Martial Peak

Chapter 1235 - Fourth Layer

Chapter 1235, Fourth Layer

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Yang Kai hadn’t expected that after travelling this far, he had still not found a suitable place to separate from Dai Yuan and abandoning her now would be tantamount to killing her.

It seemed that now his best option would be to find an appropriate place nearby for Dai Yuan to stay while he refined the Profound Yin Sunflower Water. As long as the place he found was safe enough, it shouldn’t be a problem for Dai Yuan to stay there until the Flowing Flame When Sand Field closed and she was sent out by the World Principles here.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking like this, a weak shout suddenly came from Dai Yuan behind him. Yang Kai swept her with his Divine Sense and his complexion changed greatly, his body flickering to arrive by her side in the next instant.

This woman was truly an arrow at the end of its flight; the Saint Qi in her body had completely dried up to the point where she couldn’t even activate the protective effects of her Artefact Armour. The moment her Artefact Armour’s aura failed, a wave of heat had rushed in and overwhelmed her.

If Yang Kai hadn’t acted swiftly enough just now, Dai Yuan would have been instantly incinerated.

Dai Yuan couldn’t hold out any longer, and after Yang Kai picked her up, her beautiful eyes only blinked weakly before she fainted without a word.

She had overexerted herself to such an extent!

Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a wry laugh. He hadn’t examined Dai Yuan’s condition too carefully before, thinking that since she was still persisting, she hadn’t been pushed to her limit, so he kept walking forward.

If he had known her situation was this dire, he would have acted a while ago.

Dai Yuan’s body was incredibly soft and had an amazing elasticity to it. A seductive aroma also wafted from her body and, having fainted, the pink cloud artefact she was using to shield herself had also disappeared, exposing her soaking wet figure to Yang Kai’s eyes, causing him to feel a different kind of heat.

If not for the issues with her face, this woman would absolutely be a great source of calamity!

Shaking his head slowly, Yang Kai pushed his Saint Qi to form a defensive cover, protecting Dai Yuan’s body as he carried her and continued deeper into the third layer.


Dai Yuan woke up slowly, but before she had even opened her eyes, she felt an incredible World Energy aura surrounding her body. Her body’s Saint Qi, which had originally been depleted, seemed to have been greatly restored at this moment and there was a fresh, pleasant scent with a hint of medicinal fragrance that was drifting past her nose.

“Purple Fine Jade Fruit!” Dai Yuan’s heart jumped. From this medicinal fragrance alone, she was immediately able to determine the source of the aroma. Opening her eyes quickly, she began taking in her surroundings.

Her beautiful eyes were immediately attracted to a bunch of purple, grape-like spirit fruits that were hanging from a kind of vine wrapped around a nearby tree. On this vine, there were actually several bunches of purple grapes, all of them sending out a rich fragrance.

“They’re not mature yet…” Dai Yuan showed a little disappointment. Purple Fine Jade Fruits were a genuine Origin King Grade Low-Rank spirit fruit. If they were mature, they would be giving off a rich purple light and look like of exquisite pieces of amethyst. Whether they were used in Alchemy or eaten directly, they were of great benefit to cultivators.

The rarest thing about this spirit fruit though was that it grew in clusters just like ordinary grapes.

So the moment she smelled this aroma, Dai Yuan immediately awakened; after all, this was a very rare treasure.

Taking a closer look, Dai Yuan suddenly found that there were traces of some grape clusters having been picked recently. After thinking about it, Dai Yuan immediately understood that it these had been harvest by Yang Kai. Thinking so, she also remembered how she had suddenly passed out.

Turning her head, Dai Yuan found Yang Kai standing not far from herself; however, for some reason she couldn’t understand, his expression seemed a little gloomy. He seemed to be quite disgruntled, and his brow was furrowed deeply, as if he was deep in thought, not even having realised she had woken up.

“Junior Brother Yang!” Dai Yuan slowly got up and called out.

“You’re awake,” Yang Kai turned his head and the gloomy look on his face converged a lot; however, his brow didn’t fully relax.

“Where is this…” Dai Yuan looked around suspiciously at her lush and verdant surroundings while breathing in the beautiful and refreshing spring-like air. In the distance, she could see a seemingly unending mountain range whose peaks towered up into the clouds. These clouds, however, weren’t ordinary clouds but were extremely rich and condensed World Energy. Just looking at it made one thing that they were standing on the site of a great Sect.

Dai Yuan was incredibly startled. The place where her Coloured Glass Sect was based was also a great paradise, but compared to the environment she was now seeing, it was completely inferior.

If a force was really to set up its foundation here, when its disciples cultivated, just how great of an advantage from this land would they acquire?

Was there really such a paradise in this world? Looking at the mountains, there seemed to be no trace of human activity, which meant that this place was essentially untouched.

Only when Dai Yuan looked up did she realised that the sky was still covered with a layer of red light that blocked out the sun, moon, and stars, a fact which made her feel somewhat puzzled.

“There’s no need to suspect, we’re still inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field,” Yang Kai said softly.

Dai Yuan frowned and seemed to understand something, asking, “Did we return back to the second layer?”

“Second layer?” Yang Kai glanced at her for a moment before a smile spread across his face as he shook his head, “No, this is the fourth layer!”

“What?” Dai Yuan called out in alarm, “The fourth layer?”

“Yup, the fourth layer Treasure Area!” Yang Kai’s said in a much more solemn tone.

“Ah…” Dai Yuan couldn’t help covering her delicate mouth. After recovering from her initial shock, her beautiful eyes trembled violently and she unconsciously murmured, “There really is a fourth layer Treasure Area…”

Yang Kai tilted his head and asked, “Did you know there was such a place?”

Dai Yuan gawked before shaking her head, “I didn’t, but I had some suspicions. Since there was a first layer Flame Area and a second layer Treasure Area, then after the third layer Flame Area, perhaps there would be a fourth layer Treasure Area. This situation just confirms my previous thoughts.”

Yang Kai heard her say this and simply nodded lightly.

Not only did Dai Yuan have such suspicions before, he also had them, but when Yang Kai really set foot here, his mood became extremely complicated.

Unlike Dai Yuan’s excitement and joy, as if she had just discovered a brand-new horizon, Yang Kai actually felt disappointed after his initial surprise.

Because he failed to obtain the environment he wanted most!

After Dai Yuan passed out a few days ago, Yang Kai had carried her as he continued forward, but just as the hot environment around him was about to meet his requirements, he stepped straight through the barrier separating the third layer and the fourth layer.

At first, Yang Kai also felt that arriving at such a good place wasn’t such a bad thing and began searching around for treasures; after all, he wasn’t in too much of a rush to refine the Profound Yin Sunflower Water.

But he was soon very disappointed because precious treasures and spirit herbs seemed to be extremely rare in the fourth layer; after searching for several days, the only thing of note he found was the Purple Fine Jade Fruit that had two ripe clusters.

This in turn made him feel enraged, as if he had been tricked or deceived.

Failing to find the environment he was looking for and with precious treasures being so sparse here, it would be strange if Yang Kai was feeling happy.

The only thing that pleased him was that after arriving here, he could finally part ways with Dai Yuan. Making up his mind, Yang Kai said, “Ms. Dai Yuan, I’ve checked the surrounding area over the past few days, there doesn’t seem to be any trace of Monster Beasts or Spirit Arrays, so it is quite safe.”

Dai Yuan paused for a moment, took in what he said, then smiled lightly, “Does Junior Brother Yang want to act alone?”

“En,” Having his thoughts seen though, Yang Kai didn’t try to avoid the subject.

“Is that so…” Dai Yuan gently nodded, “Alright, then I’ll stay here and search for spirit herbs. Since this place is so safe, Dai Yuan won’t trouble Junior Brother Yang any further.”

“Don’t mention it. En, then I will part ways with Ms. Dai Yuan here, I hope you find what you’re looking for,” Yang Kai said before walking off.

It wouldn’t be long before the Flowing Flame Sand Field closed, so he had to pick up his pace.

Just after he set out though, Dai Yuan suddenly shouted, “Junior Brother Yang!”

“Is there something else?” Yang Kai asked back.

Dai Yuan bit her lip before saying with a slight smile, “In the future, Dai Yuan would like to pay you a visit to properly express her gratitude, would Junior Brother Yang be willing to welcome me?”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed for a moment before it relaxed and he calmly nodded, “Naturally, you can ask Wei Gu Chang about how to find me.”

“Good,” Seeing Yang Kai agree, Dai Yuan smiled and seemingly relaxed.

“That’s right.” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something and added, “Although the disciples from the great Sects should have all left already so none of them should be trying to reach this fourth layer, you should still be careful of that guy from Star Emperor Sect, I feel he might come here.”

“That man…” The image of the stern-faced man floated up in Dai Yuan’s mind and she said lightly, “If it’s that person, there’s nothing to worry about. The people from Star Emperor Sect never take the initiative to cause trouble. As long as I don’t disturb him, he shouldn’t concern himself with me.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and said no more, his image flickering for a few moments before disappearing from Dai Yuan’s view as it plunged into the rolling mountains.

“Why does he want to go deeper?” Dai Yuan waited until Yang Kai had left before mumbling to herself thoughtfully, “It seems that the secret technique Junior Brother Yang wants to cultivate is quite extraordinary.”

With her intelligence, Dai Yuan was naturally able to see that Yang Kai wanted to travel deeper to see if there was a fifth layer Flame Area. Even the third layer’s environment had failed to meet his requirements so he could only pin his hopes on there being a fifth layer.

Standing in place for a while, Dai Yuan couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

She had always felt that she was quite talented, and even if she couldn’t quite match up to Fang Tian Zhong, Qu Chang Feng, or the other young rising stars, she was still far stronger than an ordinary Third-Order Saint King. But now, compared with Yang Kai, she finally realised she had been sitting in a well staring up at the sky.

In this world, there actually existed such astonishing geniuses.

There was also the man from Star Emperor Sect who was an extraordinary existence. During the fight to snatch the Red Candle Fruit, Dai Yuan had felt frightened every time that stern-faced man acted, his combat effectiveness was simply terrifying.

Dai Yuan really wondered which one of these two would be stronger if they were to compete.

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