Martial Peak

Chapter 122 – The Intense fight with 10 cultivators

After that moment, it seemed that loud shouts could be heard from a distant place. Unfortunately, those voices were not clear.

Those enraged shouts naturally came from Long Zai Tian and his fellow clansmen. After hearing the enemy’s intense rage, Yang Kai’s face gleamed with joy.

When he heard the word “Kill,” Yang Kai Immediately knew that Meng Wuya was about to take his revenge.

The intense fight that was ongoing at the Bloody Battle Gang’s mining area could be heard dozens of kilometers away! Even from such a distance, Yang Kai could feel the Yuan Qi fluctuations from those experts in battle!

So powerful!

Yang Kai could not help to stared at awe. His eye’s glimmer as he anticipating the day he would be able to reach such an altitude in cultivation.

Suddenly, Yang Kai could hear several doors being opened from the Black Wind Trade City.

A few known figures came out. High Heaven Pavilion’s Su Yan, Bloody Battle Gang’s Hu Jiao’er, Storm House’s Fang Ziji. All three of them held dignified auras as they looked towards the position of the battle grounds. All three simultaneously flew, changing into afterimages, together heading to the battle grounds.

Su Yan was the fastest, next was Hu Jiao’er and finally, Fang Ziji.

After those three flew off, a few people walked out of the door. Some were in fear while others were startled due to the chaos. However, one young boy was interested in the chaos and shouted out “Something is happening over there! I’m going to have a look!”

After that boy ran forward, followers began to emerge as they as well ran forward. Shops in the district closed as the people in Black Wind Trade City got over their fear, which turned into interest, and ran towards the battle ground to see what was happening.

“This must be an Immortal Ascension Boundary Expert level battle! It has to be! Quick! We must take a look! Who knows how many years it would take before we could see such a rare battle again?” A Storm House Disciple said to his fellow apprentice with an excited look.

“Wait! We should not go. If we were to be caught up in the cross fire, wouldn’t we die a miserable death?”

“Come on! We are only going to look from a distance! They are experts. Certainly, they have the ability to stop their attacks when it is going to accidentally hit an innocent bystander”

Without saying any further, the excited Storm House Disciple ran forward.

Yang Kai facial expression slowly changed. He realized that Old Man Meng had gone too far. This fight was so devastating that it was going to attract the attention of the three influences.

Yang Kai stood at the same spot for a while, considering his next plan, before dashing into the crowd carefully. Even he, was curious of the final outcome of this battle.

~ Back to the Mining Area

After Meng Wuya raised Long Jun and dashed here, he directly looked for Long Zai Tian. The latter, had not fully understood the entire matter at hand before a killing strike was directed towards him. Meng Wuya’s actions were unjustifiable. Long Zai Tian has never met this old man but was attacked. Even if he wished not to fight, as the vice-master of the Bloody Battle Gang, he had no choice but to upmost the clan’s reputation and fight. Only a coward would turn tail and flee.

However, it took less than 10 moves before Long Zai Tian knocked down from the air by Meng Wuya.

Unfortunately, Hu Man and his other clansmen could not allow their vice-master to die in the hands of Meng Wuya. They had no choice but to get involved in their fight.

Although Hu Man was glad to see Long Zai Tian suppressed, he could not simply allow the vice-master of the Blood Battle Gang to get one-sidedly beaten up and killed. That man holds the reputation of the Blood Battle Gang. If he were to fall, he would drag down the clan with him.

Even if Hu Man does not act, his fellow clansmen will.

10 Immortal Ascension Boundary Experts charged at Meng Wuya. However, like an unbeatable god, he remained unscathed. He had shown that his arrogance was with his own strength to back him up.

However, the attacks he dealt were not only physical. It was also verbal. Like a viper, he managed to provoke and shame Long Zai Tian.

Long Zai Tian’s face turned purple from shame as he spat out mouthful of blood. He cursed Meng Wuya. With only 12 moves, Meng Wuya had managed to completely suppress him. His dignity and pride as the vice master of Bloody Battle Gang was completely destroyed. How is he ever going to recover his reputation?

At this time, Meng Wuya retreated upwards. Meanwhile, the Bloody Battle Gang’s experts were all standing on the ground. Both side halted, waiting for the next confrontation.

Long Zai Tian clenched his jaws, while his mouth was full of fresh blood. His body trembled as he endures the humiliation, not daring to be so dissolute in front of such power. “May I ask this excellency, where have I offended you such that you need to humiliate me to such a degree?”

Long Zai Tian was not willing to futher annoy Meng Wuya. The old man had sufficient strength to kill him. How would he possibly be foolish enough to enrage this man?

However, even if Meng Wuya was attacking him, Long Zai Tian needed to know; why was Meng Wuya attacking him? What injustice did he do to this old man? Even in death, he had to know the reason he died for.

Meng Wuya gave an arrogant snort and disdainly said. “You have neither wronged me nor annoy me!”

Hearing his nonsensical words made Long Zai Tian trembled with indignation. He lifted his trembling hand and pointed it to Meng Wuya, cursing “You…,” Long Zai Tian’s voice was hard to hear due to the blood clogged in his throat. Nonetheless, the rage in his voice and facial expression was obvious.

Long Zai Tian did not do any wrong to Meng Wuya. Why would the old man hit and scold him? This was completely unjust.

Meng Wuya sneers, “Are you feeling aggrieved now? No matter. If I wanted you to die, do you think you could resist?”

Long Zai Tian kept silent and breathed out slowly. He no longer dared to make any sudden movements in fear that Meng Wuya would be further provoked.

Meng Wuya yawned at Long Zai Tian’s cowardly response and angrily cursed, “I will destroy your 18 generation of heritage! Even if you feel aggrieved, you are incapable of revolting! However, I must let you and all else know. Your treatment today is for the bitter experience my precious disciple endured!”

Long Zai Tian’s eyes widened as he asked, “Your disciple?”

Murderous intent could be seen from Meng Wuya’s eyes as he voice sinks lower, “It’s all because of your descendants! They dare to make a move on my precious disciple! Fine! I will also make a move on your whole entire family!”

“Can your excellency be clearer?”, Long Zai Tian asked slowly. He had finally realized that this old man truly had a just grudge against him. How would he further dare to provoke Meng Wuya?

“Any Clearer? He He He!” Meng Wuya’s complexion turned cold and severe. Shouting loud and clearly ”Why don’t you hear reason from your grandson in hell? Ask him what that little bastard did a few days ago!”

Long Zai Tian’s complexion turned for the worst as he asked “What happened to Long Hui?”

“Does it matter anymore?” Meng Wuya sneers.

Suddenly, Long Jun opened his mouth “Grandfather, I had not seen younger brother for nearly a month now. The last time I saw him, he brought Master Wen out to handle matters. Till this day, he had not returned.”

After hearing the depressing news, Long Zai Tian had the expression of a dead man. From Long Jun’s explaination, Long Zai Tian could deduce that Long Jun must have been killed. Since it was his own grandson, Long Zai Tian had also guessed the cause of his grandson’s downfall. It must have been due to a beautiful female apprentice.

(I don’t know WTF kind of grandfather you are to be able to guess that…)

When Long Zai Tian connected all the pieces and understood the whole story, his heart ached with pain and anger. What pained him was his grandson’s death and what angered him was the boy’s inability to judge the background of others. Unexpectedly, the boy managed to provoke someone of such high martial ability.

“Good that you realize that this was all caused by that grandson you have raised!” Meng Wuya’s anger peaked as he shouted “Today, I have come for only your head. To remind you that there are some people in this world that you cannot offend!”

Meng Wuya took a deep breath and slowly raised his hand. As his hand rose up, the entire world seemed to change colour.

The Bloody Battle Gang and various people had a panic stricken look and simultaneous flee to Long Zai Tian’s side. Gazing at Meng Wuya’s movements, preparing for his strike.

Once Meng Wuya shouted” Death!”, his hand rapidly fell and pats maliciously towards Long Zai Tian’s position. A giant palm suddenly appeared from the empty space. It was made up of the prestige of the world, with unstoppable force, capable of shaking the heaven and earth!

At that moment, The Bloody Battle Gang’s experts also displayed all their most powerful killing strike, to counter Meng Wuya.

Yuan Qi from the two side collided, blowing away the sand and stones on the ground. However, even against 10 experts, Meng Wuya’s giant palm does not slow down. At this moment, Meng Wuya seems to be much more reliable than his usual self.

“Bang!” echoed as the giant palm lands on top of all the Bloody Battle Gang’s clansmen. In a flash, the 10 experts were forced to squat on the ground, their eyes almost bursting out of their sockets due to the force, as they circulated their Yuan Qi with all their might to resist the attack.

The ground cracked. One slit, followed by another.

Underneath them is the Bloody Battle Gang’s mining area. Due to the many tunnels underneath them, the force from the collision caused the underground tunnels to collapse.

The crashing sound of the tunnel’s collapse reverberated for kilometers. Those experts, resisting MengWuya’s strike took the opportunity of the falling speed to escape from his strike.

The Giant palm finally landed on the ground, leaving a deep imprint on the earth.

Due to the protection of the 10 experts, Long Zai Tian had not died. Unfortunately, that does not mean that he escaped Meng Wuya’s attack unscathed. Long Zai Tian continued to spit out mouth full of blood as his complexion continued to grow worse; becoming even paler. The other Bloody Battle Gang experts also had an ugly complexion. They had not anticipated that Meng Wuya’s strength to be so profound. How was it possible that Meng Wuya was in an Immortal Ascension Boundary? How was possible for him to be this strong? Moreover, those martial skills that he had used were all extraordinary. They were definitely a rank above Martial Skills.

In spite of their impressed reaction, Meng Wuya’s face remains indifferent as he snorted. Although he wanted to pursue them and continues to strike them down, there was a sudden burst of Yuan Qi from underground that made his own Yuan Qi fluctuate.

Meng Wuya’s attention turned to the source of this disturbance and was shocked beyond words.

The next moment, a fiery ray of light burst out from the ground. This ray of light soon turned into a fire dragon. Following closely to the dragon was a blue light, which turned into a majestic ice phoenix, flapping her wings.

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