Martial Peak

Chapter 1269 - Grand Crystal Mountain Range

Chapter 1269, Grand Crystal Mountain Range

“We’re almost there, the main entrance to Coloured Glass Sect is just a thousand kilometres ahead. Please follow me,” Dai Yuan turned around and urged, immediately flying her Star Shuttle forward, but instead of travelling in a straight path, Dai Yuan would change directions from time to time, seemingly to avoid some kind of barrier.

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by this; after all, Coloured Glass Sect was a great force, so it was natural for them to arrange a grand Spirit Array within the surrounding thousand-kilometre radius of their Sect. Only a great Sect would have the financial resources and strength to arrange such a Sect Protecting Array, but when Yang Kai glanced back at Yang Yan, he noticed a trace of disdain on her face. Obviously, she didn’t take this barrier seriously.

Of course, this was only the case for Yang Yan. Although Yang Kai could also notice some subtle energy fluctuations around him, he was not able to see any of this Spirit Array’s finer details, meaning that if he wanted to break it, he could only use brute force.

A thousand kilometres was not far, and after half an incense stick worth of time, the trio arrived at the rolling mountain range Yang Kai had seen before.

Having arrived here, Dai Yuan seemed to become a lot more enthusiastic and began treating Yang Kai as a guest, flying side by side with him, and actively explaining, “This is the Grand Crystal Mountain Range controlled by my Coloured Glass Sect. It stretches across more than a hundred thousand kilometres and has no less than a thousand big and small Spirit Peaks. The various peaks are assigned to Sect Elders and disciples based on their strength and status. Naturally, some of the mountains here are vacant or for other purposes. The heart of Grand Crystal Mountain Range is where the greatest number of Coloured Glass Sect’s disciples congregate to trade or exchange cultivation experiences. It is also there that the Sect or its disciples put up tasks for the others to take on like searching for materials or forming groups to travel together with. It’s normally a lively scene.”

When Dai Yuan talked about these things, a look of longing appeared on her face.

Yang Kai did not show anything on the surface, but from the strange behaviour Dai Yuan was exhibiting, he realized that this woman seemed to have difficulties communicating with others, and was even somewhat envious of their community life.

Perhaps in Coloured Glass Sect, she felt isolated.

Yang Kai felt somewhat sorry for her, but he wisely held his tongue.

Dai Yuan quickly composed herself and smiled, “I live on Thousand Illusion Peak. Although it’s a rather remote peak, it’s calm and peaceful. Thousand Illusion Peak is not very big, but it’s more than large enough for me to live on by myself. On top of that, the World Energy aura is not thin, so it can be regarded as quite a high-grade mountain in the Sect.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. As Dai Yuan flew forward, he swept his eyes left and right to get a broader view of Coloured Glass Sect’s scenery. Many of the mountains they passed over had traces of activity with Coloured Glass Sect disciples moving to and fro or practising various Martial Skills or techniques. There were many people socializing with one another or comparing notes, bringing a sense of vitality to the mountains, with grand buildings standing proudly among all the peaks, exuding a noble and magnificent atmosphere.

Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing to himself as he felt this scene was worthy of one of Shadowed Star’s great forces. The kind of power and prestige that permeated the air was incomparable to that of Dragon Cave Mountain. Although Dragon Cave Mountain was not bad right now and could be considered a prosperous land, compared to this Grand Crystal Mountain Range it seemed a bit quaint.

If even Coloured Glass Sect had this kind of atmosphere, what would the other, more powerful Sects on Shadowed Star be like?

Yang Kai had not seen Shadow Moon Hall’s headquarters, but he estimated that it wouldn’t be worse than this place.

“I heard that your noble Sect has a famous landmark called the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain and that it is an amazing sight to behold. Where would it be?” Yang Kai asked seemingly casually. Since he was targeting Coloured Glass Mountain, naturally he had to determine its location first. Yang Kai had been observing his surroundings since they arrived, but he had yet to discover anything special about the mountains he had seen, so he concluded that none of them could be Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain.

“Junior Brother Yang actually knows about our Coloured Glass Mountain?” A look of surprise flashed across Dai Yuan’s eyes.

“Sister Dai Yuan must be joking, although this Yang is a newcomer to this place, I’m not completely ignorant. Your noble Sect’s Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain’s reputation is quite resounding, so I have naturally heard a bit about it. I heard that the entire mountain is made from Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass, is that really true?”

Listening to Yang Kai ask about Coloured Glass Mountain, Dai Yuan’s eyes seemed to take on a somewhat complex look but she quickly adjusted her expression and after pondering for a moment, gently nodded and said, “En, my Sect’s Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain is indeed a single giant piece of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass. Its weight and value are simply inestimable. Although Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass is extremely valuable, and everyone knows that my Coloured Glass Sect has such a treasure mountain, all of them find us quite laughable as we cannot even make use of a tiny fraction of its might. On top of that, it is impossible to collect large quantities of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass. Only a small amount of it can be harvested through a special method every dozen year or so.”

This information was basically the same as what Yang Yan had previously told Yang Kai, so Yang Kai was not surprised.

“There’s some kind of special method necessary to collect it?” Yang Kai asked seemingly unintentionally.

An awkward look appeared on Dai Yuan’s face when she heard this question.

Yang Kai laughed and waved his hand, “It seems that I’ve asked something I should not have. En, Sister Dai Yuan can pretend like you never heard me.”

Dai Yuan smiled apologetically, “It’s not that I don’t want to explain, but this method is listed as one of the core secrets of the Sect, so no one can disclose it to outsiders. Once someone leaks this information, they will suffer unimaginable punishment, so I can only ask for Junior Brother Yang’s understanding.”

“It’s fine, it was I who was being indiscreet.”

It seemed that because of this incident, Dai Yuan felt a sense of guilt and after thinking about it, she proposed, “Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain isn’t nearby, but if we take a longer route, we can see it from a distance. If Junior Brother Yang does not mind, how about we make a slight detour?”

Apparently, she wanted to use this as a kind of apology, and Yang Kai actually couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, but on the surface, he maintained a hesitant look and asked, “Is that alright? Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain is the most precious treasure of your noble Sect, if this will cause any trouble for Sister Dai Yuan, then there is no need for us to go. In any case, I was simply curious and felt it would be an eye-opening experience… heh heh.”

As Yang Kai let out a hollow laugh, Yang Yan, who was quietly standing behind him, reached out and pinched his waist, clearly blaming him.

Naturally, this small gesture was not missed by Dai Yuan and after a bit of thought, she turned her beautiful eyes to Yang Yan and said with a smile, “There’s nothing wrong with it, we’ll just be taking a glance at it from a distance. Naturally, my Martial Uncles standing guard there won’t blame us for something so minor. This way, Brother Yang.”

Saying so, Dai Yuan immediately changed direction.

Yang Kai turned his head, glared at Yang Yan, then hurried to keep up. Yang Yan curled her lips meaningfully as an aloof expression appeared on her face.

The group of three had only flown a short distance though before several azure streaks of light soared up to intercept them.

A moment later, these blue lights arrived in front of Yang Kai and the others. Three of them were men while two were woman, all of them with somewhat low cultivations, two Saints and three Transcendents.

This kind of cultivation would be second to none in Tong Xuan Realm, but on Shadowed Star it really did not count for anything.

After seeing Dai Yuan’s face clearly, the five people could not help revealing a trace of surprise before hurriedly cupping their fists and offering polite greetings, “So it is Martial Aunt Dai Yuan, Juniors greet Martial Aunt!”

Martial Aunt… Hearing the way they addressed Dai Yuan, Yang Kai could not help his brow from rising slightly.

But after thinking about it for a bit, he understood.

Although Dai Yuan was a disciple in the younger generation of Coloured Glass Sect, that was only compared with the top masters at the Origin Returning Realm. With her cultivation and status, she was indeed qualified to be addressed as Martial Aunt by these five.

After offering their greetings, the young man who spoke first turned his attention to Yang Kai and Yang Yan. Seeing Yang Yan did not elicit much of a reaction, but Yang Kai’s presence cause a look of surprise to surface on this young man’s face.

“En, are the five of you responsible for guarding this area?” Dai Yuan nodded and asked faintly.

“Reporting to Martial Aunt, the surrounding fifty-kilometre region is our five’s responsibility,” The young man in the lead continued to answer, hesitating for a moment before asking cautiously, “May I ask Martial Aunt, these two are…”

“They are my guests, you don’t need to concern yourselves about them. If the Elders ask, just answer them so.”

“Yes!” The lead young man did not dare to ask anything more and immediately made way.

Dai Yuan also did not say another word and simply lead Yang Kai and Yang Yan away.

After the figures of Dai Yuan, Yang Kai, and Yang Yan disappeared, the five young cultivators exchanged looks of surprise and uncertainty.

“Was that Martial Aunt Dai Yuan who lives on Thousand Illusion Peak?” Asked one of the women who looked around twenty years old and was wearing a light-yellow dress.

“Yes, that was her.”

“I’d heard that she was an astonishing beauty, so how could…”

“Hush!” The lead young man suddenly shot a harsh glare at this young woman before quickly glancing around nervously. After not finding anyone around though, he scolded harshly, “You dare comment on this matter? Are you in a rush to die?”

The woman’s face went pale, as if she suddenly remembered something, fear gripping her heart.

The lead young man let out a forlorn sigh, “All of you only entered the Sect recently so you’ve only heard rumours about certain things, but you need to remember that not everything you hear is true, and that some things cannot be spoken about rashly. Make sure you don’t commit any taboos, otherwise you’ll never be able to lift your head inside the Sect again, understand?”

“En,” All four of the others nodded, their expressions serious.

“However, for Martial Aunt Dai Yuan to actually invite guests here, it certainly is quite unusual,” The young man seemed to say to himself as he shook his head.

Those who occupied Thousand Illusion Peak seldom left the Sect and rarely interacted with others, there were not even rumours about Dai Yuan being close to any of the Sect’s female disciples, much less any males!

Yet now, she had brought back a male friend; naturally, it was suspicious.

Of course, this young man only thought about this matter for a moment before putting it aside. This was not an issue he could stick his nose into. If the Elders were to ask him anything, all he could do was report the truth and leave any follow-up to them.

Thinking so, he waved his hand and continued to lead the other four members of his team on their patrol.

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