Martial Peak

Chapter 129 – Spoils of the battle

When fighting a stone statue, one person would draw out the attack with the others would take that opportunity to attack. This was the quickest and more efficient way to destroy the stone statue.

However, there was an issue none of them brought up till the last minute. Who was the one that was going to be the bait to lure these things away from their group? This was by far the most dangerous role as that person would have more than a hundred stone statues chasing after him. If that person was not careful, he would easily lose his life.

Everyone knew that this was a risky job as they mutually looked at each other. Finally, Nie Yong looked at Yang Kai with despising eyes. “Since you are not strong when it comes to attacking, shouldn’t you be the one that lured these statues? If you select the route carefully, you wouldn’t be taking any real risk. Also, a moment ago, I saw that you were actually quite fast. So shouldn’t you be the one that lured that?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Ok!”

Filled with worry, Du Yishuang pulled Yang Kai’s cloth, closer to her. “Yang Kai!” She remembered moments ago, where she was in utter fear from the two stone statue’s pursuit. After surviving the ordeal, she did not wish for Yang Kai to experience the same thing again.

“It’s alright” Yang Kai smiled, trying to console her.

Lan Chudie looked at Yang Kai, surprised. “How can you be so confident? If we cannot determine how safe it will be, why don’t we take turns to draw them out?”

“It’s fine. I have 80% assurance that I will survive. Yang Kai answered.

Although it looked to be risky, the speed Yang Kai had shown was not his full speed. That night at Nine Yin Mountain Valley, Yang Kai manage to find out that True Yang Yuan Qi, although is not a genuine Martial Skill, it is capable of promoting his speed.

Compared to fighting the stone statues, he rather acts as a lure for those Stone Statues. It was hard for Shi Yan do any real damage unless he used his Yang drops. However, such ability was best kept a secret as a trump card.

“Since you continue to insist, then we will try once. If something goes horribly wrong, we are going to switch around.” Lan Chudie said in a persistent tone.

The discussion continued as the group continued along the path, back to the area with all the stone statues.

Upon reaching close to the area, Lan Chudie scouted around for a spot that was best used for ambush.

“Yang Kai, Thank you!” Du Yishuang expressed her gratitude to Yang Kai for coming to her rescue earlier.

Yang Kai chuckled. “Don’t worry about it.”

Du Yishuang shook her head. “No, I have to thank you.”

The group slowly arrived at the same place they were earlier. As they walked, they noticed that the stone statues were all back at their original positions.

When Yang Kai looked around the same blood stained place he was at previously, he found two corpses lying on the ground. Although he did not know which school these disciples were from, it was a pity for them to die here.

“Are you prepared?” Lan Chudie asked anxiously.

Yang Kai nodded. “Em.”

“Once you are pursued by them, run over here. Nie Yong and I will lure two stone statues away from the group. Meanwhile, Little Sister Du and Zuo An will look for any opportunity to attack one of them and split the two up again. If one is defeated, go and help attack the other stone statue. Be aware that our utmost priority is safety. Yang Kai, do not go back to bait more here before we finish this one off. Only once we are ready to battle again, then you can go back to lure another one here. “

With Lan Chudie’s clear explanation, they all understood and nodded.

“Ok, Yang Kai you can go now. Do be careful.” Lan Chudie looked at Yang Kai, doing an encouraging pose.

Yang Kai placed his Yang Stone back on the floor and walked towards the crowd of stone statues.

The group gazed at him intensely, under the enticement of Martial Skills, even Nie Yong was worried that Yang Kai would fail and die; leading to him being the next bait for the team to use. After all, it was by his logic that Yang Kai was proposed to do this in the first place.

“Don’t be useless!” Nie Yong said in a soft voice.

(Seriously, he really said that. No bloody joke!)

Yang Kai walked closed to the stone statues but maintained a safe distance from them. He would avoid their attack range if possible, so as to make sure that he would not get hit by a surprise attack.

He proceeds cautiously towards the stone statue, placing his hand out, trying to trigger them. However, Yang Kai soon discovered that once he step foot in a close enough distance, these stone statues would began moving. The initial movements were slow but quickly accelerated.

Without wasting another second, Yang Kai turned around and ran back to the position that the group agreed upon.

Pursing behind Yang Kai was more than a hundred stone statues.

When the stone statues dashed close to the spot, the four people that lie in ambush quickly lured two stone statues out of the crowd. Lan Chudie and Nie Yong in one group, while Zuo An and Du Yishuang in another. They moved the two stone statues away from each other and began attacking.

So far so good. With two people in one group, they will be able to sooner or later defeat the stone statue.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai had the most relaxed role. He only needed to run and hide around the stone pillars and very easily make the stone statues lose sight of him. Although there were many stone statues initially, after a few times of repeating this strategy, the group chasing him got smaller and smaller.

After 15 minutes, there were only 3 stone statues chasing after him.

Yang Kai looked around and decided not to make them lose sight of him. Instead of following the plan and losing them entirely, he led the three back to the ambush spot. After all, after such a long time, the fight there should have ended and they should have gotten enough rest.

As Yang Kai expected, as he was running towards the ambush spot, he saw all four of them sitting in meditation, waiting for him to return.

While they were waiting, the earth suddenly tremored as the three statues ran towards them.

(BTW, they couldn’t see the number of stone statues behind Yang Kai at this point)

The four people quickly opened their eyes and Nie Yong shouted in rage. “That useless waste! To think he would direct the stone statues here! Should we retreat first?”

To him, he thought that Yang Kai did not manage to shake off these stone statues. Thus, without any other option, he directed them back here.

Lan Chudie hesitated for a moment but shook her head. “Yang Kai should not be such a person. What’s more, if you listen carefully, you can tell that there are at most 2 or 3 stone statues chasing after him.”

“There are three!” Zuo An explained. “My hearing is better than the average person!”

“He did this intentionally!” Lan Chudie smiled. “Everyone, prepare to attack!”

During their little chat, Yang Kai’s figure could. From a distance, he made certain hand signs, directing towards them.

Finally the form of the three stone statues showed itself.

He directed them to follow the plan as before. However, this time, Yang Kai would divert one away while they focused on the other two. When the fight ends, Yang Kai would return with the remaining one for them to destroy.

“I see. That’s a good plan…” Lan Chudie smiled to Yang Kai. In her plan, they were to be in groups of twos when confronting the stone statues. Since there were three, she had initially thought Yang Kai wanted them to fight all of the stone statues as the same time.

After the battle,

Yang Kai excitedly thought of how he would have a look at the spoils of the battle earlier. Unfortunately, the battle ended up with no treasures as the other four looked around but found nothing.

However, this time, they were lucky. Out of the three stone statues Yang Kai lured in, one of them contained a stone baby!

This stone baby had the same number of red veins inside as the previous one but they were all in different locations. This was a different type of Martial Skill.

Du Yishuang passed the stone baby to Lan Chudie.

Lan Chudie accepted it with a bow. “The first time, we got one out of two stone statues. Now, we got one out of 5 stone statues. It seems that it is entire up to luck that we will be able to receive this…”

Nie Yong grinned, “If there are about a hundred stone statues, if we managed to destroy all of them; that would mean that we can at least obtain 20 stone babies!”

If one were to split 20 stone babies in a group of 5; that would mean that each person would obtain 4 Martial Skill each!

The vision of everyone burnt with greed.

However, Lan Chudie controlled herself, as her composure still retained some semblance of elegance. “Let us restore first. When we are well rested, we can do this again!”

Everyone nodded as each member took out a Medicine Pill from their bags and sit in meditation. That is all except for Yang Kai, since he cannot afford a Medicine Pill. However, he does not need one since he had only been running around.

Nie Yong, wanted to flirt with Lan Chudie. When they were about to sit in meditation, he also wished to sit next to Lan Chudie. However, this time, Lan Chudie had a cold expression on her face as she casted the boy away.

Yang Kai sneered secretly. Lan Chudie was a female with ambition. For such a woman, who has self-confidence and a man like Nie Yong would never be able to tame her. At most, he would just serve as her pawn.

To obtain Lan Chudie’s heart, one must surpass her in strength, confidence and influence. Only when she adores you, then you would be able to win her heart.

(Damn, boy knows women!! o.0 gonna catch her?)

Although it is unpleasing to hear, Lan Chudie is a realist! Although she seems to be quite elegant and gentle, Yang Kai knows that that this is just a front. She is arrogant and narcissistic. Knowing her own beauty, she will only bring herself close to men who have potential or strength. In other words, Nie Yong is nothing to her.

(So sad but true. Guys, heed Yang Kai’s words. You never know when this knowledge will help out!)

While the four were meditating, Yang Kai moved to the area, where he had discarded the Yang Stones. Due to the thing only adding to his weight, being a burden, he had no choice to place leave it on the ground. However, right now, since the group were all resting, Yang Kai could take this opportunity to absorb more Yang energy into his Dantian.

He carried the bag of Yang Stones to a secluded location and began absorbing. He needed to make sure that no one was aware of his abilities.

After half a day, everyone was fully rested and ready to go. Meanwhile, Yang Kai had managed to absorb half of the Yang Stones that he had carried with him. The boy walked back to the group prepared for their second assault!

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