Martial Peak

Chapter 1155 - Filthy Rich

Chapter 1155, Filthy Rich

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After the beautiful female auctioneer’s remarks, everyone in the auction hall began clamouring. In room C-13, Qian Tong hurriedly cupped his fists to Yang Kai and said, “Nephew Yang, if you have time after this auction, this old master would still like to have a word with you, but right now this old master must snatch this Origin Condensing Pill, so please excuse me.”

Yang Kai did not try to detain him and simply nodded, “Elder Qian, please carry on.”

Qian Tong left in a hurry. The beautiful woman waiting a moment before lifting her hand and quieting the audience; after the noise subsided, she continued, “Everyone knows the effects of this Origin Condensing Pill. It can improve the chances a Third Order Saint King cultivator can break through to the Origin Returning Realm. Shadowed Star is severely lacking in resources so there are no Origin King Realm masters, the Origin Returning Realm are the greatest powerhouses of our respective forces, but each year the number of cultivators who reach the Origin Returning Realm is very small, the biggest reason for this because we do not have many Alchemists capable of refining Origin Condensing Pills. Although this pill is just a Saint King Grade High-Rank pill, the difficulty in refining it is no less than a common Origin Grade Low-Rank pill with a success rate of less than thirty percent. It took great effort and resources to even acquire this single pill. The base price is one hundred thousand Saint Crystals, each bid must increase the price no less than two thousand Saint Crystals, please!”

When the words of this beautiful woman reached his ears, Yang Kai was startled.

This Origin Condensing Pill was obviously brought to the auction by him, and it wasn’t just one but two, so what was all this about Treasure Trove Pavilion expending great effort to collect it? This woman really knew how to spin out a tale, but in the auction hall, except for a few people who knew the truth, everyone else was obviously oblivious to the origins of this Origin Condensing Pill. The beautiful woman was doing all this just to raise the Origin Condensing Pill’s price.

Buying an Origin Condensing Pill was almost equivalent to buying an Origin Returning Realm master, any great force would desperately want to acquire it.

However, Yang Kai had clearly brought two Origin Condensing Pills, but Treasure Trove Pavilion was now only auctioning off one. Apparently, they wanted to raise a big fuss over this Origin Condensing Pill as a warm-up, but even if someone snatched it up, the competition probably wouldn’t be too intense.

Most cultivators didn’t want to rely on such pills to break through as they were just supplementary means.

Yang Kai’s guess was soon proved right. The competition over this Origin Condensing Pill was truly hot, but none of the honoured guests in the private rooms joined in. Instead, it was the cultivators sitting on the main floor who were posting all the bids, raising the price in a short time from one hundred thousand to two hundred and eighty thousand.

The forces behind these cultivators weren’t nearly as powerful as the ones behind those sitting in the private rooms, so the number of Origin Returning Realm masters they possessed was quite small. A single Origin Condensing Pill wouldn’t bring too many benefits to a great force, after all, it could only be used by one cultivator, but for these small forces, a single Origin Returning Realm master could increase their strength and status significantly.

If a force like the Hai Ke Family or Xu Family, that had a number of Third Order Saint Kings but no Origin Returning Realm master, could acquire this Origin Condensing Pill, they would be able to soar upwards and enter the inner circle of Shadow Moon Hall, enjoying completely different treatment that what they were currently receiving.

That was why these smaller forces went all out to win this Origin Condensing Pill.

After the price reached two hundred and eighty thousand, the bidding gradually weakened. Two hundred and eighty thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals were the bottom line for most of these people, so no matter how much they wanted to increase the bid, they were not unable to.

“The guest in seat three two one has bid two hundred and eighty thousand, is there any higher bid?” The beautiful female auctioneer called out repeatedly, her smile as elegant as before.

The man who called the price of two hundred and eighty thousand stood up in excitement, looking around with equal parts nervousness and eagerness on his face, lest someone now outbid him, so anxious he couldn’t bear to wait for the beautiful woman to make her customary appeals, “Hurry up, no one is going to increase the price, hurry up.”

The beautiful woman also seemed to have reached such a conclusion and smiled slightly upon hearing these words, calling out loudly, “Two hundred and eighty thousand going…”

“Three hundred thousand!” A low voice suddenly echoed from one of the private rooms, interrupting the beautiful woman’s words.

The beautiful auctioneer froze as her dazzling eyes went towards the private room where the voice originated from.

The cultivator who was just about to win heard the three hundred thousand come from one of the A Block private rooms and immediately sat down dejectedly.

Forget about the other party making a higher bid than him, the simple fact that this person was sitting in the A Block private rooms meant he was not someone who could be provoked. This person not bidding before was obviously because they disdained to participate in a shouting match with the cats and dogs on the main floor and was only intended to speak the final word.

It could be said that this person’s methods were commendable. He had allowed the lower level cultivators in the hall to heat up the atmosphere before jumping in at the last moment and showing off his wealth.

His approach was quite successful as no one on the main floor made another bid.

The beautiful woman’s lips curled upwards slightly as she prepared to start the countdown again. Although an Origin Condensing Pill was quite rare and precious, three hundred thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals fell within her expected sale price.

But before she could speak, someone made a new bid, and an outrageous one at that.

“Four hundred thousand!” After quoting this price, the person behind the bid let out a great laugh and quipped, “An Origin Condensing Pill is such a valuable treasure, it deserves better bids than this. It’s insulting to simply raise the price a few thousand Saint Crystals at a time.”

These words were no doubt mocking the A Block private room guest who had just bid three hundred thousand, but no one thought there was a problem with that, because the one who made this new bid was also sitting in the A Block private rooms. Clearly, this person’s status was not lower than the previous bidder.

On Shadowed Star, the great forces didn’t share a harmonious relationship. There were many open fights between them, and some were even blood enemies. The smarter individuals in the hall had already guessed that there was some kind of grudge between these two people, or the forces behind them; otherwise, why would they be picking such an obvious fight?

“Elder Qian…” Wu Yi whispered in private room C-13. The voice that just called out the four hundred thousand bid was actually Qian Tong’s. This old fogey left only a moment ago yet in the blink of an eye he had thrown out so much money. It really made her wonder where he had gotten so many Saint Crystals.

Yang Kai also frowned, wondering what game Qian Tong was playing. He clearly knew that this Origin Condensing Pill was brought here by him, so why was he raising the price so high? If Qian Tong really won it, wouldn’t he just be losing money? Or did he really want this pill for some reason?

Perhaps he was deliberately raising the price in order to buy it back at a high price and sell Yang Kai a favour, but But Qian Tong no doubt knew there was a better Origin Condensing Pill to come in this auction so there was no need to go all out here. If Qian Tong really wanted to sell Yang Kai a favour, it would be better to raise the price of the other Origin Condensing Pill instead.

Yang Kai could only assume that Qian Tong had some kind of grudge with the person who made the previous bid.

“Hmph, four hundred and ten thousand!” The previous bidder outright ignored the ridicule behind Qian Tong’s words and with a cold snort raise the price by a mere ten thousand again.

“Five hundred thousand!” In contrast, Qian Tong put on the air of a filthy rich man and immediately bid a price that drew shock and admiration from many cultivators in the hall.

“Five hundred and ten thousand!”

“Six hundred thousand!”


The situation devolved into a fight between these two people with on Qian Tong and the other man now shouting out successive bids in the hall. The price of this Origin Condensing Pill soared, making Yang Kai feel like he was dreaming, hardly able to believe the pill he had casually refined would sell for such a high price.

He had asked Wu Yi what pill was the most expensive on Shadowed Star. Wu Yi had named the Origin Condensing Pill and Origin Nirvana Pill. Yang Kai wasn’t able to refine the Origin Nirvana Pill so he instead refined two Origin Condensing Pills. He was originally afraid that Yang Yan ‘s two Origin Grade artefacts wouldn’t be able to see for a high enough price so he wanted to contribute something, but he had never thought that the price of an Origin Condensing Pill would reach such heights.

With six hundred thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, Yang Kai could purchase a large number of precious materials, enough for Yang Yan to expand and enhance the Spirit Array around Dragon Cave Mountain significantly.

What’s more, the bidding war between Qian Tong and the other man was still ongoing, causing the price to soar to seven hundred thousand in a flash!

Countless gasps and sighs rang out from the private rooms, all of them feeling like these two had gone crazy, actually raising the price of an Origin Condensing Pill to such a height. Even if there was a deep hatred between these two, that alone shouldn’t have been enough to create such a debacle. What if this set a precedent for future Origin Condensing Pills that appeared for auction? Would they all need to be bought at such an outrageous price? If that was the case, only fools would buy them.

“So many Saint Crystals, these rich people are really too terrifying,” Wu Yi smiled bitterly, thinking about how the Hai Ke Family would struggle desperately just to earn a few tens of thousands of Saint Crystals while here in Treasure Trove Pavilion’s auction, this kind of money could be freely squandered.

“Just wait a bit and those Saint Crystal will be ours,” Yang Kai scratched his cheek lightly.

“Why?” Wu Yi stared at him blankly.

“That Origin Condensing Pill being auctioned is mine.”

“What?” Wu Yi and Yang Yan both stared at Yang Kai in disbelief, and even the two female disciples from Shadow Moon Hall covered their mouths in shock, neither of them having imagined that the young man they had been assigned to serve was actually so wealthy. With just these seven hundred thousand Saint Crystals, his status in their minds had immediately soared.

“Eight hundred thousand!” Qian Tong called out, his voice still unhurriedly, as if eight hundred thousand Saint Crystals weren’t even worth him worrying about.

“Nine hundred thousand!” The man competing with Qian Tong had also been driven to the limits of forbearance and abandoned his previous stance of only increasing his bid by ten thousand, directly adding a hundred thousand Saint Crystals before angrily shouting, “Qian Tong old dog, if you want to fight, this old master will accompany you! A trivial hundred thousand Saint Crystal is nothing for my Sea Temple!”

“Hahaha!” Qian Tong laughed wantonly, “Jiang Huai An, what do you mean? Is this your first-time participating Treasure Trove Pavilion’s auction? No matter the treasure, whoever bids the highest price wins it, do you not even understand such a simple truth? This old master has a liking for this Origin Condensing Pill, so naturally he will bid freely. If you can’t afford to compete with this old master, then accept defeat graciously. En, this old master recently picked up a few tens of millions of Saint Crystals but has no idea what to do with them. If I don’t even buy something I want, what am I supposed to do with them? Bury them with me?”

As soon as these words came out, angry grumbling leaked from many private rooms while the master from Sea Temple called Jiang Huai An was so mad he nearly coughed up blood.

The Saint Crystals Qian Tong had ‘picked up’ were from nearly everyone in the auction hall’s private rooms. Naturally, Sea Temple had also made a generous contribution. Using others’ Saint Crystals to snatch a treasure that person wanted, Qian Tong’s approach was simply too wicked.

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