Martial Peak

Chapter 114 – Wen Fei Chen’s defeat

Chapter 114 - Wen Fei Chen’s defeat

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In a battle between experts, victory is usually decided within an instant.

Long Hui’s death clearly caused a ripple within Wen Fei Chen’s heart, creating an opening for Xia Ning Chang.

How could Xia Ning Chang miss this opportunity? Her eyes glinting, hands flashing, her killing strike was launched.

Feeling a bad premonition, Wen Fei Chen hurriedly put up some defences. Unfortunately he didn’t react in time, so he suffered some injuries to his chest.

Before Wen Fei Chen could even send out his own counter attack against Xia Ning Chang, Kai Yang had made his move. Carrying Long Hui’s corpse in front of him, he executed a sneak attack from under Long Hui’s armpit with a blazing fist.

In a timely manner, Xia Ning Chang further pressured Wen Fei Chen.

Stuck in a pincer formation, Wen Fei Chen’s posture was very flustered and messy. He was in a very sticky situation.

With his current power, he had no way to deal with Xia Ning Chang, but dealing with Kai Yang was a different matter. Unfortunately, he had despicably used Long Hui’s corpse as a shield. No matter how many hundreds of methods Wen Fei Chen possessed, he could not use a single one because of this.

In order to injure Kai Yang, he must first destroy Long Hui’s corpse, which he definitely wasn’t willing to do!

“You shameless child!” Wen Fei Chen roared out in extreme rage. While deterring the two’s attacks, he also continuously raged: “The dead should be respected! By treating young master Long’s corpse this way, aren’t you afraid you will suffer the wrath of the heavens?”

(TL: I think if martial artists don’t want to cultivate anymore, they should become debators or salesmen. Great use of vocabulary right there.)

Kai Yang merely scoffed: “The one who should suffer Heaven’s wrath should be you! If you guys didn’t force it this far, would things have escalated to such a degree?”

His rebuttal left Wen Fei Chen speechless. What he said was right. The only reason why these people had come to this mountain valley was to search for some heavenly treasures, provoking no one. While his group had chased them from far away to kill them, a true act of the strong bullying the weak. What right did he have to criticize them?

In the midst of the confusion, Kai Yang took the opportunity to finally land a blow. While Wen Fei Chen busied himself defending against Xia Ning Chang, Kai Yang managed to land a hit on his waist.

The Yang Liquid activating, an entire ten drops were used at once, plunging straight out.

Wen Fei Chen let out a groan, hastily retreating. Great shock and alarm could be seen on his face, as he stared at Kai Yang.

He had discovered that this youngster’s attacks were far more vicious than that female’s, and by many folds too! Boiling hot Yang Qi immediately surged into his body, while a bloody hole had appeared on his body. Although the wound was not too serious, it still wasn’t shallow.

Frowning, Kai Yang realised that he was still lacking when facing this expert at the true element boundary. Ten drops of Yang Liquid had been used, yet it still hadn’t been sufficient to pierce through him!

The True Qi within the body of a true element boundary master, truly possessed better defensive capabilities than World Qi.

“Careful junior brother!” Xia Ning Chang suddenly cried out.

At the same instance, Kai Yang saw that a wild killing intent had appeared within Wen Fei Chen’s eyes as he threw himself over.

Finally he had reached his limit, he was thoroughly enraged. Or did he actually enjoy being abused? Slowly, the corners of Kai Yang’s mouth upturned in an extremely sinister smile.

He knew that once he used the Yang Liquid, Wen Fei Chen would then go all out to target him; even if his cultivation was below Xia Ning Chang's, the power he could use was many folds stronger than her.

If he was Wen Fei Chen, he would do the same thing.

Everything was within his calculations!

Facing Wen Fei Chen’s attack, Kai Yang did not retreat. Instead, he quickly closed the distance.

“Don’t!” Xia Ning CHang cried out. But both were advancing towards each other at high speeds, so it was completely out of her hands.

“Stinking brat!” Wen Fei Chen’s tone was severe, not bothering to conceal his intentions. Raising his hand, he directly slapped towards Kai Yang.

Taking a deep breath, Kai Yang immediately tensed all of his muscles, revolving his World Qi to its limit. His bones creaked, a rapid rising in his energy levels turned his skin a crazy red colour.

“Hong!” Wen Fei Chen’s palm had landed directly on the corpse of Long Hui.

Like a watermelon, it burst, turning Long Hui into mincemeat. This revealed Kai Yang who was previously hiding behind it.

Following straight after, another palm was sent out targeting the defenceless Kai Yang!

Currently displayed on the faces of both men were extremely profound smiles.

Under the horrified gaze of Xia Ning Chang, a simple strike landed on Kai Yang’s chest.

It was quite obvious that Kai Yang’s chest had caved in, evidenced by the sound of bones cracking. Kai Yang spurted out a mouthful of blood, which rapidly turned into a bloody mist that landed on the nearby Wen Fei Chen.

How could Wen Fei Chen tolerate a mouthful of blood on his face? His figure flickering, he immediately evaded.

But before he could retract his hand from Kai Yang’s chest, he saw that despite the pain evident on Kai Yang’s face he was giving him a sneering smile.

Pa…….it rang out. His hands clutching tightly onto Wen Fei Chen’s wrist, he breathed in coarsely with his bloodshot eyes boring into him: “You’re doomed!”

Wen Fei Chen’s face changed greatly! He never would have guessed that this brat’s vitality would be this strong. Or that his World Qi’s defensive capabilities would be this high. Although his strike had caused Kai Yang to receive grave injuries, it hadn’t been able to kill him.

But even so, if an average person was able to endure his strike, they wouldn’t be able to rebel, so how was Kai Yang still able to use so much power? He actually grabbed onto him and didn’t let go? How much strength did he need to have in order for this to happen?

“Release me!” Raising his hand, Wen Fei Chen prepared to hit Kai Yang.

How could Xia Ning Chang give him this opportunity? In her anger, her beautiful hair billowed around her as she gathered all the Yin Qi within a ten foot radius. Suddenly a glistening ice cone appeared in front of her before charging straight towards Wen Fei Chen.

Before Wen Fei Chen’s hand could fall, it was run through by the ice cone, which made him howl out in pain as blood began flowing out.

“Roar!!!!” Suddenly Kai Yang let out an extremely loud and animalistic howl as a berserk-like World Qi energy erupted from his body, becoming more and more violent.

The always steady peak initial element stage Qi fluctuations, had suddenly, under the constant pressure and berserk energy, allowed him to breakthrough to the next stage.

Qi transforming stage!

This wasn’t truly the qi transforming stage. It was only the Qi fluctuations of the qi transforming stage.

But the current Kai Yang, in terms of strength, wasn’t comparable to others!

Sensing Kai Yang’s change, Wen Fei Chen was like a block of ice. Exerting all of his strength, he attempted to retract his hand but was ultimately unable to do so. While his other arm had a fresh hole courtesy of Xia Ning Chang. With these factors and the pain, it caused him to feel more and more unstable.

“Ka cha”. It was precisely from this boost in power that Kai Yang managed to snap Wen Fei Chen’s wrist.

Ten strands to the heart, how could one possibly stand that type of pain? In any case, Wen Fei Chen could not bear the pain any longer and the sound of his screams echoed throughout the valley.

(TL: 十指连心 Wasn’t too sure on how to translate this one.)

Another “ka cha” sounded out. Wen Fei Chen’s screams became even more tragic.

Kai Yang sadisticly smiled, as he broke five of his fingers before pulling him down to kneeling position to break his arm.

During this time, Xia Ning Chang didn’t waste any time. Deeply concerned about Kai Yang’s wounds, she mercilessly attacked Wen Fei Chen’s body.

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