Martial Peak

Chapter 138 – Benefits of The Short-Term.

Chapter 138, Benefits of The Short-Term.

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Yang Kai felt greedy at the thought of the power of these Martial Skills, but he refused to let it drive him.

After going through so many Martial Skills, the old man felt terrified that Yang Kai was not pleased.

“Young Hero, there is one Martial Skill that I cannot remember. I’m not lying!”

“If you are only able to give me such evil Martial Skill techniques, what’s the use of keeping you alive?” Yang Kai spoke in a foreboding voice. Whatever the old man has to offer would be evil since he himself is an evil cultivator.

“Young Hero, please repress your anger. I will try my best to remember! Having just woken up caused my memory to be chaotic. I need time to recall. Just give me a little bit of time. Just a little bit more and I will be able to remember something that is satisfactory.”

“I’ll only give you one more chance, so you best make good use of it!”

“Yes. I will certainly not disappoint.”

Yang Kai did not bother to respond to the old man again. The Martial Skills would require time to practice and he was in no rush to gain another. Likewise, the Old Man was too weak to escape Yang Kai now. Thus, he had no worries and could afford to wait.

Yang Kai took out the Golden Stone Baby from his bosom and revolved his Yuan Qi to feel the golden veins within; spying on its mysteries.

To know only the Burning Sun’s Blast places Yang Kai at a disadvantage. He needed to learn more Martial Skills for a variety of attacks. While Yang Kai was recuperating, he planned on cultivating his Second Martial Skill.

He needs to strengthen himself to fend off the bullies once he leaves the cave.

Within this Golden Stone Baby were 70-80 golden veins. This is very likely to be a Heaven Grade Martial Skill, maybe even a Mystery Grade Martial Skill!

Yang Kai took the daylight to memorize all the revolutions within the Golden Stone Baby. Similar to the previous Stone Baby, the Golden Stone Baby soon turned to ash once yang Kai took back his Yuan Qi.

For the rest of the day, the Old Man racked his brain to remember. Although he had thought of some other advantages he could provide, the Old Man did not dare interrupt as Yang Kai was in deep concentration. The Old Man could only panic in silence and wait within the Golden Skeleton.

Yang Kai did not bother with the Old Man as he was too busy concentrating on the Martial Skill technique he had received from the Golden Stone Baby. He sat cross-legged and revolved his True Yang Yuan Qi within his body, in accordance with the routes laid out by the Golden Stone Baby. Yet, after one revolution around his Meridians, Yang Kai had discovered that he did not experience the same sensation of discovery, unlike when he had first tried out Burning Sun’s Blast. Instead, he felt a faint backlash grazing the back of his hands, causing him to jerk in surprise.

Was the flow wrong? Yang Kai doubted.

That’s impossible. I clearly followed everything laid out by the Golden Stone baby without the slightest deviation.

Yang Kai revolves again and felt the same backlash.

What’s wrong? Isn’t this a Martial Skill? Why am I not feeling the same sensation as I did when I learned Burning Sun’s Blast?

Why does this Martial Skill seem so different from the rest?

Yang Kai thought as he inspected the mysteries surrounding this Martial Skill. He could not come up with an explanation, instead, only slowly practicing and feeling.

Yang Kai relaxed and revolved his Yuan Qi again. With each revolution, he felt the same exact backlash over and over, as though someone was beating it. However, he knew that it was harmless.

As more time was burned, Yang Kai had revolved his Yuan Qi 1000 times. On the 800th, he could felt soreness take over, but he could no longer detect the backlash.

When Yang Kai opened his eyes to look at the back of his hands, there was, shockingly, a myriad of designs. They were strange, and Yang Kai could only describe it as a starry night sky. When Yang Kai revolved his Yuan Qi, the little stars gloriously sparkled.

(Silavin: Think of it as constellations (Star Chart) on the back of his hands.)

What’s more, Yang Kai could clearly feel an invisible space opening up below his hands.

With a Yuan Qi revolution, space opens up while the little stars on the back of his hands shine gloriously. It felt like space was for storage.

After practicing for a little while longer, Yang Kai could not imagine a useful function this Martial Skill would provide. He could not even use it to kill an ant, let alone another cultivator.

Yang Kai continued rotating his Yuan Qi. Unanticipatedly the Star Chart burst out from his hands, and his fingertips had a faint glowing light, though incomparable to the constellation on the back of his hand, which irradiated the entire cave as though it was bathing in sunlight. Yang Kai then submerged his hand into the ground, and poured his Yuan Qi into the space, causing a ferocious tremor.

Realising what he had done, Yang Kai brightened up.

Although this Martial Skill was exceptionally consuming, the eruption of power that this Martial Skill caused was definitely much more powerful than that of which is caused by an ordinary bomb explosion. It was at least twice the lethality!

Yang Kai estimated that if he did not invest as much Yuan Qi as he did, the explosion would have been much tinier.

This Martial Skill is too strange! Yang Kai’s brows creased as he tried to determine the uses of this Martial Skill.

Suddenly, from inside his body, Yang Kai could hear a cautious and flattering voice call out. “Young Hero… Young Hero…”

Yang Kai’s squinted further as he ignored the voice and focused on the Martial Skill.

“Young Hero, I think I know what that Martial Skill is capable of. Do you care to listen?”

Without an immediate response, the Old Man was forced to wait anxiously. He impatiently wished to show his value to Yang Kai to convince the boy not to eviscerate his existence.

The Old Man could tell that Yang Kai had a firm and resolute disposition that most cannot hope to compare with. Besides, Yang Kai has a tendency to hide his true intentions with a façade, which caused the Old Man to shiver in anxiousness.

Even more, time passed, then Yang Kai opened his mouth, “What do you know? Speak.”

The Old Man did not complain, as he had an opportunity presented to him. Instead, he sounded extremely grateful and promptly clarified, “I am not sure what this Martial Skill is called. However, I recall watching someone use it. When you activate it, it will open up space which you and you alone can access. I believe that the might of this Martial Skill highly depends on how much Yuan Qi is deposited into this space.”

“Young Hero, you should be able to store Yuan Qi into this space over time and use it in an appropriate situation. This Martial Skill has powerful destructive capabilities but is difficult utilise. If no Yuan Qi is stored within this space, it will be harmless. When the space is used, all Yuan Qi you have garnered in it will fuel a powerful explosion, then you will need time to refill the space to use it again.”

The old man pressed on as he noticed Yang Kai’s attentiveness. “Though this Martial Skill can, practically, be used only once every battle, it is unnecessary to continuously practice to bolster it. All you need to do is regularly store Yuan Qi and, maybe if you get caught in a desperate situation, use it. Its might and power will certainly aid you in those times.”

Once he finished, the Old Man went dead silent, so as to avoid annoying Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s lips slowly curved into a wide smile. The old man’s explanation was similar to his own conclusion. However, it was more comprehensive and in-depth, allowing the boy to gain a deeper understanding of this Martial Skill.

Instead of the usual cultivation, this Martial Skill simply required him to store Yuan Qi and use it for an explosion!

How fortunate must he be to obtain such a Martial Skill perfect for one like himself!

Yang Kai could not help but chuckle in delight. Others would need to restore their Yuan Qi through normal means. Meanwhile, Yang Kai can do it through Yang Stones and store them as Yang Liquids inside his Dantian.

“I need to investigate this Martial Skill further, so do not disturb me.” Yang Kai warned the Old Man.

“Yes… I understand…”

“What you said was not enough for me to let you live. So, continue to think of what you can offer me!”

The Old Man felt bitterness. The way Yang Kai conducts himself was no different from an old cunning fox.

How he regretted his decision for trying to steal Yang Kai. But right now, the Old Man could only sigh as Yang Kai continued to concentrate on pouring Yuan Qi into the special space.

The speed in which he poured was absurd and unscrupulous as he did not have to worry about running out of Yuan Qi.

The Old Man initially wanted to remind the boy not to consume his Yuan Qi too quickly, as it will burden his mortal body. However, after Yang Kai’s words rung in his head, the Old Man decided to not say anything.

Humph! It was you who ordered me not to disturb you. So, I will not bother to remind you!

(Silavin: WTF, why do you sound like a sassy bitch all of a sudden?)

It’s much better if your Yuan Qi depletes! Then, I will look for an opportunity to leave your damn body. Boy, you can only blame your own ignorance for what is going to happen.

If Yang Kai wishes to cultivate back every bit of Yuan Qi he spends here, it would take at least 35 days!

Right now, he has spent nearly all the Qi he had by storing it in the space.

The Old Man realized that Yang Kai was weakening and continued to wait excitedly for a golden opportunity to escape this body, but before he could even begin to plan, Yang Kai instantly recovered his Qi and vitality again!

Who would have thought Yang Kai would completely regain his Yuan Qi and vitality once it was depleted?

What happened? The Old Man nearly went insane from this strange situation. In all his years, he had never seen something like this. He felt his heart pulsate as he could not believe what he was witnessing. Was he being delusional? No, it couldn’t be. Everything was too real to be an illusion. But he clearly felt the boy exhausting his Yuan Qi! How is it possible for him to restore it in a flash? He must have misread his amount of Qi. The Old Man consoled himself while he attentively observed Yang Kai with full attention.

As even more time elapsed, the Yuan Qi within Yang Kai’s body was completely gone as the Start Chart at the back of his hand flickered.

The Old Man now pledged his own Immortal Soul that he had truly seen the boy completely deplete his own Yuan Qi. He waited for a few seconds to continue observing Yang Kai and convinced himself that he in no way mistaken. Before he could think of his next move, however, the Old Man was struck like a wooden chicken and would only stare at the scene. Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi must have been utterly exhausted, but it had restored itself again, and the old man thought he had an infinite supply of Yuan Qi!

The Old Man felt an indescribable shock. He thought that he had seen everything. It was general knowledge that the Yuan Qi within a person, regardless of their cultivation level, would at least require time to fully restore!

If everyone could restore themselves as Yang Kai did, what would happen to the world?

Just what kind of Martial Technique did this boy cultivate to go against heaven’s will?

The old man could only helplessly look at Yang Kai with dread and despair. With the ability to fully restore his Yang Qi whenever he likes, what kind of terrorist would this boy grow to be in the future? Coupled especially with the perfect Martial Skill, he could easily unleash explosion after explosion with no concern for his Yuan Qi! His battle efficiency would perhaps be greater than, if not equal to that of a hundred cultivators!

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