Martial Peak

Chapter 1698 - Pang Zhen

Chapter 1698, Pang Zhen

After a brief silence, the sound of footsteps sounded from the wooden house. A moment later, a young man with delicate features walked out. This young man seemed to be only twenty years old and his cultivation was only Third-Order Saint King Realm. He stared at Yang Kai with hatred and dread, as well as incredulity, not understanding how he had been found so easily.

Looking at each other, Yang Kai wore a faint grin on his lips while the young man glared at him as if he was a dangerous predator.

“How did you find this King here?” The young man finally could not stand the silence and spoke. The current Yang Kai put a great deal of pressure on him, so he could no longer remain as calm as before, “This King is certain he left no clues that would give his presence away!”

“It really wasn’t easy to find you,” Yang Kai continued to smile lightly, “If it weren’t for your Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insects, I’m afraid I would never have found you.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai pointed his finger at the cultivators who had been imprisoned by him.

The young man’s expression turned gloomy as he glanced over at the subordinates he had implanted with Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insects to control, a look of annoyance flashing across his eyes.

He never anticipated that subduing a few temporary subordinates would actually lead to his demise.

He had already been extremely cautious this time, fleeing all the way to Sunrise Island to nurse his injuries. The strengths of the few people he subdued weren’t very high either, which should have made it impossible for anyone to notice or care about them, but Yang Kai had somehow managed to catch wind of him through them.

“Even so, if you want to kill this King, it will not be easy. You should understand that having already tried once. Why don’t we discuss terms?” The young man raised his chin slightly and proposed proudly.

“Not interested!” Yang Kai shook his head immediately.

The young man gawked as he asked, “If you don’t even listen to my proposal, how can you say you’re not interested? Aren’t you afraid you’ll regret it?”

“There is nothing to regret. Today, you must die!” Yang Kai sneered.

The young man snorted and laughed as he stared at Yang Kai sarcastically, “Little brat, you’d best not boast so shamelessly. Last time, this King was able to escape from you, and he can do it again today! However, if you swear to no longer interfere with this King’s business, this King can give you enough benefits to use for the rest of your life!”

“What can you, who only knows how to control Exotic Insects, give me?” Yang Kai snickered.

The young man’s face showed some surprise this time as his brow furrowed and he tentatively asked, “You know about this King’s background?”

“Whether I know or not doesn’t matter. Today, if I say you die, you must die!” Yang Kai snorted coldly and no longer bothered with any nonsense, reaching out his hand towards the young man.

“Bold!” The young man shouted as he did not even try to evade, instead choosing to rush straight at Yang Kai, pushing his Saint Qi wildly, seemingly intending to blow himself up.

He knew that he was not Yang Kai’s opponent at all with his current strength, so he never even considered keeping this body. Instead, he planned to self-destruct and disturb Yang Kai’s vision in hopes of finding an opportunity to escape.

Yang Kai just looked at him sarcastically. Without making any big movements, he just clenched his fist slowly.

World Energy quickly gathered around and imprisoned the young man. Suspended mid-air, unable to move, the young man found his Saint Qi had actually been suppressed and was unable to detonate.

The young man finally showed a look of fear in his eyes as he called out in horror, “What did you do?”

Just as he spat these words though, he seemed to think of something and his eyes bulged, screaming out at Yang Kai in the next instant, “You can manipulate the power of this star! Did you refine its Star Source?”

“Your Insect Emperor title is not undeserved; your vision is indeed sharp!” Yang Kai sneered as he clenched his fist tighter and tighter.

Accompanied by a dull explosion, the young man’s body burst into a cloud of blood fog, leaving behind only a distressed Soul which immediately tried to flee.

The last time Yang Kai and Qian Tong joined forces, they were unable to eliminate the Insect Emperor, but Yang Kai had since become the Star Master of Shadowed Star and prepared ahead of time, so how could the Insect Emperor escape death again?

With a single thought, Yang Kai sealed the surrounding hundred-metre space. No matter how the powerful Soul rushed about, it was unable to escape from the invisible barrier around him.

After a few failed attempts, the Insect Emperor realized his efforts were futile and so he stopped expending pointless effort. The Spiritual Energy condensed together and the Soul transformed from a glowing ball into a vague figure which floated in the air.

This figure glared at Yang Kai gloomily as his avatar fluctuated slightly, like a flickering flame, and quickly shouted, “This King admits his punishment is deserved, now tell me, what benefits do you want in order to set this King free!”

Yang Kai curled his lips and reached out to seize this Soul Avatar.

The Insect Emperor couldn’t avoid it at all, and his Soul was directly caught in the palm of Yang Kai’s hand.

Even struggling fiercely, he was unable to free himself from Yang Kai’s control, only able to curse loudly and yell hysterically.

Yang Kai clenched his hand tightly and with one last piercing scream, the Soul of the Insect Emperor exploded into nothingness and disappeared completely.

A verdant coloured sabre, which had been shrunk down countless times, and a small exquisite bracelet materialized then and fell into Yang Kai’s palm.

Both of these items exuded a malevolent Emperor Pressure. The bracelet at least appeared normal, but the tiny sabre artifact exuded a strange force that cut apart Yang Kai Divine Sense when he tried to probe it.

Emperor Artifacts!

Yang Kai raised his brow as he revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

He currently had no shortage of artifacts, even possessing two Emperor Artifacts: The offensive Annihilation Thunder Bead and the Sealed World Bead.

These two Emperor Artifacts were part of the core inheritance of Star Emperor Mountain.

Now, suddenly obtaining two more, Yang Kai was overjoyed.

No one disliked having more treasures, especially when those treasures were Emperor Artifacts!

This tiny deep green sabre that could cut through Spiritual Energy was naturally familiar to Yang Kai, as the Insect Emperor had used it last time to escape. Yang Yan had called it the Soul Splitting Saber, a fitting name.

As for the small bracelet, Yang Kai did not know what it was or what purpose it served.

Trying to examine it with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found there was an invisible barrier around it, one that completely prevented his probing!

Realizing this, Yang Kai could only give up for now. However, he was not discouraged, after all, this bracelet was an artifact the Insect Emperor used, so the barrier protecting it would not be easily broken.

Although Yang Kai could not understand the function of this bracelet, he felt a fierce power pulsing from it, one that frightened him somewhat.

After fiddling with it for a while, Yang Kai put the Soul Splitting Saber and the strange bracelet away as he did not have time to refine these two things right now.

Just after finishing this, Yang Kai noticed a powerful aura rapidly approaching him from the centre of the island.

Obviously, the leaders in charge of Sunrise Island had noticed his aura fluctuations just now and were coming to investigate.

Yang Kai didn’t try to leave immediately, instead choosing to stand still and wait.

A short time later, a burly man fell from the sky. He was quite tall and had a wild-looking face that gave him a naturally imposing appearance. People would likely feel intimidated just by standing in front of him.

There was a long scar on the man’s face extending from his brow to his chin, adding to the ferocity of his looks.

After the man arrived and saw the blood on the ground, he could not help furiously shouting, “Bastard, how dare you act so impudently on my Sunrise Island!”

Saying so, he sent a palm towards Yang Kai.

This man was a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm comparable in strength to the old Qian Tong or Fei Zhi Tu. With his bulging muscles, the moment he sent out this palm, the space around his hand seemed to cave in and crack.

Even a cultivator in the same realm that was hit by the palm would have at least a dozen broken bones.

Yang Kai frowned seeing this, and although he was a little displeased with the other party not even trying to clarify the situation before attacking, he quickly recalled that he was an uninvited guest here, so he didn’t pay it too much mind. With a casual wave of his hand, Yang Kai neutralized the burly man’s palm and sent him flying backwards.

Experiencing this, the burly man gawked towards Yang Kai right up until the moment he hit the ground with a loud thud, no longer daring to act too arbitrarily.

He realized that Yang Kai had no intention to hurt him, otherwise, he would not have escaped unscathed just now. With the means Yang Kai just showed him, this man was confident this young man could kill him in the blink of an eye if he wanted to.

As this terrifying thought surged deep in his heart, the burly man took a deep breath and pressed down the dread he was feeling before calling out, “May I ask Your Excellency’s name!”

Yang Kai grinned, cupped his fists, and said, “High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai!”

“High Heaven Sect…” The man thought for a while before his body shook violently and he called out in alarm, “Are you High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master Yang Kai?”

Although he lived on the Limitless Ocean, this man had obviously heard the names High Heaven Sect and Yang Kai before.

However, he never expected that the strength of this High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master to be this outrageous.

“And you are…?” Yang Kai asked, looking at him.

The man frowned but still answered promptly, “Sunrise Island’s Island Master, Pang Zhen!”

“So it is Island Master Pang, a pleasure to meet you!” Yang Kai cupped his fists in greeting.

Pang Zhen’s expression calmed down as he recovered from his initial shock. Although he was not Yang Kai’s opponent, he could not lose face for Sea Temple so he quickly said, “Sect Master Yang may be the respect Lord of High Heaven Sect, but my Sea Temple has neither grievance nor grudge with High Heaven Sect, so this Pang must ask why Sect Master Yang has come here and killed my Sea Temple’s disciples!”

As an Island Master, it was natural for Pang Zhen to maintain the safety of the cultivators on the island, so now that someone had died on his watch, he could not just ignore the situation, or his reputation and authority would be greatly damaged.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “Island Master Pang, forgive me, this Yang has not come here to kill indiscriminately. However, this man had to die. In truth, this Yang came here specifically to hunt him down!”

“Can Sect Master Yang explain more thoroughly?” Pang Zhen couldn’t help relaxing somewhat when he saw Yang Kai respond so politely.

“Naturally!” Yang Kai smiled slightly and began informing Pang Zhen about the situation.

Pang Zhen was shocked when he heard this explanation and somewhat could not believe what Yang Kai was saying, instinctually thinking that Yang Kai was just making up an excuse.

Knowing that he had doubts though, Yang Kai simply smiled and said, “Island Master Pang will understand after looking at these things.”

Saying so, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pulled one of the cultivators he had previously imprisoned over to him.

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