Martial Peak

Chapter 133 – Gathering Together

Abruptly, the sound of water splashing and laughter from the two girls paused.

With their silence and the blaring sounds of moving water, anyone could tell that the two girls were scuttling to get their clothing.

Nie Yong quickly reacted. The boy got startled and jumped. He hastily ran off, only leaving Yang Kai with a gaze filled with hatred. Never would he have imagined that Yang Kai would dare to offend him.

(Pfft. Bitch, don’t think Yang Kai is the same as you!)

Yang Kai smiled and shouted out, “Coward!”

Soon after, Lan Chudie and Du Yishuang appeared from behind the rock. They were drenched but clothed. Du Yishuang was blushing while her eyes avoided his. Meanwhile, Lan Chudie looked at Yang Kai indifferently and muttered, “Thank You.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Yang Kai replied.

When the three were on their way to return back to the group, they could feel a large, sudden fluctuation of Yuan Qi.

They looked up, in the direction of the fluctuation and saw rays of light piercing through, above them. They could hear echoes of people shouting “kill!” alongside an enraged roar emerging from a powerful and furious beast.

The three’s faces paled as they started to realise what the source of the roar was. There are Monster Beasts here!?

What’s more, it sounded like there were hordes of people battling this one Monster Beast!

Nie Yong and Zuo An ran out from the bushes and joined the three. Their complexion was no better than Lan Chudie and Du Yishuang’s.

Du Yishuang stared at Nie Yong with disgust. Meanwhile, Lan Chudie kept calm and asked Zuo An. “What can you recognise from the sounds?”

Zuo An’s voice sank as he spoke. “There are more than a hundred people there. What’s more, from the power of its roar, the Monster Beast they are fighting is horrifically in the Sixth Realm!”

Everyone froze as their skin turned a shade paler. A Sixth Realm Monster Beast was equivalent to a cultivator in the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Those that entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance were disciples that were at most in True Element Boundary. How could they possibly face this Monster Beast? Even with a hundred people, this battle is nothing more than suicide for all of them.

“This Monster’s roar seems weaker than a usual Sixth Realm Monster Beast,” Zuo An brows furrowed. “It is likely that it was sealed previously and had just regained consciousness.”

The seal of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance broke a few days ago. Although they do not know what the Monster Beast was doing here, it was definitely sealed for a very long time. Hence, it went into dormancy, waiting for a chance, for someone to break the seal. Being dormant for such a long time would certainly weaken it, rendering it unable to display its full strength.

Everyone felt a little bit relieved since the theory made sense. Otherwise, why would just over a hundred disciples be willing to battle this Monster Beast?

Suddenly, Zuo An’s brows jumped. “The Monster Beast is hurt!”

An odd change in its grumbling bellows could be heard. The Monster Beast gave another angry and unwilling roar and the people became silent.

“What happened?” Lan Chudie asked anxiously.

“I don’t know,” Zuo An said while he shook his head. “Should we go and have a look?

Lan Chudie’s eyebrows wrinkled as she contemplated for a long time before looking back at all four members. “Let’s go and have a look. There are bound to be disciples there who are in True Element Boundary, as well as Separation and Reunion Boundary. Since we are all from the same school, we are obliged to help. However, this is highly dangerous, so it is up to you to decide.”

(Sounds good until you realize that she could stay back from the fight and retreat with the stronger cultivators when things go south. Likewise, there were many pawns that could be used as bait. Those in Qi elementary Stage that were bound to be slower than her will act as meat shields. XD)

“Naturally, we must go!” Nie Yong nodded. After the awkward moment, he wanted to quickly leave the group and join up with his other Fellow Brothers.

“I will go as well.” Zuo An added.

Lan Chudie peered over at both Du Yishuang and Yang Kai as they both nodded.

“Then we go!”

The five quickly sped through the jungle as they headed for the battle zone.

After a long time, they came across a large group of disciples gathered together.

The large group was split into two as a line separated them. Each side had equal numbers, but Yang Kai and the group could not identify anyone in the darkness.

Then, a familiar voice vocalised, “Fang Ziji! Do you and your Storm House believe that we are so weak to be taken advantaged by you? Do you believe that you have the skills to force us to do as you please?”

“Xie Fellow Appentice!” Nie Yong called out in delight.

Lan Chudie smiled while Yang Kai’s complexion darkened.

To think that of all people, Yang Kai had to encounter Xie Hongchen!

Du Yishuang expressed a similar countenance like Yang Kai. The group of five quickly split up as rejoined their respective schools. Although Du Yishuang had spent but a few days with Yang Kai, they developed a close relationship. Unfortunately, if the schools were to clash she would have no choice but to side with her own school and reluctantly battle Yang Kai.

Facing Xia Hongchen’s taunt, Fang Ziji scoffs, “Xie Hongchen, I do not wish to fight a fight that already has a clear winner. You were only just promoted to True Element Boundary and are not my match. Do not humiliate yourself.”

“What did you say?” Xie Hongchen said coldly.

Meanwhile, many of the High Heaven Pavilion Disciples were clamouring and shouting, telling Xie Hongchen to teach Fang Ziji a lesson.

Fang Ziji snorted. “Only Su Yan from High Heaven Pavilion can be considered my match!” he chuckled.

“Then how about you try me out?”

“If you persist, I do not mind. However, I do not wish for someone like you to be humiliated in front of all your Fellow Apprentices.”

Although Xie Hongchen knew that he was currently not a match to Fang Ziji, with the disciples watching him, he could not back down. Just when Xie Hongchen was about to attack, Nie Yong ran out from the jungle bushes and shouted. “Xie Fellow Apprentice!”

When Xie Hongchen heard his familiar voice, he immediately turned his head, frown transitioning into a smile. “Nie Fellow Apprentice! We finally meet again!”

Nie Yong quickly rushed to join the group of High Heaven Pavilion Disciples.

The other four took their time to follow. Since Du Yishuang and Zuo An were not High Heaven Pavilion disciples, it will be hard to join them. As for Yang Kai, he had some grudges with Xie Hongchen and could not easily join the High Heavens Pavilion group.

Knowing Yang Kai and Xie Hongchen’s relationship, Lan Chudie looked at Yang Kai with a weary smile and left the boy.

Du Yishuang whispered to Yang Kai. “I thank you for you kindness and support for these past few days. It’s regrettable that we must part…”

Yang Kai smiles and nods, “It’s alright. I understand. Go.”

Du Yishuang turned her head to Zuo An and asked. “So, Zuo An, do you want to join me or Sister Lan’s group?” Since Zuo An is from Bloody Battle Gang, he would be left alone. Hence, it was best for him to temporarily join one of the big groups here.

Zuo An quickly replied. “I believe it’s better to join you.”

Zuo An knows that Du Yishuang was a kind hearted and good natured girl. Although he does not know the characters of the other disciples within Storm House, Du Yishuang would protect him since she was the one to offer him to join. Compared to Lan Chudie, Zuo An trusts that Du Yishuang would take better care of him. At the very least, Du Yishuang would not scheme against him.

Du Yishuang nodded and brought Zuo An to the Storm House group.

Lan Chudie opened her mouth and said. “Let’s go.”

Yang Kai took a little while, his eyes scanning to see if Su Mu, Su Yan or Xia Ning Chang were within the High Heaven Pavilion Disciples here. Seeing that none of them was present, Yang Kai knew that he was bound to be ridiculed and bullied in rejoining his group with Xie Hongchen leading. “You go.”

Lan Chudie knew Yang Kai’s worries and quickly told him, “Fellow Apprentice. It’s best to just endure. It’s better to be in a group in this unknown place filled with danger.”

Yang Kai shook his head as he still stood resolutely.

When Nie Yong joined the group, he quickly conversed with many of the disciples there. They were all happily exchanging greetings and laughing. Obviously, most of these disciples were on friendly terms with Nie Yong. After greeting them, Nie Yong quickly went to Xie Hongchen’s side and began a conversation in whispers. The boy turned his head as he stared at Yang Kai with hostility.

60 metres away, Xie Hongchen looked at Yang Kai with disdain and disgust.

Fang Ziji, unbeknownst of the situation, spoke out. “Xie Hongchen, since you no longer wish to fight, let us both collaborate and kill that Monster Beast! We can split the treasure it yields amongst ourselves.”

Xie Hongchen turned his head, look at Fang Ziji and smiled. “This matter, we will discuss later. I have some other more important matters to deal with first.”

Xie Hongchen smiled at Lan Chudie and greeted. “Sister Lan Apprentice, it must have been very difficult for you. You have found us, so do not worry anymore. You are safe with our numbers now.”

Lan Chudie nodded gently and pulled at Yang Kai’s clothes. However, Yang Kai refuses to move.

Xie Hongchen smiled brilliantly, “Yang Fellow Apprentice! Since everyone is from the same school, it is my duty to protect you. Come and join us!”

At that very instant, Nie Yong shouted angrily, “Xie Fellow Apprentice! Have you forgotten what he has done? He humiliated you! Why must we allow him to join us?”

Xie Hongchen’s complexion turned cold. How could he possibly forget what had happened? While he was trying to enforce the rules within the school, Su Yan came to Yang Kai’s rescue and held his hands! Thinking about it, Xie Hongchen’s blood boils with rage.

(Wow, this boy got angry because Yang Kai held Su Yan’s hands? Desperate much?)

Xie Hongchen took a deep breath and maintained his forced smile. “That time, Yang Fellow Apprentice was naïve and did not know any better. I believe he most certainly has changed. Right?”

When he spoke, Xie Hongchen’s lips twitched while he stared at Yang Kai’s cold face.

After hearing Xie Hongchen’s words, the High Heaven Pavilion Disciples all felt moved. To think that Xie Hongchen forgave Yang Kai despite the injustice! Xie Hongchen is magnanimous!

(To be honest, I can’t write fanboy’s thoughts. If any of you readers would like to make it anymore disgusting, leave it in the comments. As long as it doesn’t mess up with the story plot, I’m game.)

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