of his tricks but was still subdued by Yang Kai in the end.

While speaking he also changed into black fog and moved forward to meet it.

Two groups of black fog melted together, and immediately a war started inside the tunnel. In all the ruckus Yang Kai was unable to see anything. He didn’t even understand who was winning and who was losing but then thought that Old Demon was, after all, an Old Devil and he also boasted a lot so he shouldn’t have any problem.

After waiting for a long time, Yang Kai asked, “The immortal soul of this devil is also same as yours but why can it be preserved in the world?”

Old Demon appeared to be in a somewhat difficult position, “Young…..master, his……immortal soul has already collapsed but only some residual…..intent remains!”

Yang Kai knitted his brows and asked, “Is there a problem?”

Old Demon became embarrassed in an instant and said, “This old servant ……asks young master to give him a helping hand. This old servant’s tricks….. are unable to win against him.”

Yang Kai became speechless immediately, then putting on a serious face trying to suppress his laughter he asked, “Isn’t that a young devil? How are you unable to win against him?”

Listening to Yang Kai ridiculing him Old Demon was about to cry, “Yes yes, this young devil is good, but this old servant died earlier than him and my immortal soul was about to break while being sealed in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Young Master if you don’t help then I fear that this old servant will be swallowed by him.”

After hearing this, Yang Kai realised the gravity of the situation and asked, “How do I help?”

“This brat who doesn’t know good from bad, he just wants to occupy your body, you only need to leave him to his own devices and the same thing will happen as in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

(Rosy: As in when the Unyielding Golden Body showed Old Demon who was Boss)

This was simple to do, Yang Kai just opened his hand towards the tunnel.

In an instant, a cold aura flowed into him through his hand and crashed directly into his body. Yang Kai smiled without worry.

And really under the revolution of the True Yang Secret Art, this cold aura was burnt away and absorbed, which was followed by a miserable howling cry. After this cold energy was built up there was only some essence left which was absorbed by the Unyielding Golden Body.

With the assistance from Yang Kai, Old Demon was finally able to draw level with the weakening devil and finally after an hour he was able to get the winning side.

“Enough, it’s enough young master, now you can watch from the side, how this old servant swallows this little thing.” Old Demon hurriedly stopped him for fear that Yang Kai would rob him of even the Demon Qi

Then he whispered in his heart, [How is this young master able to absorb this energy? Doesn’t the young master practice a Yang attribute secret law? It really is strange.]

Hearing him say that Yang Kai also took back his hand from the tunnel and then ignored Old Demon. He started chewing the spirit medicine which he had found.

Yang Kai was knowledgeable about the spirit medicines that he had picked, and thus knew they didn’t contain any toxins. They were valuable and useful if refined into pills as they would be more effective.

However, at present he was basically in captivity. There was obviously no opportunity to have them refined. Although they could be preserved but he was presently unable to do so.

The war between Old Demon and that black fog continued all day long and finally stopped after the two groups of black fog had become one.

After this war, Old Demon strength increased greatly.

Old Demon said with a loud voice, “Many thanks, young master, this old servant was able to fulfil your expectations.”

Yang Kai coughed lightly.

While blushing Old Demon said, “I need to close up for a few days.”

(Rose: So weird, why would he blush?)

(luffy: because before he was too confident in himself. It’s like when you say you can easily do it and end up failing.)

Then, without waiting any longer he escaped into Yang Kai’s body.

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