Martial Peak

Chapter 1272 - At Ease

Chapter 1272, At Ease

Dai Yuan smiled meaningfully next as she asked, “How was the taste?”

Yang Kai’s cheeks blushed slightly red as he said with a laugh, “Not bad, not bad at all, worthy of Shadowed Star’s famous beauty, her skin was excellently maintained, soft and delicate to the touch.”

Seeing Yang Kai offer a frank admission, Dai Yuan could not stand it for long, snorting dismissively before turning around and leading Yang Kai and Yang Yan into the tunnel.

Once inside, Dai Yuan put out her hand and injected her Saint Qi into a panel on the wall, causing the jade token that had previously disappeared to reappear. Immediately after, the flat stone wall that had opened silently closed.

“Please come with me,” Dai Yuan said lightly as she led Yang Kai and Yang Yan deeper into the mountain.

After moving forward roughly a thousand metres, a large cave appeared, one that was several thousand metres in diameter. It was as if the entire Thousand Illusion Peak had been hollowed out, but what was odd was that this cave didn’t show any signs of artificial excavation. Yang Kai looked around and was surprised to discover that this cave really was naturally formed, and high up above, there were many thick and thin dark red columns that looked like pointed cones. These cones appeared quite threatening and would be quite dangerous should they ever fall.

On the cave floor though, there were similar pointed red columns going up from the ground, making it look as if this cavern was a complex and chaotic stone forest.

“A Natural Spirit Array!” Yang Yan suddenly called out in surprise after she swept her gaze over these red columns, her eyes shining brightly as she began to fidget anxiously.

“Sister Yang Yan’s eyes are truly sharp,” Dai Yuan also stopped and looked back at Yang Yan with admiration, explaining a moment later, “Yes, there is indeed a Natural Spirit Array inside this cave of Thousand Illusion Peak, but it only has some weak bewildering and illusionary effects.”

Yang Yan continued to look around for a while before asking, “Did someone modify this place’s Natural Spirit Array?”

“En, it was the person who previously lived on Thousand Illusion Peak…” As soon as Dai Yuan said this, her eyes became somewhat dull, but this quickly passed and she continued, “That person knew a little bit about Spirit Arrays, so they were able to slightly modify this Natural Spirit Array to not only have a hallucinogenic effect but also some power to resist enemy intrusions.”

“Can I examine it?” Yang Yan asked, seemingly interested in this Natural Spirit Array.

“Nonsense!” Yang Kai shouted immediately, scolding Yang Yan.

This place was Dai Yuan’s private sanctuary, her home, so how could the protective Spirit Array here be examined by an outsider? This was a great taboo.

However, Dai Yuan just smiled lightly and said, “Junior Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry. Since Sister Yang Yan is versed in Spirit Arrays, it is normal for her to be interested in this thing; after all, there aren’t many naturally formed Spirit Arrays. Sister Yang Yan can examine this Spirit Array all she likes. It just so happens that I am not very proficient in Spirit Arrays so since the Senior who lived here passed away, although I lived here later, I am actually unable to control this Spirit Array and only know a safe way to enter and exit it. If Sister Yang Yan can decipher how this Spirit Array functions and teach it to me, I would actually be quite thankful.”

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai’s expression cleared up. Since Dai Yuan intended to draw support from Yang Yan’s strength, he did not try to stop her anymore, simply turning to Yang Yan and asking, “Is it possible?”

Yang Yan snorted disdainfully and did not answer, instead just grabbing the edges of her black robe and dashing off into the red columns, her figure soon disappearing.

Yang Kai could only smile bitterly, knowing that his questioning of Yang Yan’s ability had made her angry.

On the other hand, when Dai Yuan saw Yang Yan act with such confidence, she secretly began looking forward to the future.

“Let’s go, don’t worry about her, in any case, we’re already inside your domain, when she’s finished studying this Spirit Array she’ll naturally come out on her own,” Yang Kai smiled helplessly at Dai Yuan.

“Good,” Dai Yuan did not have any objections and continued to lead Yang Kai through the red columns.

Not long after, the two crossed this large cave and entered another passageway through the mountain. Walking a short distance, the pair arrived at a stone chamber.

As soon as he entered this stone room, Yang Kai was shocked by the strong pill and medicinal fragrance in the air. There were also six large and small Alchemy Furnaces placed in various locations.

Seeing this, he suddenly remembered that Dai Yuan was also an Alchemist!

While traversing the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Wei Gu Chang had told him about it and it was also the reason why Dai Yuan recognized the Red Candle Fruit.

However, since she had asked Yang Kai to come here, her Alchemy grade should not be too high. Yang Kai was aware of this, but he knew not to mention it.

“I’ve shown Junior Brother Yang something embarrassing. The things here must not be able to enter Junior Brother’s eyes,” Dai Yuan said with a smile.

“Nonsense, Sister Dai Yuan’s cave mansion is quite spectacular, Dragon Cave Mountain doesn’t have anything comparable,” Yang Kai said with a laugh.

“Junior Brother Yang…” Dai Yuan suddenly called out softly as she stared into his eyes, “Does the outside world really have Origin King Grade Alchemists?”

Yang Kai glanced over at her with some surprise, suddenly discovering that many people on Shadowed Star seemed to be interested in the outside world. He had been asked such questions more than once or twice since arriving on this star.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai nodded, “En, the outside world does have Origin King Grade Alchemists. Although I have never met one myself, I have heard about them. There are also Origin King Grade Artifact Refiners, Origin King Realm masters, and even Star Master powerhouses.”

“Star Masters!” Dai Yuan eyes twinkled, “The legendary cultivators who managed to refine a Star Source and become the master of an entire star?”

“Yeah, but there should be very few of such people. I’ve heard that refining a Star Source is extremely dangerous and most Origin Kings don’t dare attempt it easily as there is a risk they could perish in the attempt.”

“So it’s like that…” Dai Yuan smiled and immediately said cheerfully, “If there is a chance, Dai Yuan would like to ask Junior Brother Yang about the wonders of the outside world. At that time, I hope Junior Brother Yang will not refuse.”

“Sure, when there is time, I will certainly not conceal anything!” Yang Kai agreed refreshed. Although he didn’t know much about the Star Field, he had still spent some time in the outside world, so he knew far more than the natives of Shadowed Star. Speaking about some minor issues would not be a problem.

Dai Yuan did not ask anything more immediately and instead quickly arranged a room for Yang Kai to rest in before asking him to adjust his condition for a few days while she went to see her Honoured Master.

After all, when Dai Yuan left Coloured Glass Sect last time, she didn’t tell anyone, and Yin Su Die had just run over to tell her that her Honoured Master wanted to see her, so naturally Dai Yuan couldn’t keep her waiting for long.

Yang Kai simply waved his hand and let her go.

A short time later, Dai Yuan left Thousand Illusion Peak and disappeared into Grand Crystal Mountain Range.

When he was certain Dai Yuan had left, Yang Kai opened his eyes from his meditation and a sly light flashed across them. Waving his hand, a short figure appeared in front of him.

Naturally, it was the Stone Puppet, who stood there looking at Yang Kai with a stern look, as if waiting for instructions.

“Do you know what to do?” Yang Kai asked.

The Stone Puppet tilted its head for a moment before nodding.

“Good, I’ll tell you the location. Remember, if there is any danger, or any possibility you’ll be discovered, return immediately, don’t alarm anyone!” Yang Kai told him carefully before extending his finger to touch the Stone Puppet’s forehead.

A faint green point of light appeared at Yang Kai’s fingertip which was resting on the Stone Puppet’s head. This green pint of light was formed from Yang Kai’s Divine Sense contained the exact position of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain.

Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain was Coloured Glass Sect’s most precious treasure, so the protective Spirit Arrays around it would undoubtedly be strong, so although Yang Kai was quite confident in the Stone Puppet’s ability to sneak in, there was still a change something would go wrong so he warned it seriously.

He did not want to lose a partner like the Stone Puppet just to steal little Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass.

Since it was born, the Stone Puppet had worked diligently and tirelessly, where else would Yang Kai find such a good assistant?

The green light filled with Yang Kai’s Divine Sense quickly slipped into the Stone Puppet’s head and disappeared. The Stone Puppet stood there innocently for a moment, seemingly digesting the information contained in this Divine Sense package. A short time later, the Stone Puppet’s eyes circled once before its body shook and it burrowed into the ground and silently vanished.

By the time Yang Kai noticed it was gone, the Stone Puppet had already burrowed a thousand metres into the ground, and after a short pause it dashed off in the direction of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain.

The Stone Puppet had an innate talent to move through the earth, so underground there was nothing that could hinder its movements.

After releasing the Stone Puppet, Yang Kai immediately reached out closed the small hole in the ground, erasing any trace of it before continuing to silently meditate.

Thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai still had no idea what Dai Yuan wanted him to do, but with her personality, it should not be something too difficult for him. Even if it was something troublesome, Yang Kai could always refuse. In any case, his primary objective for coming here had already been achieved; all he needed to do was wait for the Stone Puppet to return. After understanding all this, Yang Kai immediately felt at ease.

Three days passed but Yang Kai did not see a trace of Dai Yuan.

Yang Yan, on the other hand, popped up, her eyes glowing with excitement. It seemed that she had profited greatly from studying the Natural Spirit Array in the grand cave. Yang Kai did not ask anything though because he wouldn’t understand even if he did.

With Dai Yuan still not back, Yang Yan simply occupied the room next to Yang Kai’s to rest in.

After waiting for another two days, Dai Yuan finally returned to Thousand Illusion Peak.

However, what Yang Kai found strange was that Dai Yuan seemed exhausted, and the expression on her face was quite dispirited. Her eyes were also slightly puffy and red, making it obvious she had been crying. Even though she forced herself to appear cheerful, it could not completely erase the gloominess between her brows.

Yang Kai did not know what happened to Dai Yuan for her to end up in such a state, but it apparently had something to do with her Honoured Master. After all, Dai Yuan had gone to see her Honoured Master before, only to return five days later in this miserable condition. It was incomprehensible.

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