Martial Peak

Chapter 1219 - Sun Rising in the East

Chapter 1219, Sun Rising in the East

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“Brother Yang, are you interested in this tortoiseshell?” Wei Gu Chang spoke for a while before suddenly asking this question, “If you are interested in it, feel free to take it. Although I can see that it isn’t ordinary, with so many cracks in it already, I don’t know if it can still play any significant role.”

Wei Gu Chang knew there was a powerful Artefact Refiner behind Yang Kai, and the material of a Tenth-Order Monster Beast like this would be greatly appreciated by such a master.

Even if he took this tortoiseshell back to Shadow Moon Hall, Wei Gu Chang couldn’t think of a suitable person to refine an artefact from it. Grandmaster Ge Lin was nearing the end of his life and hadn’t refined any artefacts for quite a while. Elder Qian had been thinking of ways these past few years to extend the life of Grandmaster Ge Lin but unfortunately hadn’t been very successful.

Moreover, Grandmaster Ge Lin’s skill at Artefact Refining may not be enough to use this tortoiseshell. As such, Wei Gu Chang figured he might as well give this shell to Yang Kai as it could probably play the greatest role in his hands.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment but didn’t refuse, nodding slightly before storing away the Tenth-Order Monster Beast tortoiseshell.

While the two of them were talking, Dong Xuan’er and Dai Yuan were also whispering amongst themselves a short distance away.

At this moment, Dai Yuan was holding a jade bottle in her hand and a pill was resting on her palm. This pill was perfectly round, with a pale green hue and was exuding bursts of delicate medicinal fragrance that relaxed one’s body and mind when they sniffed it.

As Dai Yuan’s beautiful eyes stared at this pill, a nearly imperceptible hint of excitement and expectation flashed across their depths as her expression filled with admiration.

Dong Xuan’er didn’t say a word, as she knew that when her close friend showed this kind of look it was best to simply remain silent.

This pill wasn’t something rare, it was just an ordinary Saint Qi supplementing pill, but its grade wasn’t low. It was one of the Saint King Grade High-Rank pills Yang Kai had given Dong Xuan’er.

Dong Xuan’er had intentionally saved it in order to ask Dai Yuan to take a closer look at it.

After a long time, Dai Yuan put the pill back into the jade bottle and handed it back to Dong Xuan’er before breathing out gently.

“How is it?” Dong Xuan’er asked.

“Superb. The Alchemy technique used to refine it is better than anything I can do; it has been brought to the extreme in terms of quality and I suspect it is only a step away from forming Pill Veins. The surface of the pill already has some faint traces of Pill Veins. It’s a pity that it fell short in the end,” Dai Yuan said regretfully before noting with shock, “Not only that one, but every pill in that bottle. This Alchemist who refined them has already taken their skills to an astonishing level.”

“Is it really so amazing?” Dong Xuan’er was startled, her delicate mouth opening slightly, “Being able to refine so many Saint King Grade pills which nearly formed Pill Veins; could this master be an Origin Grade Alchemist?”

“En, there’s no doubt they are an Origin Grade Alchemist.” When Dai Yuan said this, she glanced over at Yang Kai, the look of expectation in her eyes growing stronger.

Seeing this look, how could Dong Xuan’er not know what she was thinking and quickly said, “Big Sister Dai Yuan, don’t be anxious, you’ll find a solution in time.”

Dai Yuan lifted her hand and brushed her hair back behind her ear as she said lightly, “I know, I’m not in a hurry, it’s been so many years already anyway. By the way, Sister Xuan’er, that Yang Kai, what were his origins again?”

Suddenly, Dai Yuan seemed to become quite interested in Yang Kai and began asking Dong Xuan’er about him.

Dong Xuan’er didn’t conceal anything, explaining everything she knew about Yang Kai. When she heard that Yang Kai came to Shadowed Star from the outside world, Dai Yuan’s eyes brightened greatly and her tender body couldn’t help trembling, the light of expectation in her eyes became even more obvious.

Since others could come to Shadowed Star from the outside world, what was the say that they couldn’t leave Shadowed Star and go to the outside world?

Like Wu Yi, Dai Yuan dreamed of leaving Shadowed Star, but the starting point of the two was quite different. Wu Yi was simply enchanted by the idea of the outside world’s wonders while Dai Yuan had other reasons.

Although Dai Yuan wanted to ask Yang Kai immediately about which Alchemy Grandmaster had refined this bottle of recovery pills, she forced herself to be patient.

She wasn’t familiar with Yang Kai; in fact, they had essentially just met, so if she now started asking such intrusive questions, it would only cause annoyance in the other party. How could Dai Yuan make such a rash move?

However, she was already considering how she could better her relationship with Yang Kai, and when the time was right, she would naturally ask.

Time flowed by. Dai Yuan and Dong Xuan’er hadn’t seen each other for a long time so naturally, they were not short of words they wanted to exchange. Yang Kai and Wei Gu Chang were also engaged in a lively discussion, and from Wei Gu Chang’s mouth, Yang Kai learned many interesting stories and secrets about Shadowed Star.

Yang Kai didn’t intend to stay and act together with them, but now that they had just escaped from a life or death crisis, simply leaving would seem too cold, so he planned to wait until all of them had at least restored themselves.

Once they were back on their feet, Yang Kai would bid them farewell and continue deeper into the third layer in hopes of finding a suitable place to refine the Profound Yin Sunflower Water.

A day later, the remaining three Shadow Moon Hall disciples finally finished restoring themselves and thanked Yang Kai and Dai Yuan profusely.

This time, the three of them no longer dared to belittle Yang Kai.

When the Flowing Flame Sand Field had just opened, these three had lined up behind Wei Gu Chang, and at that time, when Wei Gu Chang asked Yang Kai to act together with them, the three of them were quite reluctant as they thought bringing Yang Kai with them would only be a burden. On top of that, if they found any benefits, they would be forced to apportion him something regardless of whether he helped them or not.

None of them had imagined that this young man, whom they considered to be a burden, would be the one to save their lives in the third layer Flame Area.

Recalling their thoughts from that time, all three of them felt extremely ashamed and wanted to find holes to crawl into and hide.

“The three of you should follow the path we walked back to the second layer. Fortunately, we’re not too deep into the third layer. If you backtrack carefully, with your strength and means, you shouldn’t have any trouble protecting yourselves. Don’t think of remaining and taking risks in this third layer, this isn’t a place you should linger,” Wei Gu Chang waited for the three of them to finish expressing their gratitude to Yang Kai before ordering them directly.

The three Shadow Moon Hall disciples were stunned for a moment but soon understood why Wei Gu Chang had come to this decision.

Just before, on the lava lake, how the three of them had conducted themselves was not befitting their status as elite disciples. Now that Wei Gu Chang was making them return to the second layer, they dared not disobey, all of them nodding in shame before urging their Senior Brother Wei and Senior Sister Dong to be careful.

Wei Gu Chang gently nodded. Although he was a little disappointed with the performance of his two Junior Brothers and Junior Sister, they were still from the same Sect and he was not about to condemn them for their actions, even giving them all the pills he and Dong Xuan’er felt they didn’t need before seeing them off.

The trio said goodbye with tears in their eyes, but before they could depart, the sky of the entire Flowing Flame Sand Field suddenly became much brighter.

Everyone was aware of this anomaly and all of them looked around suspiciously but couldn’t find anything wrong. Just as they were in the depths of confusion, the tall female disciple suddenly pointed in a certain direction and called out in shock, “The sun!”

Looking in the direction she was pointing and witnessing the phenomenon that was occurring, all of them couldn’t help feeling stunned.

In the distance, a round red sun seemed to be rising above the horizon, its crimson rays dying the entire sky a beautiful blood red. It was precisely because of this red sun that everyone felt their surroundings suddenly become brighter.

Of course, no one thought this was really the sun!

It had been a few months since they entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field, and in this strange space, there was no sun, no moon, no stars, or sky. When they raised their heads up, all there was to see was the dark red space while down below was dark red earth, making for an extremely gloomy landscape.

So how could the sun suddenly appear in this Forbidden Zone?

Yang Kai’s first thought was that someone was fighting and had used some kind of astonishing artefact!

However, after thinking about it carefully, he realized that this was impossible. The round red sun was clearly at a very distant location, at least a few hundred kilometres from where they currently were. Across such a vast distance only an Origin King Grade artefact would be able to produce a visible effect.

But which great force would allow their disciples to bring an Origin King Grade artefact into the Flowing Flame Sand Field?

There were many crises here, and no one could guarantee their own survival. Even Wei Gu Chang had almost fallen here, so unless all the Elders of some Sect had lost their minds, they wouldn’t allow their disciples to bring an Origin King Grade artefact into this place.

Each Origin King Grade artefact in existence on Shadowed Star would be carefully locked up in the headquarters of the Sect that owned them as a strategic weapon and would not be easily be used.

What’s more, even if for some reason such an outrageous situation was allowed to happen, no Saint King Realm cultivator here would be able to even use an Origin King Grade artefact, and forcibly trying to would only result in severe backlash.

[Then what was this?] Yang Kai brow wrinkled as he stared at the rising sun with suspicion. He had seen all kinds of incredible things inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field but he couldn’t immediately determine what it was he was currently looking at.

Faintly though, he felt that the scene in front of him was somewhat… familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before, but he was also certain he had never witnessed such a strange phenomenon before, making him frown secretly.

“How can there be a sun here? Did the barrier around the Flowing Flame Sand Field collapse?” A male disciple from Shadow Moon Hall cried in surprise.

His guess was reasonable; after all, if the barrier around the Flowing Flame Sand Field collapsed, they would naturally be able to see the outside scenery, and if it happened to be sunrise at this time, it would explain this scene.

However, Wei Gu Chang shook his head, “It’s not the sun.”

His thoughts were the same as Yang Kai.

“What is it then? Senior Brother, have you seen something similar before?” Dong Xuan’er leaned her tender body slightly loser to Wei Gu Chang, a touch of uneasiness and tension apparent in her voice.

“No, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Wei Gu Chang stated before turning his head to Yang Kai, wanting to hear his opinions. But at this moment, Yang Kai was actually wearing a thoughtful expression that said not to disturb him.

As a last resort, Wei Gu Chang turned his sights to Dai Yuan. Although he didn’t think that Dai Yuan’s knowledge was wider than his own, she might know something he didn’t.

To Wei Gu Chang’s surprise, Dai Yuan showed the same expression as Yang Kai.

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