Martial Peak

Chapter 1304 - Disagreement

Chapter 1304, Disagreement

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As the Thunder Beast roared, it seemed that the blue clouds up above were drawn to it, and under the astonished gazes of everyone present, a great funnel formed high in the sky and drew the surrounding Thunder Attribute Energy into the body of the Silver Night Thunder Beast madly.

In just three breaths of time, the blue clouds that once filled the sky completely disappeared, all of them being sucked into the body of the Silver Night Thunder Beast.

Yang Kai saw this and his eyes couldn’t help but shrink as his hair suddenly stood on end. Although the Silver Night Thunder Beast did not seem to change at all, he now felt a slightly dangerous aura coming from it.

At that moment, Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei, who originally saw the Silver Night Thunder Beast come to a halt, wanted to rush in and land a fatal blow. But before they could even approach it, the Silver Night Thunder Beast suddenly turned its giant eyes towards them while flashing a look of disdain and ridicule on its face.

Suddenly, a terrifying coercion burst from the Silver Night Thunder Beast. After absorbing all the blue clouds just now, it seemed its strength had dramatically increased.

It was not until he felt this sudden increase in pressure that Wang Yu Han finally realized what was happening and exclaimed, “Not good!”

Abruptly turning around, a multi-coloured prism the size of a palm flew out from Wang Yu Han’s body and immediately transformed into a protective shield around him. Chen Fan Lei also realized the situation had become perilous and quickly summoned a powerful looking Battle Armour comprised of Lightning to cover his body.

However, the Silver Night Thunder Beast ignored their attempts to defend themselves and its figure flickered in the next moment, as if transforming into a bolt of lightning that disappeared from sight. In the next instant, both Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei let out pitiful cries as they were swatted from the sky, seemingly having suffered heavy losses.

The multi-coloured barrier protecting Wang Yu Han’s body had shattered while Chen Fan Lei’s Lightning Battle Armour had gone completely dim. Both of their faces had gone pale and they simultaneously coughed up blood. Clearly, they were severely injured.

This change happened in the blink of an eye, and Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying, who had been standing to the side until now, could not help going pale as they called out in alarm. All thoughts of joining in this battle disappeared from their minds as they each rushed out to rescue their companions and inspect their injuries.

Back up in the sky, the previously disappeared Silver Night Thunder Beast reappeared, but this time its cold gaze was focused on Yang Yan, who was standing beside the Thunder Pond collecting Thunder Liquid. A trace of anger flashed across this beast’s eyes as its body flickered and vanished once more.

Sure enough, after absorbing the blue clouds, its strength had increased significantly.

Yang Yan stood in place, not moving, but with her instincts telling her that danger was approaching, she swiftly activated a protective artifact, creating a red-light barrier around herself. Almost as fast as this barrier formed, however, it was shattered as the Silver Night Thunder Beast appeared before her at a speed so great that she was barely able to see it.

Yang Yan’s face went pale, but she quickly calmed down.

Just as the Silver Night Thunder Beast was about to kill her, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of her, his fist wrapped in Demonic Flame as he sent out a punch.

There was a loud bang as a shockwave rippled outwards. Yang Kai couldn’t help being knocked backwards, but as he flew back, he made sure to grab hold of Yang Yan who was still standing in place. The Silver Night Thunder Beast, which had disappeared, also appeared with a low growl. It also seemed a bit unsteady as its huge body backpedalled, its four strong claws seemingly gripping at the air to stabilize itself.

As soon as it stood firm, the Thunder Beast let out a great roar and condensed a huge ball of thunder in its mouth. With a flick of its head, the ball of thunder shot forward towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he released a golden thread from his fingertips and instantly transformed it into a giant golden net. Engulfing the thunder ball with his golden net, Yang Kai forcefully cut it to pieces, causing it to explode into hundreds of individual pieces and dissipate.

The re-formed golden thread then shot out of the surging area of thunder and arrived right in front of the Silver Night Thunder Beast, stabbing at it like a spear.

A clinking sound rang out as dazzling sparks burst from the point where the golden thread impacted the Silver Night Thunder Beast. The incredibly sharp gold thread failed to completely penetrate the Silver Night Thunder Beast’s scales, only managing to sink a finger’s length in before it lost its forward momentum.

Yang Kai had seemingly anticipated this result though and stared coldly at the Silver Night Thunder Beast as a lotus flower mysteriously formed in his eyes. This Silver Night Thunder Beast was quite extraordinary and its realm was also higher than Yang Kai’s by a large amount, so Yang Kai decided to end the fight quickly by immediately using one of his trump cards.

When the Silver Night Thunder Beast saw this lotus, it instinctually felt danger and unease flashed across its pupils. It did not dare meet eyes with Yang Kai again and immediately dove into the Thunder Pond, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Ripples spread across the Thunder Pond for a moment before it once again calmed down.

His opponent fleeing without a fight surprised Yang Kai greatly.

However, Yang Kai also could not help feeling relieved. To be honest, he was unwilling to fight a life or death battle with this Silver Night Thunder Beast right now, so the other party retreating on its own was an ideal outcome. Ordinarily, Yang Kai would not have been willing to let this Ninth-Order Thunder Beast leave.

Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying had only just picked up the injured Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei and glanced over to see the Silver Night Thunder Beast flee in a panicked state. This scene dumbfounded them and caused them to wonder just what Yang Kai had done to scare off this formidable Monster Beast.

Exchanging a glance, the two women could see the suspicion in the other’s eyes.

At that moment, Yang Yan quietly handed Yang Kai a certain object and whispered something softly into his ear.

Hearing what she had to say, Yang Kai cast a thoughtful look towards the pale Wang Yu Han and flashed a meaningful grin. Wang Yu Han happened to cast a glance towards Yang Kai at that moment too, but facing him, he did not show the slightest bit of timidity, instead wearing a rather gloomy look upon his face.

“Little Brother Yang…” Chen Shi Tao walked over towards him while occasionally looking towards the Thunder Pond in surprise, asking after a short pause, “Was that Silver Night Thunder Beast injured?”

“I’m not sure, it just suddenly retreated on its own.”

Chen Shi Tao was stunned and immediately smiled bitterly, “It looks like Little Brother Yang has hidden his abilities quite well. You’re even able to scare off this Silver Night Thunder Beast, it seems this Young Lady has looked down on you.”

“Sister Chen thinks too highly of me, it retreating has nothing to do with me, all the credit belongs to Brother Wang and your little brother. That Monster Beast probably realized it wasn’t their opponent, so it decided to escape while it had the chance.” Yang Kai responded faintly, not trying to take any credit.

“Exactly!” Wang Yu Han shouted out with no trace of politeness, “Obviously, it used some kind of forbidden technique to dramatically increase its strength temporarily but doing so clearly came at a very high cost. On top of that, it only recently reached the Ninth-Order, so it likely wasn’t able to suppress the backlash from its technique and took the initiative to retreat.”

Hearing this, the others present thought about it for a moment but no one raised any objections, implying that they tacitly approved of Wang Yu Han’s guess.

“Brother Wang seems to understand this Monster Beast’s situation quite clearly,” Yang Kai suddenly said with a smile.

“What?” Wang Yu Han frowned.

“Nothing,” Yang Kai waved his hand before turning to Chen Shi Tao, “Sister Chen, since everything here has been settled, I’ll say goodbye first.”

“Where do you want to go?” Chen Shi Tao asked.

“Away from here naturally,” Yang Kai replied casually, but upon seeing Chen Shi Tao’s awkward smile and somewhat disappointed expression, he let out a laugh and explained further, “After we separated last time, my companion and I became lost for a while, but we finally found the right direction to leave, so we shouldn’t have that issue again.”

The last time they parted ways, Yang Kai told Chen Shi Tao that he was going to leave this place, but after so many days had passed, him still being here made it seem like he had lied to her.

Chen Shi Tao did not show any intention to pursue the issue. Glancing around at her companions for a moment, she quickly declared, “We should leave too.”

“But Junior Brother still hasn’t completed his cultivation yet,” Wang Yu Han immediately objected, subconsciously not wanting to act together with Yang Kai. The seemingly offhanded comment Yang Kai had just made had caused Wang Yu Han to become wary and made him wonder if this brat had discovered something.

“Since there is a Ninth-Order Silver Night Thunder Beast here, it is naturally impossible for him to continue cultivating. We were lucky to escape from it this time, but if we continue to linger…”

“That Silver Night Thunder Beast is clearly injured now; with our combined strength, it shouldn’t be a problem to kill it,” Wang Yu Han suggested, clearly still having ideas about the ​​Silver Night Thunder Beast.

Listening to him say this, Chen Shi Tao also felt a bit conflicted, but after a moment of pondering, she turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Little Brother Yang, what do you think? Do you think that if we remain, we can kill that Silver Night Thunder Beast?”

Yang Kai frowned slightly at this question. He could tell that while Chen Shi Tao seemed to be asking for his opinion, she was actually subtly inviting him to act together with them. If Yang Kai agreed to stay, Chen Shi Tao might really decide to stay and deal with the Thunder Beast, after all, she and her team all thought the Silver Night Thunder Beast was suffering from a severe backlash and as long as they could find a way to force it out of the Thunder Pond, they may be able to kill it.

Understanding this, Yang Kai immediately shook his head, “I don’t know if it can be killed, but I believe this isn’t a place to linger for long; after all, something unexpected may happen at any moment. If Sister Chen is willing to trust me, I’d suggest you leave quickly.”

He did not mention anything about the Corpse Cave, so his words came off a bit mysterious.

Wang Yu Han looked displeased upon hearing this and was about to say something when Chen Shi Tao suddenly nodded and said, “Since Little Brother Yang thinks so, let’s depart quickly. Fan Lei, your Secret Art does not necessarily require you to cultivate in this Thunder Pond, correct? Although it might have some lesser effect, it should still be possible for you to make a breakthrough with an appropriate Thunder Attribute pill. Just wait until we return to Black Crow City, I’ll help you buy one.”

She seemed to believe quite strongly in Yang Kai’s judgment.

“Alright,” Chen Fan Lei had no objections and simply agreed with his big sister’s decision.

Chen Shi Tao nodded before turning an elegant smile to Yang Kai, “Since that’s the case, let’s leave this place together, it will allow us to take care of one another along the way.”

It was impossible for Yang Kai to refuse her at this point so he simply nodded, and while Wang Yu Han was reluctant, he alone could not make a decision for everyone so he could only hold his nose and comply.

And so, the group of six people began heading out of Grand Burial Valley together.

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