Martial Peak

Chapter 1179 - Alive and Well

Chapter 1179, Alive and Well

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As soon as Xie Hong Wen’s words came to an end, the three of them suddenly heard a booming sound coming from inside the mountain valley.

The source of the sound seemed to be quite far away, but it was still extremely clear in their ears. On top of that, the ground beneath their feet seemed to shake slightly with each sound.

Xie Yun and Xie Yong looked at each other and couldn’t help showing slightly surprised looks. Although they didn’t see for themselves what was happening, being able the feel the fallout this far away showed just how terrifying the battle taking place in the depths of the mountain valley was.

Xie Hong Wen, on the other hand, thought about it for a moment before letting out a cry of joy, “Could it be that piece of trash?”

Xie Yong frowned and answered hesitantly, “It should be, after all, he was the only person who walked this way. He should be surrounded by Fire Spirit Beasts right now.”

“Good good good, hahaha, the Heavens are helping this Young Master!” Xie Hong Wen laughed wildly and waved his hand, “Let’s go in and see, this Young Master must see that bastard die without burial, otherwise, I won’t be able to soothe the hatred in my heart!”

“Young Master…” The faces of Xie Yong and Xie Yun changed greatly, the former hurriedly urging, “This mountain valley is definitely a Restricted Area inside the ​​Flowing Flame Sand Field, one can enter but not leave. Since that person has already waked inside, he will die without doubt, why should we take on any unnecessary risk? It doesn’t matter if something happens to us two, but if any harm were to come to Young Master…”

Xie Yong knew that Xie Hong Wen most liked listening to flattery, so he tried to persuade him this way instead of trying to forcefully stop him as doing so would definitely just lead to Xie Hong Wen resenting him.

Sure enough, Xie Hong Wen also felt there was some truth in these words, but a look of unwillingness still filled his face. Compared to those invisible dangers, he was more interested in seeing how Yang Kai died.

All his life, no one had dared to shame him like Yang Kai, much less threaten his life. Xie Hong Wen often felt like he was sleeping on pins and needles, filled with grief and indignation towards that old bastard Qian Tong. At that time, instead of avenging him, he was clearly favouring that damn outsider Yang Kai, even acting all polite to him.

Xie Hong Wen swore that sooner or later he would make Qian Tong pay for this insult!

Xie Hong Wen’s way of thinking was truly warped. Last time, Qian Tong had saved his life from Yang Kai, yet not only was he not grateful, but he was even holding a grudge against Qian Tong.

Remembering all this, the anger in Xie Hong Wen’s heart flared up and his desire to see Yang Kai die a miserable death could not be suppressed. His expression became firm as asked, “If we just watch from afar, there should be no problem right?”

Xie Yong was shocked and was just about to persuade him again, but Xie Hong Wen quickly cut him off, “Since my Xie Family’s Senior was able to retreat without suffering any harm, there’s no reason we can’t as well, or do you two not have any confidence in yourselves? If that’s the case, you can stay here, this Young Master will go in alone, just don’t expect to collect those three hundred thousand Saint Crystals when this is all over.”

Was this even a choice? Xie Yong and Xie Yun immediately became anxious. The only reasons they had accepted the task of protecting Xie Hong Wen were those three hundred thousand Saint Crystals and the benefits they could obtain inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field. If they couldn’t obtain those three hundred thousand Saint Crystals, their gains from this trip would be cut in half!

For a moment, Xie Yong and Xie Yun hesitated. The danger of this mountain valley was something they knew better than anyone. Before coming here, Xie Li had told them clearly that they must not enter this mountain valley. Xie Li naturally wasn’t worried about their safety, but rather that they wouldn’t be able to protect Xie Hong Wen.

If something were to happen to Xie Hong Wen, neither of them would be able to survive.

But now, with Xie Hong Wen acting so obstinate, they couldn’t refuse.

Seeing the two of them still look hesitant, Xie Hong Wen snorted and added, “As long as you can take me in and allow me to watch that bastard die from afar, after going back, I will personally give you some benefits. En, the two of you shouldn’t be qualified to learn the Xie Family’s Asura Palm, right? About this Martial Skill, this Young Master knows a thing or two.”

Hearing the words ‘Asura Palm’, Xie Yun and Xie Yong hesitation disappeared; looking at each other, their intentions were clear.

Xie Hong Wen continued struck while the iron was hot, “You need not worry, we just need to watch from a distance, this Young Master doesn’t want you to go up and kill him. After he dies, we will immediately leave the mountain valley!”

Xie Yong sighed heavily and looked at Xie Yun and asked, “What do you think?”

Xie Yun frowned for a moment before helplessly replying, “What else can we do?”

They had no other choice but to do as Xie Hong Wen’s words. Although listening to him would mean taking a risk, the benefits they would obtain would be greater. There was no other way than accepting Xie Hong Wen’s proposal, unless they didn’t want any benefits at all.

The two reached an agreement and Xie Yong nodded, “Good, Young Master, we will take you there, but you must promise not to act recklessly. If we notice anything wrong, we will immediately take you away. Please agree to this, Young Master.”

“Fine. I agree. Now enough nonsense, hurry up, if we delay any longer that bastard will die before we get there,” Xie Hong Wen urged impatiently.

With no other choice, the two Xie Family cultivators could only continue to protect Xie Hong Wen as they headed deeper into the mountain valley.

As they moved forward, the shaking of the mountain valley grew more and more intense. In the beginning, Xie Yong was still acting cautiously and moving slowly, but with Xie Hong Wen constantly pestering him, plus there not seeming to be any danger around them, he couldn’t help speeding up.

After half a day, the trio saw a reddish glow from a distance.

These fiery red lights were clearly different from the ambient colour of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, and all seemed to be gathered into a single large fire-filled area.

Taking a closer look, they realized this wasn’t the light of a fire at all, clearly, it was a massive amount of Fire Spirit Beasts which had gathered together to seemingly attack someone they had surrounded.

From time to time, huge illusionary mountain peaks flew up from the centre of this horde of Fire Spirit Beasts before pounding down fiercely. Each time one of these mountains fell, the earth would tremble fiercely.

Xie Yong and Xie Yun were both shocked!

Although the two of them had received information from Xie Li that there were countless Fire Spirit Beasts in this mountain valley, they didn’t realize just how exaggerated this matter was until they saw it with their own eyes.

No wonder four hundred years ago more than thirty elites from that great force had been annihilated here. With so many Fire Spirit Beasts swarming about, even if an Origin Returning Realm master were to rush in, they wouldn’t be able to survive, not to mention only Saint Kings were able to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

Xie Hong Wen’s performance was even more unbearable. He was used to running his mouth and acting superior to others, but after seeing the sea of Fire Spirit Beasts, he couldn’t help feeling faint, his face paling as his legs froze up, refusing to move.

“Hide!” Xie Yong’s swiftly caught Xie Hong Wen and pulled him behind towards a few several dozen meters tall hills nearby. At the same time, he summoned an artefact that created an invisible barrier around the trio, isolating their auras.

Climbing up one of the hills, the trio carefully looked over towards the battle and were astonished by what they witnessed.

There must have been tens of thousands of Fire Spirit Beasts in front of them, and both Xie Yong and Xie Yun were certain that if they were the ones surrounded by this horde, they would be dead within a cup of tea worth of time.

But this cultivator named Yang Kai, even surrounded like this, was still engaged in a fierce battle.

If had been more than half a day since the three of them first heard the violent rumblings and rushed to this place. After such a long time, how much Saint Qi would be consumed to use the artefact which was creating those giant mountain shadows? How was he restoring himself? How many Fire Spirit Beasts had he killed?

As soon as one of the illusory mountains fell, all the Fire Spirit Beasts beneath it disappeared.

What shocked them even more though was that after the three of them spent another two or three hours hiding behind this hill, such reckless slaughter had continued without the slightest signs of abating. Yang Kai was still surrounded by Fire Spirit Beasts, but he showed no signs of exhaustion. Odder still though, was that the number of Fire Spirit Beasts surrounding Yang Kai did not seem to decrease no matter how many he killed, always maintaining a strange kind of balance.

This strange battle seemed as if it would until the end of the world.

“Why isn’t he dead yet?” Xie Hong Wen muttered impatiently. The person in front of him surrounded by Fire Spirit Beast was no doubt the Yang Kai he hated so much. After arriving here, Xie Hong Wen had thought Yang Kai would immediately die, but even now this bastard was alive and well, frustrating Xie Hong Wen greatly.

“He’s amazing!” Xie Yong praised sincerely. Although they knew that Yang Kai was an elite, they had thought that because his realm wasn’t high, even if he was some kind of genius, his true combat power would be limited.

But now, Xie Yong discovered that he had completely underestimated this young man. If he were to fight him alone, Xie Yong had no confidence he would win.

“Xie Yun, kill him for me now. This Young Master can’t wait anymore!” Suddenly, Xie Hong Wen shouted loudly.

Both Xie Yong and Xie Yun were chosen by Xie Li for this task because of their unique abilities. The former was proficient in tracking; as long as it was not an Origin Realm master, he could find some clues to trace them, almost no one could escape his pursuit. His ability to find someone in a place like the Flowing Flame Sand Field was essential.

Xie Yun, on the other hand, had a different kind of ability, a certain death strike!

Against an elite like Yang Kai, sneak attacks were undoubtedly the best option, and this was Xie Yun’s strongest point, which was why he was also selected.

After hearing Xie Hong Wen’s words, Xie Yun shook his head and lowered his voice, “No, Young Master. There is no problem hitting him from this distance, but that guy is surrounded by too many Fire Spirit Beasts; moreover, that purple shield behind him is a powerful defensive artefact, I can’t guarantee a one-hit kill under these circumstances.”

Even if he were to attack now, he would only be able to wound Yang Kai at best. If they couldn’t kill him in a single blow, rather than alerting him to their presence, it would be best to wait. Xie Yun was also concerned about disturbing the horde of Fire Spirit Beasts, causing them to be the next ones surrounded.

He and Xie Yong didn’t have the ability to kill tens of thousands of Fire Spirit Beasts.

“Then what are we supposed to do?” Xie Hong Wen asked in an aggravated tone. His hated enemy was alive and well in front of him, yet he couldn’t find an opportunity to exact his much-sought revenge. This fact obviously annoyed him to no end.

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