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Chapter 1208, - Nothing Good

Chapter 1208, Nothing Good

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The cultivators from Heaven Battling Union were very recognizable from the uniforms they wore. Each one of them had golden robes which gave them a noble and arrogant appearance.

On top of that, these cultivators gave people the feeling that their eyes were higher than the top of their heads. Aside from those from Thunder Typhoon Sect, they looked upon all other cultivators with scorn and disdain, regardless of their cultivation.

They seemed to think that Heaven Battling Union was the most extraordinary of Sects and were afraid others wouldn’t know they were its disciples. The golden character for ‘War’ emblazoned on their chests could be clearly seen from far away.

Because of Qu Chang Feng, Yang Kai had a very poor opinion of disciples from Heaven Battling Union, so when he saw that the group approaching him belonged to Heaven Battling Union, he knew that today wouldn’t be peaceful. The scene of him having just collected a Flowing Flame Flying Fire could not have been missed by these people.

He just wasn’t sure how much they had seen.

Soon, the group of four from Heaven Battling Union arrived in front of Yang Kai, all of them looking at him with surprise or joy.

Yang Kai had to admit that Heaven Battling Union possessed a strong heritage. All four of these people were Third-Order Saint Kings, and the Saint Qi each of them possessed was far purer and more vigorous than ordinary cultivators. Their bodies were all shielded by pale blue light halos that were clearly generated by high-quality Ice Attribute artefacts in order to resist the surrounding heat and fire poison.

A middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader of this group swept Yang Kai with his Divine Sense, but after realizing what his cultivation was, he couldn’t help raising a brow and staring in astonishment.

He didn’t understand how Yang Kai, a First-Order Saint King, could survive here in such a harsh environment, and from the look of it, he didn’t even seem to be using a protective artefact, a fact which greatly surprised him. Looking towards Yang Kai, his expression became slightly dignified.

Anyone who didn’t need an artefact here and was only relying on their Saint Qi to resist the heat and fire poison couldn’t simply be written off.

“Was it him who just collect that Flowing Flame Flying Fire?” Another thin man next to this middle-aged man stared at Yang Kai in surprise and asked.

It seemed that they were too far apart just now so they hadn’t seen what happened clearly and were currently just sceptical, so they immediately rushed over to confirm it.

“It can’t be, can a Flowing Flame Flying Fire be caught so casually? Although the third layer seems to have many Flowing Flame Flying Fires, even Fang Tian Zhong failed to catch one, so how could he have accomplished it?” A third cultivator with a monkey-like face slowly shook his head in disbelief.

“Won’t we know if we ask?” The thin man grinned meaningfully, turning to Yang Kai and saying casually, “Little brat, what was it you put away just now, take it out and show me.”

“What does it have to do with you?” Yang Kai looked at the four of them lightly, without any sense of panic or intent to flee.

“Haha…” The thin man laughed and nodding, “En, it really doesn’t have anything to do with us, but little brat, do you know who we are? You must know yet you still dare speak to us like that, interesting.”

Saying so, his expression became cold as he declared, “Little brat, if you want to live, hand over whatever it was you just collected. If you can make this Sir happy, I may spare your life, but if you can’t… heh heh…”

The meaning of threat behind his words was blatantly obvious.

The middle-aged man who had been sizing up Yang Kai all this time frowned even deeper but soon his brow relaxed. Although he saw that Yang Kai was a bit unusual, and far too calm given his situation, in the end, he was still just one person. The middle-aged man didn’t believe that with the strength of his group of four they couldn’t handle this one boy.

There were always some cultivators who were extremely conceited in this world, they possessed a little ability and thought of themselves as great cultivators. This middle-aged man had met many such people because he too was one of them, but after being thoroughly humiliated by Qu Chang Feng many times, he had learned the fact that there were always mountains higher than others.

He subconsciously surmised that Yang Kai was one such person.

Such people were destined to suffer a great deal.

He was lucky because he was from the same Sect as Qu Chang Feng, so he had not lost his life to the latter, but after realizing the reality of this world, this middle-aged man had begun acting much lower-key than before.

“Whatever you want you expect me to give? What do you count for?” Yang Kai stared back at the thin man with equally cold eyes, his expression still indifferent.

“Little brat, since you refuse a toast, you must suffer a loss!” The thin man didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so defiant and immediately lost patience.

He had used these lines to intimidate many others, but when had any cultivator dared to disobey? Even when he set his eyes on another cultivator’s women, the other side would obediently hand her over with a smile. Even knowing he would simply play around with those women for a few days before tossing them away, no one dare refuse his demands.

All because he was born into Heaven Battling Union!

Also, this was the Flowing Flame Sand Field, a deserted and remote place that was excellent for burying dead bodies! At this point, a cold light flickered across the eyes of this cultivator and a thick murderous intent pulsed from his body.

“Wait!” Before the thin man could act though, the middle-aged man who was standing behind him suddenly called out.

The other two men also turned to look at this middle-aged man as he took a few steps forward. Staring at Yang Kai, this middle-aged said in a slightly calmer tone, “Friend, this one’s Junior Brother is a bit irritable, please don’t take offence.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed but his expression remained indifferent.

“Senior Brother…” When the thin man saw his Senior Brother apologize to Yang Kai, he was shocked and exclaimed, “Aren’t you being too cautious? Why bother speaking any nonsense with him?”

The middle-aged man smiled lightly and replied, “There is no such thing as acting too cautiously, didn’t Master teach us that only by acting prudently can you endure the test of time? This friend is no ordinary person. Although Senior Brother can’t see his origin or identity, since he can stand here safe and sound, he must have some skill. On top of that, it’s naturally better if we can resolve this matter peacefully.”

The implied meaning here was that it wouldn’t be too late to solve things by force if a peaceful solution could not be reached.

Hearing this, the thin man thought about it for a moment with a gloomy look upon his face before unexpectedly no longer making a fuss.

The middle-aged man turned back to Yang Kai with a smile and continued, “Friend, we don’t want to stir up trouble; after all, this is the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, everyone here has to act with caution. That being the case, can friend give this one some face and allow my Junior Brother to check your Space Ring?”

The smile on his face was perfectly natural and carefree, as if he hadn’t just asked to inspect Yang Kai’s Space Ring but instead asked an old friend to borrow something insignificant.

“You want to see my Space Ring?” Yang Kai grinned suddenly.

“En!” The middle-aged man gently nodded, his smile as refreshing as a spring breeze. “This one’s fellow brothers don’t have any malicious intent; we just want to confirm what it was friend just collected. If it wasn’t a Flowing Flame Flying Fire, we won’t covet friend’s belongings and will definitely return your Space Ring, what does friend say?”

“Good!” To his surprise, Yang Kai instantly agreed, causing the middle-aged man’s brow to furrow slightly. He was secretly wondering if he really was being overly careful and the other party really didn’t have any noteworthy ability. If that wasn’t the case, how could he have complied so easily?

While he was in doubt, he saw Yang Kai slip off his Space Ring from his finger and tossed it up and down gently, drawing four pairs of eyes towards it.

“Toss it over!” Seeing Yang Kai act so submissively, the thin man immediately shouted aloud, seemingly eager to check this Space Ring.

“There’s really nothing good in my Space Ring,” Yang Kai smiled at him, his tone a bit sour and distressed, “Only this piece of Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence…”

Suddenly, a melon-sized piece of blood-red stone appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. This stone radiated an incredibly pure and powerful flame aura that pulsed as if it was alive.

“Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence?” The four exclaimed in unison, and even the middle-aged man who had been smiling lightly finally showed a change of expression, his eyes filling with greed.

Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence was an Origin King Grade material, and although the piece in Yang Kai’s hand was only Origin King Grade Low-Rank, it was still an incredibly valuable treasure. This melon-sized piece of Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence was something these four had never even heard of existing before.

If such a piece of material was taken outside, it would fetch an incredible price, at least twenty to thirty million Saint Crystals.

These four had heard that at the most recent Treasure Trove Pavilion auction in Heavenly Fate City, there were a few treasures that sold for tens of millions, even up to a hundred million Saint Crystals. Unfortunately, they weren’t eligible to participate at that time and were unable to witness such a shocking scene in person. They had all been regretting missing the opportunity to attend, but now, a top-level Artefact Refining material had appeared in front of their eyes.

On top of that, it was owned by a mere First-Order Saint King!

If the four of them could snatch this treasure, even if everyone split the profits equally, each of them would obtain millions of Saint Crystals. They wouldn’t need to worry about cultivation resources for the rest of their lives!

The four of them began breathing heavily as their eyes lit up. It seemed that they would leap forward to rob Yang Kai at any time. As for the middle-aged man who said that he would not covet Yang Kai’s belongings, he had already tossed that idea away.

But before the four of them could take action, Yang Kai actually put the melon-sized piece of Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence back into his Space Ring, drawing out angry and desolate glares from the Heaven Battling Union group.

“En, this Fire Crystal Stone is also nothing good,” Yang Kai sighed faintly, as if he didn’t know what it meant to conceal one’s valuables from covetous eyes and took out a plate-sized dark red crystal.

Although this crystal gave off a blazing hot aura like the Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence just now, the two were obviously not the same material.

The former was a type of ore, but the latter emitted an energy fluctuation far more similar to the one given off by the Fire Crystal Stones this group of four had obtained before.

“Impossible!” The thin man shouted as he pointed at the huge piece of Fire Crystal Stone held by Yang Kai, shaking his head rapidly, “It’s not possible for such a big piece of Fire Crystal Stone to exist! No Fire Spirit Beast can produce this kind of thing!”

No one blamed him for being unable to judge what his eyes were seeing because the four members of his group had killed many Fire Spirit Beasts along the way here but the largest piece of Fire Crystal Stone they obtained was only the size of a pigeon egg. Compared to the Fire Crystal Stone in Yang Kai’s hands, it was as different as a towering tree and a small sapling.

Besides, if this was really a Fire Crystal Stone, what Order was the Fire Spirit Beast that condensed it? Also, how massive must it have been?

The thin man didn’t think Yang Kai could kill such Fire Spirit Beast and instead thought Yang Kai was trying to deceive them!

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