Martial Peak

Chapter 1164 - Naturally I’ll Go

Chapter 1164, Naturally I’ll Go

In the private room of Shadow Moon Hall, Qian Tong remained motionless for a long time, a slight annoyance apparent between his brow. If he had known that even after collecting 30 million worth of road tolls, he still wouldn’t have been able to win that Origin Condensing Pill, he would have gone all out to buy that Dragon Striker Whip for his Disciple.

Now he had obtained nothing, so naturally, he was regretting it.

After waiting a stick of incense worth of time, Qian Tong turned to the Shadow Moon Hall disciples standing next to him and said, “You go back first. The Flowing Flame Sand Field will soon open, so cultivate diligently when you return to the Sect.”

The disciples all nodded before filing out of the room, leaving only Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er from the younger generation. Qian Tong then stood up and said, “You two come with me, I want to introduce you to someone.”

“Yes,” Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er followed him obediently.

Inside private room C-13, Wu Yi took some Saint Crystals out and gave them to the two Shadow Moon Hall female disciples who had been attending to them. After accepting their cheerful thanks, Wu Yi sent them away.

Yang Kai’s group of three then waited for Qian Tong to arrive.

Just as he was becoming somewhat bored, Yang Kai heard a knock at the door. Wu Yi immediately got up to open the door, and a moment later Qian Tong walked in accompanied by a young man and woman.

“Nephew Yang, I’ve kept you waiting,” Qian Tong cupped his fists and politely greeted.

“Senior is too polite, this Junior was not in any rush,” Yang Kai stood up to welcome him inside.

Hearing the change in how Yang Kai addressed him, Qian Tong’s eyes brightened, and his smile widened. Yang Kai had always called him Elder Qian, but now he had suddenly become ‘Senior’, which was obviously a bit more respectful. How could Qian Tong not understand that Yang Kai was expressing gratitude for his help during the auction?

Without drawing attention to this point, Qian Tong simply sat down at Yang Kai’s invitation.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er, who had been following Qian Tong, both had somewhat strange expressions on their faces. Originally, when Qian Tong said he was going to introduce them to someone, they had thought it would be a Senior from somewhere, but the one in front of them now was just a Junior like them. On top of that, this Junior’s cultivation wasn’t high, just First-Order Saint King.

What was so special about this young man that he warranted such polite treatment from their Elder? The two of them had been together with Qian Tong for a long time and could tell from his words and expressions that there wasn’t just politeness in his demeanour, but even a hint of caution.

However, this young man definitely didn’t belong to any of the top three Sects, so who exactly was he?

“These two are…” Yang Kai turned his eyes inquisitively towards Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er. Although he had already guessed the identities of this man and the woman, he still pretended not to know them.

Why would Qian Tong bring them with him? However, after a little thought, Yang Kai understood Qian Tong’s intentions.

Seemingly just remembering their presence, Qian Tong laughed and said, “Haha, I forgot to introduce them, Nephew.”

Waving his hand towards the brave and heroic man, Qian Tong said, “This the most talented disciple my Shadow Moon Hall has produced in the past several hundred years, Wei Gu Chang.” Next, he pointed to the woman, “And this is Dong Xuan’er, this old master’s best Disciple. You two, this is Yang Kai, hurry up and greet him.”

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er heard Qian Tong’s introduction and were secretly startled. As members of the younger generation, they were accustomed to greeting Seniors on first meeting, but among their peers, they would only offer the first greeting when the other’s status or cultivation exceeded their own. This young man named Yang Kai, however, was a stranger, and his cultivation was much lower than their own, so why was their Elder pushing them to greet him politely?

With such thoughts in their hearts, both of them hesitated, not immediately following up on Qian Tong’s words.

Seeing this, how could Qian Tong not know what they were confused about? Although these two disciples had good hearts and personalities, without the common negative traits top-level disciples of great forces generally had, they had their own sense of pride. It could be said that even if Fang Tian Zhong or Qu Chang Feng were the ones standing here, they wouldn’t have the qualifications to make them offer polite greetings.

Qian Tong secretly became a bit anxious, worried the attitude of these two would make Yang Kai dissatisfied. If Yang Kai became displeased, all of Qian Tong’s previous efforts would be wasted. Qian Tong grumbled to himself that if he had just made things clear to these two before they came, things would not have become so embarrassing.

Yang Kai, however, didn’t mind such things and just laughed it off while cupping his fists, “So it is Brother Wei; Brother’s name truly resounds like thunder! I’ve heard so much about you.”

Yang Kai had first heard Wei Gu Chang’s name today, so this praise was wholly insincere, but selling Qian Tong some face wasn’t an issue.

Wei Gu Chang gently nodded, also cupping his fists but did not speak.

Yang Kai then turned to Dong Xuan’er and said, “Greetings, Sister Dong.”

Dong Xuan’er elegantly returned the greeting, but just like Wei Gu Chang, she did not say anything.

Qian Tong quickly laughed and said, “This Qian is old, but you are all around the same age, so you should become closer in the future.”

Yang Kai neither agreed nor disagree with this sentiment while Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er were equally aloof as neither of them felt any need to become closer with Yang Kai. Although their Elder seemed to fancy this person, only true masters and elite could win their respect. If this young man only had some kind of great status, no matter how high it was, it would not be enough for them to act humbly before him.

Qian Tong also realized he had somewhat mishandled this matter. He had originally brought Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er to meet Yang Kai because he felt they were all part of the same generation and would be able to get along with one another. As long as they managed to become friends with Yang Kai, there would be no need to worry about benefiting in the future, but Qian Tong had apparently underestimated the arrogance of his two disciples.

After determining no further good would come from having them remain, Qian Tong asked the two youths to wait outside.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er bowed politely before excusing themselves, for the most part, ignoring Yang Kai’s existence.

After they left, Qian Tong smiled bitterly, “I’ve shown Nephew Yang something embarrassing, this old master has apparently been lax in his education.”

Yang Kai just shook his head, “Today I was able to see many of the young talents from Shadowed Star, and honestly, the two of them left a far better impression than any of the others.”

Qu Chang Feng was the type of arrogant and prideful character Yang Kai hated the most. When Fang Tian Zhong confronted Qu Chang Feng in front of Treasure Trove Pavilion, he had not cared about anyone else in the vicinity, and if not for Yang Kai possessing far greater strength than an average First Order Saint King, he would have been forced into an ugly situation. This, of course, didn’t leave a good impression on Yang Kai. As for Yin Su Die, she came off as a somewhat manipulative woman; young, but already deceitful and conniving.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er at least did not possess such shortcoming, it was just that their characters were quite straightforward, otherwise they wouldn’t have caused Qian Tong so much embarrassment.

Of course, Yang Kai was only speaking such words to smooth over the situation. Despite Qian Tong’s words, he had no intentions to make friends with these two. They had their pride, but Yang Kai also had his.

No one was perfect.

Sure enough, though, Yang Kai’s words reassured Qian Tong and he instead began chatting with a smile.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Yang Kai asked, “Senior, before the auction started, you indicated that there was something you wished to discuss with me, may I ask what that was?”

Hearing this, Qian Tong’s expression became serious as he asked back, “Has Nephew heard of the Flowing Flame Sand Field?”

Yang Kai stared at him in surprise, wondering if the two of them were actually wanted to discuss the same matter. Gently nodding, Yang Kai replied, “I’ve heard of it and know a little about its strange characteristics.”

“En, since you’ve heard of it, that will make things easier,” Qian Tong sipped his tea before continuing to ask, “Would Nephew Yang like to explore the Flowing Flame Sand Field?”

“What does Senior mean?” Although Yang Kai indeed wished for such an opportunity, he didn’t immediately reveal his own thoughts, wanting to know exactly what Qian Tong was here to discuss with him first.

“Please don’t misunderstand, Nephew Yang,” Qian Tong smiled, “Originally, this old master didn’t intend to recommend you visit the Flowing Flame Sand Field; after all, it is an extremely dangerous place. Every time it opens, heavy losses occur among those who enter; if 60 percent are able to return alive, it is already quite good. However, I heard that Nephew Yang once killed a cultivator at the Third Order Saint King Realm in single combat, is that true? “


Although Qian Tong had heard such a story from Luo Qing before, hearing Yang Kai openly acknowledge it still surprised him. From this alone, Qian Tong immediately understood that Yang Kai’s personal combat strength was exceptional, otherwise it would not have been possible for him to kill an enemy two minor realms above his own.

“In that case, Nephew Yang is qualified to go! I just don’t know if Nephew is interested or not. If you want to, this old master can arrange for it.”

Yang Kai knit his brow and asked, “Are there any restrictions on entering that place?”

He had originally thought that once the Flowing Flame Sand Field opened, he could enter it at will, so he wanted to check with Qian Tong about its location and opening time.

“Naturally there are restrictions,” Qian Tong looked at him in surprise, “Did Nephew Yang think that anyone is allowed to enter it?”

“All I know is that it can only be entered at special times.”

Qian Tong grinned, “It seems Nephew Yang doesn’t know much about Flowing Flame Sand Field.”

“Please enlighten me, Senior,” Yang Kai immediately asked.

“The Flowing Flame Sand Field is truly only accessible at a certain time, but even then, not everyone can enter it. Firstly, those in the Origin Returning Realm cannot enter, if they do, they will die without doubt!” Qian Tong declared seriously.

“Why?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“Because of their Shi! Shi is a power unique to Origin Returning Realm cultivators, but the Flowing Flame Sand Field does not allow Shi to exist within its borders. Once an Origin Returning Realm enters, whether they push their Shi or not, they will immediately be burned to death!”

Yang Kai’s face paled slightly and couldn’t help secretly rejoicing that he had failed to comprehend anything about Shi during his retreat some time ago. If he had, he would have missed this opportunity. It seems there were gains and losses to every situation.

Wu Yi and Yang Yan were also stunned, apparently never having heard this information before either.

“This discovery was made at the cost of many of Shadowed Star’s Seniors,” Qian Tong sighed slightly. “Also, those whose strength is too low cannot enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field. When it opens, the great blazing heat indeed weakens significantly, but it is still not something a Saint Realm cultivator can withstand. As such, those who enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field are all Saint Kings. Nephew Yang is only a First Order Saint King, and if this old master didn’t know you had the strength to fight well above your own realm, I would not dare mention this to you. However, since Nephew Yang has such ability, I will leave it to you to decide for yourself whether to go or not.”

“Naturally I’ll go. Not taking advantage of such a rare opportunity would simply be a waste, would it not?” Yang Kai grinned. The Flowing Flame Sand field was the perfect place for him to refine the Profound Yin Sunflower Water.

Qian Tong looked at him approvingly, “I knew it. Nephew Yang would not be content to live the life of a mediocre person. Since you have decided to go, this old master will reserve one of Shadow Moon Hall’s spots for you. In any case, my Shadow Moon Hall does not lack such spots.”

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