Martial Peak

Chapter 1227 - Scramble

Chapter 1227, Scrambl

The moment Li You Nana acted, the other disciples of Medicine Pill Sect also took out their defensive artefacts to protect themselves. Obviously, they had prepared beforehand for this, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to act so swiftly.

Medicine Pill Sect’s actions drew the attention of all the other cultivators present, many of them wondering why they seemed to be in such a panic.

Although they didn’t understand everything, everyone realized the situation wasn’t good. Li You Nan clearly hadn’t told them something about what was about to happen, and whatever was about to occur was clearly dangerous. Why else would Medicine Pill Sect suddenly behave this way?

There was no need to remind anyone as all the cultivators who saw Li You Nan’s actions also began summoning their defensive artefacts.

Atop Shadow Moon Hall’s hill, Wei Gu Chang snorted coldly before pushing his Saint Qi. A black light curtain immediately covered the hill, one that seemed to have streaks of red lightning flashing across its surface.

Dong Xuan’er also took out a token-like object and poured her Saint Qi into it, transforming it into a stream of light that circled their group.

Dai Yuan summoned her cloth-like artefact once more and shrouded the hill in a protective pink cloud.

The only one who didn’t move was Yang Kai as he seemed to still be deeply immersed in his own comprehension. He didn’t need to take any action though as Wei Gu Chang and the others were there to guard him.

The disciple from Star Emperor Sect didn’t have such luxury though. He had been alone on his mountain top from the start, so after he noticed the strange behaviour of everyone around him, he immediately opened his eyes and stared up indifferently towards the red sun in the sky.

At that moment, thousands of crimson light beams shot out from the red sun in all directions.

These crimson light beams were powerful and extremely fast, in the blink of an eye arriving in front of everyone and battering their defences with a seemingly endless barrage.

Everyone immediately understood why the people from Medicine Pill Sect had assumed a strong defensive stance.

As for the stern-faced man from Star Emperor Sect’s expression became even more solemn as he witnessed this outburst and swiftly punched forward. His fist seemed to contain some kind of profound principle that shook the Heavens and Earth, intercepting and destroying all the red light beams which were approaching him.

Seeing this, Wei Gu Chang, who had secretly been paying attention to this man, couldn’t help paling slightly.

Although this punch had seemed calm and relaxed, anyone who witnessed it could tell just how tyrannical this Star Emperor Sect disciple’s strength was.

The tens of thousands of crimson light beams ended as quickly as they began, all of them disappearing in a flash. Because everyone had made some preparations beforehand, all but a few who hadn’t taken action swiftly enough were safe and sound.

Seeing this, Li You Nan couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment, knowing that his actions just now were a bit too overt and had caused everyone else to become vigilant as well. If he had been a bit more discrete, the number of injured wouldn’t be limited to those few people.

But soon, Li You Nan laughed bitterly, because all the cultivators present were currently glaring at him, apparently blaming him for not explaining the situation clearly and trying to take advantage of this situation to plot against them. It was a truly sinister act.

Li You Nan paid them no mind though. He had already explained all sorts of things about the Red Candle Fruit’s maturation process, including the Three Suns Grand Risings Phenomenon, so concealing some things to benefit himself was only natural.

He believed that these people wouldn’t be stupid enough to condemn him for such a trivial matter.

Sure enough, everyone just glared at him and said nothing more. In fact, no one had any time to question him because after the tens of thousands of crimson light beams faded, the great red sun high up in the sky suddenly crashed down towards the mountain valley.

In just ten short breaths, the red sun fell somewhere in the mountain valley and it disappeared without a trace.

“Get ready!” Dai Yuan suddenly whispered as she lifted her hand and collected her pink cloud artefact, her beautiful eyes staring fixedly towards the mountain valley below.

“Should we wake up Senior Brother Yang?” Dong Xuan’er nibbled her red lips as she glanced over at Yang Kai hesitantly.

Yang Kai’s Saint Qi had been in a turbulent state this whole time so none of them had gone to disturb him for fear of interrupting his perception, but now that the Red Candle Fruit was about to appear, Dong Xuan’er didn’t know if they should wake him so he did not miss this great event.

Wei Gu Chang frowned slightly but soon shook his head, “No, Brother Yang definitely knows what’s going on outside. If he is willing to participate in this scramble, he will definitely act. We shouldn’t bother him.”

Dong Xuan’er nodded slightly.

Wei Gu Chang’s words had only just ended when a loud cracking sound suddenly echoed from the mountain valley, as if the earth was splitting apart. Everyone standing on the nearby hills also nearly fell as the ground beneath their feet trembled.

An intense wave of red energy spread out from the cracks below the mountain valley, filling it with a brilliant light that made it impossible to see the situation inside.

But faintly, at the place where the red sun just fell, something seemed to slowly be rising, showing a dark crimson light.

This light was like that of a candle in the wind, seemingly on the verge of being snuffed out, but no matter how the wind howled and rain poured, it remained constant.

A moment later, under the focused gazes of everyone present, this candle-like light finally surfaced.

Naturally, it was a fist-sized dark red crystal-like spirit fruit which looked both delicate and delicious. Its shape was quite strange, almost like the flame of a candle, and it clear there was incredibly pure energy residing within it that seemed to be gently stirring.

“Red Candle Fruit!” Seeing this, Li You Nan couldn’t help but shout.

Before he could even finish his words, a ribbon-like artefact shot out from one of the surrounding mountain tops. This ribbon was incredibly smart and flexible, just like a real woman’s arm. It shot out tens of metres in an instant and was rapidly closing in on the Heaven defying Red Candle Fruit.

Yin Su Die had acted! After waiting for several days, she finally couldn’t hold back anymore and actually made the first attempt to snatch it up.

Almost at the same time, a thunderbolt suddenly struck from a different location and with a crackling sound struck the ribbon artefact, shifting its aim and causing it to grasp nothing but air.

Yin Su Die shouted tenderly as she bit her thin red lips lightly and glared poutingly towards Fang Tian Zhong, stomping her foot in anger, “Senior Brother Fang!”

Fang Tian Zhong’s expression remained indifferent as he continued sending out bolts of lightning, blocking all the other attempts made by the surrounding cultivators to snatch the Red Candle Fruit, ignoring the coquettishness cries of Yin Su Die.

A look of annoyance flashed across this Heaven’s blessed female from Coloured Glass Sect as bitterness filled her heart, but she couldn’t afford to waste any more time on Fang Tian Zhong and instead concentrated on manipulating her ribbon-like artefact to join the scramble.

From a dozen different hills, dozens of cultivators all took action at once as they tried to seize this mature Red Candle Fruit; at this moment, almost all of the rising stars on the Shadowed Star were putting forth their best methods.

In an instant, the light of the Martial Skills and artefact filled the air with a brilliant glow, swiftly turning the mountain valley into a heated battlefield.

However, no matter who it was, they were using a measure of discretion, none of them daring to damage the Red Candle Fruit, all of them trying to avoid their battle affecting it in any way.

On the one hand, they needed to stop others from robbing the Red Candle Fruit, but on the other hand, they needed to work hard to snatch it for themselves. Each force’s cultivators had seemingly divided up these roles beforehand and were now working hard to achieve their objectives.

The forces with smaller numbers undoubtedly had it more difficult, as that was the case with Shadow Moon Hall.

Although Dai Yuan had come here together with Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er, she was acting alone and didn’t have any intention of cooperating with them, because everyone knew that this Heaven defying fruit was not something they could ultimately possess. Even if they were to win ownership of it here, it would eventually be turned over to their Sect who would then determine who it belonged to.

Dai Yuan and Dong Xuan’er had a very good personal relationship, but that still paled in comparison to their respective Sect’s interests. They didn’t dare to assist one another; not interfering with one another was the best they could do.

After removing Dai Yuan, that left just Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er to represent Shadow Moon Hall. One of them blocked while the other tried to snatch.

As for the stern-faced man from Star Emperor Sect, every attack he launched was filled with shocking might that astonished everyone around, forcing them to pay a significant amount of attention to him.

This man had probably only left Star Emperor Mountain for the first time for life experience and did not understand the concept of the tall tree drawing the most wind. Soon, he couldn’t help frowning because whenever he took action, there would be at least ten others from all directions trying to block him while no one else received such treatment.

It seemed that everyone had reached a consensus that he, above all others, must be stopped, while everyone else would compete independently using their respective means.

This cause the pressure Star Emperor Sect’s stern-faced disciple faced to multiply. No matter how amazing his strength was, he couldn’t compete with so many elites on the scene.

Seemingly becoming angry out of shame, this stern-faced man coldly snorted, stamped his foot, and sent out a shocking energy fluctuation that caused the ground all around him to tremble violently.

The cultivators from the dozen or so other forces who were competing for the Red Candle Fruit couldn’t help turning their gazes towards this stern-faced man and staring in shock as they watched him slowly send out a punch which released a massive beam of energy!

“Not good, stop him, he’s gone mad!” Li You Nan yelled again in horror, his clothes instantly becoming drenched in sweat as his face paled.

This stern-faced man’s punch was actually directed straight towards the Red Candle Fruit. If such an attack were to really hit it, this supreme spirit fruit would be smashed into dust and instantly vanish.

How could Li You Nan not panic? As he spoke, he sent out a storm of fists to try to block this Star Emperor Sect disciple’s attack.

The others present didn’t need him to remind them and took swift action.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

Violent explosions rang out as the huge energy column was greatly weakened by the various attacks it suffered, but what was more astonishing was the fact that it had not been destroyed and it soon reached the Red Candle Fruit.

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