Martial Peak

Chapter 1366 - Had Eyes But Failed To See

Chapter 1366, Had Eyes But Failed To See

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“Oh? Your Sect’s Senior is not here yet?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“Naturally, Martial Uncle is currently resting in Heavenly Fate City and has sent us out to find a more permanent place to stay. Since we have now found such a place though, I will send word to him!”

Saying so, the lead cultivator took out his own Sect’s communication artifact and poured his Divine Sense into it.

Yang Kai didn’t make any attempt to stop this man, instead just looking on with a smile. After waiting for this man to put away the communication artifact, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly and began speaking, “It’s not a problem to host your honoured Sect here. Dragon Cave Mountain has many spare lofts, beautiful scenery, and rich World Energy, so it should meet your requirements.”

“Heh heh, from the looks of it, your little hill does have a good World Energy aura, why else would do you think we decided to wait here for a few days?” The leading cultivator shook his head for a while before boldly declaring, “With the strength of our Sea Heart Sect, any small family nearby would definitely welcome us to stay with them. En, little brat, your luck is quite good, although my Martial Uncle’s temper is somewhat bad, he is also quite generous. If you can please him during our stay here, you will receive plenty of benefits.”

“Is that so?” Yang Kai replied in an excited and overjoyed voice, asking quickly, “Then seeing how you’ve traveled so far, why not let little brother here prepare a grand banquet for you all to help you recover from your fatigue?”

“Good, seems you know what you should do. It does not matter to us whether you arrange anything, but be sure to not disappoint Martial Uncle, his taste is very refined so if what you serve displeases him there will be consequences!” Seeing how using his Martial Uncle’s name was so effective, this cultivator immediately began making veiled threats and demands as such.

“Yes, yes!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Yes, dare I ask this friend, does your honoured Senior have any other interests or preferences?”

“Other interests?” The Sea Heart Sect cultivator raised his brow and smiled knowingly, “You mean…”

“Heh heh!” Yang Kai laughed meaningfully, as if he was a master of flattery and groveling.

Standing off to the side, Dai Yuan watched this whole scene in dumbfounded silence. She had never known that Yang Kai had such a side. She knew Yang Kai was mocking these people, but the other party was clearly unaware and only thought he was cowering before them, making for quite a funny dynamic.

“Good, good, good. Boy, you’re quite thoughtful,” The lead cultivator laughed, leaning in and whispering a few frivolous words to him.

Yang Kai raised his brow and nodded firmly, “Alright, such a matter is easy to handle. Dragon Cave Mountain may not have much to offer, but we do have many beautiful women.”

As soon as he spoke these words, the male Sea Heart Sect disciples showed joyful looks, their leader nodding, “Very good, but before allowing Martial Uncle to see them, I should first inspect these women of yours so as to avoid disappointing him.”

“Very good!” Yang Kai thumped his chest before quickly grabbing Dai Yuan’s arm and pulling her over, “Please take a look friend, how about this girl?”

Dai Yuan’s face immediately filled with shame and anger as she shot a vicious look towards Yang Kai. Although she did not hear what Yang Kai and this man had been whispering just now, seeing the loose look on both of their faces, how could she not understand what they were discussing?

Although she had now truly restored her stunningly beautiful appearance, she was still annoyed at being pulled into this farce by Yang Kai.

All of the Sea Heart Sect cultivators froze up as they stared at Dai Yuan. The smile on their leader’s face quickly collapsing as a cold light flashed across his eyes, “Boy, what kind of joke are you making? Can that thing even be counted as a woman?”

Dai Yuan’s pretty face grew colder!

“I’m not joking at all!” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “This young lady possesses peerless grace and talent, a true Heaven-blessed beauty, can’t you see?”

Hearing this, Dai Yuan’s eyes revealed even more anger, but on the contrary, her heart filled with happiness.

Others didn’t know her true face hidden behind her ugly visage, but Yang Kai was perfectly clear about it, so when he spoke these words, he had done so in a completely heartfelt manner, the smile on his face filled with sincerity.

“You don’t have any other women here?” The lead Sea Heart Sect cultivator asked hesitantly.

“We do have some, but they’re a bit inferior to her,” Yang Kai shook his head.

The Sea Heart Sect disciples froze up, their leader now feeling that something was wrong, his expression turning gloomy as he snapped, “Little brat, are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m being serious?” Yang Kai’s mouth curled up into a grin as he stared back at this man.

Realizing that Yang Kai had been mocking him all along, with all the previous flattery and worship nothing but a show, this man roared angrily, “Boy, you court death!”

Saying so, he grabbed towards Yang Kai ruthlessly.

This man’s cultivation was also at the Third-Order Saint King Realm and he was an elite disciple of Sea Heart Sect, so he did not put someone like Yang Kai in his eyes.

As he grabbed towards Yang Kai, Saint Qi condensed on this man’s palm, causing the surrounding World Energy to twist fiercely and transform into a giant blue palm that was seemingly condensed from pure water.

Sea Heart Sect was based on the Limitless Ocean so its disciples naturally cultivated Water Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills, taking advantage of their geographical location to obtain twice the results with half the effort.

This giant blue palm of water covered Yang Kai and Dai Yuan in an instant.

But in the next instant, a golden radiance suddenly flashed, seemingly cutting through the sky and, in the blink of an eye, the giant blue palm burst apart, as if it were a fragile bubble.

The lead Sea Heart Sect cultivator was overwhelmed and unconsciously shouted in alarm as he pushed his Divine Sense to activate an artifact.

The moment they clashed, this man found that Yang Kai was a little different from other Saint King Realm cultivators he had dealt with before and he quickly put away his contempt and urged the power of his artifact.

Suddenly, the golden light which had just appeared condensed into a thread and shot towards him.

This man’s reaction was not slow. Waving his hand, he sent out a burst of energy to intercept the golden thread, but unfortunately for him this thread seemed to have a mind of its own and easily avoided all his attacks before swiftly winding itself around him.

Feeling a deadly threat from this Golden Thread, the cultivator’s forehead instantly oozed cold sweat and he did not dare to move, simply screaming out “Stop!”

The Sea Heart Sect disciples behind him who were about to attack hurriedly withdrew their Saint Qi when they heard this shout, all of them staring blankly at the scene in front of them.

This Senior Brother Hai was the strongest Saint King in Sea Heart Sect. Normally, when sparring with his fellow Sect Brothers and Sisters, no one was his opponent. The Sect Master and Elders all lavishly praised him while his Juniors worshiped him with great respect.

But now, a young cultivator in the same realm from some small hill had easily managed to subdue their Senior Brother Hai Zhen.

(PewPewLazerGun: Congratulations, you are no longer ‘the cultivator surnamed Hai’, you are Hai Zhen…. =))

The other Sea Heart Sect disciples stared at this scene in disbelief but quickly found that they were not seeing things. Their awe-inspiring Senior Brother Hai had indeed been entangled by some kind of golden thread; his life was no longer even his to control.

With Yang Kai’s current methods, handling a cultivator in the same realm was as easy as waving his hand.

With a slight snort, Yang Kai brought the captured Hai Zhen before him, raised his hand, and slapped him across the face.


A crisp slapping sound rang out as Hai Zhen’s face twisted to the side and a mouthful of blood and some broken teeth flew out, his cheeks also visibly swelling up.

Seemingly stunned by this slap, it took quite a while before Hai Zhen recovered from his daze.

Yang Kai waved his hand, as if he were disgusted at being made to touch something unclean as he stared at Hai Zhen lightly and asked, “Do you know why I slapped you?”

Hai Zhen shook his head subconsciously.


Another resounding slap rang out, causing Hai Zhen’s cheeks to swell further.

Yang Kai snorted louder and declared, “Because you had eyes but failed to see!”

Hai Zhen suddenly recovered and began nodding repeatedly, “Yes, yes, this Hai had eyes but failed to see and offended Your Excellency. Please show mercy, Your Excellency!”

“Heh heh!” Yang Kai chuckled lightly before lifting his hand and slapping Hai Zhen again, his expression remaining completely indifferent as he snapped, “Wrong, try again!”

After three slaps, even though Yang Kai hadn’t used extreme measures, Hai Zhen still felt dizzy, his eyes seeing stars, and his nose and mouth were dripping blood as he shouted, “This Hai did not know his place and coveted Your Excellency’s property!”

“Wrong!” Yang Kai slapped him again.

By now, the dozen or so Sea Heart Sect disciples were completely dumbfounded while Hai Zhen felt dead inside. Yang Kai said he had eyes but failed to see, so his first thoughts were obviously about the two issues he had just mentioned, but the only response to his apology was another slap. Regardless of how he thought, he could not think of what other mistake he had made while this whole time he was being helplessly suppressed by Yang Kai’s Golden Thread. Worse, this disgraceful scene was playing out right in front of his Junior Brothers’ and Junior Sisters’ eyes; after this was over, what face would he have left in Sea Heart Sect?

As his thoughts churned quickly, whether by luck or coincidence, Hai Zhen’s wits finally kicked in and he quickly shot a glance over towards Dai Yuan as he shouted, “This Hai’s eyes were blind and were unable to see this young lady’s Heaven-defying beauty and grace!”

When Dai Yuan heard this, her face inevitably turned slightly red. Although the other party wholeheartedly did not believe the words he just spoke, it still made her feel somewhat bashful.

Yang Kai raised his brow and grinned, “Good, good. it seems your two eyes aren’t completely useless after all. If they had failed to see again, I would have had to dig them out!”

Hai Zhen dripped cold sweat. Although he felt so disgusted he wanted to die, he still vigorously praised Dai Yuan as a world destroying beauty, as if her ugly pockmarked face was the most radiant continence he had ever seen, weaving words of adulation most would find difficult to even conceive of.

Listening to all these, even Yang Kai felt his skin crawl slightly.

“Yang Kai!” Dai Yuan stomped her feet, unable to bear this situation any longer. Although she knew Yang Kai was just looking for excuses to punish this man, hearing all this false praise was quite awkward for her.

“I know,” Yang Kai gently nodded, but just as he was about to release Hai Zhen, he suddenly frowned and turned his eyes towards the sky.

In the direction he was staring, a streak of light was quickly approaching this place. Before this person arrived, their Divine Sense swept the area and after seeing what was happening, a great shout rang out, “Who dares to shame my disciple!”

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