Martial Peak

Chapter 1323 - Completely Overwhelming

Chapter 1323, Completely Overwhelming

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The loss of half his arm terrified Manager Wang and he hurriedly retreated several steps before turning to stare at Yang Kai with surprise and anger, clear shock apparent on his face. He was an Origin Returning Realm master, yet in a battle with a Second-Order Saint King, he had actually been seriously injured. If he told this story to anyone else, they would never have believed him.

Quickly condensing his Saint Qi at the severed section of his arm to prevent his blood from flowing out, the old man surnamed Wang took out a pill from his Space Ring and tossed it into his mouth all while keeping a watchful and somewhat fearful eye on Yang Kai. Since this boy could hurt him, he could also kill him!

Only now did Manager Wang have a moment to investigate the anomalies occurring inside his Knowledge Sea. If it wasn’t for the sharp pain in his Soul a moment ago, he would have been able to notice the strangeness of this boy’s last attack, so it was urgent to figure out what was happening to his Knowledge Sea.

After a brief investigation though, the old man surnamed Wang went pale and called out in shock, “Soul Devouring Insects? How is that possible?”

Under his investigation, he discovered that countless tiny insects had, at some point, infested his Knowledge Sea. These insects were so small they were invisible to the naked eye and at the moment they were actually lying dormant, seemingly waiting for orders before launching an attack.

The changes in his Knowledge Sea just now were obviously because these Soul Devouring Insects had begun consuming his Spiritual Energy!

Could the reason his Saint King Realm subordinates had been cut apart so easily by Yang Kai’s golden thread net have something to do with these Soul Devouring Insects as well? After understanding this point, Manager Wang felt cold sweat drip down his forehead. He had heard about Soul Devouring Insects before, but although they had quite an ominous reputation, ordinarily, he wouldn’t place them in his eyes, because with his Origin Realm strength, he should be fully capable of expelling them.

However, these Soul Devouring Insects were obviously different, some kind of mutated or evolved species. When Manager Wang tried to use his Divine Sense to drive them out, they remained completely unaffected, still burrowed deep into his Knowledge Sea, turning into a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment. If he wanted to purge them completely, Manager Wang estimated it would take him at least two days of focused meditation!

Realizing this, the old man surnamed Wang suddenly began contemplating retreating.

His Shi and Soul Burying Bell were restrained and he had been seriously injured. On top of that, these Soul Devouring Insects had infested his Knowledge Sea and were just waiting for an opportunity to strike. If he didn’t withdraw now, he might never be able to, that black blade-like attack which cut through his arm frightened him terribly.

“Even able to recognize my Soul Devouring Insects, Old Dog, it seems your knowledge is quite broad! However, your luck has run out. Your Shi is useless against me, so this Young Master is truly your ultimate nemesis!” Yang Kai laughed sarcastically, waving his hand as he spoke, sending out a series of Space Blades that tore through space as they slashed forward. If someone were to probe these attacks with their Divine Sense, they would actually discover that they were composed of nothingness, as if they didn’t even really exist.

In an instant, more than a dozen pitch-black Space Blades silently shot towards the old man surnamed Wang.

Manager Wang’s eyes twitched and his complexion turned extremely ugly as he shouted, “Boy, don’t get too cocky!”

At the same time, he suddenly soared up into the sky and a mass of black mist burst from his body, covering a several dozen metre radius, this strange skill completely concealing his figure.

However, after the dozen or so Space Blades hacked through this black mist, leaving a series of wide, clear passages in their wake, The old man surnamed Wang’s voice cried out as he hurriedly tried to dodge.

“Old Dog, use whatever means you have at your disposal! Today, this Young Master will let you die convinced!” Yang Kai grinned mockingly as he began taunting his opponent, disrupting his concentration while unleashing a flurry of Space Blades towards him.

Manager Wang nearly coughed up blood when he heard Yang Kai’s words as they were exactly the ones he had spoken not long ago; however, the situation had completely reversed since then.

Feeling like he had slapped his own face, Manager Wang’s face turned a deep shade of crimson from both anger and embarrassment. At the same time, his expression filled with unwillingness, as he was forced to continue dodging Yang Kai’s Space Blades, unable to even argue back much less counterattack. When his arm had been severed by these black blade-like attacks, Manager Wang was unable to see the attribute of this attack, but now he had some speculations.

After all, the Space Force fluctuations emanating from the Space Blades was quite obvious. Manager Wang wasn’t a fool, so how could he not detect this?

The old man surnamed Wang was genuinely shocked! He never knew that on Shadowed Star someone had actually cultivated the Dao of Space to the point where they could condense a blade of Space Force and use it in combat with an enemy from a distance.

Even Elder Mo Xiao Sheng from Heaven Battling Union couldn’t do this! It was rumored that Elder Mo was proficient in the Dao of Space and many great forces would need to seek his assistance to repair their Space Arrays when they became damaged or malfunctioned, but even Elder Mo’s use of Space Force was not on the same level as that of this rampant young man.

The other party not only possessed Soul Devouring Insects capable of threatening him, he had also mastered this profound and mysterious skill! Manager Wang no longer dared underestimate Yang Kai and instead considered him an opponent of equal strength.

The stream of Space Blades seemed inexhaustible and each one fierce and unstoppable, cutting through and swallowing anything in their path as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, making dodging the only action Manager Wang could take.

“Old Dog, do you only know how to flee?” Yang Kai snorted and after releasing a few more Space Blades, a lotus flower illusion suddenly appeared in his eyes as he shouted lowly, “Blossoming Lotus!”

While desperately dodging all of the Space Blades, Manager Wang’s figure suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Even if his gaze wasn’t meeting Yang Kai’s at this moment, a lotus bud still appeared in his vision and in an instant, the entire world seemed to disappear, leaving only the radiant seven coloured bud.

In the next moment, the old man surnamed Wang felt the Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea madly draining towards the strange lotus bud, a phenomenon he was completely incapable of controlling.

As the Spiritual Energy of his Knowledge Sea was consumed, the lotus bud actually began to quickly blossom.

Although he didn’t understand what mysteries this blossoming lotus bud held, the old man surnamed Wang knew that he mustn’t allow it to fully bloom, otherwise the consequences would be dire.

With a great shout, Manager Wang bit his tongue and forcibly withdrew his attention from the blossoming lotus, causing his Knowledge Sea to tumble violently.


A loud explosion resounded from the depths of Manager Wang’s Soul and his face instantly went pale white. Coughing up a mouthful of blood, his body staggered and he instantly felt several dozen years older.

Manager Wang had used some Secret Technique to burst the lotus bud, but doing so had clearly caused great damage to his own Soul.

Qian Yue was dumbstruck as she stood to the side and observed this battle, her eyes flashing brilliantly as her expression was filled with both joy and shock.

When she first noticed that they had fallen into an ambush, Qian Yue thought that all hope was lost, but how could she have imagined that the enemies she felt were impossible to defeat were actually easily routed and killed off by Yang Kai? Even Manager Wang wasn’t Yang Kai’s opponent.

If Qian Yue didn’t know Manager Wang, she might have thought that he was just another Saint King Realm cultivator, but she was well aware that he was a genuine Origin Returning Realm master. When she saw him, she was also trembling and talking carefully, but now, Manager Wang was panicking like a stray dog, no longer holding the swag of a former senior expert.

For a time, Qian Yue felt quite complex in her heart, staring at Yang Kai in something of a daze while thinking that Su Yan’s vision was really profound. When she had first met Yang Kai, she had looked down on and despised him greatly, but it seemed that Su Yan was the one who really stood high and saw far.

At this moment, she finally relaxed and took the opportunity to glance over at Yang Yan, but what she found was that the other party’s expression was completely indifferent, as if she hadn’t felt any tension at all. Qian Yue now realized that, from the start, Yang Yan had complete confidence in Yang Kai’s ability to win.

“Seems Origin Returning Realm masters really aren’t much!” Yang Kai sneered sarcastically, “In all honesty, I have no interest in Chen Shi Tao at all, nor did I have any intention to get in Wang Yu Han’s way, it was all your grand nephew’s petty insecurity that brought about his own destruction, even implicating his Elder in the process. If I were you, after acting so stupidly, I would get it over with and just kill myself. Why bother struggling to maintain your worthless existence?”

After listening to sarcastic ridicule, Manager Wang felt immense regret and annoyance. If what this boy said was really true, what was the point in coming here in the first place? To be humiliated and then die?

At this moment, Manager Wang wished he could drag Wang Yu Han back from hell so he could kill him a dozen times over. Although he continued wearing a fierce look on his face, in truth, he was already beginning to weaken.

He realized that even if he was in his peak state, he couldn’t defeat this strange boy. If he did not find an opportunity to escape soon, he might really never be able to leave here again.

A ruthless light flashed across Manager Wang’s eyes as he lifted his hand and pointed a hand sign towards the giant black flag he was using to resist the Hundred Mountains Picture, causing an unstable energy fluctuation to burst out from it. In the next instant, a loud explosion rang out as countless illusory phantoms flew out uncontrollably.

This artifact actually had the power to self destruct!

Yang Kai was shocked by this unexpected development and quickly withdrew the Hundred Mountains Picture before once again summoning his Purple Shield in front of Qian Yue and Yang Yan to protect them from the explosion fallout.

By the time Yang Kai finished this, he suddenly discovered that the old man surnamed Wang was already a thousand metres away.

[To think he is really trying to flee!]

Yang Kai coldly snorted as he unfurled his Wind and Thunder Wings, his figure flickering and disappearing in a storm of wind and thunder.

So far, he had not killed an Origin Returning Realm cultivator, so with such a rare opportunity in front of him, how could he possibly miss it? Moreover, after observing the various methods used by this old man surnamed Wang, it was obvious the other party’s understanding of Shi was quite deep. As long as Yang Kai could kill him and absorb his remnant Soul along with his understanding of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, it would be possible to begin comprehending Shi, preparing him for his eventual breakthrough to the Origin Returning Realm.

Although Manager Wang’s cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s, he was still quite heavily injured, so with the assistance of his Wind and Thunder Wings, Yang Kai was able to move much faster.

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