Martial Peak

Chapter 118 – Master, you are just a quack

Chapter 118 - Master, you are just a quack

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This was not the only benefit.

He had also accidentally absorbed half of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal. At the time, Kai Yang did not why it had happened, but now all had become clear. That half of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal’s energy had been stored away in the innermost location within the golden skeleton.

When the time came for him to step into the true element boundary, he could then use the Nine Yin Dew Crystal to help him refine True Qi. This would allow his True Qi to reach a higher quality.

This benefit couldn’t be seen currently, but in the future, it would reveal its true value.

Additionally, any questions that he originally had in regards to the golden skeleton, had now been answered very clearly and thoroughly.

This golden skeleton of his, was able to absorb Yang attributed Qi and any attributed energy. This excess energy would then be stored within his body, which he was then able to access at a later date when he needed it.

The stronger his willpower the more energy he could absorb. Through this, the golden skeleton would be able to bring him even better benefits.

It was just that the energy that was given to him by the golden skeleton was of demonic Yin origin. In other words, as long as he used this energy, his eyes would turn blood-red and his body would give off an evil aura.

But, due to him cultivating the True Yang World Qi; the nemesis of this demonic Yin energy; he was able to suppress it, allowing him to retain his sense of self.

Thinking up to this point, Kai Yang understood the reason why the black book would give him the True Yang Tactics to cultivate. It was to help him defend against that powerful Yin force, preventing him from losing himself to the demonic path.

Everything was clear now! Opening his eyes, Kai Yang heard a series of soft sighs.

Shortly after that, the dialogue between Xia Ning Chang and Meng Wu Ya reached his ears.

“My dear disciple…….your master has expended his utmost effort!” Meng Wu Ya’s tone was full of guilt and a bit of unwillingness and regret.

These past few days, Meng Wu Ya would use his True Qi to help Kai Yang heal his wounds. But unfortunately, this aid did little to help him in his recovery.

Not to mention the golden pill Kai Yang had taken. Meng Wu Ya surmised that even if it were not enough to heal his wounds, it should have been enough to allow him to wake up right?

But not only did Kai Yang not wake up, not even a bit of his conscious could be seen.

He didn’t know what peculiarities were hidden within Kai Yang’s body that t the golden pill couldn’t reveal its raising the dead type abilities. It had only assisted in repairing some of his external injuries, before losing all effect.

Even the True Qi that he had injected into Kai Yang, showed little results. It was like a black hole existed within Kia Yang’s body; as soon as the True Qi entered, it was absorbed.

How could Meng Wu Ya know about the miraculous effects of the golden skeleton? Apart from Yang attributed energy, it could also absorb any other kind of energy. Both the golden pill and True Qi, it had absorbed around ninety-nine percent of their energy, so how could they display their effects?

“Master…...” These days, tears could constantly be seen on Xia Ning Chang’s face, her eyes were always red. Before she still held hope, but when she heard Meng Wu Ya speak like that, her face paled.

“You don’t have any other methods?” Full of hope, Xia Ning Chang looked at her master, after all, Meng Wu Ya’s background wasn’t ordinary. Those who possessed such strength, if they said there was no hope, then there really wouldn’t be any other method in this world.

“His soul, should have been broken and scattered.” His expression heavy, Meng Wu Ya replied, “These days, there hasn’t been a moment where I could sense his soul or consciousness.”

Her expression blank, Xia Ning Chang’s face became whiter and whiter.

“But don’t you worry, he won’t die.” Hurriedly, Meng Wu Ya opened his mouth to add, “He will just remain in a state of suspended animation. It’s just from this day forward, he can’t speak, cannot hear, and his body cannot feel anything. If only…..”

“If only what?”

“If only we could find some Spirit Restoration Liquid and recover his lost soul.” Meng Wu Ya sighed out this last part. “But the Spirit Restoration Liquid…….this small place does not have it!”

“Where can you find it?” Xia Ning Chang’s voice suddenly became tranquil, and within that tranquilness there was a note of resolute determination.

Seeing her eyes, Meng Wu Ya point his finger up and down her body.

Cleverly, she stayed silent, but her gaze remained firm. “No matter what, I must obtain the Spirit Restoration Liquid and help junior brother restore his dissapitated soul.

“What are you guys talking about?” Just as the two’s atmosphere was mournful, a hoarse and weak voice sounded out from behind them.

It was basically by instinct that Meng Wu Ya responded: “Talking about your injuries….”

Saying these words, old man Meng’s expression changed greatly. Stiffly, like a machine, he turned his head around and his eyes shrunk back into their sockets as he saw Kai Yang, who was lying on the bed looking back at him with his eyes wide open.

“Junior brother!” Unable to contain her joy, Xia Ning Chang immediately rushed up. Her long lashes fluttering uncontrollably, an unmistakable sense of joy, and a look full of worry was directed at Kai Yang.

Seeing her red, beyond compare, eyes, Kai Yang couldn’t help but feel touched. This made him understand that his days of unconsciousness weren’t short and that within those days, his situation had caused her a great deal of worry.

“I’m fine.” Kai Yang responded in an unconcerned manner, “I just feel a bit empty.”

“Hurry and come look Master.” As she wiped her eyes, she went to pull Meng Wu Ya over. It was practically, ‘I’ll drag you over even if you die’ type of manner, as she pulled her master to Kai Yang’s side.

Being pulled that hard, old man Meng only narrowly avoided tripping.

Full of a woman’s duty, a woman’s duty! “If it weren’t because this old man was tough and could take this tormenting, then I would have long since been pulled apart by you.”

But it was then that Meng Wu Ya finally regained his sense of self as he sat down on Kai Yang’s bed side. His face serious, he carefully checked his condition.

After a good period of time, Meng Wu Ya’s brows continued to be knitted together as he muttered to himself: “It’s impossible. There’s no reason. How could it be like this?”

With every sentence, Xia Ning Chang’s expression went through great turbulence, thinking that Kai Yang’s injuries had only worsened in some way.

“Master, junior brother he……..” Biting on her lip tightly, she quietly asked, her heart in her throat.

“Oh. Since he is already awake, then there is nothing big to worry about.” Left at a bit of a loss, Meng Wu Ya looked at Kai Yang full of puzzlement.

“Nothing big to worry about?” At this statement, Xia Ning Chang’s face couldn’t help but reveal a weird look. Recalling her master’s previous mannerisms, it seemed as if her junior brother’s injuries were very serious. So how could they suddenly become nothing big to worry about?

“But this really can’t be.” Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help but ask, “Kai Yang, is this the final radiance before a setting sun?”

(TLN: Final burst of energy before dying. What a potty mouth!)

Forcing out a bitter smile Kai Yang replied: “Treasurer Meng, are there people who curse like you?”

A expression of slander: “But earlier, your soul had already dissipated. How could it return?”

Kai Yang’s heart shook, and he recalled his unconscious state. It was probably related to when his consciousness was residing within the golden skeleton.

“Master, you’re just a big, big quack!” Her voice full of annoyance, Xia Ning Chang angrily stomped her foot.

(TL: LOLOLOL, ROFL. This was just too funny! Quack! She her master a quack!)

Meng Wu Ya was embarrassed to death.

He had just said that Kai Yang was in a state of suspended animation, and needed some Spirit Restoration Liquid in order to recover his soul. But he never imagined that the very next moment, he would recover his consciousness. Isn’t this that case of slapping one’s own mouth? Losing face is a small matter. Losing his dignity in front of his disciple was a big matter.

Meng Wu Ya felt that he had lost every bit of his reputation already.

But not regarding anything else, Kai Yang waking up was a good thing. Although Meng Wu Ya was afraid of him seducing his disciple, no matter what, if it weren’t for him fighting with his life on the line, his disciple would not have survived. Nor would she have been able to obtain the Nine Yin Dew Crystal. No matter what, he must remember this act of kindness.

Sighing non stop, the ancient times really didn’t allow people to live long! Disasters last for millenniums! Kai Yang had just survived a disaster and now his beloved disciple. So how could he die this easily? While Meng Wu Ya had worried needlessly.

But, what should he do in these coming days? Weighed down with worry, Meng Wu Ya wanted to be decisive in this situation, but was afraid that his disciple would be angry at him, so he hesitated.

Kai Yang’s awakening allowed Xia Ning Chang’s tense heart to finally loosen and relax. These days, she hadn’t had much rest, as she worried that with this rest, he would never wake up. But now, seeing that he was fine, she no longer held any worries.

For the next two days Kai Yang was busy healing his wounds, while Xia Ning Chang was waiting upon the ever sighing old man Meng.

On the third day, under the order of Meng Wu Ya, Xia Ning Chang finally began the absorption of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal; to change her World Qi to True Qi and assault the True Element Boundary. He said that even though it had been refined, it wasn’t viable to continue to keep it within her dantian.

Xia Ning Chang didn’t disagree. Obediently she refined it. Even after everything, she was still an obedient and clever female. The incident of drugging her master was only a small mishap.

Although the three people stayed within the tavern, Meng Wu Ya was a person of high cultivation. Because of this, he wasn’t too worried about any suspicious people bothering Xia Ning Chang, so he allowed her to enter closed door cultivation.

On Kai Yang’s side, there weren’t any big obstructions left anymore. Of course his external injuries and his chest bones still needed a few more days to completely heal. Everyday he was meditating and cultivating, waiting for Xia Ning Chang’s breakthrough before setting off to return to Sky Tower.

During this time as Kai Yang was cultivating, Meng Wu Ya came over carrying a bowling of steaming hot water.

Breathing through his nose, Kai Yang smelt an aroma and immediately opened his eyes.

Carrying the bowl over, Meng Wu Ya held it out to Kai Yang. A face full of pain, he said while biting his teeth: “Drink it.”

Kai Yang also didn’t hesitate. Taking the bowl from his hands, he immediately raised his head up and drank it. Smacking his lips, he hiccuped and asked excitedly: “What is this? Its medicinal effects are so great!”

He could feel, as the liquid went down his throat it began to heat up his body. Not to mention that it contained a great amount of energy. A portion went into his body and meridians, helping to heal his wounds, while another portion was being absorbed by the golden skeleton.

The corners of his mouth twitching, Meng Wu Ya replied mournfully: “This old man used the Thousand Year Blood Spirit as well as many other heavenly treasures. Would you say the effects are great? My lord! These were priceless and you drank it in one gulp. You really have good taste.”

“The taste isn’t bad!” Solemnly Kai Yang nodded his head.

Taking in a deep breath, Meng Wu Ya calmed the boiling blood within while he thought: “If it weren’t for my beloved disciple instructing me to give it to you help your body, how would I bear to give you any? In a key moment, they could be used to save a life. In the entire Han Dynasty, there aren’t many. A home wrecker, ah, home wrecker! Too big of a home wrecker. ”

“Do you still have more?” Licking the corners of his mouth, Kai Yang wished for more.

Short of breath, Meng Wu Ya responded snappily: “None. Even if I had more, I wouldn’t give it to you. Eat any more, and you might die from overeating.”

“He he.” Laughing, Kai Yang couldn’t help but think: “With so many heavenly treasures, I couldn’t really benefit from their energy. But with the golden skeleton, I really wouldn’t die from overeating.”

“Tell me about the events that happened that night.” Asking this suddenly, a long suppressed flash of anger and killing intent flashed through Meng Wu Ya’s eyes.

”Turning his head around, Kai Yang looked him in the eye: “Little senior sister didn’t tell you?”

“Those days, she was only focused on your injuries, so I didn’t ask.” Meng Wu Ya monotonously replied, while his burning gaze was focused on Kai Yang: “Who were the people killed within the mountain valley? Who is it……...that attacked you guys?”

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