Martial Peak

Chapter 1192 - Entering the Pool

Chapter 1192, Entering the Pool

While the crowd was breaking the barrier, Yang Kai did not idle, he also participated by adding his strength; after all, he was still planning to fish for advantages after this. If he was to stand by and do nothing while the barrier was being broken, he would only be giving people an excuse to expel him, so despite everyone else’s amazement, he condensed his Saint Qi into a sword, not daring to expose his Demonic Flame, and chopped towards the golden barrier without any signs of anxiety or panic.

The strength he displayed was neither weak nor strong, only what an average of First-Order Saint King should have.

Everyone else was stunned at first but soon became disinterested and began ignoring Yang Kai, some of them secretly sighing and wondering why he would bother putting in any effort despite knowing he wouldn’t be apportioned any of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

If he really tried to snatch any of this treasure, anyone here would be able to kill him on the spot.

The same beautiful young woman who had spoken earlier was standing next to Yang Kai, swinging her artefact, transforming it into countless flaming birds that crashed towards the barrier, slowly but surely wearing it down. Seemingly unable to bear watching Yang Kai do such a thankless job, she spoke up to persuade him, “Little Brother, don’t bother, it’s no use. Instead of doing this, you might as well leave this place and look outside to see if you can find your own opportunities. It must not have been easy to reach this Treasure Area with your cultivation; you shouldn’t waste your time here.”

She obviously thought that Yang Kai had simply gotten lucky and somehow managed to cross the Flame Area to reach this Treasure Area. Since he managed to reach here, she felt Yang Kai should grasp onto this luck and not waste time here.

Seeing someone try to kindly persuade him, Yang Kai didn’t tell this woman to mind her own business and instead smile to her slightly with a silly look.

The beautiful young woman saw him insist and couldn’t help feeling a little disgruntled, thinking he didn’t know how to appreciate kindness and no longer cared about him.

Just then, a cultivator suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “The barrier is about to break, everybody put in more strength!”

With the fall of his voice, the entire golden dome began shaking even more as even greater ripples spread across its surface, like a lake which had countless stones being thrown into it.

There was no need for this man to remind them as everyone had noticed the change in the barrier. This barrier was truly quite powerful, able to withstand the concentrated attacks of forty or so elite Saint Kings for an incense stick worth of time yet still not completely break. On top of that, this barrier was incredibly ancient, with no one here able to tell just how many years it had existed.

If this barrier had been at its peak strength, it was likely no one here would be able to break it.

As the barrier began to break, everyone’s eyes glowed with joy and they all increased the output of their Saint Qi.

After half a cup of tea’s time, following a cracking sound, the dome-shaped barrier above the pool finally shattered and disappeared without any trace. At the moment the barrier broke, an invisible energy escaped from the pool and swept across everyone present.

At that moment, everyone was shocked and immediately overjoyed.

Because after inhaling this invisible energy, all of them became aware of some subtle changes in their Souls, their Spiritual Energy seemingly becoming slightly stronger.

Soul Cleansing Divine Water truly lived up to its reputation!

Excitement and anticipation filled the faces of everyone present. Under usual circumstances, everyone here would have swarmed up to snatch this treasure, but since they had all reached an agreement beforehand, no matter how much they all wanted to rush up, they suppressed this urge and turned to Qu Chang Feng.

Qu Chang Feng saw this and smiled lightly, “Good work everyone, we’ve finally broken this damn barrier. En, good, I hope everyone will collect this Soul Cleansing Divine Water in an orderly manner. If anyone dares to violate our previous agreement, don’t blame this Qu for acting ruthlessly!”

As he finished saying this, he shot a cold look around the cavern.

Everyone nodded, declaring they wouldn’t dare. Qu Chang Feng was actually looking forward to someone refusing to comply with the previous agreement, giving him an excuse to kill them and take their share, but everyone present was an elite from their force, so they all understood this and naturally wouldn’t do as he wished.

A tinge of regret flashed across Qu Chang Feng’s eyes but he quickly hid it before gruffly waving to a nearby male cultivator and saying, “Begin!”

This cultivator nodded with excitement and rushed up to the pool, condensing Saint Qi in his hands to form a bowl-like shape, scooped up some of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, then prepared to put it into a vessel inside his Space Ring.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he felt distressed in his heart.

Sure enough, the Soul Cleansing Divine Water this cultivator scooped up immediately underwent a drastic transformation in front of everyone’s eyes. As soon as it left the pool the originally golden liquid immediately began leaking golden threads of light which rapidly began to dissipate into the air, three seconds later disappearing altogether.

This scene surprised everyone.

“Senior Brother Qu, something is wrong!” The cultivator responsible for scooping the Soul Cleansing Divine Water exclaimed.

“What happened?”

“After extracting it, it seems the Soul Cleansing Divine Water’s special properties disappear,” The cultivator wailed, pointing to the large bowl he had condensed from his Saint Qi.

“What?” Qu Chang Feng was startled and quickly took a look. Inside the bowl which originally contained the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, there was now no trace of golden radiance and instead just a clear spirit liquid.

Although this spirit liquid was also a good treasure, much higher in quality than even High-Rank Saint Crystal, how could it even compare to Soul Cleansing Divine Water?

“How can this be?” Qu Chang Feng’s face became cloudy and uncertain as he quickly reached out and extract a drop of the spirit liquid from the Saint Qi bowl and put it into his mouth, confirming that it was just plain spirit liquid with no Soul purifying effect.

Unwilling to believe what he was seeing, Qu Chang Feng went up the pool personally and scooped out a handful of the golden liquid, only to see the previous process repeat itself, all the golden radiance of the fluid scattering into the air.

“Young Master Qu, could it be this Soul Cleansing Divine Water can’t be taken away from this place?” Someone guessed.

“It’s possible. Otherwise, why would the Soul Cleansing Divine Water be perfectly fine inside this pool but completely dissipate once removed?”

“How is that possible?”

“I’m not quite sure about this either. I have only heard that Soul Cleansing Divine Water is one of the Three Great Divine Liquids, but I don’t know if there is some special method required to collect it.”

“I don’t know either.”

[Three Great Divine Liquids?] Yang Kai’s brow twitched, he didn’t know what these Three Great Divine Liquids referred to, but apparently this Soul Cleansing Divine Water was one of them.

Qu Chang Feng’s face turned incredibly ugly at this moment, and with the clamouring of the crowd all around him, he was no longer able to maintain his elegant demeanor and sullenly shouted, “If we can’t take this Soul Cleansing Divine Water away, how are we supposed to gather it?”

This group of people all became dumbfounded. Qu Chang Feng had been responsible for the distribution of benefits and everyone had agreed to give him face, but now that they couldn’t even take away this Soul Cleansing Divine Water, the previous agreement had obviously degenerated into a joke. Qu Chang Feng had obviously become angry out of shame because of this matter so no one dared to suggest that all of them should simply enter the pool together now.

Qu Chang Feng wasn’t stupid and had certainly realized this point, he was simply unwilling to say it.

The reason for not saying anything was obviously because he wanted to draw up a new allocation scheme.

But while others didn’t dare to say anything, the stern-faced man who had remained indifferent to everything this whole time took the initiative to speak for the first time and declared, “It’s easy, everyone enters the pool and absorbs the effects of this Soul Cleansing Divine Water.”

With that said, he no longer paid any attention to anyone else and jumped into the middle of the pool.

This pool of water that seemed impervious the probing of Divine Sense and couldn’t be seen through by the eye was apparently not very deep, because as soon as the stern-faced man entered and sat down cross-legged, his chest still remained above its surface.

Everyone was stunned by this and turned to look at Qu Chang Feng. The cultivators who had followed Qu Chang Feng were even more furious, but no matter how angry they were they didn’t dare to reprimand the stern faced man.

Qu Chang Feng’s face was as black as a kettle and the aura around him had clearly become extremely gloomy.

When he was dividing up the Soul Cleansing Divine Water just now, he had given this stern faced man an entire quarter of it, but now, this man had not given him the slightest face and simply done whatever he pleased, making Qu Chang Feng very angry.

Even Fang Tian Zhong didn’t dare disregard him so.

Qu Chang Feng stared grimly at this man, but the other side didn’t pay him any mind, instead just closing his eyes as he sat there, his expression seemingly becoming a bit lighter, even a bit happy; obviously he was obtaining great benefits from absorbing the Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

Seeing someone seize the initiative, all the other cultivators grew even more anxious, so how could they bother waiting for Qu Chang Feng to speak? On top of that, although it was clear Qu Chang Feng was furious, he also didn’t seem to dare to raise any objections.

After not so secretly exchanging glances with one another, many began jumping into the pool.

With someone taking the lead, naturally, others would follow the trend, all of them afraid of falling behind, so the scene immediately became chaotic. Except for the few cultivators from Heaven Battling Union, the others all leapt into the water.

This pool wasn’t small, more than large enough to accommodate several dozen people, but although it looked like there was plenty of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, just how much efficacy this pool contained was unknown, so everyone who jumped in jostled to occupy a favourable position.

The most advantageous spot was naturally the centre of the pool.

Among the dozen or so people who jumped in first, five or six of them fell into the centre.

However, the stern-faced man suddenly opened his eyes and swiftly wielded his fists twice, filling the entire cavern with a fierce wind pressure as he sent those five or six individuals flying through the air while coughing up blood. When these people finally hit the ground, all of them looked weak and horrified.

They all knew this man wasn’t someone they could trifle with, but they hadn’t expected him to be so powerful!

Even one against six, with just two punches, this stern-faced man had easily defeated all of them. Even if this was partly due to him catching them off guard, it was also apparent to everyone he had shown mercy, otherwise, those five or six cultivators would be half dead right now.

“I’ll kill anyone who gets within approaches to within five meters of me!” After sending out these two punches, he made this declaration then closed his eyes again.

He wanted an entire five-meter radius to himself.

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