Martial Peak

Chapter 147 – The Place of True Inheritance

“This old servant would never dare to do so!” The Old Demon said submissively and promptly. “Young Master, that little girl who helped you a moment ago, has got quite a decisive personality, she gave a good blow.”

“What are you implying?”

“This old servant has taken a liking to her. If Young Master gives his permission, this old servant can train her for a few years and she will be a big boost to Young Master for sure!”

“I do not like her!” Yang Kai said coldly.

“Everything will be as Young Master decides.” Old Demon didn’t dare say anything else and just sighed, thinking how it was a pity.

The death of Nie Yong took Hu Mei Er by surprise, and the disciples of the High Heaven Pavilion recovering on the side were also surprised. They only heard the angry howl of Yang Kai and saw the desperate run of Nie Yong, who was being followed by a black fog, and while Nie Yong retaliated, Lan Chudie gave him a sneak attack which stopped Nie Yong from escaping.

It was almost as if everyone had a question mark hanging over their heads, unable to react to such a bizarre situation.

At this moment, the huge Turtle Monster Beast gave out its last cry of misery and dropped to the ground. All the disciples surrounding its lifeless body gave a loud cheer.

Hu Jiao Er chuckled with satisfaction, then said, “Fang Ziji, looks like the final strike was dealt by me.”

Fang Ziji replied in a depressed voice, “You were so shameless, so what was the point of that bet?”

Hu Jiao Er smirked and taunted, “Looks like someone can’t accept his loss.”

Fang Ziji flared up. “Who can’t accept a loss?! If you did not attack it when I was in shock, you wouldn’t have won this easily. You’re a woman, I will not lower myself to your level!”

“Well, it seems to me like you just don’t want to accept your loss.” Hu Jiao Er commented.

On hearing this, Fang Ziji’s face turned red from shame. He replied and changed the topic, “I don’t want to argue with you, the main priority is acquiring the Monster Core.”

While speaking, Fang Ziji inserted his hand into the forehead of the Monster Beast, searching for its core. In just a few moments, he fished out a brown coloured Monster Core dripping with blood.

Staring at the Monster Core in his hand, Fang Ziji felt thrilled and exclaimed, “The Core of a Peak Sixth Realm Monster Beast, how much would it sell for?”

Long Jun looked at him lightly then said in a soft voice, “Elder Brother Fang was not thinking of having sole possession of it, was he?”

The Core was the most precious object in the body of a Monster Beast. For this one, its shell also had a very high value because it could be used as a refining material, but the shell was huge, so at present who would be capable of carrying it out of here?

At this moment everyone was focused on Fang Ziji. “I was just thinking of doing so.” Fang Ziji said lightly and calmly.

Long Jun took a fighting stance in response. On the contrary, Hu Jiao Er looked at him with a face full of smiles.

“But I do not dare to do so!” Fang Ziji said curling his lips, “If I took it all for myself would you let me leave?”

Hearing this Long Jun contemptuously smiled, “Elder Brother Fang is a sensible person after all.”

“Does anyone have any idea how we will split this Monster Core amongst ourselves?” Fang Ziji turned his head to look at everyone who helped fight this Turtle Monster Beast. All the other Monster Beasts were hunted separately by everyone, so it wasn’t a problem, but everyone had collaborated to kill this Monster Beast, so everyone having a share was natural.

Everyone became silent and started to ponder on how they would divide the Monster Core.

Perhaps the only way was to turn it into cash, then dividing it equally between all three Sects.

Long Jun thought about it and wanted to present his idea when Fang Ziji suggest, “This victory was all thanks to the help of junior brother Yang, how about we let him decide about it?”

Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised to hear that from Fang Ziji, so he himself, standing a few feet away, started to ponder it himself.

Long Jun said in dissatisfaction, “He may have been the one to damage the beast heavily, but in this fight the Bloody Battle Gang also helped, and a lot of disciples were injured by it, so it is only given that we will need some type of compensation, don’t we?”

Fang Ziji said pointing at the body of the Tortoise Monster Beast, “If you want, you can take the shell. My Storm House will not stop you.”

Hearing such words Long Jun became speechless and was exasperated. That tortoise shell was almost pristine despite all the attacks that pelted it, so it was no doubt that it would be an excellent raw material, but at present who would be able to cut it to carry it out away?

During the debate, Fang Ziji’s complexion changed suddenly and he threw the Monster Core. Instead of falling to the ground, the Core started spinning in mid-air.

With the spin, a strange suction was activated and it started attracting things from all directions. From Fang Ziji’s inner upper pockets, two more Cores flew out.

It was same for Hu Mei Er and Long Jun.

The Monster Core that was hidden in Xie Hongchen’s chest pocket also flew out.

These Cores were collected when the three sects killed the other eight Monster Beasts. They had obtained them with great difficulty and with the help of many people. They were not even able to look at them properly since their efforts were now being taken away.

The eight Monster Cores formed a strange pattern and were all spinning around the newest one, which belonged to the Turtle Monster Beast. With its revolution, a dark strength was pulled from the entire Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. This pull caused everything to shake violently. Within all the chaos, a giant dark vortex appeared in the sky. It’s sudden arrival made everyone present tremble with fear.

Nobody knew what was happening, except for the Old Demon, who was exploding in excitement. His cheery voice was heard in Yang Kai’s mind, “The Grave of Beast Souls!”

Yang Kai suddenly realised that the Old Demon knew about this place, so he hurriedly asked, “Tell me about it.”

Old Demon said, “Young Master, I finally understand. Originally, this place was sealed with nine Monster Beasts. They were all only a test. If all of them were not killed, then this phenomenon would not be triggered. Now that all the Monster Beasts have died, the requirement has been met for the phenomenon to occur. This formation will absorb the cores of these nine Monster Beasts and will give you a reward.

“A reward?”

“It’s the thing that is hidden in the clouds above!” The Old Demon said slowly. “Yes, it looks like that, and according to this old servant’s estimate, that is the genuine inheritance hidden here!”

“The inheritance!” Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. He turned his head to see that the vortex that appeared in the sky was getting bigger and bigger. That place looked like it was in chaos, and whoever dared to enter it would be swallowed whole.

The disciples of the three sects ran away like mice, and none dared to stand underneath it.

“Yes, that should be the case.” The Old Demon continued, “After all, this place was the host of a humongous war, and many experts died here and left behind many inheritances. But it looks like there might have been a supreme expert, and he has probably hidden his inheritance in the sky.”

Yang Kai became enlivened.

“Young Master, you need to hurry away from this formation. It can affect you.” The Old Demon warned.

Yang Kai did not heed the Old Demon, but instead looked at Hu Mei Er who was still standing beside him and said, “Tell your elder sister to make everyone move as far as they can away from the vortex.”

Hu Mei Er nodded her head and dashed towards Hu Jiao Er.

Then Yang Kai shouted at the disciples of High Heaven Pavilion, “If you don’t want to die, then move at least five kilometres away from here!”

Many people ignored him despite his loud warning.

Yang Kai didn’t care about them. He had already warned them, it is now up to them to decide whether they want to listen or not. Without worrying any further, Yang Kai himself started to retreat quickly.

Su Yan glanced at him, then turned around to order without hesitation, “Disciples of High Heaven Pavilion, withdraw to a five-kilometre distance from here!” Her words had a heavier weight. Everyone hurried to retire in the same direction as Yang Kai.

At the other side, Hu Jiao Er had received her little sister’s message and also issued the order of retreat.

Fang Ziji looked at Yang Kai like he was measuring him, then said while laughing, “We will also move back!”

The disciples of the three sects ran with lightning speed and stopped at a distance of five kilometres.

They turned around to see that the nine Monster Beast cores were exuding a dazzling light. It looked like there was a mysterious relationship between all of them. With the continuous revolution of the Monster Cores, the vortex in the sky did not stop expanding.

A huge suction was still spreading from the vortex, such that the corpse of the Turtle Monster Beast had started floating in the air, the vortex rapidly pulling it. When the corpse flew into the vortex, it left behind no trace.

This caused everyone to be struck with fear.

If they had not withdrawn to the suggested distance, they would have suffered a similar fate to the Tortoise Monster Beast’s corpse.

Rejoicing, many people turned to look at Yang Kai, their faces filled with admiration.

A strong wind blew, flapping everyone’s clothing violently. Many people were still frightened. A lot of the group who had entered for the inheritance were from the younger generations and did not have much experience. There were many people who hadn’t even left their sects for a long period of time, so how could they see such a scene without flinching?

“Do we need to draw back more?” Su Yan came beside Yang Kai and queried.

Yang Kai looked at her then shook his head. Su Yan sighed with relief on Yang Kai’s confirmation.

“About Nie Yong, you don’t need to worry. I will report it personally to the Elder Assembly.”

“Thanks,” Yang Kai nodded his head.

Yang Kai had only killed Nie Yong just a few moments ago. It happened very quickly, but how could Su Yan miss such a scene? There was nothing more on the matter to investigate.

“There’s something in the sky!” Suddenly, shocked voices were heard from everyone.

Yang Kai turned his gaze quickly to the sky alongside everyone else, only to find a golden light glittering from within the vortex. That golden light was dazzling, illuminating everything around it. It was like a hand that tore the sky open, showing the treasure hidden within.

Amongst the sea of people and widespread confusion, someone could be loudly heard yelling, “What is that?!”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and looked closer at the light in the sky.

At the top of where the light originated, he thought he saw the shadow of an angel standing at the corner of a house. From within, something was gradually descending.

A little more time passed, and Yang Kai discovered that it was not the corner of a house, but stairs; golden stairs that shimmered with the brightest hint of value.

These stairs were very long, with landings in between them. These stairs gradually came into everyone’s view.

The descent of the golden stairs was sluggish. Along with it, the vortex also began to fluctuate.

After waiting for a few minutes, more steps appeared in the vortex, but after some time they were unable to discern the difference between them.

“Old Demon, is this the inheritance which you mentioned?” Yang Kai asked in his mind.

“Young Master, I do not know what inheritance is hidden in there. It can only be obtained if you are able to pass its test. Looking at those steps, if it is what this old servant thinks it is, then they are at least ten thousand in number, which means that climbing them would be the final test. Since ten thousand is only this old servant’s estimate, it is possible that there would fewer or more than expected.”

Yang Kai started to mull over it. Although the inheritance had revealed itself, they would need to start climbing to know how long it will take to get to the top. He stopped thinking about it after a while as there was a more pressing matter.

Currently, Yang Kai’s strength would be in the lower range among these 700-800 disciples, so would he even have a chance at claiming the inheritance?

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