Martial Peak

Chapter 1194 - Crazy Absorption

Chapter 1194, Crazy Absorption

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The golden threads that were pulled in by the Soul Warming Lotus soon flooded Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, but Yang Kai was only able to absorb about one percent of them while the rest were taken away by the Soul Warming Lotus, causing its colours to become even more vibrant.

Yang Kai was startled and quickly controlled the attraction force of the Soul Warming Lotus as he didn’t dare to create such a big stir.

If he were alone, Yang Kai would only be pleasantly surprised and wouldn’t try to suppress this phenomenon.

But right now there were more than thirty other cultivators here. Once Yang Kai allowed this kind of movement, he would immediately draw everyone’s attention and would no doubt be expelled! If he were to so crazily absorb the effects of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, what would be left for everyone else?

Although Yang Kai acted quickly to suppress this attraction, he still disturbed the beautiful woman who was talking to him before.

The beautiful young woman opened her eyes and turned a suspicious look towards Yang Kai. A moment ago, she had clearly noticed an abnormal suction force coming from this First-Order Saint King youth, but when she examined him carefully, she failed to discover anything.

Shaking her head and thinking it was just her imagining, she quickly closed her eyes and continued to absorb the benefits contained in the Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

Yang Kai secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn’t expected the Soul Warming Lotus would be so eager to absorb the Soul Cleansing Divine Water. If he had known early, he would have found a more remote corner so he could take in a little more without being noticed.

Although it was still possible for him to do this, Yang Kai had to be extremely careful not to arouse suspicions, especially from the young beauty sitting nearby.

After a few seconds of thought, Yang Kai gradually lifted the suppression of the Soul Warming Lotus, stopping when it reached a certain degree.

In an instant, about ten times more gold threads than before began pouring into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, one percent of them being absorbed by him directly while the rest poured into the six-coloured island.

This speed of absorption was just about right so he wouldn’t be discovered, allowing Yang Kai to gain roughly ten times the benefits of anyone else from this pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t too content and instead even somewhat anxious.

There was only so much Soul Cleansing Divine Water in this pool, and everyone was desperately snatching as much as they could for themselves, so now was the time to absorb as much as possible rather than hold back.

Compared to the others who were wholeheartedly focused on absorbing the Soul Cleansing Divine Water’s efficacies, Yang Kai’s Soul was inherently more powerful, so he was able to split his attention and handle multiple tasks at once.

Yang Kai was monitoring the others in the pool, hoping they would fall into a meditative state they were unable to extricate themselves from. If this happened, he would increase his speed of absorption again; as long as he was careful, he shouldn’t be discovered.

Additionally, he needed to distance himself from the beautiful young woman next to him. Her strength wasn’t too high, only Third-Order Saint King, but she was a bit too perceptive.

Considering all this, Yang Kai waded towards a remote corner of the pool.

Although his actions alarmed a few cultivators, causing them to open their eyes, after shooting Yang Kai a look of dissatisfaction, no one thought he was up to anything or spared any effort to blame him and instead just closed their eyes again as they were all in a race against time.

After a moment, Yang Kai arrived at a corner of the pool which was quite far apart from anyone else and nodded with satisfaction.

Sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai prepared to loosen his suppression on the Soul Warming Lotus again when he suddenly felt something beneath him.

Quickly reaching down and grabbing this objected, Yang Kai felt it was slightly warm to the touch, but before he had time to figure out what exactly it was, a strange energy began pouring into his body from his fingertips and flow straight up towards his head.

Wherever this energy passed, Yang Kai’s body shivered and he couldn’t help feeling an instinctual sense of crisis.

Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai hurriedly condensed his Saint Qi to resist this strange energy.

As Demonic Flame ignited inside his meridians, the cold energy halted its advance and Yang Kai swore he could hear something like a miserable howl echo in his ears. Seemingly aware of the terrifying might of the Demonic Flame, the strange energy quickly withdrew and soon disappeared into the pool of water.

Yang Kai’s face changed greatly!

Yang Kai’s eyes shot open as he scanned the others inside the pool, but he soon realized that no one else was even aware of what had just taken place, as if he was the only one who had heard that miserable cry just now.

Not only that, but the strange object Yang Kai was holding in his hand no longer had a sense of warmth to it and instead because as dull as a rock.

No matter what this object was though, since it appeared in this pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, it definitely wasn’t ordinary. Yang Kai didn’t even think about it and threw it directly into his Space Ring.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed next as he scanned the golden pool of water, looking for the cold energy that had just rushed into his body, but this pool was both opaque and impermeable to Divine Sense, so no matter how he searched, Yang Kai was unable to find anything.

However, since that energy seemed afraid of his Demonic Flame, Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about any negative consequences for himself.

What made Yang Kai concerned though was that this strange cold energy actually existed in this place.

With nothing he could do about it at the moment, Yang Kai soon shook his head and put this issue aside while quietly withdrawing the suppression on his Soul Warming Lotus further, allowing it to draw in the golden threads faster.

The stone cavern was extremely quiet for a while as everyone madly tempered their Souls in the pool. Their luck also seemed to be quite good as after all of them jumped into the pool, no one else arrived at this stalactite cave.

Most likely, everyone who had received news about this place had already come.

Half an hour or so later though, a change suddenly occurred.

A huge pulse of Spiritual Energy, equivalent to what an ordinary First-Order Origin Returning Realm master could put out, swept across the stone cavern and all the cultivators sitting in the pool opened their eyes in shock as they turned towards the source of this pulse.

As all eyes landed on a certain spot, everyone in the pool felt both shocked and envious…

The source of this disturbance was none other than the stern-faced man sitting in the middle of the pool. At this moment, his body was trembling slightly and the look on his face was undergoing a series of changes, sometimes frowning, sometimes joyful, sometimes pensive…

On top of that, all around his body, a conspicuous golden halo appeared and then, as if he had suddenly transformed into a bottomless pit, countless golden threads began madly flowing towards him, causing the entire pool to become turbulent.

“He really managed to comprehend something!” The beautiful young woman called out in alarm as her jaw dropped and she stared at this stern-faced man in shock.

After hearing the words of this beautiful woman, everyone realized that this stern-faced man had not only gained the benefit of tempering his Soul, allowing his Spiritual Energy to reach the level of a First-Order Origin Returning Realm master, he had also obtained insight into one of the Soul Skills the Origin King Realm master who died here had cultivated.

This discovery made everyone’s eyes turn red.

Compared with insights into an Origin King’s Soul Skill, the tiny benefits they received were insignificant!

All of a sudden, everyone forgot to continue absorbing the effects of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water and stared at this man.

Among everyone, Qu Chang Feng’s face was the ugliest. After venting his anger on Yang Kai, he had finally managed to calm down. No matter what, he would be able to obtain some benefits here, so he didn’t need to care too much about it.

But now, while he was only able to slightly temper his Soul, someone else was able to comprehend an Origin King’s Soul Skill, the difference between the two was like Heaven and Earth.

How was he able to gain insight into that Soul Skill? Why couldn’t it have been him instead? He was also a world-shaking talent, the greatest genius of Heaven Battling Union’s younger generation, worshipped and admired by all, so why?

Was it because he had occupied the best position in the centre of the pool?

Qu Chang Feng was so angry he nearly spat blood! But regardless of how he felt, he could only jealously stare at this man; he didn’t dare try to interfere.

Although this moment was the best time to disturb this stern-faced man’s epiphany, who knows what kind of terrifying counterattack he would have to endure afterwards?

Therefore, Qu Chang Feng could only glare at this man with intense resentment, extremely depressed.

While everyone else was shocked, Yang Kai, on the other hand, was overjoyed.

He had been suppressing the attractive force coming from the Soul Warming Lotus out of concern it would attract other’s attention; but now, this stern-faced man was drawing everyone’s focus and the pool had become incredibly turbulent.

At this moment, even if Yang Kai were to create a big ruckus, no one would take notice.

Not hesitating, Yang Kai immediately released all suppression from the Soul Warming Lotus and allowed it to wantonly absorb the golden energy here.

Instantly, a massive amount of golden light poured into Yang Kai’s fiery red Knowledge Sea. This brilliant golden radiance almost covered up the original crimson colour. The energy contained in these golden threads was sensational but even with Yang Kai’s absorption abilities, he was barely able to snatch any of it, the vast majority being drawn in by the Soul Warming Lotus. The Soul Warming Lotus was even more terrifying than the stern-faced man’s body when it came to drawing in the golden silk threads.

The pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, which had originally been dazzling gold in colour, began fading at a speed visible to the naked eye, but immersed in their fit of shock and jealousy, no one noticed this change.

So Yang Kai became even more unscrupulous.

Although he too was a bit envious of this stern-faced man’s opportunity, he knew better than anyone that a Soul Skill was just a clever method of using Spiritual Energy, like how Martial Skills were applications of Saint Qi. No matter how profound it was, it was the force behind it that determined its ultimate strength.

Who cares if it was an Origin King’s Soul Skill? When he became stronger in the future, Yang Kai was confident he could create his own powerful Soul Skills.

But the benefits he was obtaining right now would affect his very foundation! Although the Soul Skill realized by this stern-faced man was obviously incredible, compared with the benefits Yang Kai was reaping, it was still worth less.

While he ate meat, others drank the soup. Everyone had their own opportunities. Being envious was useless.

“How did the colour of the pool become so pale?” Someone suddenly exclaimed, drawing everyone’s attention back to reality.

When everyone looked down, their complexions became pale. Only about an incense stick worth of time had passed since they entered the pool, but the golden liquid had already become very dim, with only a tinge of golden light still flowing through it. The pool water was no longer even opaque and one could clearly see its bottom with their eyes and penetrated it with their Divine Sense.

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