Martial Peak

Chapter 163 – The Unconscious Female Apprentice

Chapter 163, The Unconscious Female Apprentice

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“I know…” Yang Kai nods with a serious look plastered on his face.

“If you truly cannot suppress the urges, you can look to release it with other women,” Su Yan’s long eyelashes slightly shivered but her face remained serious.

“No, I’m not a pervert!” Yang Kai forced a smile.

Su Yan slowly shook her head, “You don’t understand… when the urges emerge, the unbearable pain that occurs without you beside me… I looked for you two days ago, but I noticed Junior Sister Xia hiding nearby. Unable to bear it any further, I knocked her out… I just hope she won’t be angry at me when she wakes up.”

“Is it that bad?” Yang Kai’s brows wrinkled. He was aware of Su Yan’s temperament and willpower. For a pure and cold woman like her to seek him out, she must have truly reached the limit of her endurance.

“It’s overwhelming, both physically and mentally. I couldn’t stop trembling,” Su Yan’s voice turned even sterner, “I understand this, so I’m not against you looking for another woman to deal with your urges.”

Since Yang Kai had not experienced the full effects of this uncontrollable urge, he could not have full assurance to counter its effects. Thus, he did not rebuke.

Su Yan shrunk closer to Yang Kai’s chest as her eyes landed on the female on the other side. “Junior Sister Xia is a good candidate. I believe that she truly cares for you and although her face is covered with a veil, there is no doubt that she is astonishingly beautiful. Furthermore, she’s not weak, not to mention that she’s kind and gentle. You should get closer to her, let her stay in your embrace to comfort you when I’m not here…”

“Please say no more… I fear that the consequences can be direr than you think,” Meng Wuya came into Yang Kai’s mind.

“How would you know?”

Yang Kai explained the whole situation where he had obtained the Nine Yin Dew Crystals at the valley, but he conveniently left out the details about the kiss he had with Xia Ning Chang. It was not that he wished to keep secrets from Su Yan, but he did not want to tarnish the Junior Sister’s reputation.

“I see… So I should also thank her…” Su Yan listened to the story and developed a favourable impression of Xia Ning Chang. Although Yang Kai gave her the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, she still gave Yang Kai a portion.

“When she wakes up, so long as we explain ourselves, she will not place any blame on you,” Yang Kai consoled Su Yan, once again forcing a smile.

“Mhm, I know.”

They hugged each other into the night, chatting about each other’s experiences and personal matters. They did so for four days, then Su Yan got up to get dressed.

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“I should leave now,” Su Yan genuinely felt that her departure was always a form of tempering of her mental state as well as a test.

“Wait a moment!” Yang Kai pointed to a corner within the cave, to the roots of the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, “Before you leave, deposit some of your True Yuan there.”

“What is this thing?” Su Yan squatted down to look closer at the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng. “It can smile at me! Is this a plant that obtained Heaven Spirituality?”

“It is a Heavenly Spiritual Herb that absorbs Yin and Yang Qi to survive. Since this place contains only Yang Qi, it needs to absorb your Yin Qi to balance it out.”

Su Yan did not hesitate. She stretched out her hand to gently touch the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng and inserted her True Yuan Qi into it. When the Heavenly Spiritual Herb felt the Yin Qi flood into its system, its expression turned even more jovial. Afterwards, Su Yan withdrew her hands, stood up and hugged Yang Kai. She enjoyed his embrace for a short while, then turned around to leave.

As Su Yan was vanishing, Yang Kai suddenly recalled an important matter. He quickly asked, “When will Junior Sister Xia wake up?”

“Dawn.” Su Yan was already distant and fleeting.

(Icicle: Damn….That was one hell of a knockout, more like induced coma)

Su Yan did not take Xia Ning Chang with her because she wished for Yang Kai to make advances on her while she was unconscious. She would be clueless, free of worries that Yang Kai may have done anything untoward. He could more than easily conceive a lie to convince her to forgive him anyway. Besides, they would be able to communicate better and become closer to one another.

As Su Yan left the Cave Mansion, she stood atop the Coiling Dragon Steam and turned to look back at its entrance. When she realised her actions, Su Yan turned red with shame. She felt guilty and restless at the same time. She thought of herself as a terrible person. She felt like she only looked for Yang Kai when she wishes to vent her lust. After she has had her fill, she contentedly left him. She tried to convince herself that this wasn’t the case, torn apart by its grey area of morality. Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s forehead dripped with sweat as he stood rooted to the ground. He just remembered an important matter which he had completely forgotten: Xia Ning Chang’s unique physique!

Su Yan had told him of the anaesthetics she used on Xia Ning Chang. However, Su Yan does not even have the faintest clue of Xia Ning Chang’s unique physique!

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Xia Ning Chang had a Spiritual Medicine Holy Body. She was capable of using her own body and cultivation technique to build up any form of energy into a type of pill. How was it possible that a master of pill-making like her would be drugged by some trivial anaesthetic? Even if she had fallen unconscious from it, she would definitely wake up much earlier than the dawn of today!

Yang Kai sweat like a running tap. His body became stiff as he froze at the entrance of the cave for nearly 2 hours, unable to walk back into the room in which Xia Ning Chang rested to face a certain awkward conversation. In fact, Yang Kai wished to drill himself into the core of the earth to remain hidden from any potential repercussions that involved his humiliation. It took a long time for this feeling to lessen, allowing Yang Kai to make small mechanical movements again. Step by step, Yang Kai slowly inched his way back into the stone chamber.

The stone chamber still kept a moist and fragrant sensation. As Yang Kai moved even closer to Xia Ning Chang, he could very clearly feel her breath being a little heavier than before. This was a subtle change people would normally oversee, but it could no longer be hidden from Yang Kai’s focus.

[This is really awkward…]

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Yang Kai wipes the sweat off his forehead and braced himself. He slowly walked to Xia Ning Chang’s side and sat down. She had been lying down without moving a muscle, except for a chest that heaved faintly as she took breaths. Her perfectly petite body was taking up one side of the stone bed. With her slender legs fully extended down accompanied by her green dress, she looked like an exquisite spring plant decoration.

Yang Kai stared at her and did not blink. He noticed that Xia Ning Chang’s breathing had gotten heavier. Her heart was beating faster, washing her cheeks with a light tint of red. Her eyelids subtly quivered.

“Hello…?” Yang Kai sighed as he bent down and approached Xia Ning Chang’s ears. In a soft voice, he calls for her, “Junior Sister Xia… Junior Sister Xia…” but the girl remained motionless; eyes still shut like she was still unconscious.

Yang Kai decided to provoke her and warned her, “I’m going to lift your veil…”

Yang Kai had never seen her full face due to the veil. Even during the kiss at Nine Yin Mountain Valley, she only lifted the veil to an angle to kiss him, maintaining her mysterious appearance. If Yang Kai were to claim that he was not interested in how she looks like, it would be a lie. It was impossible not to be curious, but he was not curious enough to ask her to display it.

Yang Kai slowly reached for the veil. He knew that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This entire time, Yang Kai had been observing every detail of Xia Ning Chang’s body language and whatever little facial expressions she had; looking out for any minute changes. However, even when the veil was about to be removed, Xia Ning Chang did not resist.

(Silavin: I’m sure she wishes for you to go on the aggressive here 😀)

[You can still endure this?!] Yang Kai praised her steely fortitude in maintaining the lie.

After trying more methods to only end up with her still pretending to sleep, Yang Kai let go of her veil and gave a strange grin. “Junior Sister, since you aren’t going to wake up, I would like to, ahem…” Yang Kai purposefully made his last word feel heavier in impact; spoken in a special tone, it was obvious what he meant.

(Silavin: XD Gosh! they still need to explain it in detail!)

Yang Kai opened up his fingers like claws. He slowly traced them over her lower abdomen as the girl suffered a torturous itch. It was extremely difficult for Xia Ning Chang to control herself. Her body started to wiggle in hair-splitting measures, though they were noticeable. The corners of her mouth tightly sealed to form an obvious arc. Even then, she still refused to open her eyes; she continued acting unconscious.

Yang Kai continued his horrendous torture for a long time before pretending to grope her, only to be ignored once again.

“Alright… it seems that you really are unconscious…” Yang Kai admitted defeat after Xia Ning Chang displayed her unyielding will. The boy sighed faintly, “Junior Sister, sleep well. When dawn arrives we both will hopefully remember nothing…”

Yang Kai walked to the entrance of the cave to sit down in meditation.

Further into the night until dawn, there was no word from her. Yang Kai stood up and walked back to the side of the bed again. Since she had been maintaining this specific straight posture of hers for such a long time, Yang Kai was a little worried her body had become sore, so he altered her position by hand. He then left the cave and climbed out of the Coiling Dragon Stream.

For Yang Kai, he felt at ease now, whether Xia Ning Chan was awake or not. With her pure and kind temperament, he was confident that she would not use the information on him and Su Yan against him.

Within High Heaven Pavilion, when walking towards the Contribution Hall, Yang Kai was welcomingly greeted by Meng Wuya, “Little Yang Kai!”

(Silavin: Seriously? Xiao Yang Kai???)

Yang Kai’s quickly turned pallid as he quickly feigned ignorance. He quickened his movement and hastily disappeared from sight as though he had not heard anything.

“Why was he running?” Meng Wuya thought to himself as his brows wrinkled. He could not recall a time when he had offended the boy for him to behave this way. Yang Kai’s mind was still muddled from last night.

“Greetings, Treasurer Meng!” a big crowd of Heaven Pavilion Disciples saluted Meng Wuya with respect. When he had displayed his strength against the whole Blood Battle Gang sect, everyone understood that they had misjudged this lecherous storekeeper. Before the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance appeared, they would never have shown such respect towards this perverted old man. Everyone had the impression that he was a simple, perverted small storekeeper; but now that his power was well known and out in the open, how could these disciples possibly dare act dissolutely in front of him? They could only hold their breaths as they became as obedient as pets in front of Meng Wuya.

Noticing that Meng Wuya did not pursue him, Yang Kai relaxed. He walked into the Martial Skills Pavilion and saw many people gathering. He stood there and listened for a moment, trying to understand the whole situation.

After the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance incident, many disciples managed to obtain a variety of Martial Skills or Cultivation Techniques. High Heaven Pavilion was interested in collecting these Martial Skills and Cultivation Techniques, meaning that Disciples could pass their findings over to the school for Contribution Points in return. Moreover, High Heaven Pavilion was not cheap with their rewards. However, this was not only done by High Heaven Pavilion. Bloody Battle Gang and Storm House both also made similar measure to reel in their Disciples to trade their Martial Skills or Cultivation Techniques.

Although Yang Kai had obtained two different sets of Martial Skills (Burning Sun’s Blast and Star Mark), he did not have the least bit of intention in turning either of them in. This was particularly so for Star Mark, which was his special killing strike!

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