Martial Peak

Chapter 127 – Distress

At that very instant, everyone’s breath was heavy. However, Lan Chudie still remained alert and quickly everyone. “Wait! Check if there are any dangers around first!” It was strange for such wealth to be here without a trap.

The five people quickly spread out and scouted the area. Fortunately, they did not discover any traps.

Even after scouting around, Lan Chudie did not feel relieved. She picked up a stone and inspected it. When there was absolutely no reaction that occurred, she took a breath of relief and nodded. “Alright it’s safe.”

The five members looked at each other first, before they all hastily collected the stones. The other member would quickly bag all the stone but Yang Kai was more selective. Since he only needed one type of stone, he only collected Yang Stones.

After picking for a while, Lan Chudie’s smile suddenly stiffen up. She took another look at the stone in her hand and let out a sigh. Letting it drop to the ground.

Her actions immediately brought doubt to Nie Yong. “Lan Female Appentice. What’s wrong?”

“Stop collecting the stones.” Lan Chudie said. “ If we were to bring such a heavy bag of good with up as we explore, it would only consume our strength. Likewise, if we encounter any danger later it will only slow us down when we try to escape. If such a scenario occurred, we would probably lose it in the end.”

After hearing listening to reason, everyone responded with disappointment. They had forgotten their safety due to their own greed.

Lan Chudie continued. “Furthermore, we have just entered this place. There are bound to be more treasures here. Think about it. There are no traps here. Certainly, if this was that valuable, there would be traps set up here right? So, it is only reasonable that to think that these stone are not worth much as compared to the other treasures this place has to offer. The real treasures are waiting for us to be found!”

Nie Yong nodded in approval. “Yes. It is as Lan Female apprentice said.”

Zuo An also nodded in agreement.

Du Yishuang gave a reluctant look to the stones in her hands and tossed it back to the ground.

Only Yang Kai continued collecting nonchalantly. He continued as though Lan Chudie had not said anything. His actions made Lan Chudie’s brow wrinkled.

Yang Kai explained while he was sorting the stones he collected. “If we truly encounter danger, it will not be too late to abandon the stones.”

Lan Chudie did not further make any remarks. “Do as you please.” She turned around and began to walk. “However, we will not wait for you to sort the stone. Just make sure you don’t take too much.”

Yang Kai nodded in agreement. “Sure, you guy should go on first.”

Thus, Lan Chudie no longer wasted a single second as carried on. Meanwhile, Zuo An looked at Yang Kai with a demeaning gaze. On the other hand, Nie Yong was more vocal of his opinion. “Apparently, you do not realize the dangers this world contains! You will lose these stones sooner or later. Why even bother collecting them!”

Du Yishuang, was unlike the others. She held a good opinion of Yang Kai and supported him. “It’s okay. I’ll stay here with you.”

Yang Kai quickly replied, “No. It’s alright. It’s best you join the group. Don’t worry I will catch up later,” as he continued to sort the stones nonchalantly.

Since Yang Kai had insisted, Du Yishuang no longer pursues the matter. She gave a nod of acceptance and ran to join the group.

After the four of them left, Yang Kai quickly started to cultivate True Yang Secret Arts. The Yang Stones that were close to him began to lose their color as the boy continued to absorb the Yang energy from the stones. Later, Yang Kai managed to absorb enough Yang Energy to form 20 drops of Yang Drops within his Dantian.

This is enough, Yang Kai decided. Although there were many Yang Stones here, Yang Kai is not able to absorb all of them in such a short period of time. It was as Lan Chudie had said, this pile of stones were probably one of the most useless treasures in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Hence, Yang Kai decided not to waste too much time here, so as to have time to pursue the other treasures.

After 30 minutes, Yang Kai had managed to catch up with the group. The moment he joined, he could tell that the other 3 members, except for Du Yishuang, were looking at him with displeased eyes.

In terms of strength of cultivation, Yang Kai was the lowest in the group. He was an obvious burden and it was not surprising that the others would think of him as worthless. If they were not from the same school, it is estimated that Lan Chudie and Nie Yong would not allow Yang Kai to join them.

“This place is unexpectedly huge. It’s best to rest up before we proceed anymore.” Lan Chudie’s delicate eyebrows wrinkled. “Let’s look around for a place to rest first, before deciding anything else.”

Everyone in the group nodded.

After resting,

“It has already been 2 hours. Now, who should be chosen to lead the way?” Lan Chudie asked as her gaze swept the four members.

Since the dangers here is unknown, the person leading the way would definitely be the most likely person to stumble onto a trap. Therefore, it was best to alternate between members, so as to reduce her own chance of getting caught in a trap.

“Since the first one to lead is from High Heaven Pavilion, the next person should be from either Bloody Battle Gang or Storm House.” Nie Yong proposed, while looked as both Zuo An and Du Yishuang.

Zuo An’s brow wrinkled but did not speak. Du Yishuang said in soft voice “Ok, I’ll lead.”

Yang Kai sighed in his heart. Within this group, although it was a small team of five, everyone had their own plans. This was except for Du Yishuang, who was kind at heart and did not scheme. In short, this group not united at all. If they were to encounter great danger, it could be expected that the group would disband to escape.

After for walking for an hour, the group found themselves in an open area, surrounded by numerous stone pillars. Finally, they were outside of the region they were in and were excited.

Under the leadership of Du Yishuang, the group managed to rapidly get deeper into the area.

After a while, the group entered another area. Instead of stone pillars, there were stone figures of life-like humans. There were more than a hundred different stone figures carved with different people with different height, wearing and weapons.

Seeing these conspicuous statues, the group became more cautious. Instead of simply exploring the area, Lan Chudie and Nie Yong probed the area first. When the two discovered that this area was safe, Du Yishuang then lead the group deeper in.

Although Yang Kai knew that it was safe, he had a bad feeling about this place. His heart palpitated even faster as the group went deeper into the area.

While walking, the group members would look around. Naturally, most of their gaze would land on the statues around them, not being able to help but to highly appraise these statues to be life-like.

As Yang Kai looked around, he noticed that one of the statues had a faint dark red colour on it. When he moved closer, he could smell a tinge of blood scent from the statue. Immediately, Yang Kai’s instincts kicked in as he retreated hastily shouting. “Watch out!”

Suddenly, the surrounding statues all simultaneously moved!

Hastily, the four group members tried to retreat. Unfortunately, Du Yishuang, who was at the front, did not react with enough time as her window of opportunity to retreat closed.

The two statues beside Du Yishuang raised their fist and quickly pounded onto her. Their strength was enough to crumble rocks. With a fist size of a cooking pot, even with Du Yishuang’s cultivation level, she would still be seriously injured.

When Du Yishuang realized the impending danger, she quickly released her Yuan Qi. Immediately, the peaceful and good natured girl had a change in aura.

Being able to release Yuan Qi was one of the symbols of being in the Qi Transforming Stage. In this boundary, the Yuan Qi in the body will be calm and steady. However, once a person releases their Yuan Qi, their whole body releases a powerful and oppressing aura. If one’s control is not good, they might end up letting the power control them instead. Becoming like a wild beast that act based on instinct and emotions.

However, Du Yishuang showed amazing proficiency in controlling her strength as not once did her face showed fear, panic or anger. Instead, she remained calm and composed.

She turns around, placing her palm to redirect the attack of one of the stone figures. Meanwhile, she also moved her body backwards, to avoid the other stone figure’s attack. However, she underestimated the speed of the second stone statue’s attack as its palm was about to land on her slender shoulder.

Du Yishuang panicked. She quickly took some of the Yang Stones in her bag and threw it towards the fist. The Yang Stone flew like meteors as it collides with the statues fist but under the fist’s tremendous strength, hardly managed to slow it down. Fortunately, the small force managed to redirect the fist, such that it only managed to scratch Du Yishuang’s clothing.

Suddenly, Du Yishuang heard a voice behind her. “Move!” her body became light as someone pulled on the collar of her clothing. In front of her, a palm stretched out and hit the first stone statue’s fist.

Once the first stone statue’s fist was going to land a clear distance away, Yang Kai quickly jumped as he pulled Du Yishuang back. Hastily, the two took the opportunity to retreat.

*Bang*, the sound of the first stone Statue’s fist finally landed on the ground. Te fgive retreating figures all had cold seat run down their spine. Suddenly, they hear the sound of galloping as the earth slightly trembled. When they looked back, they found that the hundreds of stone statues were managing to chase up to them. No one would expect that these stone statues were capable of moving at such high speeds!

“Don’t look back, Run around the stone pillars to lose them!” Lan Chudie shouted.

(Lol, how can you assume that they could only chase you based on sight? What if they had heat sensors?)

Everyone’s thoughts seemed to alight as they started to shuttle between the stone pillars.

After a while, they managed to escape from the stone statues.

(Wow, it worked…)

It was only those two stone statues that attacked Du Yishuang, whom was close enough to constantly keep up with Yang Kai and Du Yishuang.

“Yang Kai you bitch! Don’t bring them to me!” Nie Yong runs away while he roared at Yang Kai.

(It was actually bastard but I think bitch sounds better. Leave comment on thoughts)

On the other hand, Yang Kai completely ignored Nie Yong as his complexion sank.

Lan Chudie, who was hiding behind a stone pillar, peeked out to look at Yang Kai and Du Yishuang. There was no stone statues chasing after her but, she hesitated to get involved with Yang Kai and Du Yishuang.

However, after a few seconds, she made the resolve and shouted. “Stop running! If it’s only against these two stone statues, we can win!”

Once they heard her, the group member’s heart trembled.

“Eariler, Yang Kai and Du Yishuang managed to ward off their attack. This shows their low prowess in martial combat!” Land Chudie’s expression becomes confident. “Zuo An, you divert the one of them while the four of us will attack the other stone statue.”

Zuo An’s gbrow wrinkled but did not rebulked. He turned around and smashed his fist against the gigantic fist of the stone statue.

The stone statue, unexpectedly has its fist chipped from Zuo An’s attack and staggered!

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