Martial Peak

Chapter 1221 - Divide Into Camps

Chapter 1221, Divide Into Camps

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Hearing what Dai Yuan said, the other three couldn’t help speeding up.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er asked about the Three Suns’ Grand Rising Phenomenon while Yang Kai also pretended to be interested and listen carefully.

After Dai Yuan spoke about it for a while, Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er had a fair understanding of what the Three Suns Grand Risings was, but Yang Kai wore a strange expression.

He found that although Dai Yuan recognized the Red Candle Fruit and knew about the Three Suns Grand Risings Phenomenon, she didn’t seem to know everything…

Yang Kai couldn’t be sure that this gap in knowledge was the same for everyone, but what he was certain of was that it wasn’t just Dai Yuan and him who recognized the Red Candle Fruit. All the most elite disciples on Shadowed Star were currently gathered in the third layer, so there must be others who recognized it.

After two full hours, the group of four arrived at their destination, a small mountain valley probably less than a thousand meters in width. Down inside the mountain valley, there was the familiar dark red cracked landscape filled with gullies and ravines, but surprisingly, if one looked carefully, they would find some dried up trees as well. These trees were blood red in colour and didn’t have any trace of vitality, but they were clearly not dead. There was some kind of strange power lingering about that allowed them to survive in this extremely harsh environment.

This mountain valley was surrounded by more than twenty large and larger mountain peaks.

When Yang Kai and his group of four arrived, about half of these mountain peaks were already occupied. Groups from different Sects had taken control of these spots and seemingly settled in.

Most of the cultivators’ eyes were scanning the dead trees in the mountain valley, revealing a look of greed, but what was strange was that there was no one actually inside the mountain valley, as if they had all come to some kind of agreement to restrain themselves.

When Yang Kai and his group arrived, countless eyes swept towards their side, many people openly displaying vigilance and disgust. After all, a Heaven defying spirit fruit was about to mature, the fewer people here the better.

However, everyone knew that such an idea was unrealistic. Before the Red Candle Fruit matured, that rising red sun spectacle had already spread across the entire third layer, so it was likely that everyone was either already here or on their way. Even though they were unwilling to accept more competitors, they had no choice but to shoot Yang Kai and his group a glare before turning their eyes away.

Yang Kai also swept his eyes over the crowd and couldn’t help becoming vigilant as well.

The scene this time was indeed magnificent. Although not many people had come, each one was an elite from a great Sect.

Yang Kai saw people from Heaven Battling Union, Thunder Typhoon Sect, Coloured Glass Sect, and many others he couldn’t identify. In total, there were at least seventy or eighty present.

The four of them had come relatively late it seemed, but there were certainly more on their way, so presumably things would only become more chaotic.

Yang Kai also saw the stern-faced cultivator that had previously occupied the centre of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water pool. This guy had occupied an entire small hill by himself and was standing there as straight as a sword, his arms folded, his expression as indifferent as ever. No one dared to go up and find trouble with him.

Anyone who could arrive here could more or less guess the identity of this man so none of them would even think about trying to annoy him even if they were upset with his attitude and behaviour.

On Coloured Glass Sect’s side, Yin Su Die’s expression became strange after she caught sight of Dai Yuan, as if she didn’t expect that this Senior Sister of hers would appear here with others, but after recognizing Dong Xuan’er, her face relaxed and she immediately turned her attention away, showing no intention to go greet Dai Yuan.

After a quick glance, Wei Gu Chang pointed to one of the unoccupied hills and said, “Let’s take that one.”

A moment later, the four stood atop the mountain, and, like everyone else, set their sights on the mountain valley down below.

“Where’s the Red Candle Fruit?” Wei Gu Chang swept his eyes around but found no trace of any kind of spirit fruit. As far as he could see, all there was in the mountain valley were half-dead trees so he couldn’t help asking.

“The Red Candle Fruit won’t appear before it fully matures,” Dai Yuan slowly shook her head, “But there’s no doubt it is somewhere inside this mountain valley. When it matures, it will naturally surface.”

“I see!” Wei Gu Chang gently nodded.

“Oh, Senior Brother Li You Nan from Medicine Pill Sect is coming, I wonder what he wants to say,” Dong Xuan’er exclaimed lightly as her eyes landed on a middle-aged scholarly dressed man who seemed to have a gentle atmosphere about him. This man was currently approaching their group and was even smiling and waving to them before he arrived.

Yang Kai had also heard of Medicine Pill Sect.

No matter the place, there were always Sects or forces that specialized in Alchemy. Medicine King’s Valley in the Great Han Dynasty and the Alchemist Guild in Tong Xuan Realm were examples of such Sects. As for Shadowed Star, Medicine Pill Sect was the representative Alchemy Sect.

This kind of existence was one that most people wouldn’t dare to offend because they would inevitably have to seek their services at some point.

Inside Medicine Pill Sect, there were five Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemists, the largest number by far of any force on Shadowed Star. Each of these five was a Grandmaster whose name was widely known on Shadowed Star and anywhere they went they would be treated as honoured guests.

And since this guy named Li You Nan could penetrate into the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, he must also be an elite from Medicine Pill Sect. It seems that he, Wei Gu Chang, and Dong Xuan’er knew each other, but whether they shared any real friendship was something Yang Kai couldn’t tell yet.

Soon, this middle-aged scholarly man named Li You Nan arrived at the mountain where the group of four were gathered and cupped his fists to Wei Gu Chang before saying, “Brother Wei, you’ve also come.”

Wei Gu Chang returned the courtesy and laughed, “For this kind of matter, naturally I must come join the fun.”

Nearby, Dong Xuan’er and Dai Yuan both greeted Li You Nan, with Li You Nan responding in kind, seemingly behaving very politely. He then asked about Yang Kai’s name and origin but Wei Gu Chang simply interjected and said he had invited him.

Although Li You Nan felt it was somewhat strange that Yang Kai, a First-Order Saint King, could arrive here, since he was brought here by Wei Gu Chang, he didn’t ask much.

“Brother Li, did you perhaps come to find this Wei for something?” Wei Gu Chang narrowed his eyes and got straight to the point.

Li You Nan smiled slightly before answering this question with one of his own, “Brother Wei, since you came here after seeing that vision, do you perhaps know what is here?”

“I heard it was the Red Candle Fruit,” Wei Gu Chang replied.

Li You Nan frowned with surprise, but after glancing over at Dai Yuan, he understood and patted his forehead lightly, “It seems this Li has asked a foolish question. Since Ms. Dai Yuan is here, Brother Wei surely would know. In this world, I’m afraid that there is no rare herb that Ms. Dai Yuan does not know of.”

“Senior Brother Li is too polite, Dai Yuan is only slightly versed in this subject,” Dai Yuan said lightly.

“Haha, Ms. Dai Yuan does not need to act so humble, there are truly few people who can recognize the Red Candle Fruit. Brother Qu from Heaven Battling Union, Brother Fang from Thunder Typhoon Sect, and Sister Yin from Coloured Glass Sect only learned of it after this one explained it to them. If not for this, how could everyone have restrained themselves so? I’m afraid that everyone would already be digging up the mountain valley if not for this Li providing some small insight.”

Hearing this, Wei Gu Chang suddenly understood why everyone was simply standing around the mountain valley waiting, it seems Li You Nan had gone around informing them what was happening.

Obviously he had not done this out of goodwill. With such a precious treasure in front of him, there was no way Li You Nan didn’t want to keep it for himself.

Him informing others was simply because he didn’t want to allow these people to act rashly and interfere with the maturing of the Red Candle Fruit. If someone ignorant of the truth interfered with the Red Candle Fruit and caused it to fail to mature, it would be a great loss to the entire world.

So even though he was reluctant to do so, Li You Nan had worked hard to inform each group of cultivators that arrived about the situation.

“Brother Li’s spirit of generosity is truly deep, working so hard for the benefit of the world. This Wei is truly impressed!” Wei Gu Chang wore a sincere look and cupped his fists once more.

Receiving such great praise, Li You Nan continually tried to downplay his actions before quickly shifting the subject to his true objective, “I wonder if Brother Wei is interested in joining forces with my Medicine Pill Sect?”

“Joining forces?” Wei Gu Chang’s eyes narrowed slightly as a meaningful grin appeared on his face, “Brother Li, although this Wei is not proficient in the study of spirit herbs, I am aware that there should only be a single Red Candle Fruit here, so how do you propose we work together? If we manage to obtain the Red Candle Fruit, how should it be distributed?”

“Please allow this one to finish explaining before making a decision, Brother Wei,” Li You Nan seemed to know that he would react this way so he didn’t show any signs of anxiety, remaining calm and relaxed.

“Please do tell, Brother Li, I am listening intently,” Although Wei Gu Chang knew what the Li You Nan was up to, he couldn’t simply reject him; after all, offending Medicine Pill Sect was never a good idea.

“My meaning is simple. I wish to take the Red Candle Fruit first. Although there is only one spirit fruit, if it is used in Alchemy, it should be able to produce more than one pill,” Li You Nan glanced over at Wei Gu Chang, but not seeing any great response, he continued to explain, “As far as I know, your Shadow Moon Hall only has a single Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemist and that Alchemist only broke through recently and their success rate of refining Origin Grade pills isn’t very high. If Brother Wei obtained the Red Candle Fruit, the only option would be to have one of your Sect’s Elders take it directly, wasting a lot of its medicinal efficacies.”

Pausing for a moment, a proud look appeared on Li You Nan’s face as he declared, “This situation is not only the case for your Shadow Moon Hall, but for all the other great Sects, but my Medicine Pill Sect is different. My Medicine Pill Sect has five Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemists, and although the grade of this Red Candle Fruit is very high, if my Medicine Pill Sect’s Elders all collaborate, refining more than a dozen pills is quite possible.”

Wei Gu Chang finally had a full picture of what the other party wanted to say, narrowing his eyes further as he asked Li You Nan, “What Brother Li means is that if we help your Medicine Pill Sect obtain the Red Candle Fruit, after it is refined into pills, my Shadow Moon Hall will be able to obtain a portion?”

“Good, that is precisely this Li’s meaning!” Li You Nan nodded repeatedly, “I have made this offer not only to Brother Wei, but also to Brother Qu from Heaven Battling Union, Brother Fang of Thunder Typhoon Sect, Sister Yin from Coloured Glass Sect, Brother Qu from Twin Heart Valley, and Brother Tang from Floating Mist Palace.”

“And their response?” Wei Gu Chang raised his eyebrows.

“Haha, although they’ve yet to express an opinion yet, this Li believes he can convince them,” Li You Nan spoke with confidence.

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