Martial Peak

Chapter 136 – The Howling Darkness

Having meditated for half a day, Yang Kai set out to look around the cave.

Previously, he was in an emergency state and needed to remove the coldness that plagued his body. He could not fully explore the cave he resided in due to his injuries. Now that his movement is no longer impaired, he naturally decided to delve deeper into the abode that may have very well saved his life in the first place.

Yang Kai assumes that he was still in the middle of the cave tunnel. With only rumours and hearsay to guide him, Yang Kai reached out both his arms in opposite directions. His left palm just barely senses a draft coming from the direction it faced. As the rumours have it, the hand that feels the wind will lead to the exit.

Yang Kai thought for a moment and walked in the direction of the palm of his right hand. It was better to go deeper into the cave than outside, since the hunters may still be lurking around the pond above.

After a long and tiresome walk, Yang Kai detects the scent of a herb. In such a dimly lit environment, who would have thought that herbs would grow?

Yang Kai approached the herb but could not tell if this thing was uncommon or not, but since this cave has dense Yin Qi and this was within the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, he thought it must have some value to it!

However, Yang Kai held off of picking the herbs now. Since he does not have a suitable container for them, he decided that it would not be a problem for him to come back to them later.

Yang Kai continued exploring and discovered that there were actually countless herbs growing around the cave. This could only mean that this place has been out of contact with humans for a very long time. People would have picked this place clean in the blink of an eye.

After walking for two hours, Yang Kai could see a glimmer of light shining from deeper within. Suddenly, he could hear a faint sound calling out, as though to summon him towards the light.

Yang Kai turned vigilant and sauntered quietly towards it.

As he slowly but surely caught up to the little gleam which grew not brighter but bigger, Yang Kai found that the light was no exit nor sunbeam. Instead, the light was emitting softly from a circular bead the size of a fist like an oval lantern, and provided a reasonable amount of visibility.

When Yang Kai inspected the bead and its surroundings, he noticed an old, weathered skeleton. The skeleton sat cross-legged and wore an expensive and magnificent purple gown for males. His two empty eye sockets stared deeply at Yang Kai like a teacher dumbfounded by his student’s stupidity, giving him the impression that this skeleton was more than it seemed.

Who knows how many years has passed since the owner of the skeleton died.

The Yin Qi was denser here and it could very well be because of the skeleton’s presence. Yang Kai felt that it was once an evil person. The skeleton produced a sort of Evil Qi, striking fear in the arrogant boy.

Was he the one who made Heaven’s Cave Inheritance? Yang Kai suddenly realised that a cultivator must have created this place.

If that was the case, wouldn’t this cave hold the inheritance?

Suddenly, Yang Kai hears a resounding crash that snaps him out of deep thought.

Yang Kai’s expression immediately changed as he turned around to discover a gargantuan boulder blocking the path from which he came. He looked back at the bead and noticed that it was flickering as the space around him now resonates with a wild howl and loud shriek.

A cold wind struck Yang Kai’s body as the warmth he felt now chilled him down to his toes and fingers.

To counter this unwelcome change, Yang Kai quickly revolved his True Yang Yuan Qi once again. He paid full attention to his surroundings for dangers and enemies while he tried to evict the cold.

The shrieking and howling continued for a long time. Those sounds were meant to confuse and disturb the minds, but this trickery had little to no effect on the unyielding mind that Yang Kai’s head housed.

As time passed, the shrieking and howling started to irritate Yang Kai. Although it was subtle, Yang Kai discerned that the sounds were now different.

Yang Kai kept himself calm as he continued to stay on high alert. He could not risk making a mistake. He knew he had to stay calm and in control of himself, so he sat down cross-legged in a familiar meditation posture.

The sound and the bead’s flickering continued, making the environment look and feel gloomy. However, Yang Kai was unaffected. His aura and facial expression persisted.

After a few hours, the shrieks and howls dissipated. The bead’s flickering also reverted back to normal. Since he could no longer turn back, Yang Kai moved not one bit and yelled, “Why don’t you show yourself?”

Yang Kai’s lips confidently simpered as he yelled once more, “Whoever it is that dares to play these cheap tricks, show yourself!”

Yang Kai’s shout echoed through the cave when suddenly a strange cackle could be heard. When Yang Kai first heard this laughter, the hairs on his body stood. It was so petrifying and coarse that even Yang Kai’s five main internal organs shivered.

TLN: (Ok, so this author uses five main internal organs a lot. I’m not sure if I should change it to simple and plain organs. Leave a comment for this change. But, know that throughout this whole story, the other organs are not important, except for the five main ones! No idea why that is… to be honest, doesn’t really make much of a difference if I just type it as organs.) – one week till I count the votes from release date.

It was not just his body that felt uncomfortable. Even the bead trembled from the laughter.

Immortal Soul Attack? Yang Kai’s colour switched. He initially had thought that someone was trying to drive him away from this cave to monopolise the treasures here, but at this very instant he knew that that was not the case.

TLN: (LOL. When a random boulder lands behind you, I’m pretty sure that means shit is real right now.)

An Immortal Soul attack was something that only a cultivator at Immortal Ascension Stage could perform. No disciples that entered could have done this!

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“Young boy, your willpower is impressive. Your courage also surprises me. To think that you would dare to speak in such a manner in front of this old man!” the same coarse voice trailed and moved about, disclosing no information for Yang Kai for where it may be coming from. It was almost as though the walls spoke.

“Who are you?” Yang Kai maintained his solemn look and asked.

“Who am I? I don’t remember. I’m probably the master of this place,” the coarse voice chuckled almost comically.

TLN: (Seems legit. )

“You are the master of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance?” Yang Kai raised his voice to ask.

The three school’s disciples totalling over a thousand people gathered together in search of this mystical inheritance. It was said that whoever could obtain it and survive would one day be able to reach the prestigious altitude of its very master.

Yang Kai never thought that he would manage to obtain the inheritance. He only entered this place to explore and gather treasures and advantages. However, with the inheritance right up in his face, how could he not be interested?

Yang Kai felt excitement rush through his limbs, even though he wished to stay calm.

The coarse voice waited for the perfect opportunity to speak again. “That’s right. I was the one who created this place! Boy, do you want to obtain my inheritance?”

Yang Kai did not respond. Instead, he took some time to consider the proposition.

“I have been watching you and noticed that you are injured. Do you seek revenge? Do you wish to make sure that the person who injured you will be afraid of you? To know that you are no common pushover?” The coarse voice speculated. It sounded like a demon’s soothing melody playing it Yang Kai’s ears. He furrowed his brows and interrupted, “Hold on for a moment, I’m thinking!”

“You heart holds a deep hatred buried inside. A hatred others cannot see or imagine. You want to get stronger. You want to make sure that everyone who has ever looked down on you will regret their actions. Isn’t it?”

Yang Kai was trying to keep calm, but anger soon replaced it, driven and encouraged only by excitement from the thought of the sheer power he could receive. His forehead wrinkled and he looked as though he was struggling. Though what the voice said was somewhat wrong in terms of morality, it spoke correctly. Yang Kai truly felt as such deep down inside.

Yang Kai spoke in a soft but strong quivering voice, “That’s right…”

“If you wish so, just nod and this old man will give you my inheritance! Isn’t this a great opportunity for you to get back at them?” The voice continued. “Are you willing to decline such an opportunity? Just a simple nod.”

“If you let go of this chance, make sure that you will not regret it.”

The voice messages Yang Kai in consecutive pulses, causing him to feel confused as he was slowly being misled.

You could see the confusion in his eyes; as his head swayed slightly. His lips were opening and closing as though he wishes to accept this opportunity. Then, Yang Kai’s confusion turned to determination. His face now changed to that of a person who felt fear and on his forehead were droplets of cold sweat.

The opposing person with no knowledge of what Yang Kai has just done asked once again, “Well? What do you choose?”

Noticing that Yang Kai has no reaction now, the coarse voice sounded surprised, “To think you are willing to bite your own tongue to awaken yourself! What impressive willpower!”

“Who are you?! And what technique did you use to manipulate my mind just now?” Snorted Yang Kai.

“You are certainly an impressive young boy, to have been able to stay in reality. As for who I am? Who am I?”

“Even if you do not say, I know!” Yang Kai’s resolute gaze fell on the skeleton. “I have heard that cultivators of the Immortal Ascension Boundary and any above it, so long as they have developed their Divine Sense and keep it secure, they can stay alive even if their mortal bodies were to disintegrate and die. They can even seek another body to host them. You should be one of the many cultivators who died here years ago! And right now, you wish to take my body! Trying to mislead me into accepting you!” Yang Kai exclaimed with eyes full of dread.

After a moment of silence, the coarse voice laughed hysterically. “Fierce! To think some trivial young cultivator with only the strength of Initial Element Stage 7 is capable of figuring all this out! You truly are a talent worthy of praise. Even this old man admires you!”

TLN: (He is mainly referring to how young Yang Kai must be, and to have experienced enough to figure shit out.)

The voice descended into one with gloom, “Do you not fear me despite this realisation?”

Yang Kai gave a smile filled with ridicule. “Why should I fear you? If you had a method to control my mind with force, you would have no need for this conversation. You may have been a cultivator who exceeded my imaginations, but that was before you died. Right now, you are only capable of tricks!”

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“So remind me, why should I fear you?” Yang Kai derided. “On the contrary, aren’t you afraid? If I find and destroy the object that houses your Immortal Soul right now, won’t you die?”

“Young boy, aren’t you unruly?” The voice replied. “You think that I was speaking to you just to mislead you? HA HA! This old man just needs three seconds to completely erase your mind and take over your body. You won’t have a single chance to retaliate!”

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