Martial Peak

Chapter 154 – Evil Cultivation Technique?

Yang Kai only sighed. He sat down in front of Su Yan and sighed again, “Su Yan, you are not acting like a Senior Sister right now.”

“You are already addressing me directly by my name, what’s the point of behaving like a Senior Sister?”

Yang Kai was dumbfounded. Who would have thought that a woman who put up such a cold front would have the gift of the gab?

[Are all women like this?] Yang Kai wondered.

Such small talk gave the both of them an opportunity to connect with one another.

Yang Kai bitterly smiled and raised his hands as though he had surrendered and continued, “Alright, alright, consider me mistaken.”

When Su Yan noticed his glibness, she decided to be serious and changed topics and said, “Since we have both decided to do this, let’s start.”

Yang Kai noticed that she was more anxious than before, but he stayed silent.

“What am I supposed to do?” Yang Kai asked.

“Start revolving your Yang Cultivation Technique,” Su Yan instructed before she closed her eyes and began to revolve her Ice Heart Secret Art. Soon, a cold, chilling air was emitting from her.

Watching Su Yan revolve her Cultivation Technique made Yang Kai follow suit quickly with his own. With the True Yang Secret Art revolving, Yang Kai could feel the burning hot Yang Yuan Qi flood through his Meridians.

When both of them started revolving their cultivation technique, the hall they sat in seemed to respond. A loud bang could then be heard, which lingered faintly while they continued. Noticing the response, Su Yan’s face was replaced with delight. She had understood that her conclusion was right, that she needed Yang Kai to obtain this Inheritance.

Over time, the ball of energy that suspended over their heads started to descend as if a hand was lightly and slowly pressing down on it.

Both figures of the Dragon and Phoenix within the ball of energy started to transform non-stop. They would appear for a second before disappearing again. This whole process repeated itself blindingly and rapidly as it slowly made their forms clearer over time.

Within half an hour of their revolution, the ball of energy had fallen between both Yang Kai and Su Yan. As the Dragon and the Phoenix started to vibrate more, their forms also became more apparent. They were flashing more and more intensely as the red and white portions of the ball continued to interact with each other, producing a bright ray of light.

Suddenly, the Dragon roared and the Phoenix then cried, and the ball burst into two separate forms. They quickly turned into a Fire Dragon and an Ice Phoenix respectively, then crashed into Yang Kai and Su Yan’s bodies. Both of them shuddered in pain as the figures entered.

When the Fire Dragon entered Yang Kai’s body, he discovered that his Meridians were now filled with boundless Yang Energy. It also seemed like new information was delivered to his mind, too.

Afraid to neglect the energy in his body, Yang Kai forced his own True Yang Secret Art to revolve faster. He wanted to quickly turn the excess Yang energy into Yang Liquid but was surprised to find that he was unable to do so.

Soon, he could feel his five senses become sharper. Yang Kai could smell the obvious fragrance that surrounded Su Yan. It was like honey to a bee, causing Yang Kai to find Su Yan irresistible, his heartstrings pulled every time he took another breath of her smell. His heartbeat accelerated as he continued to sniff. Within a few seconds, his dragon welled up due to his primitive urges.

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[What is this?] Yang Kai could not help but question. His whole mind seemed to be stuck in confusion after he examined the information he received from the Fire Dragon moments ago. With it, Yang Kai opened his eyes to look at Su Yan, baffled.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the beautiful Su Yan was pale. Her gentle and graceful body seemed to be freezing as she shivered uncontrollably.

Although cultivating the Ice Heart Secret Art required a cold environment to cultivate, the chill she was experiencing right now far exceeded what she could handle. Yang Kai could also obviously feel the heat within his body quickly exceeding the limits that he could handle too.

Shortly after, Su Yan also opened her eyes. Her dazzling pupils seemed to radiate a certain charm to Yang Kai, as her pale cheeks blushed lightly. Her breathing had become somewhat ragged as her gaze seemed to turn into that of a lover.

Right now, Yang Kai understood the feelings they had for each other. It was as though they eternally longed for the power within the other person.

Yang Kai wished to soothe the heat and dryness within himself with the coldness that Su Yan had. Similarly, Su Yan wished to soothe her ice cold body with the heat from Yang Kai. Their desires were not only from their own body but also from the Dragon and the Phoenix. However, it seemed that the desire allowed both of them to maintain their own consciousness, enabling them to resist their urges.

“This is the Inheritance that we wished for, Su Yan.” Yang Kai opened his mouth to speak and to lick his lips. His throat was dry as he looked at Su Yan with eyes red with desire. He wanted so very much to quench his thirst.

“I know…” Su Yan clenched her teeth as her face seemed unwilling to accept the fact of the Inheritance. She was still well aware that this Inheritance can be obtained only with two people. It would force the two of them to have some special connection with each other, but never would she have thought that the Inheritance would turn out to be something like this. Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, it was a Cultivation Technique that entered their minds.

Although Su Yan could not verify the rank of this Cultivation Technique, she could tell that it was obviously greater than her Ice Heart Secret Art. The Ice Heart Secret Art was considered a Mystery Rank Cultivation Technique, but it could not handle the cold that the Ice Phoenix instilled in her body. However, the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art could.

“Isn’t this a Dual Cultivation Technique?” Yang Kai could not help but ask as his heart seemed to stop for a moment.

“Erm…” Su Yan replied but her answer felt dreamy. The noise that she made, down to the tone she produced all seemed to be perfect, which only made Yang Kai desire her even more.

“Isn’t this considered an Evil Cultivation Technique?” Yang Kai seemed depressed as he spoke. Although his desires to cultivate with Su Yan was not merely caused by the Yang energy, if this was an Evil Cultivation Technique, there might be some detrimental effects.

(ICE: Sex is not evil…it is the cause of such an act that could be)

Su Yan could not help but smile in comfort when the boy looked depressed. Unconsciously, she swayed her body from side to side amorously, showing off her curves while trembling. “A Dual Cultivation Technique does not necessarily mean it is an Evil Cultivation Technique. Gathering Yin to supplement Yang and gathering Yang to supplement Yin is an Evil Cultivation Technique!”

Usually, Su Yan would be embarrassed to discuss this topic with a man. However, her abilities to judge right now was at best impaired, and she had no qualms with sharing her thoughts. Nonetheless, she was still embarrassed as her face still blushed past the paleness.

Currently, she was not the arrogant, strong and beautiful woman that the three sects worshipped as a goddess. She was now merely a woman who desired hot Yuan Qi to flow inside her body.

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“Su Yan…” Yang Kai could not help but call out in desperation.

“…” Su Yan whole face seemed to be in pain as she silently shook her head.

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Yang Kai could not help but sigh, “We can try to transfer some energy within our bodies to each other.”

When Su Yan heard his words, she bowed down in gratitude. If Yang Kai had wished to pursue the matter any further, she doubted that she would be able to resist the temptation. Even with his suffering, he was still patient and kind enough to respect her will. In return, Su Yan could only show her gratitude.

The two simultaneously closed their eyes and started to revolve their respective Cultivation Techniques again in an attempt to build up the cold and hot energy within their bodies.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai discovered that the more he tried to build up the hot energy within his body, the more dreadful and powerful it became. The emotions and desires within him were only getting harder to resist. The fragrance from Su Yan became so strong that thoughts of filth invaded his mind as he savoured them helplessly.

Soon, Yang Kai’s skin turned entirely red. It was as if his whole body was a heated piece of iron. His body was even producing steam as he squinted his eyes in pain. However, the youth had decided not to make any moves as long as Su Yan did not wish for it.

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The Fire Dragon within his body seemed to be getting angry with Yang Kai’s adamant resistance. It gave out a roar, causing Yang Kai to almost lose consciousness as his eyes turned even redder and his heartbeat raced like he had just run a marathon. Each beat seemed like a powerful drum, strong and clear, sending out heat waves each time. He could feel the blood throbbing beneath his skin.

The only thing that was on his mind right now was being in Su Yan’s embrace, cooling the heat within his body. Su Yan also felt the same. Although it was not her wish, she wanted to soothe the freezing coldness with the heat from Yang Kai. This was the strongest aphrodisiac that could possibly exist; torturing them and fabricating a strong desire to be together. No matter how strong and iron-willed they were, their adamance will lose to their desires.

When Yang Kai’s consciousness vanished entirely, his desire quickly suppressed itself.

It was his Golden Skeleton. Yang Kai’s own resolve and pride had activated it. Soon, a comfortable feeling flowed through his body and his own consciousness slowly restored, but as he awoke, he heard an amorous moan that caused his heart flutter.

When he snapped his eyes open, Yang Kai was greeted with the sight of Su Yan. Her complexion was ghost pale from the coldness but her face was still flushed with bright red. Her pearl white teeth were nipping on her salacious lips. Her long eyelashes quivered as her whole body shook involuntarily.

“Su Yan! Su Yan!” Yang Kai could not help but shout her name in anxiousness.

Even when her whole body was trembling, Su Yan clenched her teeth, “I can continue to resist. So, don’t give up.”

“Em!” Yang Kai nodded and continued to furiously build up the burning hot Yang Energy within his body.

It was only thanks to the Golden Skeleton that Yang Kai could manage to maintain his sobriety. Else, he would have acted on instinct!

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