Martial Peak

Chapter 1224 - Expelling People

Chapter 1224, Expelling People

The Heaven Battling Union cultivator waved the fan in his hand as he snarled angrily, summoning a dragon phantom condensed of wind from it that rushed out with a loud dragon roar and crashed towards a mountaintop a few hundred meters away where a flustered cultivator stood.

Who this cultivator was or what force he came from wasn’t important at the moment, what was important was that he was doing something sneakily just now. He had thought that with everyone immersed in their own meditation, it would be a good opportunity to secretly arrange a Spirit Array, allowing his group to gain an advantage in the struggle which would surely erupt when the Red Candle Fruit fully matured.

How could he have known that although everyone truly was immersed in their own comprehension, there was still someone close by who were vigilantly observing the surrounding area? This man had just started to arrange his Spirit Array but was immediately noticed by a cultivator from Heaven Battling Union.

The load roar awakened all of the nearby cultivators and in the front of everyone’s eyes, before the cultivator who tried to secretly set up a Spirit Array could justify himself, the huge wind dragon, composed of sharp wind blades, opened its great maw and descended upon him.

This cultivator wasn’t a pushover though, no one who reached the third layer was, so he swiftly raised his hand and condensed a red light which he pushed towards the approaching dragon’s mouth; however his face was still filled with horror and panic.

With a bang, the strange red light exploded directly inside the belly of the wind dragon, erupting with unimaginable power. A red glow splashed around, causing the wind dragon to collapse.

“You dare fight back!?” Heaven Battling Union’s Qu Chang Feng shouted as he rose to his feet, grinned, and grasped towards the man in the distance.

An invisible force suddenly bound this cultivator, making him unable to move a muscle.

The Heaven Battling Union cultivator that originally sent out the wind dragon saw this and grinned meaningfully, waving the big fan in his hand again, sending out another wind dragon, this time successfully swallowing the man who tried to set up the Spirit Array .

A scream came out, and although this man was also a Third Order Saint King, facing both Qu Chang Feng and another elite Heaven Battling Union disciple, he was unable to resist. After struggling for a moment, the countless wind blades in the dragon’s body cut this man to pieces.

A bloody smell rose as chunks of flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

Immediately after Qu Chang Feng and his fellow Sect Brother killed this man, they set their sights on a nearby mountain with cold and gloomy eyes.

Atop this mountain were three Saint Kings with extremely ugly faces. The one who seemed to be the leader of this group stepped forward and shouted, “Qu Chang Feng, what are you doing? Even if my Flame Shield Union disciple acted a bit out of turn, it wasn’t your place to kill him. Could it be you want to stir up a dispute between Heaven Battling Union and Flame Shield Union?”

“Haha, stir up a dispute?” Qu Chang Feng sneered dismissively, “Don’t try to intimidate this Young Master with such bold words, you’re not worthy. Instead, why don’t you ask everyone else here if your Junior Brother sneakily trying to arrange a Spirit Array here is acceptable or not!”

Hearing this, the leader of Flame Shield Union’s group swept his eyes around and quickly discovered that every cultivator present was glaring at him angrily, causing his heart to sink as he knew he had stirred up public anger.

The Red Candle Fruit was about to mature, yet someone had dared tried to set up a Spirit Array to try to gain an advantage, how could this be tolerated?

So even if Qu Chang Feng had a bad reputation and many here did not think well of him, everyone was siding with him at this moment. To put it more simply though, everyone was simply defending their own interests.

After Qu Chang Feng shouted, many cultivators on the nearby mountain tops began to condense their Saint Qi, a sign they were preparing to attack.

The faces of the three remaining Flame Shield Union disciples changed greatly and they didn’t dare to say anything. They knew that they could no longer remain here and secretly hated that Qu Chang Feng had acted so ruthlessly.

Their companion had only gone to arrange that Spirit Array after discussing it with them and obtaining all of their approval. They all felt that it was a good opportunity to arrange such an array, but after being seen through, they had immediately found themselves in a compromised position.

If they didn’t leave now, they would likely be targeted and killed by everyone present.

Having realized this, the leader of Flame Shield Union’s group nodded, “Good, Qu Chang Feng, I’ll remember you. I will surely collect on the debt of killing my Junior Brother in the future. And all of you people helping this tyrant do evil, just know that such treatment will befall you too sooner or later. Haha, at that time, I hope you put your best into it… Let’s go!”

Saying so, he motioned to his two other companions and they quickly left without even looking back.

Seeing the other party act so decisively, Qu Chang Feng was slightly surprised, but he wasn’t stupid enough to chase after them as right now wasn’t a good time to leave. Him and his Junior Brother being able to instantly kill that man was only because they had caught him off guard, but trying to kill three more without any difficulties wasn’t very realistic.

Even if there was a gap in their strengths, three Third Order Saint Kings weren’t soft persimmon that could be casually pinched.

With a sullen expression, Qu Chang Feng swept his eyes around and proudly declared, “Anyone else who dares try to act in secret, do not expect this Qu to act politely. The treasure we all seek is about to born, so I hope everyone here can abide by the rules and compete fairly for it when the time comes, otherwise they best be prepared to face this Qu’s wrath.”

As soon as these words came out, someone shouted, “Young Master Qu, I just saw that guy secretly try to put something out! See, he’s obviously anxious now!”

“Who!” Qu Chang Feng glared coldly as he demanded an answer from the one who spoke.

“It was the people from Myriad Beast Mountain!” The speaker didn’t show any fear and immediately pointed towards a mountain top with five high strength cultivators.

The expressions of these five people changed dramatically as they all shot a hate filled glare towards the person who had just spoke, but this man was clearly intent on currying favour with Qu Chang Feng and didn’t pay any mind to their silent threat, shouting loudly, “Although I was not able to see what it was he put out, it should be some kind of Monster Beast that is good at concealing itself. Heh, everyone knows Myriad Beast Mountain is good at commanding Monster Beasts.”

“So that’s how it is!” Qu Chang Feng nodded naturally before turning to the five Myriad Beast Mountain disciples and coldly asking, “Do you have anything you’d like to say?”

The brawny man who appeared to be this group’s leader frowned and grumbled for a moment before suddenly bursting out into laughter, “Young Master Qu, verbal statements aren’t guarantees, surely you aren’t going to simply take one man’s word as the truth?”

Obviously, he was completely confident that whatever means he had used couldn’t be seen through by others, otherwise he wouldn’t be acting so boldly. As long as there was no evidence, Qu Chang Feng couldn’t just force drive him off.

With things having reached this point, everyone could see that Heaven Battling Union was only trying to expel people in advance.

They couldn’t just rush out and kill others for no reason in this situation and had to provide at least some kind of excuse. The Flame Shield Union disciple who had been killed just now simply got what he deserved. Who made him run out and try to arrange a Spirit Array under watchful eyes? Even after losing his life, he still implicated the remaining Flame Shield Union disciples, causing them to be driven away.

Now, no one knew if these Myriad Beast Mountain disciples were really up to something or not, but no one was going to speak up to support them either.

In this situation, the fewer people around, the better. Most people here were taking an attitude of uninvolved bystanders, allowing Qu Chang Feng to show off his might however he wished, all while secretly hoping he would find a way to expel more people.

The fewer people who remained here, the easier it would be to obtain the Red Candle Fruit.

Hearing what the brawny man said though, Qu Chang Feng’s brow wrinkled; although he really wanted to drive away this group from Myriad Beast Mountain, without solid evidence, it wouldn’t be good to act rashly.

“Does Young Master Qu think that Heaven Battling Union is so powerful it can not place any other force in its eyes? If so, then this Hai must disagree, my Myriad Beast Mountain won’t be so casually bullied.” As the brawny man said so, his expression suddenly became gloomy as he summoned a number of fist-sized jet black bees from inside his body. As these bees spread their wings, a dull buzzing filled the air. There were more than thirty of these bees, each one displaying a pointed stinger that seemed to shimmer with cold light. These stingers dripped a jet black liquid which was clearly extremely poisonous, causing many who saw it to shiver.

In addition to Hai Xing, the other cultivators from Myriad Beast Mountain also released their own Monster Beasts.

These Monster Beasts were all rare breeds, each one an Eight-Order Monster Beast that had deadly inborn killing strikes. Hovering and crawling about, these Monster Beasts gathered around the five Myriad Beast Mountain disciples, their red eyes staring around menacingly, waiting for their masters to issue an order to attack.

“Bitter Monarch Bee!” After seeing these thirty-plus bees, Qu Chang Feng’s expression changed dramatically, a look of dread spreading across his face as he grit his teeth, “Good good good, no wonder you dare act so boldly, it turns out you’ve brought so many of Myriad Beast Mountain’s famed defenders. It seems Myriad Beast Mountain has invested a lot of capital for this time’s Flowing Flame Sand Field expedition.”

The brawny man named Hai Xing grinned and said, “I’ve shown Young Master Qu something embarrassing. We Myriad Beast Mountain disciples only know how to tame and command Monster Beasts, so how could we enter this Flowing Flame Sand Field without some small life-saving measures? This Hai does not want things to become awkward here. If Young Master Qu does not have conclusive evidence, could you stop embarrassing this Hai? This Hai would appreciate it greatly!”

Although these Bitter Monarch Bees gave Hai Xing some confidence, he did not want to have a complete fall out with Qu Chang Feng here. At this time, he wanted to de-escalate the situation, giving both parties a way to back down. Making big things small, and small things nothing would be for the best.

Qu Chang Feng frowned deeply, wondering whether it was time to back down. With the other side possessing more than thirty Bitter Monarch Bees, if they really came to blows, his side would definitely suffer loses.

But before he could speak, pleasant laughter suddenly filled the air, “If you want evidence, it’s a simple matter, just let me take a look.”

Following the sound of this voice, everyone’s eyes turned to the mountain occupied by Coloured Glass Sect where they saw Yin Su Die stand up, her soul-stirring face flashing an enchanting smile as he delicate white hand summoned out a small gay bead the size of a pigeon egg.

This bead looked dull and ordinary and was obviously not something precious.

But when Qu Chang Feng saw this bead, his eyes lit up and he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

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