Martial Peak

Chapter 1312 - Meeting An Old Acquaintance In A Foreign Land

Chapter 1312, Meeting An Old Acquaintance In A Foreign Land

“As I said, price is no issue, as long as you can satisfy us,” Yang Kai smiled slightly as he tossed a Space Ring over to the young woman.

The young woman caught this ring and promptly swept its contents with her Divine Sense. After seeing the number of Saint Crystals inside, her beautiful face changed slightly and in the next moment, she smiled brightly, all of her previous annoyance thrown beyond the highest Heavens as she said charmingly, “This Young Lord is a man of great spirit! Since that is the case, this Mistress won’t dare disappoint.”

Saying so, she flipped her delicate little hand, causing the Space Ring to disappear. Judging from her expression, she was obviously very satisfied with the price Yang Kai offered and with a flick of her wrist, she sent out a ray of silver light towards him.

Yang Kai frowned, but did not take any precautions, simply putting his hand out and catching this silver streak. Upon closer investigation, he found that what he caught was a set of extremely thin silver mirrors.

On each of these mirrors’ surfaces a beautiful woman. These women showed various expressions and poses, some of them aloof while others smiling, some of them stood while others sat. These images were incredibly lifelike, as if real people had been sealed inside these mirrors, eliciting great excitement from any man who saw them.

However, Yang Kai soon discovered that the figures on these thin silver mirrors only made a few simple actions before repeating the sequence from the start.

“These girls are the signature specials of our Joyous Union Pavilion. Each one of them still retains their purity and possesses a First-Order Saint King Realm cultivation. If not for Young Lord bringing out so many Saint Crystals at once, this Mistress would not have been able to take responsibility for introducing them. I believe they should satisfy the requirements of two Young Lords, but if not, then this Mistress can only express her deepest regrets.”

“First-Order Saint Kings!” Yang Kai gently nodded but his expression remained faint, not betraying any of his thoughts as he checked through the silver mirrors one by one

The number silver mirrors were indeed not high, only eight in total, but each of these mirrors seemed to be quite a special artifact. Each one was capable of recording several lifelike pictures that perfectly showed off the graceful style and features of these women.

If Yang Kai had simply been seeking pleasure here, each of these beauties would have met his requirements, but he knew that Chen Fan Lei had come here because of Wang Yu Han ‘unintentionally’ mentioning it, so Yang Kai knew there was something afoot.

By now, how could Yang Kai not have understood that Wang Yu Han had malicious intentions towards him? It was just that the schemer’s method this time was clever, allowing him to achieve his objective without acting overtly.

Yang Kai was currently stalling for time, deliberately making things difficult because he wanted to see what Wang Yu Han was up to.

He did not really want to have fun here, so after quickly checking through each of these silver mirrors, he would shake his hand and toss them over to Chen Fan Lei who was currently staring dumbly at him.

After browsing through four of these mirrors, Yang Kai still wore a look of indifference, causing the young woman to feel a little uneasy, but remembering how the other party had paid so much Saint Crystals in advance, she didn’t lose her temper like before and simply decided to quietly wait.

When Yang Kai reached the fifth silver mirror, he planned on just taking a casually glance like before, but in the next instant, his complexion changed greatly as a sharp light flashed across his eyes, even his aura suddenly became unstable as he stared at the beautiful figure presented on the silver mirror in his hand.

The young woman who had been closely observing Yang Kai’s expressions naturally did not miss this change and giggled lightly, “Has Young Lord found a beauty that suits his fancy?”

Yang Kai lifted his gaze as a complex light flashed across his eyes, something that surprised the young woman somewhat, but a moment later, that slight awkwardness disappeared and Yang Kai smiled widely, “En, I have indeed. This woman suits my requirements so perfectly I was taken aback for a moment, causing me to embarrass myself slightly.”

Saying so, Yang Kai tossed the silver mirror he was looking at back.

The young woman caught this mirror and looked at the figure displayed on it, murmuring lightly, “So it’s her. En, Young Lord having a liking for her shows you have exquisite taste.”

“Would it be possible to learn this girl’s name?” Yang Kai seemed to ask casually.

The young woman giggled as she covered her mouth, “Please don’t blame me, Young Lord, it is not that this Mistress doesn’t want to tell you, it’s just that Joyous Union Pavilion has a rule that forbids our girls true names from being disclosed. However, Young Lord You may call her Yue’er!”

“Yue’er!” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed strangely once more before he gently nodded and asked, “Then may I know what attribute the Secret Art she cultivates is?”

This time the young woman frowned and hesitantly said, “Is there a reason Young Lord wishes to know this?”

“Please don’t misunderstand, it’s just that since I’ve come here to take advantage of your special Dual Cultivation Technique to break through my bottleneck, I naturally wish to know what the attribute of my partner’s Secret Art is, otherwise, if there is some kind of conflict with mine, wouldn’t it cause some complications for me?”

“En, Young Lord seems to be quite a cautious person, your concern is indeed reasonable,” The young woman heard this and nodded, not giving any hint as to whether she believed him or not as she smiled and replied, “In that case, informing Young Lord is not an issue. Yue’er’s original Secret Art was of the Ice Attribute, but there is no need to worry about conflicts occurring with Young Lord when you engage in dual cultivation because our establishment’s Dual Cultivation Technique does not draw on any kind of attribute. No matter what attribute of Secret Art Young Lord cultivates, there will be no incompatibility. If there were really such worries, this Mistress would naturally have informed Young Lord in advance. “

“I see!” Yang Kai took a deep breath, as if he had just made a big decision, and nodded firmly, “Good, then I’ll choose her.”

“Understood,” The young woman saw Yang Kai make up his mind and quickly clapped her hands. Immediately after, a maidservant walked into the room and the young woman instructed her, “Take this Young Lord to the Snow and Ice Pavilion!”

The maidservant nodded obediently before leading the way.

Yang Kai glanced over at Chen Fan Lei and grinned, “Brother Chen, please help yourself.”

“Eh… ah…en, good good!” Chen Fan Lei nodded repeatedly.

After leaving the private room, Yang Kai followed the maidservant along a long path. As his figure merged into the night, Yang Kai’s face suddenly sank and his body shivered slightly, seemingly unable to suppress the violent swings in his mood.

He had never imagined that after coming to this place he would see a person from Tong Xuan Realm!

How could he not feel shocked?

Originally, he wasn’t certain it was who he thought it was; after all, the world was wide so there were many people who looked similar; but after learning the other party’s name was Yue’er, that she cultivated an Ice Attribute Secret Art, and that she was a First-Order Saint King, Yang Kai immediately determined that this Yue’er was someone he knew.

It had been almost ten years since he stepped into the Star Field and all this time, he had never met anyone he knew from his homeland, but now, the first person he met was not just someone related to him, but was actually living in this kind of amorous establishment.

Most importantly, however, she should have been with Su Yan! Now that she was here though, where was Su Yan? Yang Kai’s heart pounded with uncertainty as a series of chaotic thoughts crossed his mind. It took him quite a while to finally calm his mood and begin chatting with the maidservant, trying to probe for some more information about this woman named Yue’er.

But whether Joyous Union Pavilion had rules against it, or this maidservant’s position was too low for her to know anything, Yang Kai was unable to extract anything of use from her. In the end, the maidservant could only apologize with a guilty look on her face.

Seeing this, Yang Kai could only sigh softly and hold his questions until he met Yue’er in person.

Not long after, the two arrived in front of an exquisite pavilion that was constructed from some kind of special material that gave off a faint chill.

Here, the maidservant bowed and said, “Young Lord, please enter. This is where Lady Yue’er spends most of her days in meditation. Since she is here today, she should have already been informed that she had a guest so she should be waiting for Young Lord’s arrival.”

“En,” Yang Kai waved his hand and sent the maidservant away before striding into the small palace.

There was no one on the first floor, but Yang Kai’s Divine Sense had already located a person on the second floor. After realizing that this person’s life aura was indeed the same as the one he knew, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and quickly rushed upstairs.

The series of footsteps sounded like a drum, causing the woman on the second floor to tremble with fear and a dangerous light quickly flashed across her beautiful eyes, but soon, she seemed to remember something that caused her face to darken and a bitter smile to appear on her face. She then sat quietly at a small round table and waited expressionlessly.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived on the second floor and directly opened the door to enter a snow-white room. Everything in this room could be described as pure, and whether it was the curtains or the bedding, everything was white, and together with the slight chill in the air, it gave the illusion that one had just entered a world of ice and snow.

Yang Kai’s eyes landed on the woman sitting nearby and he could tell that she was currently feeling quite uneasy, her head drooping down, not standing up to greet him in any way. A few strands of hair hung down to her chest which gave her an extremely desolate and helpless appearance, eliciting a great sense of pity from any who saw her.

As Yang Kai walked straight towards her, this woman’s tender body trembled slightly, as if she was panicking and a painful expression appeared on her face; however, she remained still without moving.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai arrived right in front of her that she let out a resigned sigh and got up to bow politely, “This mistress greets Honoured Guest. May I ask if Honoured Guest wishes to begin immediately?”

She had apparently been informed about having a patron and she continued to hang her head down from beginning to end, avoiding looking at Yang Kai as if she was afraid of something. Even when she spoke, she shows the slightest intention of making conversation, cutting straight to the point.

Yang Kai did not speak as he simply stared at her silently, causing Yue’er to feel quite uncomfortable, as if everything about her was being seen through, causing her to shiver unconsciously.

However, even after quite some time, her guest did not try to take advantage of her at all, causing Yue’er’s brow to wrinkle slightly. Just as she was about to say something more, a sigh rang across from her and a faintly familiar voice sounded in her ear, “Elder Qian Yue, it’s been a long time!”

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