Martial Peak

Chapter 1296 - Secret Cave

Chapter 1296, Secret Cave

The wounded Corpse Soldier hurriedly talked about his previous encounter with Yang Kai, relaying every detail he could remember without any omission or exaggerations.

After listening, the female Corpse Soldier’s body shuddered slightly as she asked, “You mean, he cut your arm off with a black blade-like attack? And the attack gave off no energy fluctuations but was able to easily slice through your body?”

“En. After getting hit by that strange attack, a part of my arm simply disappeared,” The Corpse Soldier nodded repeatedly, his green eyes staring expectantly at the female Corpse Soldier as he asked, “Do you know anything?”

The female Corpse Soldier pondered and hesitated for a while before answering, “From what you’ve described, it sounds like your opponent was using Space Force.”

“What?” The other three Corpse Soldiers showed looks of shock, “Space Force? Are you serious?”

The female Corpse Soldier coldly snorted, “Did you all forget where I came from originally?”

The wounded Corpse Soldier was startled but quickly remembered and nodded, “I see!”

The female Corpse Soldier nodded lightly and continued, “Among Heaven Battling Union’s Elders, there has always been one who cultivates Space Force. I had the honour of seeing Elder Mo Xiao Sheng display such a Divine Ability once before, so I know more about Space Force than you, but…”

“But what?”

“If what Brother Nie said was accurate, this intruder’s attainments in the Dao of Space are too high. Even Elder Mo was not capable using Space Force to create a blade that could cut through an opponent’s body, so how did a mere Second-Order Saint King achieve this? That is why I said it sounded like he was using Space Force, but I can’t say for certain.”

“Hmm… I’ve also heard much about Mo Xiao Sheng, but all of that was from a few hundred years ago. I don’t even know if he’s still alive for that matter. If that little brat was really able to form a blade from Space Force though, it would be quite terrifying no matter the circumstances.”

“Is there any point in wondering about such things? Did you forget what kind of existences we are now? Sister Lan, I know you have some connection with Elder Mo, but if the current you were to appear in front of him, do you think he’d let you leave alive?”

The female Corpse Solider called Sister Lan heard this and her ghastly green eyes flashed, her mood becoming a bit unstable.

“Right, Brother Nie, when you returned, did properly cover your tracks?” The Corpse Soldier who spoke first asked cautiously.

“Naturally, and even if that person finds this place, he won’t be able to break the barrier protecting it. The defensive Spirit Array around this place was arranged by the Ancient Yang Sect. If we did not know the way to enter and exit it, we would never have been able to break through it. He’s just a trivial Second-Order Saint King, how could he possibly have such skill.”

“Fair enough.” The first Corpse Soldier nodded in agreement, sighing a moment later as if he remembered something, “I really don’t know whether I should be thankful towards the Ancient Yang Sect or if I should hate them. If not for them, I would not have died back then, but without them, perhaps I would have long ago passed on. Now that I have ended up like this, it’s… heh heh!”

Hearing these remarks, the other three Corpse Soldiers remained silent, but obviously, they felt the same way.

After a long silence, the female Corpse Soldier said, “Alright, let’s not think about such things anymore, it’s our four’s turn to guard this place for this decade, so just in case, let’s go take a look so that the Seniors don’t wake up and punish us for acting negligent.”

“Alright, I’ll go and check the situation out with Sister Lan, Brother Nie, you should use the Yin Qi here to quickly connect your severed arm. Although it will not be a perfect match, it is still better than nothing.” Saying so, this Corpse Soldier stood up and walked out with the female Corpse Soldier.

At the same time, inside another huge cave Yang Kai and Yang Yan had just snuck into, they were observing several empty wooden shelves in front of them along with various boxes that had been scattered on the floor. Yang Kai’s expression was horrendous right now and he was having trouble not cursing out loud.

He and Yang Yan had followed a faint medicinal fragrance all the way here and after carefully determining that there were no Corpse Soldiers sleeping inside, had rushed inside.

But how could they have known they would be greeted by such a scene?

This was the place where Ancient Yang Sect had stored its spirit herbs. There were at least several hundred rows of wooden shelves, each one with at least three levels that could hold a minimum of five or six boxes next to each other, but now, all these boxes were scattered about in an unorganized manner.

All of the boxes had been opened and whatever contents they once held were missing.

It was exceedingly difficult to find this place, and just when he was looking forward to reaping a huge harvest, this travesty had appeared in front of him; it could be imagined what Yang Kai’s current mood was.

There was no need to guess, these spirit grasses and spirit medicines must have been eaten by the Corpse Soldiers sleeping here.

Although consuming these spirit herbs like this was a great waste of their medicinal efficacies, it was impossible for Corpse Soldiers to perform Alchemy, so this was really the only option. In a sense, a Corpse Soldier’s cultivation method was similar to that of a Monster Beast.

However, after a careful search, Yang Kai still found the remains of some Fire Attribute and Yang Attribute spirit herbs. Such herbs were akin to poison to Corpse Soldiers who thrived on cold Yin Qi so naturally they had not swallowed them.

Unfortunately, all the boxes had been opened, and after so long, these spirit herbs had completely withered and became useless. This made Yang Kai furious and he even had the impulse to rush out and chop up all the Corpse Soldiers to bits to relieve his anger.

After a long, unfruitful search, Yang Kai and Yang Yan both sighed.

The spirit herb storage of a great Sect going completely to waste was enough to make anyone who saw it feel distressed.

Fortunately, in addition to this place, this Secret Cave had deeper levels, so the pair didn’t hesitate to continue exploring.

Shortly after the two left, the female Corpse Soldier and her companion stealthily appeared. Both Corpse Soldiers sniffed the air lightly before exchanging a surprised glance.

“It’s the aura of a living person!” The male Corpse Soldier whispered.

The female Corpse Soldier nodded in agreement, “Two of them at that. It seems the people Brother Nie met really managed to intrude.”

“Oh no, they must be headed for the ore and artifact storage, that place is where the Seniors are storing a vital material for their future plans!” The male Corpse Soldier glanced at the direction where Yang Kai and Yang Yan disappeared and whispered nervously.

The female Corpse Soldier’s eyes flashed and said, “Let’s follow them for now. If you and I can solve this ourselves, we should avoid alarming the Seniors, otherwise, once they learn we allowed intruders to get this far, we’ll be punished.”

Hearing her say so, the male Corpse Soldier shivered slightly, seemingly quite frightened. In the next moment, he nodded in agreement, “Okay!”

The two Corpse Soldiers circulated their strength to conceal their auras and quietly followed their prey.

Deeper inside the Secret Cave, Yang Kai and Yang Yan walked between another set of wooden shelves. As they waved their hands, various thick and thin ancient books on these shelves disappeared.

This was the storage place for Ancient Yang Sect’s Secret Arts, cultivation techniques, and Martial Skills.

Yang Kai did not have time right now to examine these ancient books closely and simply decided to collect all of them first.

However, from the titles of some of these ancient books, Yang Kai saw that there were a large amount related to Corpse Refinement, allowing him to understand why there were so many Corpse Soldiers here. The Ancient Yang Sect was a great Sect not inferior to Heaven Battling Union or Thunder Typhoon Sect, so it was normal that they had such secret books. Presumably, some Ancient Yang Sect disciples or Elders had cultivated these techniques which had allowed so many Corpse Soldiers to appear here two thousand years later.

There were many secret books and Secret Arts in this storage area, but they were still quickly collected by Yang Kai and Yang Yan.

After making sure they had not missed anything, the two of them continued deeper into the Secret Cave.

After a while, the two entered another Secret Cave and were greeted by a dazzling array of artifacts. Even with his rich net worth, Yang Kai could help but feel excited seeing this kind of wealth.

There were thousands of artifacts of all shapes and sized stored here. Weapons represented about ten percent of the total while the rest were discs, beads, various types of jewellery, flags, and other assorted designs. There were also many sets of Artifact Armour.

On the floor of this Secret Cave, there was a massive Spirit Array that seemed to be gathering the surrounding World Energy to maintain these artifacts.

The effects of this Spirit Array were quite good. Although more than two thousand years have passed, most of the artifacts stored here were still shimmering, so it was obvious that they had not lost their spirituality. Most were not at their peak, but they had been preserved well so as long as they were repaired slightly, there would be no issue using them.

Most of the artifacts here were Saint King Grade, with about twenty percent being Origin Grade.

The number of artifacts had Yang Kai in awe.

Exchanging a glance with Yang Yan, the two separated and began collecting with no trace of politeness.

In less than half an incense stick worth of time, this massive storage became empty.

“There’s still another Secret Cave.” After Yang Kai received these artifacts, his eyes drifted towards another passageway, a look of pleasant surprise filling his face.

He and Yang Yan had already passed through the Ancient Yang Sect’s herb storage, secret book archive, and artifact armoury, so what was left was a mystery, but obviously whatever lay beyond this passageway would not be of low value.

Not hesitating in the slightest, Yang Kai and Yang Yan continued deeper.

The two Corpse Soldiers who had been following them waited until they left before quietly appearing while glancing towards the direction they departed with gloomy eyes.

“What should we do? They’ve already entered that place. Even the Seniors can’t enter that place!” The male Corpse Soldier asked.

“What else can we do?” The female Corpse Soldier sighed, “Since the Seniors can’t enter there, naturally we can’t either. We can only wait here for now. The Ancient Yang Sect’s most precious treasure, the Sun’s True Essence, which is housed inside that room has a strong suppressive effect on us, otherwise, the Seniors wouldn’t be helpless to enter that place.”

“En, I’ve heard about that Sun’s True Essence. It is said that it is refined from the core of a Sun-Star. I really wonder what kind of master possessed such Heaven defying means to refine such a thing and how it then fell into the hands of the Ancient Yang Sect.”

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